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You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man.

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White nigger

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he’s black

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That’s a woman

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I literally don't know who this even is

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dude who made twitter

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commie faggot nigger worshiper

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Scum of the Earth

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I dont know. Google it.

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>he's an asshole
>He has a nose ring
>He's a fag
>He has no moral code
>He hides behind lawyers unable to think for himself
>he has let Activists within his company subvert and over take it
>his company has never been profitable
>the driving force for a majority of his website's traction was banned because muh feelings
Shall I go on?

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Ties with child porn.

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Gay nose ring hobo

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didn't know I could invest in him personaly (I'm hetero), but I invested in $ZNN Zenon Netwoks cos this is his brain child.

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why would i ever support cuck who censor shit?

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dead eyes

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i hate this liberal faggot cuck piece of shit
baby fucker pedophile antifa LGBTQ dick sucker
i actually hope this is one guy who dies a horrible horrible violent death or has his entire family raped by a group of feral niggers in front of him and them shoots them all after

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Because I have no idea who he is and I invest in companies not people.

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Twitter isn't even tech. It's the most retarded idea ever and it never should have taken off. It's just so fucking dumb.
Yet it did, for some reason. And I guess now he sees himself as some kind of visionary, when the concept was too stupid for most people to even think about. For the first 5 years the site existed, it was constantly failing and going offline.
And I assume they just moved over to Amazon services at some point and he has professionals keeping it up now. Now he focuses on social issues and going on retarded vision quests like a faggot.
Nothing he does or says matters. Nothing he creates has value.

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i am

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I invest in women because I'm a simp pay pig.

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does he have another company he's starting or what, because i'm sure as fuck not buying twitter stock

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that's what ur dreaming about at night? Jeez. Better dream of a full bank account using Zenon. Thank me later, anon

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I’m gonna invest 7.62 into his skull in Minecraft

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He is a communist.

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Jack Dorsey is probably the luckiest person to have ever existed. He isn't smart. He just created a pretty basic website at the right time that ended up being worth billions. At least Gates, Zuckerberg and Bezos are actually intelligent. This moron shows no skill at anything. Its why his company is being run by activists.

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Twitter ruined my home country.

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Because he is a homosexual. And homosexuals are gross.

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I don't like him

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He's looking at me weird

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Cause hes a brainlet that got big off some normalfag version of forums. I only trust bigbrain skelle.

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Why do so many people get nose rings these days? They always look like shit.

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Satanic democratic pedophile.

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Gates smart? Gates is a fucking NOM front man who set up his company thanks to his satanic abortionist daddy's fortune selling fetuses with ParentHood, And Zuckerberg? no shit. A fucking ultra robotized MK at all, anon

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He dyes his hair.

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You are blinded by misguided feelings and opinions, Sers anon. But anyway, I will invest in Zenon Networks, be fucking rich in a year or two and will keep the link to this convo for the rare sad days I will have on my personal retreat island.

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You can sit on a throne of bayonets, but not long.

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Sure anon. I'd like to think that Jack is playing a game of two-cornered, his creature (twitter) has been eaten by the fucking deep state, and he has no choice but to smile while he gets his ass handed to him thinking of revenge.

And that's revenge is $ZNN. An descentralized anarchocapitalist crypto project linked to Btc...

Looks can be deceiving, anon. Also many thought Trump was just another crook until he uncovered himself as a fucking anti NOM libertarian. Who knows if Dorsey doesn't paint our faces.

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See you there ser

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Hes cute af. I wanna buy all his coins

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Not a businessman but it is a sound investment, propped by 3 letters agencies to do their dirty work. (Why send a spy when you can use algorithms to manipulate people to vote according to your interest?) Probably gets black funds to prop and create the false illusion of growth. Will it stagnate sure can it blow up sure, will it bankrupt? Probably not as long as three letter agencies fund it

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Big fag

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what about I told he is about to decentralize it using Zenon Networks. $ZNN will also be the protocol that will be used by CashApp merchants to swap their payments in every currency preferred? Think about your prejudices, Sir. You wanna be rich or go down in your cliches?

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Some people just want to stay poor anon.

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I don't have any cliche, anon
My ZNN bag is well filled and protected!

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in b4 Jack announces Twitter bought Bitcoin with some of their treasury cash

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He has square

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oooooops. take my apology, Sir. I think I misunderstood or wrongly replied.

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and CashApp

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All right, anon. You look like a good wine taster.
When $ZNN goes to the moon we can do here on biz an open guide to good wines select wines paid for with the rewards of our bags.
When Alphanet is released the ratios will skyrocket, what do you think, Sirs?

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i despise him

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I've got 200 ZNN in case it moons, took over a day to go through on STEX.

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Cheers, anon... first bottle of Chateauneuf's on me :)

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Buy now a little more anon, as soon as they release Alphanet you get $50.
1000K ZNN retirement bag!

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