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Never buy meme tokens guys. I saw them shilling this like “buy McDip”. Please don’t fall for this. Pajeet scam.

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You’re retarded if you still fall for this shit.

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seriously anon, are you a certified imbecile? you may be able to get your money back if you contact your social worker

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what's this?

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Nice proxies Dejan, your pictures all have the same metadata btw

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The team hasn’t sold you retard.

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wow nice edits, bro. when did u learn photoshop?

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Still up 10x, marketing beginning, coingecko tomorrow, we'll be up 1000x EOM. Stay poor faggot

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You’re really smart pajeet.

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Lol this high effort fud is bullish. Why would any normal person take this much time to try and sabotage a legit project?

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Nah if you join the telegram youll see the creators and everyone looking at marketing and stuff. One whale sold and now everyone is slashing wrists

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I've just about mcfuckin' had it with this coin.

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>still up x10
Yeah if you were the very first buyer I guess...

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Hi iq mcchads know

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Sage in all fields

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Everybody knows obvious scam coins are only worth putting money into within an hour of their creation and selling at a 10x MAX. Get any more greedy and it's all on you. Try and get in after a few dozen have already bought and you're just giving a scammer money.

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Dejan how much money do you have right now? Less then 20 USD? Must be a lot in that shithole country of yours.

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stfu you smelly beaner

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>give genuine advice to not get rugged by shit you shouldn't be involved with anyway
>get accused of being a pajeet regardless
Guess you can't help everyone.

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