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You guys are going to want to look at this one.

Quick Rundown, from Co-founder

CEO is the Former President of Estonia.
Everest ID, $ID is probably the closest thing to "Link 2" that I can think of that exists, and it listed at .15c for presale yesterday. Its going for .30 as of writing. Everest ID is NWO token on steroids. Everest ID is run by a Malta based company seeking "solve poverty" by providing Identification and access to crypto for 100% of the global population. They will do this using facial recognition and biometric data stored on chain and "in the cloud", as well as providing "Everwallets" for everyone. You may have heard rumors or "schizo conspiracy theories" earlier last year about ID2020 060606, this is it.

Everest ID will provide free wallets for everyone accessible without cellphones through biometric and facial recognition data stored on chain and in cloud forever. World leaders already onboard. https://www.biometricupdate.com/201901/everest-brings-distributed-approach-to-biometric-id4d

Here is the Tracker Page and Dex Tools

You're welcome.

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Its finally pumping like there is no tommorow. Still early though

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Mark of the beast is here

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Where the fuck do I buy this there's no liquidity on Kyber, can anyone link the uni token swap?

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More on the Token:
65M current Circulating
Will go up to 110m circulating over the next 6 months which is released via Staking through their EverWallet that gives 40% APR.
Team vested and locked for minimum 18months from yesterday.

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Here's the link that was in the last general thread that I used.

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watch out for vampire bots they are very active right now. Set a low-ish slippage(2-3%) and high gas. many high slippage tolerance orders are getting fucked by jew bots

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Big careful on the bots this poor lad got jewed into 95c per ID

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is staking live?

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Not that I'm aware of, their Webserver's got merged and half of it went down still hasn't been fixed, so you can't download the wallet which is required for staking.

I saw some lads yesterday have buttons that allowed them to get put on a list to get a download link for it, I personally have not been able to get in.

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very bullish on this, loaded up at 0.6 last night

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Checkout this fireside chat with Aave's integration lead about how Aave is using Everest to get Billions of unbanked onto into Everest systems and using Aave.

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This isn't a scam, is it?

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no sir village needs water sir

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Always DYOR anon, but there are mutliple countries that are fully on board with having Everest spread throughout their countries to get the Billions of 3rd worlders onto the blockchain.

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oh god they are centralizing DeFi and crypto for normies. I hate it but ill still ride the pump

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more than doubled my money overnight, keep on going id

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Price predictions?

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It's even worse than centralizing for normies, they are centralizing for people who have never even owned a cellphone and don't have internet connections.
You can use Aave with nothing except your fingerprint using the biometric data. This is ID2020. This is the mark of the beast.

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$1.50 eow

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VC's have valued the service at $3, and this is what they have charged their "strategic partnerships" who are vested for 18months. This is without speculation and normies. Take that as you will.

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are you still in for the pump?

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How to buy?

Kyber is broken

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No you retard go to everestlink.org

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Uniswap sirs do the needful

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>Everest ID will provide free wallets for everyone accessible without cellphones through biometric and facial recognition data

>long hair nobeard
>long hair beard
>shaved head beard
>shaved head nobeard

Plus the transitional phases between each of them. I've been switching for the last 5 years, will that keep me from being recognisable by their database dyou think?

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zero liquidity there too lol

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Bought 50k so that I could get the debit card, had a dream where the devil was driving me down a hill at 90mph laughing

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could it go even higher or is it topped at 3$?

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That actually seems possible
Would love to see Everest hit 5-10usd mark

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you will willingly take the chip?

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Only 90? Weak

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They use Fingerprints too, so probably not.
Uniswap is the only options right now, and that liquidity is all that exists for at least the next 6 months.
I don't want the chip, but if it means I can genetically alter my children to become the higher race then I will do as I must.

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It will be up when the website comes back online

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ok bought 11k just in case of link

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it will last only 90 days and double the current circ supply?

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>CEO is the Former President of Estonia
what the fuck are you talking about

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>For all this DeFi hype we are only at 1M users
>We want to bring this to over 1B users over the next year
Everest is crossing the chasm. Buy now or miss out.

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There is no top, it was just their estimate

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He is just an adviser sorry I am typing everything myself since the other guy went to sleep. This is why you DYOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ral7ErrO0kE

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>jumped in at 0.54

Finally got early on something. Feels good, bros.

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"Everwallet is only accessible to the User through Biometrics, What this means is we cannot touch it, the Chinese government can't touch it. Entirely User owned."

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They just said that to not get raped by regulators later for racketeering etc.

$3 for this is a laughably low projection.

If you’ve been waiting for the next LINK this is it. Maybe if you have enough you won’t have to get the chip.

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Who the fuck went to sleep, pajeet? they're making you do the night shift?

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Everest is a global credit union and you can join the financial elite, you just need 50k tokens.

If you're staking for a year you get guaranteed 40% APR, so buy 35,5k tokens and stake for a year to become platinum membership. The price isn't even as relevant as access to the Global Credit Union that is Everest. Don't miss out brothers.

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Sir, I'm an anon just like you. There was an anime poster running these threads when I feel asleep at 3am and when I woke up there wasn't a single thread for this which there should be since it's fucking insane that you can get this right now for .67c and I don't think it will ever be this cheap ever again.

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15k was all I could afford, poorfag here. Tell me I don't have to eat the bugs bro

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Sir do the needful and get fucked Rajeesh
>20 posts by this ID
yeah no thanks

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Is there wallet for this, or is it down with the rest of the website?

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Want to sell my PNK to buy this, but the gas fees would be 150$+

Guess I gotta sit this one out anons

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Assuming you stake for a few years you can get to 50k from there pretty quickly. 40% is for a year or two, I would anticipate that it will eventually drop down to 4-7% APR which is still pretty cozy. You can eat steak.

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Thanks anon, wagmi

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Checked. When can we start staking?

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The official wallet is needed to stake but is down with the rest of the site. It is ERC-20 so any ETH wallet can hold fine.

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how much will the supply increase with staking in the coming months?? with 40% apy the inflation is going to be very high for a hodler not staking

>> No.28323106

40% over a year, really not that much

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Wait, you so you'll need to transfer your ID tokens to their official Everest Wallet for staking? This is giving me CNS vibes, and that's definitely not a good thing. Don't tell me they have their Everest Stable Coin that is planned to be pegged to 1 USD, too...

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To get the 40% you have to stake for minimum 365 days, you get 5% on your first day. So it will take awhile for things to enter the world. Max Token supply possible is 800m, the 40% is used to incentivize early growth. They also have an eAgent/eTeller system where you can get paid ID for referrals

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Estonia is a meme and anything coming out of there is as well. They tried to jump on the crypto craze back in '17 by offering some scam "digital passport" bullshit. Fuck off, globohomo lovers.

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not much until you consider all the crypto chipped homeless people will drive this up to 1 billion dollars per coin

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why is the coin needed? is it some bullshit governance token?

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This chat is really good at explaining all the features, tokenomics, etc. It isn't an Everest Stable Coin tied to $1 USD they have fiat onramps all over where what they are giving you is basically a gift card worth X value in your local currency that you can use to either put it into BTC/ETH/Lock into Aave/FTX/Swap. You are the only person who can get into the wallet and it is secure through your Fingerprint and Biometric data. The CIA could still break in by faking your face and fingerprint data though.

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look @ their medium

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>Homeless bums will have an account that’s linked to them cameras and scanners will record anything they do
>steal something, charged to account
>vandalism, charged to account
>when their account goes negative enough they’re rounded up and taken to “rehabilitation” aka “labor camp” where they work as human miners and a fraction goes to pay off their debt, the rest into the system
>proof of work

t. Wizardanon

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as i understand it, the idea is that people could use their services without ever even being aware that this is somehow connected to blockchain/crypto. This is normie defi to the extreme with massive corporate and institutional backing and it will absolutely explode soon

>> No.28324132


It’s going to become the “normie” savings account basically. It’s no coincidence this is blasted out right after the Robinhood shit.

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>I don't want the chip, but if it means I can genetically alter my children to become the higher race then I will do as I must.

The chip is a token of your belief in the plans and power of man over that of God. You really don't want to go there, I will not take it even if the only alternative is leave everything behind and to go innawoods with nothing but my clothes.

>> No.28324414

>believing god exists


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to me it doesnt seem like the token is needed. the only usecase is discount on trading fees?

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SPH Bros [email protected]

>> No.28324595

look at their medium

>> No.28324608

Can I stop being a total poorfag if I hold 1k of this for a year?
Bill Gates if you're here please donate some BTC value of this on my wallet. Thank you my good friend Bill, I use Microsoft right now

>> No.28324636

Deism is really the most logical conclusion you can make about the origins of the universe.

>believes the universe is a simulation
>can't see the simulator is exactly what religions have been calling 'God' all along

>> No.28324653

link the article on tokenomics

>> No.28324678

I'm in for 2k.

>> No.28324735

Still cheap, wait a week and look what you will be willing to pay for an ID. HINT: it's above $1

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I'm not sure what more you want fren.

>> No.28324843

Holy fuck I’m gonna POOOOOOOOMMPPP

>> No.28324925

theres like tons of usecases for the token if the platform goes live. its explained in the medium and one of the interviews.

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I know I would make a ton of money on this but I just can't bring myself to buy into it. Guess I'm probably going innawoods too in the next few years. Literally Revelations level shit here and everyone is gobbling it up to make a quick buck.

>> No.28325073


scroll down to "how does the ID token come into play here?"

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ngmi, god isn't real and neither is money, but at least money can get you stuff in real life.

>> No.28325215

Did you think this was not the inevitable result of the spaces development?

The alternative is to Use Rubic and go innawoods using only crypto ignoring Fiat and the central bank forever. Which is based and redpilled and I wish you luck fren.

>> No.28325617


Man, I hope this shit is legit, because this is giving me major Centric vibes.

>> No.28325638

>And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

>The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

>And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

>Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

It won't be that bad, except from a purely material perspective for a short time. We came into this world with absolutely nothing, screaming defenceless naked babies, and look what God gave us before we even knew it. Thus we need nothing to eternally make it. Only bravery and faith

>> No.28325768

Bought in last night at .36 with 1eth, regretting not putting in more.

>> No.28326087

There's 800,000,000 tokens planned. If this reaches AAVE's marketcap, the price per token will be roughly 87 USD

>> No.28326096

This is the most exciting thing to happen to crypto in a long time. I'm in

>> No.28326194

just woke up guys, did it go live on FTX yet? already up quite a bit rn

>> No.28326296

ok ngl it do be poomping

>> No.28326420

>unironically quoting the bible in 2021


>> No.28326496

Sorry friend but I'd rather take my chances that God is real. If that's the case, my reward isn't anything on earth.

Not sure what the spaces development is honestly but I'm basically resigned to the fact that I'm going to locked out of society by all this NWO stuff and I'll be off the grid by 2030 at the latest.

All that matters to me in the end is my eternal salvation, I will not take the mark if it comes to that. Maybe I'm being a schizo but I literally feel sick when I think about buying into this company.

>> No.28326743

Ffs, i wanted the buy this cheaper

>> No.28326838

Maybe if you wait a bit it will dip back down to .70

>> No.28326949

Holy fuck that is a star studded team

>> No.28326978

wait wait wait. this is a nwo token lads, remember that. you're riding the wave, don't give them your data that's sell your soul territory.

>> No.28327211

it's over.

>> No.28327228


WTF does this have to do with Estonia? No Estonians.

>> No.28327288

It hasn’t even started are you dumb or just a nigger?

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$CLF chart looking like Mt. Everest lol


>> No.28327391

yes. this is a globohomo scam that will probably financially enslave most of the third world... again. do with this what you will.

>> No.28327544

Check the advisors below it
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ral7ErrO0kE&t=13s Here is the president talking about it and how adoption actually happens on a national level.

The courts have ordered that You, the User owns the biometric data and no one else is allowed permissions to it. On a technological level, it is basically only used as your login. Everest has no access to see your Biometrics, or even access to your tokens, the Data is yours.

I do see some issues in that they are using inhouse oracles that seemingly are an afterthought, similar to their website. Understandable in that they want their product out as soon as possible, but there could be some issues in the future with it.

>> No.28327682

What portfolio app can I add this coin to?

>> No.28327683
File: 56 KB, 1494x542, Everest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah your worthless bags look SOOO appealing

>> No.28327776

Currently being added to blockfolio

>> No.28327914

put 6k @ 60 cents on t his yesterday (liquidated all my alts for it)

I cordially invite the NWO to fuck my asshole in exchange for entry into the lizard citadel

>> No.28328018

>no evidence for god's existence
>modern religion clearly a scam to take advantage of people's fears and egos
>"idk man might legit"


>> No.28328044

About the furthest coin away from a scam. Literally the next link but fast tracked price wise

>> No.28328117

I've never been in a coin before it reached blockfolio. Am I gonna make it?

>> No.28328336
File: 619 KB, 647x639, b1bca_image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have... turned out to be a scam.

>> No.28328522

the guy was a cia plant and they spelled his name wrong kek

>> No.28328526

These fucking fas fees
I can only invest 200 euros..
I will never make it

>> No.28328681

I'm a poorfag so I only have 3 figures to put on this, what are the fees likely to be? Before I pay to move my ETH over to the exchange

>> No.28328732

Nah his name is spelled correctly in the video, it just looks like it's wrong because estonians don't know how to spell apparently

>> No.28328828

What are your fees?

>> No.28328835


>> No.28328881

Yeah you cannot afford it, I would just purchase chainlink on a centralized exchange and hold that instead fren.

>> No.28328944

I paid $45.99 to buy ~2k ID

>> No.28329073

for the upteenth time, fees don't depend on the amount of coin you shove around, it's all about how crowded the mainnet is

>> No.28329189

I fell asleep ty baker
Holy shit 88 cents

>> No.28329346

Stop being a faggot. Make your money from this and use it for good things

>> No.28329354

God will make you eat bugs anon, but I will not. I will feed you when you are hungry and pay the guards when they are knocking on your shack door. When you sleep in your cold bed after eating your third dinner this month you will think of me, for I will be your God now.
How does a new car sound?

>> No.28329364

This is going to $3ish this weekend, screencap this

>> No.28329731


>> No.28329761

10K ID reporting. Non pajeet team + San Diego is so based imho. If this succeed to bring crypto mainstream we are out of the solar system

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File: 13 KB, 576x176, Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 21.38.04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fuck I do not remember when I was last time so excited about crypto. Once their website will be up it will go to top100 coins and will be announced as the global standard on the next world economic forum.

thank you op
Bought at 68c

>> No.28329892

Bought 15k stack last night, never been so comfy bros

>> No.28329909

Uniswap rejected transaction

>> No.28329910

There's no evidence you're conscious.

>> No.28329948

Which coin was that?

>> No.28329995

You can take your chances with that anon, I would rather not put my soul on the line as a wager.

There is probably nothing good that can come from this but I'd rather sound like a schizo and be wrong and maybe miss out on some profits than feed the NWO. Money is easy to come by from other means.

I would literally rather starve to death that bow down to globalists.

>> No.28330019

Fuck only have 11k. Cant afford 50k right now but I want that debit card status

>> No.28330067

I paid about 35ish last night (EU)

>> No.28330085

If I don’t make it from this I’m blaming you

>> No.28330130

debit card is 35k? where can I read about that?

>> No.28330151
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>it's the CURRENT YEAR

>> No.28330155

That's rough buddy, typically means you didn't put up enough gas money or someone frontran you so hard that you got cucked. Some pajeet/Chinaman literally stole your gas fees and is laughing at their computer. Good luck on the next try.

>> No.28330263


I mean it says “global” debit card. That probably means it’s a fuck you money elite status card most likely.

They’ll probably have standard debit cards as well I’m sure.

>> No.28330349
File: 100 KB, 1392x429, hold this much to get X.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can receive 40% APR using their App once it's out if you stake for a year. Your funds won't be available but you can receive the debit card after 1 year with just 35.5k ID instead of the full 50k.

>> No.28330367


Do you need to HODL for that? Can I just but 50k get the card and then sell high?

>> No.28330500

>$44MM trading volume

Literally getting goosebumps thinking about how high this will go once price catches volume

>> No.28330595

Ok it worked. Successfully joined the sub $1 club

>> No.28330624

Pretty sure you nees to hold at least that much

>> No.28330842

can't believe i bought the bottom on kyber yesterday at 23c lucky af

>> No.28331117
File: 26 KB, 597x328, EC6B9F09-BB42-40E7-B4D1-FA6F1EC80DBF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good luck and God speed based moralfag see you on the otherside

>> No.28331265

Respectable anon but sometimes you gotta get behind enemy lines in order to make a difference or positive change

>> No.28331333

1 off... that symmetry would've been epic.

>> No.28331361

Guys I’m nervous, how much higher can this go? It already did a 4x from launch

>> No.28331372

congrats anon, I aped in as soon as a I read the pol thread on this at 55c, planning selling more LINK for this, but I would be going under my 1k suicide stack and I worked fucking hard for that.

>> No.28331446

aight I bought in at 0.85 we can expect a dump any second now

>> No.28331524

They expect one of us at the wreckage brother

>> No.28331626

Did the same thing but can already regain the lost LINK due to the Everest pre pump. Idk even know if the real pump has started

>> No.28331756

The volume is insane for this

>> No.28331955

oh fuck no, these are just the tremors before the volcano fren, I think we'll see a retrace back to .65 for a bit, might be a good time to pick up more (mirin' the 50k platinum stack to mog on elitists who are johnny come latelys and this bitch is already at $6 a pop) then on to the real show.

>> No.28331978

Checked and checked.
Maybe I should start setting up my bug farm in the woods right now.

Yeah I just can't see how to do that so I'll stay out of it. Best case scenario is I'm a schizo and this is a nothingburger. Worst case is that it starts the literal NWO and the downfall of humanity. Guess I'm going down with the ship but I just feel too sketchy buying into something like this.

>> No.28331985


Considering this shit is hard and expensive as fuck to buy I don’t think so

>> No.28332144

The real pump will come when it gets listed somewhere I think.

>> No.28332170

right, is it even on an CEX yet? And we're well on our way to hit 50MM in fucking volume, the people who know, know.

>> No.28332276

Swapping on uniswap for eth is not exactly "hard to buy", gas fees are expensive I guess.

>> No.28332291
File: 62 KB, 651x651, 1576698254003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

prepare to have your face melted, hold on tightly anon, you just got into the easiest 100x this cycle

>> No.28332361

it wont give a fuck about your hair nor beard

>> No.28332454


I leveraged 10% of my LINK to pick up a 5 digit stack that’s the most I’m willing to risk right now, I wouldn’t even have this opportunity if not for LINK.

But yeah how many people are even able to buy right now and the ones who can are going balls deep and writing off the fees.

So yeah. I think this is just the pregame. There will be corrections for sure however.

>> No.28332458

Where can I check the number of holders?

>> No.28332572

it already happened bro. 200 years ago

>> No.28332626

How many ID do I need to make it frens

>> No.28332674

How do you leverage your link stack?

t. 2017 brainlet

>> No.28332692
File: 898 KB, 894x1504, 1528572489535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys I'm OP from the last 3 threads and I just want to alert you all to the fact that my balls are so fucking smelly from not showering for like 48 hours that I can smell them standing up. Showering now, shilling continues after.

>> No.28332715

Think of it like this, you are purchasing ownership in these protocols, would you rather have your live automated by protocols you have no ownership in? Do you think elitists want people like you buying this protocol? China would have come out with one anyway, this is the world we are going into, ride the fucking tiger!

>> No.28332718


It was over before we were born dude.

You should be trying to make as much money as possible rn to escape as best you can.

I’m not eating the fucking bugs dude.

>> No.28332843

I would not sell link that results in going under 1k for this.
You could consider taking an Aave loan like that big whale did. Put your 1k link into Aave. Take a loan in USD for 10k dollars gives you a lot of leeway and let's you get a good 10k ID?

>> No.28332911

Hahahaha you're a fucking god that's what you are

>> No.28332929


Finally got in on something lads

>> No.28333198

>I would not sell link that results in going under 1k for this.

Appreciate the encouragement, I won't because those are the stinkiest of linkies, but when something lifechanging drops on your lap like this, it's hard to not just go balls deep.

Currently using Nexo for this, is AAVE better? I like the Nexo user experience but I've only heard great things about AAVE. Honestly at this point I'm just getting greedy, I have some debt to pay down and food to stock up for the coming white genocide.

>> No.28333338

Guys, $EOY? give hopium

>> No.28333424


>> No.28333426

thoughts on this dipping back to .7-.75 early tomorrow morning?

>> No.28333460
File: 9 KB, 209x209, 1596593807321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought based on the connections alone, this project should do well this year.

>> No.28333470

Good chance but it won’t last for long

>> No.28333477

How does 1 vaccine and a plate of bugs sound?

>> No.28333506

The volume on this is literally absurd for such an (I assume) low marketcap and launched yesterday?

Is there a catch or is this the easiest 10x?

>> No.28333550

with AAVE current marketcap is like $86 per coin

>> No.28333623

I don't like Nexo since I think it is centralized shit and the whole Simeon fiasco, but I have not taken a long term loan out with either and because of this I am weary about reccomending anything. You're gmi

>> No.28333901
File: 112 KB, 511x671, 831662C3-AEE6-4CCE-86E0-B9E09EFECA7F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah yes good to see a fellow CLF chad in this thread

>> No.28334029
File: 139 KB, 1080x810, 1612980955182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anons, please give me a briefing. Is the project live? Is the product ready to use? More importantly; is there any other project with the same amount of dystopian insanity behind it? This is fiction-tier cyberpunk bullshit and if this really is a first mover I will buy back some ETH and go in.

If this pops off, we will enter a new era of digitalised enslavement and I want to make sure I gain something from it.

>> No.28334032
File: 17 KB, 650x457, dale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I buyed
I will go suck down an cigarettes now

>> No.28334056
File: 34 KB, 680x591, ga5eyg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought 410 (yes i'm poor, I know)
EOW predictions?

>> No.28334074

Would also like to know this, volume seems far too large considering this only just launched
Only 2500 holders as well

>> No.28334136

Did we just crashed uniswap? Last time i remember uniswap crash due the hype was statera at day 1, bullish

>> No.28334201
File: 3 KB, 288x292, everest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont understand, ive seen too many threads about everest and it feels like a ton of robots shilling this to me.

Now before i buy, give me a reason to not

>> No.28334292
File: 108 KB, 1520x1080, coz7u8u047k01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28334379

There are pajeet bots that are scalping this really hard you can see them every now and then buy around 13Eth worth and sell for 14 whenever they can. This has been going on for awhile and makes the volume higher than it really is and I would imagine stifles the price to a degree

>> No.28334396


Don't buy if you legitimately enjoy eating bug burgers I guess?

I prefer a nice medium rare real cow steak though

>> No.28334410

>completely zogged

making it is easy when retards like you walk this earth, LOL

>> No.28334477

>Aave loan
how can i learn about this loan stuff? explain like im a redditor?

>> No.28334513

It's literally Mark of the beast Satan shit where your digital identity is on the cloud forever. You will however get an easy 3x from here probably more like a 10x. If you stake even more.

>> No.28334550


It’s an Illuminati symbol and an upside down 6

>> No.28334709
File: 191 KB, 960x849, 1611790533757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cheers bro, things are getting extremely interesting

>> No.28334738

>deposit asset into aave
>pay $30 gas fee to use asset as collateral
>pay $30 gas fee to take out loan in USD
>read how your liquidity price and determine how much risk you can accept before pressing send
>if collateral becomes less than 80% of the loan value you get liquidated
>take the loan and transfer to your metamask
>purchase EverestID
>sell initial after a 2x and pay off the loan to avoid the APR
>ride the rest into the NWO

>> No.28335000

Everything checks out, we just need confirmation from Schwablord that this will be part of the 4th industrial revolution.

God, first time in ages I feel fomo. Will the silver tier-stack be enough to avoid the pod and owning something?
I am ok with eating the bugs, and I won't be happy

>> No.28335144

Working on that now anon. Just hoping to get out before the globohomo takeover is finalized.

>> No.28335151

>I won't be happy
We got a troublemaker here.

>> No.28335508

You vill be happy anon.

>> No.28335588


>> No.28335802

You bought the dip, right anon?

>> No.28335906

Yeah anything that sounds like a future tech based dystopia is likely to happen, the owners all seem surprisingly legit.

I'm in for 5k

>> No.28335996

>bought in with .25 ETH (all I have since I lost everything 2 months ago)
>already lost 0.05 ETH

Thanks a lot guys once again I fall for /biz/ scams

>> No.28336023

adding to this some nigger dumped 25eth worth and instantly got priced out hahahahaha what a fucking nigger faggot

>> No.28336066

never selling

>> No.28336134

fuck it was eaten up in seconds

>> No.28336187

let it ride we're early as fuck this is not a shitcoin

>> No.28336223

... How the fuck am I supposed to buy this? Just scrolling through the thread, it doesn't seem like it's just a coin. Suppose I had a BTC wallet in Coinbase or Binance, how would I get my hands on this?

>> No.28336235
File: 31 KB, 601x508, woj_472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chart stare for 5 hours waiting for dip to buy more
>get bored and take a nice 10 min shower
>missed the 25% dip
oh well, probably would have got cucked by ETH txn time anyway

>> No.28336240

i mean the lead on it was the previous lead on bittorrent back in the day. the project overall looks interesting

>> No.28336296
File: 119 KB, 934x597, dt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

somebody said it was 60m marketcap, but with the current price, if this article is true then its really 600m marktecap right now. Is that right? If yes, then holy fuck?

>> No.28336396

Use an erc-20 based coin, get on uniswap

>> No.28336415
File: 75 KB, 450x320, the-sir-edmund-hillary-school-at-khumjung-village-sagarmatha-national-ed95m1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every school near Base Camp is called Hillary this or that. I started hallucinating & shouting lock her up the whole way up and all the sherpas hated me.

>> No.28336441

I believe the only way currently is through uniswap or kyber

>> No.28336500

nah kyber is already fucked due to demand

>> No.28336533

There are only around 65m tokens circulating as the rest will be given to stakers over the next 2-4years or are locked away in vested dev wallets. This is where the $60m market cap comes from but I agree that it is slightly disingenuous for the long term

>> No.28336576

no, circulating supply is 60m, 115 in 90 days.

>> No.28336580

yea kyber is shitting the bed right now, but besides that it's normally an option

>> No.28336624

whats the token distribution timeline? whats the current circulation and when and how will the rest of the supply enter de market?

>> No.28336779

be honest anons, can this pull a Link?

>> No.28336801

I should have waited for the correction to .35 why the fuck do I still keep fomoing to /biz/ shilling after losing tens of thousands of dollars I should have learned my lesson by now

>> No.28336944

bro this isn't McDonaldsCoin or some shit

>> No.28336985

kek sell then and post transaction

>> No.28336998

Probably hold until end of alt season

>> No.28337106

then what

>> No.28337136

Buy the bottom

>> No.28337191


>> No.28337236

It keeps dipping anon if you think the people that got in at launch wont take profits crash the price then rebuy between .35 and .50 idk what to tell you

>> No.28337308


>> No.28337310

i bought at 60 cents, afraid i'm going to get rekt.

>> No.28337346

really appreciate the original shilling

>> No.28337416

This is some dogshit fud, you will not get a chance to buy lower, fomo in or eat the bugs.

>> No.28337499

this didn't even register as fud i dont think he even read what i said

>> No.28337582

I bought the top, down 30% already. God I am the worst. Is it over already bros? Did I get jeeted once again?
I swear there must be whales watching my wallet to know when to sell.

>> No.28337612

>claiming big dogs who got in at IPO or the groundfloor take profits then rebuy cheaper is FUD!

Anon, I....

>> No.28337718

yeah if you look at the wallets, there was a whale with 200K that started dumping in 50K increments and he only has 30K left

>> No.28337745

Come back on saturday you nigger

>> No.28337788

There's no way this could happen. Jesus Christ even my poorfag ass would have 200k+

>> No.28337810

Just wait, you are still early enough. DONT sell at a loss.

>> No.28337822

I will, Im not going to panic sell like an idiot.

>> No.28337923

I will personally make you take at least 3 vaccines and make sure you get fed all the bugs possible.

>> No.28337925
File: 84 KB, 658x901, 1611501745932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's literally dumping right now. It really is the next chainlink.

>> No.28337956

Fucking hell I feel this so much. Any time I think I'm about to jump in somewhat early I end up buying the top, this was no different...

>> No.28338018

>not expecting people who want to swing or PnD to get out after the explosive rise yesterday
Just wait you little green faggot

>> No.28338029

Thanks for the dump, i'll be buying in now

>> No.28338054

Buying more now.

>> No.28338136

Based and Nico pilled

>> No.28338142

can't even buy on uniswap right now

>> No.28338246

Imagine trying to swing the reset coin. ngmi

>> No.28338323

Change your slippage to 1.5% and you are good.

Every now and then I make it in on time/early, but more often I buy the top and have to wait it out. At least this is a product, its not like buying hoge of mcdonalds or some shit.

Bless you good advice anon

>> No.28338381


> website's sketchy
> gives off a "too shiny" feel, like Centric, and everyone knew where Centric ended up
> ID2020 seems like pure speculation, no proof Everest ID is actually ID2020
> The soon-to-be official telegram will be filled with Pajeets, Pinoys, and an assortment of shitskins jerking each other off that they're all going to make it to da moon or whatever

>> No.28338403

uniswap won't even load for me

>> No.28338423

just bought 3k at .8, hope i dont get fucking raped :)
god save our souls for buying this nwo coin

>> No.28338426

uniswap still working just gotta refresh a bit. Probably a bit overloaded this time of day. I suspect that the price won't moon too much more today since here on biz is the only media attention it's getting and you can get in later tonight for slightly cheaper gas fees at .75-.90c anyway.

>> No.28338460

it's back but man the price went up

>> No.28338534

Based it’s the new LCX

It will disappear from biz in a few days

>> No.28338564

Go ahead and sell so I can pick up more cheap bags

Literally every coin corrects and if it's legit (like everest is) it'll jump back up

>> No.28338579
File: 31 KB, 1421x227, anon I....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's right on the main page anon...

>> No.28338666
File: 176 KB, 3508x2481, 1606862679648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just a reminder if you dont have at LEAST 2-5 mill by 2023 you will
>eat zee bugs
>live in zee pod
>own nothing
you and your descendants WILL be the new serfs for 2 generations at least and you will be happy

>> No.28338713

LCX is more targeting towards being a Crypto trading hub whereas Everest is aiming at being a global credit union

>> No.28338898
File: 72 KB, 1205x651, ss+(2021-02-10+at+01.32.31).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cmon anon just do a little bit of research before posting retarded nigger shit

>> No.28338906

found this from 2018

>> No.28338921

Baking new bread...It's in the oven.

>> No.28339025
File: 239 KB, 557x334, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is 100% legit yeah, there are articles and interviews going back to at least 2018 with this shit everywhere, it was surprisingly stealth. They spent 2 years going around malaysia ACTUALLY collecting biometrics for this

>> No.28339268

speaking of chainlink
>Today, ID2020 announced the launch of the Good Health Pass Collaborative along with more than 25 leading individual companies and organizations in the technology, health, and travel sectors — including the Airports Council International (ACI), Commons Project Foundation, COVID-19 Credentials Initiative, Evernym, Hyperledger, IBM, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Linux Foundation Public Health, Lumedic, Mastercard, Trust Over IP Foundation, and others.

>> No.28339271
File: 972 KB, 858x1000, 1568643753916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked. The reason why you would need 5 mill is because the price of ID tokens will forever be extremely low.
Since no one bothered reading the website:
>users need to stake 1-100 ids in their wallet if they want to send payments.

Read that again then read what has been said about this targeting the 3rd world and the unbanked. For most of the 3rd world 1 USD is a lot of money. If you think "the unbanked" will use a system that requires them to have at least 1 token worth $20 which is more than their wages for 1 month you are beyond delusional.

Go ahead and prove me wrong when it is clearly spelled out in their website. Im in it for the speculation but if you think longterm this will be anywhere over $5 when it would destroy their stated goal of "banking the unbanked" you are retarded.

>> No.28339357
File: 14 KB, 225x225, images-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fuckin love burgers though

>> No.28339435

damn remember 80 years ago when a nickel was rich and most people didnt have a nickel? What happened to general levels of poverty/lifespan over time as capital expanded endlessly ands technology became more easily produced for decades?

>> No.28339571

>muh nickel

Good now adjust it for inflation and dispute what I said about no one in the 3rd world using a service if it requires them to stake a token worth more than their monthly wages

>> No.28339693

adjusted for inflation people generally have more than what a nickel was worth in the 20s
People in the third world will be using CRDT
ID will be for kings.

>> No.28339847

people who got in at launch have to hold for 90 days to get very worthwhile bonus ID tokens in 3 different tiers. A sort of vesting period. Its looking like certain steps were taken to make this work out smoothly.

>> No.28339850

Someone refute this fag before I buy a bag.

>> No.28339962

If the valuation goes higher, they'll just drop the stake requirement.

>> No.28339989

>People in the third world will be using CRDT
>users need to stake 1-100 ids in their wallet if they want to send payments.

So you are saying they wont be using this to send or receive payments, completely contradicting what the stated goal is to "bank the unbanked"? Huh

>> No.28340085

What does that have to do with chainlink

>> No.28340101
File: 143 KB, 1080x724, 390k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"send payments" implies someone will be "receiving payments"
Think about how this applies to UBI
Think about how welfare works in general

>> No.28340201

Anon here is wrong, those prices are for eAgents and eTellers that stake in order to have access to that. IE your Uber driver stakes 5ID so that he can do Transfers, poorfag comes into car with $3 in Stablecoins on Everest, scans into the Uber Drivers account to pay and then the uber driver gets the payment and a small amount of ID.

If the poorfag wants receipts he needs to have .1 ID

These are sample pricing and subject to change as the community progresses.

>> No.28340387

when will it be back on kyber?

>> No.28340392

Look into Hyperledger.
Very succinct thank you

>> No.28340396


The third world angle is just the pot boiling for the frogs.

If you don’t think every single person on earth will be on this inside of 36 months you’re nuts.

>> No.28340610

Learn from linkies and fucking hold. Print it on paper wallet and do not sell untill sum will be truly life changing because you literally bought chainlink for $0.30 right now.
Remember it is a marathon not a sprint

>> No.28340722
File: 159 KB, 1280x865, 3EEE0D8F35354ADE8E492BB2E6B8DC91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which is why the website says that larger systems will require staking up to 250,000 ids which would be prohibitively expensive for 3rd world governments UNLESS the price of 1 ID token was low.
>valuated at $3
That was lower than my estimation of $5 but it is definitely more realistic than the $85 target someone mentioned itt kek. I mean from .85 cents to $3 is a nice gain but it wont make you rich lol.
>those prices are for eAgents and eTellers
Thats not what the website says but if you can link me to the source to prove me wrong I'd appreciate it
Im getting 42 schizo vibes

>> No.28340900

I could be misunderstanding of course https://youtu.be/piJXcpXctdM?t=1149 Around this timestamp the CEO is talking about the token's access levels.

>> No.28340904

Hyperledger has nothing to do with chainlink. They might be in a couple of alliances together with others but have never worked together.

>> No.28341147
File: 366 KB, 648x505, Aj tinfoil time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based skitzos always know where that illuminati money is at.

>> No.28341287

I literally swapped all my uniswaps that are not staking/farming for this.

30k IDs reported in

>> No.28341517

>if you can link me to the source to prove me wrong I'd appreciate it

it’s right here in the thread >>28324974
.1 for receipt
500 for organization API (that’s how much it will cost a company to access the data on this chain with LOW speed).

5,000 ID minimum for a company to hold in their wallet if they want to access the API with High speed.

plebs BTFO

>> No.28341622

why would you buy this shitcoin when ID2020 exists?

>> No.28341652

this is also only an example, so it sounds like they can always adjust the thresholds if people are getting priced out before they can even use the platform

>> No.28341776
File: 363 KB, 479x359, ednoodle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, where is the Everest white paper????

>> No.28341811
File: 74 KB, 1189x545, everestid2020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because this shitcoin is ID2020 lmfao

>> No.28342133

Hmm, wanna put my rbc and bao gains into this but I don't wanna buy the top. I hate making decisions like this, dudes.

>> No.28342150

So "the unbanked" wont be able to use the system to send money to their friends or family unless they stake a minimum of 5 ids, but somehow this means the price of 1 id will ever be higher than around 5 dollars?

Unless you are saying this will only be used by institutions and governments as a form of sending payments like welfare, which is not what other anons have been trying to shill. If thats what you claim then it raises another question - why wouldnt governments just roll up their own digital currencies to handle welfare payments etc?

The whole case for this "going to the moon" rests on it being a supposed worldwide adoption phenomena that will allow homeless bums in mumbai to use it

>> No.28342172

nah, not *just* an example.
listen to >>28340900 this

>> No.28342222
File: 58 KB, 736x815, 5IXhGMU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we should continue this


>> No.28342269

the unbanked will use CRDT, not ID

>> No.28342335

interesting, they received funding from id2020 just read that. Whats the mcap on this bad boy rn?

>> No.28342495


>> No.28342693

In a bid to prevent fraud and improve the energy subsidy distribution to more than 50 million people, Everest is partnering with the Indonesian government.

Bob Reid, the founder of Everest, told that the government provides a subsidy of $7 billion every year, and out of this huge figure, around $1.3 billion is not being verified.

This is where Everest will help the Indonesian government by allowing them to track and issue the subsidies biometrically. The company plans to integrate people’s identity with the blockchain and believes that this will enable to government to distribute the subsidies more fairly and transparently.

Bob was quoted saying, “You have a foundational element, which is identity, and from there you can take people to the middle ages of an economy to a 21st-century economy very quickly.”

The Indonesian government will use Everest’s EverID and Ever Wallet blockchain to ensure that the distributed money reached the deserving candidates.

>> No.28343070

>post number ends in 201
>accurately shills Everest over weak FUD
>Event 201 sponsored by Bill Gates

Anon I....

>> No.28343427

Do you have to stake for this or just hold?

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