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wtf is going on with it? everything else mooning and this crabs?! Im thinking of swappin it for ADA, PRQ or some centralized exchange coin

Is anyone here optimistic about it? some exciting info? I need hopium anons

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I'm going to keep holding because I'm not stupid. This is the standard. V3 soon TM

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I just paid $120 for a failed transaction

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I would sell and wait on the sidelines, especially after the Pangolin reveal yesterday

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Oh yeah because the fucking exact same clone is going to do better...

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like a proper tard I sold the airdrop low, bought back in at 17.5 ... whats the potential here?

no clue what pangolin is

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how much is the pangolin airdrop worth right now? Haven't bothered claiming it yet because the process seems like a pain in the ass

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Nice growth lead you got there unicucks
Sent from my PS5

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as long as it's reliant on ETH (2.0 is years out), it's dogshit

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Yeah, I sold my UNI and bought a couple of CEX tokens. With ETH fees as high as they are, CEX's will have a renaissance.

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fuck this cunt

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>much faster
>much cheaper
two main uniswap issues solved

admittedly some teething pains re. bridge and liquidity, but assuming they get ironed out it's a no-brainer

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I got 83 for 400 uni but Pango is bricked right now and you can't withdraw

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At least have an original fucking UI

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i am, it's monkey season faggot

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UNI is 100% buy and hold
FUD is increased so you know it's a good investment.
IGNORE the FUD by people who sold too early
They are mad that you have got increased gains and want you to sell

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thats it Im selling, any suggestions?

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Just buy some Rubic and hold
Pic related is sneaky preview of the probable new UI

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>I got 83 for 400 uni
To be clear, you're saying the airdrop scales with the amount of uni you hold, right? You don't lose your uni, no?

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Do you get the PNG airdrop if you didn't claim your UNI airdrop? I claimed my UNI airdrop relatively recently.

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the stinkiest amm

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all I know is that the snapshot was taken early december. So if you didn't have it in your wallet at that point, then no.

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bro I sold my airdrop very early... bought back in at 17.5

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No. I sold the last I had for $15 to buy Opium at $5.50. It went ok. But some times I get a pang of regret. Maybe sell some of the opium and buy at least 100 uni just in case I miss another airdrop.

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I am holding. Largest DEX right now and they plan to fix gas prices in V3. Pangolin and 1inch are good competitors though.

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Snapshot was taken December 7th.

You only need to send 1 UNI to make the claim, the amount is based on the snapshot. BTW you don't need to use the bridge. Just buy 1 UNI in pangolin, claim, then sell it back. That's what I did. As long as your Avalanche address is the same the Ethereum address that held the UNI on Dec 7th you are golden.

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Bancor it going to rape your tranny/womxn coin.

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sold most of it because theyre promoting some sjw retard and paying her to spread political propaganda in crypto. keeping a little bit in case they finally get off their asses and announce something good.

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>thats it Im selling, any suggestions?
Start buying into BSC and Avalanche products. They will outperform Ethereum assets this year. Get out before Etherum 2.0 is on the horizon.

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How can the avalanche address be the same if it's a separate blockchain? You'll have to forgive me, this shit with interacting between different chains confuses me.

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pangolin is not fucking good
it's 1 day old and has already had more down time than UNI has had in it's entire history
I got $600 for free and still feel like I got ripped off

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Nope. Sold my airdrop for $8,432 and added to my HBAR stack

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Is there a date when V3 will be released?
Rubic is trying to implement L2 for cheap swaps within Q1 and they are already testing it.
Latest info (from testing) is that swaps ,when their L2 goes live, will be around $0.01.

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April 15 should be the date the fee switch gets activated. Just hold until at least then you tards

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Bancor is another competitor yes.
But right now it is a race to fix the gas problem.
Uniswap aims to do that in V3 [which comes on in this year I am hearing].

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they started hiring Feminists, dead project
Don't be surprised when they start using tranny kids in their ads

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>found out about uni airdrop last week
>had two wallets and sold both for 16k
>put 16k yolo into 0.0001 OTC
>OTC pennystock rises up 500%

mfw about 100k already off nothing

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No solid date but I hear rumors of this year.

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This is good FUD.
Hopefully she hires people based on their talent rather than if they have a vagina or not. Hopefully it doesn't kill the project.

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Swapped all mine for Cosmos (ATOM) this morning. Not looking back either........

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Rubic is a scam, look how few orders on its order books. Uniswap is the dominant exchange, by FAR. Once V3 is up, nobody will ever look anywhere else.

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Cosmos was my selection for dumping UNI. They are going live with stargate on the 18th.

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got 1inch too, keeps crabbing below ath whole week too..

good for you man.. sucks that I knew about the drop from the start, ignorance would have truly been bliss

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first "good" mistake I have ever made really was forgetting about crypto around sept last year

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>this year delayed through optimism
Yep get ready to be killed by arbitrum next month at the latest.

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GOd linkies are the worst, cheerleading a particular L2 that doesn't even exist LMFAO

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I get you but most of the people use instant swaps not order book.
It's just if Rubic indeed implements working L2 then why should anyone swap somewhere else?
$0.01 vs $100 swap cost

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Source? Never heard of them.

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lol you know damn well this shit is a cancer that kills everything it touches, she's going to keep hiring more pozzed faggots and once they're 10% of the company they'll start demanding everyone focus on pronouns and diversity

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I agree bro. I am hoping the original dev team can finish V3 before it gets pozzed with trannies.

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What's best case scenario for UNI? A 2x?

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Get DEXG instead :)

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but why the fuck did they hire her? what's her position exactly?

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Wait you have to DEPOSIT to use Pangolin? Aight I’m boutta head out. The whole point of a DEX is it’s noncustodial

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Swapping for PRQ is probably a wise move. Look where PRQ is in relation to UNI...
Way more profit potential in PRQ in my opinion.
ADA is a good project too, but even closer to the top, so idk...

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>no mention of dexg
did I buy a meme?
It's one of the best investments I've ever made so I can't complain but idk.
Assuming it did actually remove impermanent loss at launch and implement cross-chain swaps in the future something like a 50m market cap would be pretty reasonable no?

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I can't believe Haydon was able to steal Bancor's original work and make billions off it ... Bancor devs must be absolutely seething lol

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>Rubic is a scam,
You missed out

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never heard of it anon, shill it to me straight

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Oh hey neat, more free internet funny money. First UNI, then MIR, now this new Pangolin thing. At this rate I'm never selling my uni just for the chance of new airdrops.

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Transactions are just the combination of your address + some data passed through an algorithm + your private key to sign it. All three networks (Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and probably others) use the same algorithm to generate transactions. Therefore you can have the same wallet address on all three.

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>missed out
And that's exactly why it's a scam.

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Etherdelta dex you had to deposit into the contract.

>> No.28329562

That's how uni has always worked. When BTC goes up UNI goes down and vis versa.

>> No.28329589

Same kek but with bao and rbc gains so it evened out to free farming and 55 uni or so

>> No.28329597

and now its dead, because uniswap was better and didnt require a deposit

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Wtf is is this Pangolin shit? I claimed my UNI when it first dropped and still have 300/400.

>> No.28330029

With v3 doing the same it'll be more like $0.01 vs $0.01, and uniswap will benefit from having better recognition. The fact that it's still the most popular DEX now, despite the gas fees, should tell you something.

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I like that there is no FUD on UNI. Only delusionals who come here with their shitty UNISWAP copy and paste exchange thinking that it is gonna be better by copy pasting and changing the color lmao. Wake up

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basically a new dex developed with the help of Taiwanese math nerds to have a better AMM >>28328299
Eventually though the project has expanded to include the feature of significantly reduced IL for LPs.
The grand plan apparently involves their previous project flowchain to get around gas fees but I'm not really knowledgeable on that stuff.

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No it's a uni clone built on avax but if you want to get back to ETH you gotta pay millions
you can covert to AVAX and withdraw to binance but the whole thing is fucked right now

>> No.28330304

No one who knows all the Bancor is doing care what trannyswap is going to do after the bull run is over. As an AMM its days are numbered.

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bancor is shit faggot
curve+synthetix swaps are better rates than OTC brokers offer with and no risk of IL

bancor is spaghetti code shit run by jews, UNI is based for shitcoins. bancor is without a country and only has liqudiity from bribes

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I sold at $21 for bnt

>> No.28331783

Considering the same swap, ATOM for UNI.

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Arbitrum will be out sooner than Optimism. Not that it matters. All DEXs will solve gas. It’s going to come down to liquidity and Bancor has already won.

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This won’t age well. I can see that you need to go back.

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where to cop?

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Coinbase and Gemini are good sites to pick some UNI up.

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Agreed lmfao what the fuck

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Because people that look like Vitalik are virgins are want 6/10 blondes around to make themselves feel better

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No idea why people always suggest PRQ or whatever the fuck as the UNI substitute when RUNE is already a ~t50 coin by market cap that is flat out better. As with AVAX it'll have to 3x in a week before people finally realize.

>> No.28333655

been checking out RUNE a while, am using 3 exchanges, none of them has it..its such hassle to have an account on yet another one but I guess Binance is inevitable

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biggest sell signal I've seen.

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DEXG does look pretty good and Jollen is a real math nerd and a real person, although I think it's still a long shot to compete with Uniswap

>> No.28334548

Binance (not .us, the real thing) has it anon, why not just use that?

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Unironically sell it for BNT, shit's poised to only go up

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same desu. Also got some aave around 300, both outperformed it since then

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