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I'm a poor collegefag who has $1k to spare. Which of these do I dump it into to buy and hold for the next two years, and why?
I'm looking for the next 100x because otherwise this small of an investment will be meaningless.

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Parsiq, watch their youtube videos.

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If any of these are going to 100x in the next two or three years I would go with LTO. But you should really consider refining your strategy.....

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>and why?
learn how marketcap works

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LTO or Link, both are government and great reset pilled

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LTO has staking rewards come from real businesses/governments who pay the tx fee to use network. Easily the best place to stake rn. Txs are growing at a steady rate. 7% APY right now with half the circulating supply staked. And that will increase as txs increase

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My favorites are probably in this order right now...
My only hesitation with lto is that it's focused on use by businesses, so I think it has limited use compared to other coins which can attract retail investors.

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Everest (ID)
Rubic (RBC)

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Decent picks. Choose the three you think will do the best, put $333 in each.

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REEF is big

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Don't bother with Link, it'll crab for a good year or so so pointless if you're looking for 100x.

ETH looking good, I'd stick with that.

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LTO definitely

If you want to diversify
> 34% LTO
> 33% AVAX or LINK
> 33% ETH

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reef or rubic

if you unironically want that x100 you best get in now when the price of REEF is so low and RBC is in a dip similar to how we were when we were going through price discovery @ 20C

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Thanks, I already have above $200 in lto, prq, pnk, link, and eth each. I kind of want one 'home run hitter' though, so I figure I'd use the last $1k I can spare to just dump into one coin. Right now I'm leaning towards lto.
Fair enough, I kind of have a soft spot for it since I got in and out early, but I agree that the LINK ship has sailed for the most part. ETH is probably the only one I wouldn't do since I don't think it has 100x or even 50x potential in the next two years desu.

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Out of those I'd probably go with lto. link and eth are good, but I think their growth potential is limited. avax is frankly too much of a pain in the ass to buy at the moment, even though I think it could have huge gains. Then again, I said that a month ago, and might say it again a month from now.

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>growth potential is limited

You can't just make big dumb statements like that without explanation.

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if you're planning on holding for two years then now is a bad time to invest. wait until the end of this bullrun and put it into 33% LINK, 33% GRT and 33% ADA. in the meantime BNT might moon soon

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Next 100x
Unironically the next link

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Still spread it out if you want to be passive. There's a high chance the lower mcap coins could just become vaporware in a year or two. If you absolutely need the 1k to >50x, put it in a small mcap (<100MM) coin and watch it closely.

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Listen here OP, you have small amount to invest. You need ONE project that will go at least 20x then you can invest in more serious projects. That ur only chance. IF you put your 1k in 10 shitcoins its recipe for being poor.