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You know what to do

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I'm ok with Jewish people, I think there are bad apples in every community. Like for example, not every white person is a shitskin larping being white on 4chan, like OP is.

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You better fucking sell.

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if something is shilled as anti-semetic it is the most Jewish thing you can do. Literally look at history.

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so many great cryptos and you're choosing a fucking liquidity pool to invest in... top kek

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Keep the selling pressure on! We are going to crash this SHITCOIN to 0.

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Roger that John.
Burn In Hell.
Powerhungry mods.

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Good luck! Watching people bash their heads against this particular wall pleases me.

>laughs in STANOS

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The STATERA community PERSONALLY insulted me, you think Iam going to just leave? FUCK YOU AND FUCK THIS COINNNNN!!!!

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Shutup dildohead, no one was asking you.

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Keep drinking the koolaid, you dumb fucking fuck.

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nobody asked you to advertise STA for free, but we appreciate it even if it's coming from an angry schizo

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OHHHHHH we got a FIESTY ONE HERE BOYS! Let me explain why STA is a scam to any newfags. It's literally a ponzi scheme, the devs do nothing and their shit just STINKS and they know it. They even know my name, was banned from telegram. Just stay away from project or you will rope. This project has around 100 die hard hoping to scam people with a coin with 6 lines of code they actually think this is the next bitcoin. DELUSIONAL, anyone passing by reading this thread I am trying to save your hard earned money. I told their community I am not going to leave. This coin won't moon because it's a scam.

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I had to sell after the speculation channel members made a number of hateful remarks about my faith and cultural identity. I bought Statera because I liked the project, I didn't sign up to be attacked.

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i missed you, sta threads die early without your schizophrenia. hopefully soon, we wont need these bumps kek

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Just another reason this coin is a scam. Glad you got out, spread the word. SHITERA is going down and I am going to spearhead it, mark my words.

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obvious lie is sad

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Sweet Jesus, get your head out of your big FAT ass before it's too late.

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Real cute. Everyone on biz is on MY SIDE. Even if they don't know about me. They know this is a shitcoin.

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he does it for free. must not know how FUD works and how it affects projects :]

thank you based schizo

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Just think. These threads can't get anymore awful than this. We're all gonna make it bros.

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the voices in your head != everyone on biz

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All money including crypto is semetic

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Anyone else get a little uncomfortable when people randomly capitalize words for emphasis like this? Reminds me of the shizoid boomers on youtube live chats who yell TRUMP IS YOUR DADDY HA HA with no context.

John, are you a danger to yourself or people around you?

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HAHAHHAHHAH look at all these HEAVY bag holders. Goodness, how about we try another angle because I want to prove to new people on biz why this is a scam. So tell us all, what is Statera and why did you buy(hint: it does nothing and they don't know why the bought)? Go on though tell us all, since I can't convince you koolaid drinkers.

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Statera isnt about making money. It's about sticking it to the jews.

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>Go on though tell us all
Is the new angle doubling down on being schizo?

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Did you see a new binary system BAEX ( #baex)? Looks like this is not so bad with all these options, BTC, stock indices, ETH, fiat currencies. They also offer algorithmic profitability with a self-balanced pool, so passive income is also available, as I see

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Another shitcoin scam in a shitcoin thread, go figure. Memes make themselves.

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John sure knows how to make friends!

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H0nestly pretty crazy that low marketcap shitcoin still gets so much attention.
Why do everybody care so much about this project and why is it allowed to live rent free in all our brains?

>unironically bullish

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Lick my eyeball you koolaid drinker. Dumfuck.

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Come on, tell the world about your marvelous project and what SHITERA does.

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thx just bought another 170k

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It punishes the jew for his covetous and underhanded ways.

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This, Statera is just a simple Json Parser.

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dead shitcoin

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Even worse than that. 6 LINES OF CODE. A 13 year can do this "BITCOIN OF DEFI" project of yours. Literally everyone needs to get out and invest in low marketcap coins that aren't scams, for fucks sake even Megan I heard agrees this is a shitcoin. She even is in another project these days.

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Unbelievable, the level of copium in this thread.

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unbelievable that john isn't getting paid for all this advertising.

rent free :]

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Im never leaving til this project dumps to oblivion( which is soon).

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Don't stop john you're putting STA in the biz zeitgeist. Unironically grateful, you absolute mong :D

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Unironically never fucking selling. In this space of scams statera is a sure bet. It’s inevitable. The only thing holding it back are the insane ETH fees making arbing not profitable. If it was profitable people and bots would be doing it because it’s literally free money and this in turn would boost the volume in the pools aka the returns

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don't stop won't stop

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I know, but unlike you, im not a schizo. You guys are, you feebleminded FOOL

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>tfw you know STA will explode just like LINK but you don’t know how long you’ll have to baghold and be called a schizo cultist before it happens

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SWEET FUCK. If that's the case then why is Bal-wETH pools outperforming it? Wth fees are a problem for ALL coins on the network. Doesn't stop all these other projects from mooning. Fuck even Sushi, which had bad press last year, has recovered but SHITERA WILL NEVER!

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have a (you) sweaty, megan is mine on the yacht party. i'm going to suck her toes so good.

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I'm only gonna be concerned about the future of Sta if this dude stops posting.
Until that point, it's my retirement fund.

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I know the feels very well

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top kek fren. we are both going to make it, in due time

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Everyone and fucking HELL I mean everyone on biz are on MY SIDE. They know STA is a scam and they gloss right past these literal Tyrannosaur sized SHIT OF A PROJECT. Jesus, I cant even remember last time a scam like this was shipped and followed so long.

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It’s actually a mystery why BAL pools outperform everything so hard. They must be giving extra credit to those or something lmao

No but really, BAL/WETH and even the top pool WBTC/WETH manage to get the APY because there are so few assets in the pool. As soon as more assets are introduced/BAL % is decreased the returns plummet. Then you have Stanos which is performing just as well as WBTC/WETH even though basically half of the pool (WSTA) can’t have high volume right now because of the fees. The risk exposure is far less but because of how statera functions the returns still keep up and with more volume would surpass the other pools easily, 1.5M in volume for sta means 50% apy for stanos already, which will happen once arb bots are allowed to do their thing if not earlier.

As for sushi, well sushi is on Binance and has a meme name which attracts normies plus it is a good uniswap competitor so really no surprise there

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literal non sequitur, schizo confirmed lul

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The level of copium I can't understand. You admit Sushi is better and Bal is better but somehow someway STA is going to do something any day now. You're going to fucking neck yourself I just know it. You dense motherfucker, no on biz is buying and no one cares too.

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Lunatic tier fudding is incredibly bullish

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Actual retard, other anon's here at least spew more from their cult. This coin is going to end 1 way; you all are going neck yourselves or I and biz are. I'll give you a hint on what actually will happen, it's going to be you guys because it's so obvious to everyone here.

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Huge buy sign

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You need more brain cells than the pathetic amount you were born with to post on here.

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Oh gosh you’re right I’m selling everything now. Just kidding nigger, I’m gonna tell you to read the NEW WHITEPAPER when it’s released LOL. In the meantime, have a look at this.

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>22 posts by this ID

Anon, if you don't like Statera, why don't you just ignore it?

>> No.28322406

Go ahead buy more then, guess you'll have to borrow money to buy the rope.

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statera is literally the most semitic play you can make
a coin that support trannies, africans and muslims is a coin that I will avoid

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Because this is a bigger scam than scamcoin.

>> No.28322509

Unironically one of the same people who couldn't understand bitcoin when it came out

>> No.28322606

>I'm going to devote my time to tell people Statera is a scam

>ignores Mcdonald coin, luigi finance, etc

>> No.28322609

Oh and you did? Kill yourself for trying to steal money from people.

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this book may help you to find inner peace.

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>25 posts by this id

Oh hi welcome back anon

>> No.28322723

It’s a larp to keep the threads bumped and post count up. Kinda sucks this is how it’s done but whatever.

>> No.28322724

Those are meme pump and dump shitcoins if you need to be informed from me about that it's no wonder you fell for SHITERA.

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When we moon, im buying Julie some treats. This dapper pup deserves it.

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I know lol

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You think I give a shit? You probably don't even remember what originally happened you dumbfuck. Just sell before it's too late and if any of you think I WIL EVER LEAVE, you better think otherwise

>> No.28322976

Jesus FUCK. The level of copium.

>> No.28323008

so you're devoting your time to combat a "scam" that's been around since May and refunded holders after the balancer hack? Where they didn't even need to? lmao

>> No.28323105

>understanding Bitcoin & Statera
>"you must be a scammer"

fucking lol

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How's the weather in Mumbai today sirs?

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at some point i will print Pigerz on a shirt just for the memes

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Fuck you.

>> No.28323443

posting rocket emojis wont change the fact that your shitcoin is dumping in a bull market and hasnt reached even close to ATH ranjeet

>> No.28323502

Lol STA is crashing you literal retard. It's going to 0 what don't you understand about that. It's worse than the GME retards from 2 weeks ago.

>> No.28323581

yeah that's when smart people buy sir

>> No.28323595

>imagine tightly holding onto your STA while you miss the entire bullrun because you dont know when to drop a burning pile of underperforming shit
>t. Bought at 6 cents, sold it all at 15 cents

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bought at 3 cents still sitting on a 3x of 50k$, get outta here your poor fag

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Finally fucking someone from biz that is sane is posting here.

>> No.28323651

Glad I'm not the only one, thought I was going crazy for a minute

>> No.28323689

Cringe fud won't change the fact that you sold low like a fucking mong any more than it will change the fact that I'm still making money on STA at .09 while STANOS outperforms larger pools :)

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>he doesn't understand it can't go to zero unless crypto goes to 0

>> No.28323712

It's crashing now, whatever you have in unrealized profits will vanish just like in GME.

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willing to risk that Mr. Pigerz

>> No.28323832

Baaahahahaha, this reeks of desperation

>> No.28323876

Bal-wETH beats this SHITCOINS pool. Only actual reddit tier retards use comic book villains and heroes as their "memes". Unironically you are going to rope.

>> No.28323885

You are a disgusting curry munching pajeet

>> No.28324000

I didn't say out outperforms EVERY pool, but obviously the value is there. You have to pick a single pool beating it because, yes, you are desperate for some small FUD to cling to and you aren't creative enough to do better. L

>> No.28324001

coins are doing 100x left and right while shitera pajeets are happy when they get a 10% pump kek

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i pray for your soul Pigerz

>> No.28324049

Why don't any of post what this SHITCOIN even does that will make you all rich? Because it "burns" Eth just implemented a burn function. YOUR TOKEN ISNT NEEDED.

>> No.28324093

lol this fud is terrible

biz will unironically fomo at 50c

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>> No.28324191

>10 posts by this id
nobody is going to buy your shitcoin ranjeet
nobody wants it, you fomod in at 40 cents in august and have been left bagholding ever since kek

>> No.28324198

Why aren't we doing your reading for you? This is why you're ngmi; you need people to explain basic shit so you are always at their mercy

>> No.28324208

if you can't understand why what you just wrote is bullish for Statera then your ngmi

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comfy getting 200$ a day for pooling with such bullshit volume, let it just spike a little. you are eternally priced out by this coin once you fomo

>> No.28324256

sir I'm not asking much, i thank god every night for 10% pumps

greed is a sin

>> No.28324293

unironically bought sub 1c but ok. Keep making stuff up

>> No.28324294

You come to a Statera thread and make 35 posts, as if you are supposed to give the impression you aren’t partaking in devilish kike behaviour. I’m sorry you seem to think you bought too late, maybe try pooling and supporting the project instead.

>> No.28324467

>comfy getting 200$ a day
>$200 a day
>thinks this is anything to be proud of
$200 must be a lot in your street shitting village, I will give you that

>> No.28324523

Ladies and gentlemen of biz. Behold I give you, THE KOOL-AID MAN HIMSELF!

>> No.28324609

its more then enough to not have to work here in germany yes. thats basically high middle class income

>> No.28324645

devilish kikes are subhuman trannies and pajeets that make up 99% of the shitera ""community""

>> No.28324677

I have seen a dozen poor fucks like john come and go. You see it in every project's tg
>5 minutes go by without everyone sucking his dick to make him feel better
>Fine I will go and fud this on biz, you'll be sorry!
>Nobody cares

>> No.28324730

Bullshit you earn $200 a day. Nice larp.

>> No.28324774

$200 per day is nothing you imbecile, maybe if you are a pathetic looser who sits in his basement all day eating frozen tendies then its fine, i spend more than that on gas fees alone every day and I still make 50x the profit you make

>> No.28324797

How? Please give details

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File: 79 KB, 259x259, VTHR3-D987H-1B378S-CNI2B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seething lol. I'm still unironically 10x from my entry and this has been fudded since day 0

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heh its actually mildly entertaining those fudders, everyone can see this is either a joke or they are mentally retarded.

>> No.28324928

If crypto community was convinced this was legit. It would've recovered like Sushi but it didnt,why? Because it's a fucking scamcoin that pumped than dumped. Get over it, it has 6 lines of code. Not even BITCOIN has 6 lines of you code, which you claim you are similar to.

>> No.28325018


That's ~$6000 a month -- 72k in passive income a year. Are you dense? That's like working a full-time job lol

>> No.28325091

your shitty memes made by fiver pajeets are the cringiest things ever posted on /biz/, no wonder you retards are so poor

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>38 posts by this ID
kek. imagine getting banned from discord and the yacht party because of extreme autism. You will not make it

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File: 630 KB, 1065x550, Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 8.59.10 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

such a sad fudder

>> No.28325331

>72k in passive income a year
>60k euros

the reason it never recovered was because it was artificially pumped by Chico crypto and a few whales, the retards then fomod in and have been left bagholding ever since

>***Sponsored Content*****
>Chico Crypto is compensated by the Statera community for publicizing the network. Payment is made 100% in BTC and was billed. The company has paid $4000 in the above value percentages, on this day to Chico Crypto for its services, which commenced today. Additional fees may have accrued since then.

notice how chico never mentioned shitera since then

these retards got dumped on at $0.4

>> No.28325458

my portfolio is pumping while yours is dumping kek, stay poor pajeet

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yup thats why you are here fudding a "shitcoin" instead of making money right? You want to save us all, OH LORD you are such a nice and generous person.

god you must have been burned by buying high and selling low here, i can almost taste your tears, delicious

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File: 434 KB, 3840x2160, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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have a fat stack and pool it, it's that easy

>> No.28325635

Lets see that portfolio of yours

>> No.28325821

so it is you lol imagine spending your time fudding a cryptocurrency to feel good

>> No.28325939

your portfolio can pump all you want. It's not going to make you a better person

>> No.28326151

It does actually you moron. Makes him a better person at investing and he's trying to help you learn something so you can make money you actual fucking RETARD.

>> No.28326220

You do know investing =/= fudding right?

>> No.28326268

check the portfolio options here
i'm pooling in:
highrisk defi
and the community bal/wsta
that combined easily gives me 200$ a day + weekly balancer claims and a big diversification over the space.

Soon i will probably open up a AMPL/wsta pool


>> No.28326434

ah yes, to bring happiness and clarity of thought into my mind I should pump my portfolio. You're a real genius

>> No.28326457

alright enough of fun with Pigerz

Here a very basic video on how to start with sta and metamask overall:

Here you have a vid for pooling options and a calculator of the APY for phoenix and delta in the description:

>> No.28326590

When you see tryhard meming you know there are active shills

>> No.28326623
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the reasons why STA is inevitable. Pic related.

>> No.28326677

How much exactly & which pools?

>> No.28326744

see my post here

I'm sitting on roughly 50k $ of sta value right now.

>> No.28326829


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>> No.28326992

Good movie, shitcoin. Try not to rope, parents put in at least $20,000 in you. Would be embarrassing to kill yourself like that retard from Robinhood did.

>> No.28327037

He does it for free

>> No.28327063
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i once did the math on how stanos is the "best" pool, right behind with phoenix and the underlying delta, its really about which exposure you want to the assets as Phoenix has more ETH weighted while stanos is more wSta weighted.

>> No.28327110
File: 158 KB, 1024x717, 1612069649051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When the low quality and high frequency of fud actually creates fomo

>> No.28327144

Time to stop bickering and actually look at the data we now have. Stanos isn’t even performing that well. Yes it’s APY is above average but it’s not a “liquidity supercharger” that was claimed. APY hits as high as 50% when STA gets a huge pump, yes, but other pools are hitting that no problem. People will eventually be attracted to these levels of APY and invest in defi but STA will just be one of several deflationary shitcoins with no added value beyond the others.

Think about it, if we could see STA performing in a god-tier manner based on the empirical data do you think Abu would have left recently, or Megan would call it a shitcoin? Lmao.

>> No.28327430

I would love to see that screencap of Megan.

>> No.28327614
File: 106 KB, 622x253, received_424265775500925~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the original from Megan is hard to find but we have this

>> No.28327675

source on ur fud pls

>> No.28327822

Go to pools.vision

>> No.28327862

Check out pools.vision

>> No.28328014

Based, anon's here need to accept FUD is sometimes real. Making money isn't about doubling down and defending a project to the deatg. It just is what it is.

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File: 16 KB, 347x197, Screenshot_20210210-142554_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28328754

I like the sudden shift from schizo to "air of objectivity." LARPing is fun

>> No.28328915

imagine caring about what a random emotional trading community mod thinks instead of the fundamentals

>> No.28328950

Despite what this anon says here >>28327063 & >>28326268, my experience with the pools confirms this - that they are nothing special. I have 300ksta in infinity since december and have earnt about 500$ in fees so far, the majority of which came at the start. I put some in stanos & have earnt v little, perhaps I don't have enough in there, but I don't know, I follow it daily & the 24hr volume seems between 90k-170k depending. It doesn't seem like wsta/the burn makes much of a difference to a pool. May be this is different if sta is mooning, but then it's a chicken & the egg thing & hardly a selling quality of sta. Tbh either I'm missing something or stupid, but I'm struggling to see the benefits of sta in practice - like empiricle evidence of it actually doing what people claim

>> No.28328963

There is some tasty irony to be found here ^-^
>It just is what it is

>> No.28329143

Cope harder moron. Nothing I've said is schizo. Sell this shit before you lose your money. You'll find out soon turbo-retard.

>> No.28329168

currently the sell pressure outweights the upward pressure from burn. I bought this in september with an eye on EOY 2021, which is not here yet. I'm enjoying the passive income but had no hopes of major pumps until later this year.

That's why I'm not screeching all day about the project being dead... having realistic expectations help; if you were in STA for the short term you were never gonna make it.

>> No.28329255

What sell pressure? In stanos, all other assets are mooning hard

>> No.28329278

lol, the "rational unemotional trader" LARP only lasted 2 posts. Your hate consumes you fren

>> No.28329497

on STA.

>> No.28329561

I do but I dont see what you do

>> No.28329599

Do me a favor. Buy a shotgun, load it with some slugs, shoot all your computer's. That should help you from losing money in the future from obvious scams.

>> No.28329724

It’s not the price in USD that’s the issue we are talking about here, it’s the actual APY of Stanos. It’s impressive relative to traditional finance but not relative to other defi pools (anyone can see on pools.vision). A lot of the very bullish statements made months ago e.g. “if we just hit 500k liquidity like the OG pool we will restart the engines!!” are simply not materialising. So now the bar has been lowered for us to accept mediocre APY in which case I ask why anyone would bother with this shitcoin. Other projects are already making use of the deflationary tokenomics for their own pools.

>> No.28329725

source on your fud pls

>inb4 check pools.vision

>> No.28329808


>he unironically is still fudding

>> No.28329840

Right, so what you're saying is for sta to work like it's supposed to in theory, it has to be pumping. But how will it ever pump if it doesn't work? You can't expect a coin to pump all the time. It seems with sta, it pumps for a bit, looks like it works, then stops pumping, some people sell & everything stops. How is this ever going to work?

>> No.28329844

wsta/sta is satured and no arbs are going on when eth is congested.
But stanos has the highest APY of all the pools with liquidity accounted for.
check pools.vision

>> No.28330006

You should try moving your liquidity every time you find a pool with higher APY at a given moment; see what happens.

>> No.28330096
File: 435 KB, 1080x2049, Screenshot_20210210-214244_Opera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should it say this on the dashboard then? Cause this is what it says the apy is

>> No.28330116

Wrong,cope harder brainlet. Bal-wETH outperforms.

>> No.28330157

The current volume is not high enough currently. I think that's why we're not seeing amazing APYS.
During last summer's pump we had an average apy of 150% https://stateraproject.medium.com/the-most-decentralized-project-in-defi-returning-over-150-apy-passive-income-afa8a8e6b7c3
And that was with delta/phoenix, wsta hadn't even been deployed yet.

>> No.28330174

Infinity is over saturated and depends on wsta/sta transaction instead of all the other pool assets in the "real" pools, Infinity is meant to be "low in fees" average around 6% BUT it gives you 100% sta exposure, so if Sta moons HARD you would be better of in infinity.

>> No.28330217

This is why everyone got out after the original pool got hacked and they had to go with bullshit WSTA pools instead. The original contrac/balancer pool idea was really incredible. That's why it was taken on a biz coin last year. From V1 all the way through to v3 release, then the incredible pump after.

The new WSTA pools don't do anything. The original did. That's why it exploded and got the attention of biz.

It's such a shame Balancer haven't came out with the Balancer Gold version or whatever they call it, so we could go back to the original idea. Or even yet, STA brining out their own fund.

But yeah. I'm still holding 50k just 'incase' because I felt the community back last year was incredible. The original STA generals were really enjoyable. A lot of ogs still hold I think. What ever happened to the comfy frog poster?

FYI I had 400k ish of STA at the start. But, the WSTA thing really ruined it for me and I just don't see it coming back, that's why I only have a semi suicide stack now.

>> No.28330221

I come here for entertainment, to laugh at poor pathetic losers like you

>> No.28330237

>10,000th shitcoin to use pepe memes
revolutionary lads, youll surely catch the biz imagination with this one

>> No.28330305

that's not correct and the dashboard is being revamped. More accurate data from pools.vision

>> No.28330326

Dashboard is shit.

>> No.28330328

Right ok. But explain again why sta mooned in the summer? The reason was a one off shill from a Youtuber

>> No.28330350

the pajeets that made the statera memes were the same people behind the rubic spam

>> No.28330446

that's pretty sad desu

>> No.28330451

see here

>> No.28330470

The same logic is being applied to Stanos every time STA pumps and it’s APY shoots up, “see it’s working!”. But when the APY crashes back to earth we just ignore it.

The average APY consistently over time is obviously what matters. If Stanos is only giving an incremental boost over other coins then why would you hold 50% exposure to STA just for that? It makes no financial sense. I’d rather just hold all blue chips and get pretty close to the same APY.

>> No.28330596

I feel like this is the truth. Not to say the original pool idea won't be brought back in one way or another in the future, but right now it's not there, & with so much else going on in defi, it's hard to not feel like I'm holding something that's dying

>> No.28330617

Phoenix is your pool friend, Due to Delta's underlying components, this pool is effectively wETH (50%), STA (20%), wBTC (10%), SNX (10%) & LINK (10%).

>> No.28330618
File: 27 KB, 480x360, ap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is what i think of you

>> No.28330684

What a loser

>> No.28330749

lol I'll pray for you dude. Something is seriously wrong in your head

>> No.28330758

That's a completely different question not relevant to the original discussion. My point is that high volume = higher apy

>> No.28330963

because you are still getting the price exposure of the other assets in the pool while earning passive income through fees + BAL rewards. It also makes those corrections less painful

>> No.28331240

Source on your fud.
Bal has fake APY because it's BAL duh

>> No.28331268

the project is working as intended, you guys just have to realize we need a bigger MC then 7.5m to actually have the volume to reach outstanding APY and arbitrage bots doing there thing more frequently. Just pool it, forget about it and come back in 4months

>> No.28331292


No I meant I would just pool 100% blue chips because the mediocre Stanos APY doesn’t outweigh the risk in holding a random shitcoin in the mix that can just end my portfolio at any time. Look at that broken dashboard posted above for example.
The APY of Stanos would need to be like 100% consistently to outweigh these risks, but it’s incapable of achieving it because of wsta.

>> No.28331294

What are you talking about? Volume is directly connected to price action, and price action is cause by various different factors

>> No.28331340

check pools.vision

>> No.28331472

Volume is low but so is liquidity, so it shouldn’t matter that much. If this is currently “working as intended” then it’s the most bearish statement ever. No one wants this shitcoin dude.

>> No.28331603

The issue is then not in the fundamentals of statera, it's just getting people to understand the idea and buy it. At high volume it works as intended. At low volume like the current one the pools just do not have enough to work with to impact the apy significantly.
>>28331268 This is what I'm saying.

>> No.28331683

did i ever say you have to buy this at gunpoint? just don't if YOU don't want to friend.

>> No.28331891

I agree, I understand that. I think forgetting about it & coming back later is the best bet right now, I'll not sell but it hurts to bag hold & watch everything else moon ngl

>> No.28331918
File: 41 KB, 1406x236, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The volume in stanos is currently just above 10% of liquidity. This is by no means high and still the APY is 31%

>> No.28332093

Again, part of the problem with STA is this dashboard shite which only makes the project look fucking terrible.

APY also should be able to have calculations based on time invested, etc etc. day to day APY means absolutely fuck all, and is what made a lot of this board rich last year during the Defi run of 4000% APY yield farms.

1 day at 4000% soon becomes 7 days at 1.1% lol.

>> No.28332321

Yeah I have the same feeling desu. We *might* see some developments soon (tm) so I might as well hold a couple of months more and see what happens. I'm selling my entire stack after Q2 if we don't break ATH until then though

>> No.28332430
File: 128 KB, 1280x681, 1611081237744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i feel you, bought PNK ico last year around feb, been holding since. Oh well 500k pnk don't just rot away. Hope you have some other coins aswell i'm enjoying some buidl and algo gains lately which keeps the folio happy while sta crabs

>> No.28332548

Stanos is performing the same as the top Balancer pool right now and wSTA which is half the fund has basically no volume right now lol. Stanos was at 2x the top bal pool APY when STA was at 1.5-2M volume. It's fucking inevitable once arbing becomes profitable there is zero chance it won't take off. Scott keeps feeding stanos with liquidity with the weekly bal rewards that the statera deployer wallet receives (recently got tornado token airdrop worth 75k USD which is currently in the TORN/ETH pool for whatever reason, perhaps to accumulate more for the future?). I honestly wouldn't be surprised if scott would start saving up funds for marketing but I doubt he'll do it now that gas is so high. This man has an IQ higher than all of ours ITT.

>> No.28332566

Scrolling down I can see other pools with an even lower liquidity to volume ratio that have similar APY. And they also have low liquidity overall, they aren’t the top 10 or anything.

Liquidity pool supercharger, aye? The numbers don’t lie. Why did Abu spend half a year from its foundation working on the project up till this “exciting” release of wSTA to just abandon the project completely? Could it be that he realised this shit was overhyped and there’s nothing amazing going on here?

>> No.28332679

Again, half the pool which is wSTA has basically no volume, and yet the volume to liquidity is 10% on average days while most other BAL pools with far less assets in it average a ratio of 5%.

>> No.28332759

I know the team promised a new marketing push, but this is honestly awesome. Statera has been at the top of biz all day now; how much are they paying these FUDers?

>> No.28333134


STA has no volume, still best apy. Imagine with volume.

>> No.28333142

Really though, imagine thinking that FUD has ever hurt a project. Newfags must not have been around for 2018-2019 chainlink. Please don't stop you wonderful morons.

>> No.28333241

wagmi fren

>> No.28333324
File: 86 KB, 1000x618, 1610306384024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28333363

Yes it goes up to 50% APY when STA pumps. We have seen this. But dozens of other pools hit this APY too when getting volume.

>> No.28333441

Those who understand that liquidity pooling will be the next big thing when they replace traditional ETF’s and also understand how bots perform on-chain underatand why statera is going to be huge. This is a very similar story link had, the early buyers had to be visionaires and for those of us who can see (in a non schizo way more like in an autistic manner) it’s so blatant. The only way it can fail is if scott rugs and he already performed a reverse rug pull refunding the 1M usd tokens after the balancer exploit. He keeps feeding stanos and once ETH gas solutions roll out it’ll go to Saturn, all while being the first deflationary asset in the world with value

>> No.28333700

Keep selling!

>> No.28333778

If I had a dollar everytime someone said their shitcoin gave them "next link vibes"...

Scott is making a decent buck from his pet project, good for him. That's not necessarily a 200 IQ play. Reminds me of poltards thinking everything Trump did was 4D chess.

>> No.28333906

Smart money has been selling after WSB mania helped influence this SHITCOIN hype.

>> No.28333915

Can't you hear how what you just wrote sounds? I know you're trying to be positive, but come on - relying on Eth solving the gas problem is hardly a good thing - the entire space is going to moon when that happens. Reading your post reminded me of half the 2017 shitcoins that promised so much but which died cause they couldn't come through or didn't quick enough. STA is a great idea but at this point it feels like there is a risk of it dying simply because it has to "wait" for things out of its control in order to be successful. That's not acceptable. The defi space moves too quickly & is too competitive. How many projects from the last 3 years had great ideas, promised do much, but faded into obscurity & eventually died? The majority

>> No.28333958


check the second video here and see the APY

>> No.28334088

The Skycoin of DeFi!

>> No.28334221

Sorry dude but we care more about the empirical data based on wSTA being out for a couple months now, not these spreadsheet calcs. And the empirical data ain’t looking too flash for Stanos.

>> No.28334326


>> No.28334460
File: 148 KB, 750x388, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>$80k airdrop
>$2000 worth of BAL a week

It's not millions for the project but much much more than literally zero that it had month or two ago. I'm expecting to see some good shit in the near future

>> No.28334634

>52 schizo posts

absolutely bullish

>> No.28334728

Almost anything is better than STA. Sell now or rope later anyone reading this.

>> No.28334731

50% apy try 3000%

>> No.28334844

Literally suck my dick. My semen at least has some vitamins unlike whatever they put in your Kool-Aid!

>> No.28334900

lol just came back to biz and this is the first post, gg boys

>> No.28334936

Kek, COPE!

>> No.28334992
File: 42 KB, 474x345, 1602871183844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this guy must have 20 replies ITT why else would he reply with something completely irrelevant to my post
>55 replies by this ID

Holy FUCK just kill yourself already pigerz you're beyond saving

>> No.28335505

LMFAO! Ok Mr. Warren Buffett, tell all of biz how STA is actually going make you rich again. You need pills buddy because when you look at your chart you actually think it's going to take off.

>> No.28335662

How many foreskins did you eat today?

>> No.28335791

biggest bull signal ever for any coin

>> No.28335854

Thank pigzer and john.

>> No.28336163

Lol I told you I'm NEVER FUCKING LEAVING. SHITERA is going down and I don't care where I have to go, Im going to make sure this piece of literal SHIT is brought down.

>> No.28336300

You and me both. I actually lost 5 eth on this scam and I still hold 200k statera but even I think it will fail.

>> No.28336320

Because SCAMTERA is a fucking scam. I will make sure no one puts another cent into it because of the truth.

>> No.28336371


You're gonna rope when we all finally take all of our money out of your banks and POOL it!

We don't need you. You're outdated tech.

>> No.28336486

Sell now or risk losing the rest if your money. I sold all mine last year I just wish I can short this to fucking oblivion with the money Melvin Capital does.

>> No.28336615

yessss yessss seeeeeeeth

>> No.28336729

KEK, listen here you fucking RETARD. You are right on one point one of us is going to rope. I'll admit that but it isn't because STA is going to moon it WILL NEVER HIT $1, $10 or $100 or even more laughable $1,000. I don't know what you are doing, in biz this is open environment but your tranny telegram echo chamber is suffering from same-think. If this project is so good from the foundamentals, right here and right now I want you to sell me this project. It's easy to do with ETH so do it with your SCAMTERA.

>> No.28336734
File: 155 KB, 888x888, 1610747314696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now they've really done it. Insider here. Here's what's going on behind the scenes:
The fees generated from the infinity pool are being transferred to a secret wallet and used to fund Dr. Funks peyote farm located in southern California. Meanwhile Megan is still being held hostage in Souvlaki's sex castle despite his demand of having Abu fired from the team being met (the reason being their romantic affair which Souvlaki's was jealous of). Abu's nigerian terror cell upon hearing of his removal from the team decide to block Dr. Funks peyote trafficking throughout the entire african continent. This has put immense pressure on the team. Wednesday's meeting was focused on whether Scott should hire South African mercenaries to fight back the nigerian terrorists, but for now it's been decided that the issue will continue to be mediated peacefully by the Yakuza. That's the reason the statera japanese chat on the tg was created and also why the team keeps pushing the marketing focused on the "asian" market. Once the issue is resolved Dr. Funk will be granted permission by the Yakuza to start moving peyote in asia while giving them a cut of 10%.
I've been holding sta for a long time but this crisis is getting out of hand. I advise new investors to be extremely cautious!

>> No.28336830


It sticks it to the jews. This really isnt hard.

>> No.28336933

Delusional, keep mocking biz you'll rope later. You won't even debate on the fundamentals. THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF SCAMTERA HOLDERS.

>> No.28337003


>> No.28337029


You didnt answer my question faggot.


>> No.28337053

any time i see a pepe meme i just see a nigger at this stage.
they all do it, all the time

>> No.28337128

0 but you'll be lick mine up and down the shaft one day when you realize I was right.

>> No.28337157

i won't rope my friend, i just need a 4x to make it and sta will easily give me much more then that.

>> No.28337198

lol u gay

>> No.28337238

You'll be lucky if that happens. Which it won't .

>> No.28337243
File: 189 KB, 800x1185, 1611088863264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28337265
File: 907 KB, 1621x1080, 1608761465308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28337335

And you're so desperate to make it you fall for the equivalent of scamcoin. SCAMTERA HOLDERS AT THEIR FINEST!

>> No.28337432

Your memes reek of desperation at a level I can't even fathom from a project that goes nowhere. This will never moon like bitcoin, just give it up and sell before it's too late.

>> No.28337442


Glad to see you've come to terms with what you are. Can't say I've ever met a jewish homosexual before. You really aren't representing your people well.

>> No.28337690
File: 135 KB, 777x777, 1610330915330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28337722


This guy 100% loves wieners in and around his mouth

>> No.28337813
File: 840 KB, 1920x1040, 1612035217177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28337820

I'm making 6 figures here swapping statera and all you do is fud.
buy $rope

>> No.28338006

Not a Jew, but you are fixated on how many penises I eat. The absolute irony of SCAMTERA. Don't worry mine will be ready when you are poor enough and beg for money just to eat from your village in India.

>> No.28338104

You're gonna rope soon if you don't see the error of your pathetic SHITCOIN.

>> No.28338234


>> No.28338684
File: 94 KB, 888x888, 1598290979386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meds status: not taken

>> No.28338762

What is this?

>> No.28338944
File: 120 KB, 1279x717, 1583890685281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related because Anon#777 asked.

>> No.28339358


>> No.28339493
File: 166 KB, 1440x1484, 20201216_172207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Don't worry guys look who's here to comfort you through this dip.

>> No.28339618

Tornado cash airdrop from two days ago. Money pouring in like crazy, funds getting rebuilt. Note that this is not Scott's personal wallet but the official Statera Deployer wallet

>> No.28339626

Probably your only good investment, you'd be better off selling SHITERA and buying dog food with it, Unironically.

>> No.28339772
File: 72 KB, 777x777, 1592188882337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You've certainly put forward a very convincing case today. Calm, measured and reasonable in your every post.

>> No.28339821

All my friends who are national-socialists or third positionists in general have Statera stacks. So maybe you're not wrong

>> No.28339884

Not bad

>> No.28340096

Look what we have here, another DELUSIONAL tranny. You're never going to make it if you don't question your own investments and actually test its foundations to see if it's solid, which in this case, it isn't .

>> No.28340300

adjust your dosage, schizo

>> No.28340393

the weird schizo guy in this thread is really making me want to buy this statera coin

>> No.28340443

KEK Statera is a literal PONZI SCAM.

There is no intrinsic value in the token, only GETTING MORE PEOPLE TO BUY IN.

If you look at the TG you see the community is cult-like and only interested to get more buyers. There is no other benefit of holding STA.

Get out with your scam!

>> No.28340444


>> No.28340532
File: 28 KB, 716x724, 1612525725411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine holding sta when a million other indexes do its job better, with actual dev teams, real marketing and hitting deadlines with booming communities.

STA will be a zombie chain and everything sta holder will miss a glorious alt season for what?

I had hoge for a week and I'm nearly 10x, LMAO

>> No.28340533

checked and truthpilled

>> No.28340560
File: 1.07 MB, 1992x1992, 0c6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you truly are the one suppressing the price, thank you truly. You've given me enough time to amass over 300k of this.
You've granted me generational wealth. Despite your obvious mental illness. I love you

>> No.28340994

I sold late last year as I already said. Despite this, I told you ALL iam NEVER fucking leaving till the truth comes out. If you bought, you've just fucked yourself to a degree you can't even fathom. Don't fall for the dumbass cult because the dev team paid a few retards to make memes like "Legend of Statera" which obviously were well made but that's part of the scam. They don't care about marketing anymore and recently I heard on here EVEN fucking Megan admits it's a shitcoin. Just invest in BTC or ETH because finding gems isn't your specialty if the best you could come up with is SHITERA.

>> No.28341209
File: 65 KB, 1200x514, 934JFG-328HF-FH839-198SZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the community is cult-like and only interested to get more buyers
Well, what else would you have a potential investor do?
>This is the state of fudding.

>> No.28341235


>> No.28341285
File: 81 KB, 220x254, tenor (9).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're wrong and will most likely rope when we hit double figures

I'll pray for your mental health anon

>> No.28341312


>> No.28341395

just hold tight and let the intrinsic value and tokenomics of the project do its thing. BUT SCAMTERA HAS NONE

>> No.28341611

Anon you are THE equivalent of Robinhood investors that bought stock options betting its going to $1,000 then roping. This is your future because I can actually sniff out failures when I see one and this is one of them, I use to own more STA than you have earned in your life no doubt. But I saw the writing on the wall and JUST having a deflation mechanism is not enough to convince people this project is worthy of investment. And no this ain't "muh Link of '17". Get out and just buy ETH and save your time.

>> No.28341670
File: 112 KB, 306x306, 1599481214588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why would a potential investor hold tight for the value to rise when they didn't buy? what's yall's problem?

>> No.28341717

Based and kikepilled

>> No.28341738

kys yourself

>> No.28341893

" 'Kill yourself' yourself". You're never going to make it ....

>> No.28341995
File: 77 KB, 864x864, with a car, you can go anywhere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bros, something about this thread has made me feel so incredibly bullish about this shit. some of this fud is making actually pretty good debate on statera, much better than just pure optimism. unironically feeling like I'm learning a lot. maybe john doe really is a paid actor, few other coins get this much scrutiny and debate

>> No.28342075

Where can I buy Statera, im a poor retard who needs fast cash

>> No.28342171
File: 10 KB, 205x246, hhkpa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>76 posts by this ID

>> No.28342181

Were you born a retard or did you become one after eating paint chips?

>> No.28342286

rip in pieaces

buy statera

>> No.28342302

sirs, how much to make it EOY?

>> No.28342305

got a problem?

>> No.28342519

Memes won't save your portfolio, your retardation is on a caliber unseen even in this thread full of COPIUM.

>> No.28342724
File: 34 KB, 512x420, 1591113894987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just a bit sad

also feel like this is the type of guy to brag when it moons about how he did le epic fud and he bought all along

>> No.28342928

you wont get fast cash. check the roadmap and sta/eth graph - if anything we will start seeing action feb-march.


>> No.28342960

To be fair I’ve been swinging sta for an eternity and even fudded my own bags while holding, im still very bullish long term though but you can’t deny it’s the perfect swingie coin, literally made for it, swinging/arbing whatever

>> No.28343160

What draws you to scams? Is it your sub 80 IQ?

>> No.28343353

SHITERA belongs in a toilet not in your portfolios.

>> No.28343485

Haha you belong in the toilet cause you're a doodoohead.

>> No.28343564

>Imagine buying a shit project like STA.

>> No.28343728

Thread has copium levels harder than Skycoin investors. We all know what happened to them too.

>> No.28343938

Wouldn't be surprised if telegram trannies here also own XRP.

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