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Chainlink staking proof in pic

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thats bullshit but i believe it

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how fucking new are you ?

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Late 2016

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Yes link will have staking is this news for you?

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Gonna be this weeks?

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Why would it be this week or next?
Best bet so far is to look at the dev wallet. It has less than 10mil left to dump - empty in approx 35-40days.
Would line up with arbitrum release but we r just quessing here.

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Staking will be released Q4 2037

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I’m steaking already losers hahahahaha

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The reddit version of this thread has more replies.

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the entire crypto market bull run going on right now is being charged up by link, staking has been active in the background since late last summer hence why the market has been on a run since then.

the dev wallets are dumping for node operators - once all the dominoes are set in place link will explode thousands of % in one long candle ushering in the singularity.

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Fernando was a scammer

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Cause people here knows what needs to happen before staking. They haven’t even fucking released ocr or tsigs yet

Just cause you hover over a button and it says stake, it doesn’t mean staking is released. Also I guarantee you linkpool doesn’t know when staking will be released either. They might have a rough idea but they won’t know when even if Jonny is helping the CL team

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based schizo

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this is something I don't understand. how come there has been no information on what is going on behind the scenes? lf they are in contact with all these companies; banks, docusign, microsoft, wef, swift, etc etc. how come there is no soul, a student of Ari or a colleague, somebody working in different places that Serget inteacts, ... that talks about something more than what is already known?

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Thanks, Sergey <3

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What if this shit all just goes live at once?

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not according to github. ocr comes with 1.0.0 and we are at 9.10. Probably 4 months away.

so the news is that visit button is not greyed out?

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Because link is not a security

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Bro it's all behind a wall of NDAs bro, trust me, they're working really hard and it's totally gonna be ready this year.

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how is link being security or not affecting any word coming out of 100s of people?
fuck off

... and why can't any tests or contracts be traced anywhere in ethereum testnets. is there no meaningful information from arbitrum testnet? I am still surprised that no information or no relation to anything can be traced back to what is going on

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in 2018 people were basically pumping a bunch of autism into watching every little thing on pivotal tracker and github and seeing everyone who ever even touched chainlink in any way. also reading white papers and technical reports on websites that are only really read by people who work in certain industries.

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>I am still surprised that no information or no relation to anything can be traced back to what is going on
probably because there is nothing going on

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sergey is basically the opposite of justin sun
zero hype type of guy

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fuck those chainlink advocates, they do it for the fame and will be rekt.