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Are you buying the McDip TM? you'll rope in a few days if you don't.

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>tfw franchise owner
wagmi bros

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we will my McNigga

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Big stuff coming soon. ecelebs going to shout us out. Once we get attention of McDonalds and the media this thing will explode

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not even burger flipper

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Has the dip stopped yet? I’ll think I’ll wait till tonight to buy in again

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You mean the crash?
Everyone chip in so this dumbass can unload his bags

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>buy my bags

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Is this even on coingecko? Can't find any info on it

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>p-pls come take my bags

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Coingecko on the 11th

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Anyone with half a brain realizes that this coin is a bullshit rug pull and you faggots are all either telegram shills or pajeets.

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im x20 my friend and im not selling

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Fuck you, Dejan. Donkey faced nigger

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liquidity is locked, team.finance

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>no mass team selling during ATH
You'll rope in a week, nocoiner

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>liquidity locked

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Lol nobody is buying you bags buddy. You are rugged. Sorry for your loss. Move on. Don’t dwell on it too much

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Please take my bag?

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MCDC lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooo
hodl till my last day on Earth

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Fucking look at these faggots. Go ahead and make a quick buck from it but dont say I didnt warn you when you get caught holding the bags of some aids infested McFaggot

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Can confirm not a rugpull. Only accumulating more. Thanks for the cheep nuggets you paper handed faggits

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what's wrong dejan? why do you care so much bro? a monkey face like you shouldn't be caring

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I'm still up 10x+ kek. never selling
The marketing has just begun. Get ready to rope in a week.

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tard Dejo, he is like cancer, but we got rid of that shit

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Okay I have eth and now I trade it for uniswap tokens or some shit? How does that get me maccas

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Naming them will crack them. Fuck masseffect too

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Because I am tired of you retards and your obnoxious shill campaign shitting up this board. You guys are even worse than the rubic niggers AND your memes suck

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You swap ETH for MCDC directly.

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Would any of you very fine McBagHolders please take my bag as well?
My bags are very heavy after the McRugpull
Pleeease take them
I beg of you

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im already at x20 bro, im a christian and im not looking to scam anyone. I know this will increase in price and im telling you because i want you to make it too. Don't cry to me i didn't tell you earlier this is the best price to get in and all you have to do is hold.
>pic related you in a week if you buy

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Post your disgusting spic hands, Dejan. Fucking wetbacks

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Make up your losses McFaggots. New location opening today (pic related)



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There was no rugpull. None of the team sold during the 17c ATH. Still up 10x+. Stay poor

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gtfo, buy hoge

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Fuck you scammer

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bruh you alright? I saw this same type of shit yesterday and it makes me think ur obsessed or something. I'm buying in once I figure out this swap nonsense, dedicated schizo fud like this is a good sign lmfao

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I bought this coin and did my 10x and was waiting for more. Until the leader pajeet got “banned” from telegram and the rug was pulled. I sold my MCDC right away and I feel bad for the people that still believe in the pajeet.

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Remember this is /our/ coin

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>Locks dev liquidity (initial investment)
>dishes out majority of other coins to themselves in diff wallets (>15 wallets)
>doesn't touch top 10 wallets "muh whales aren't selling"
>dumps tokens on market from other wallets to steal newfag liquidity
>1 year later they get their initial investment back untouched.

You fell for it.

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Becauase of you McScanmers I am financially McRuined

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Holy shit, it is you then.

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>Marketing just begun
It's a McScam Shit coin after the rug pull
New fags are stupid as fuck
It's not coming back

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only a few whales sold the rest is holding I actually think it's fine to be skeptical. people should do their own research. maybe wait a little bit before making a decision. the team is legit working on new ways to advertise this.

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at least change the filenames dejan or your 140 IQ doesn't let you do it?

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How many proxies are you running Dejan?

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Oh hey Dejan, did you get any money to swap those MCDC tokens btw?

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>still up 10x
>"fell for it"
kek, i'm still profiting you faggot nigger. cope harder

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Indian scam

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I worked at Mcdonalds for 3 years. Burger Flipper should be swapped with Drive Thru window. Burger flipping you don't have to deal with customers, you get paid the same, and you get to fuck around a lot more.

Drive Thru is the worst because you have to multitask so much at once.
Cashier is good where it is at.

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Allah doesn't like blasphemy, Azad

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Yes I bought BigMac coins


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Chinese partnership too

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White coin

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Well if that's the case
You would be a-ok with taking my bags right?
This isn't a McScam or anything?

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You only lose when you McSell you McRetard

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no I bought hoge

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white pill

>> No.28314249

Dejan we can easily tell your typing style
Are you really that pathetic because you lost money?

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Fuck off Dejan, no one likes you serbian cuck
kys pajeet

>> No.28314347

ok bro i hope you make it there

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Shitskin scammer

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Seethe harder bagholder

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Okay, I bought in, so how do we make the value of this shit go up now?

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Based trippps wgmi mcbro

>> No.28314786

See >>28313276
Rugpull scam.
See >>28313796
Indian scam.
Meanwhile im still up 10x. Faggot.
Team is beginning marketing and ads. Join our tg / mcdonaldscoinhq and mcmarketingteam

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Dejan you're embarrassing yourself.

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it's over kid, get out now if you even can kek

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Dejan is F. A. G. G. O. T.

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>get out! you cant make money!
>reddit memes
Kill yourself

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>Not a rugpull
What would you call this?
Down 75% last 24 hours
Sounds like a McRugpull


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How many proxies does Dejan have? Or you are just becaming insane?

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>baby's first lowcap
Dejan, I thought you were a professional

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If it was a rugpull, why wouldn't we sell during 17c when it was 100x instead of 10x? Fucking retard

>> No.28315277

I don't know who I hate more: the subhuman scammers flooding the board with this utter fucking garbage or the braindead idiots who actually give them money. Hope you get fucked in the end you pathetic vermin.

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I see. Masseffect is with us too. Rubic is going to the moon faggot. Seethe and dilate

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Move here people, spread awareness

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Post white hands

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Stay poor, I'm still making money from this, faggot.

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Fucking shit Dejan if I knew you were this bad at fudding I wouldn’t have hired you
Give me back my money you fucking nigger

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Buy my bags

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It's so funny it hurts
How is this level of delusion even possible?
McScam McBagHolders
on suicide watch

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Lol. How's HOGE and BKNG turning out? Meanwhile we're still up 10x from presale

>> No.28315506

I don’t see the point in fudding a dead crypto, unless you know something I don’t

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I know you're a beaner, Dejan. Your profile pic gives it away.

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That chart is... interesting to say the least

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This entire project had reddit fag written all over it. "classy but not too classy shitcoin" kek. I can't tell whether you're really bagholders or just the founders trying to pump. I'm assuming bagholder bc they're probably out fucking $1,000 hookers as I type this.

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Damn, Dejan. How fast can you change the proxies?

>> No.28315835

>out 1000
More like up 1000+, and up more soon, you fucking shitskin. Stay poor

>> No.28315856

Nope, all the team wallets never sold once, they proved it in their telegram

>> No.28316116

use another app at least jeez you really are McRetarded

>> No.28316144

you're a fucking idiot if you think this wasn't a rugpull

>> No.28316243

11 posts dejan dont you have a van (where you are living) to clean at least?

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To all newfags,
Have a look at the subhuman how FUDs coins (especially MCDC). These people are not looking out for "your good". They are scumbags who want to swing (buy low, sell high & repeat) low cap coins. They are the worst thing about this community even before the pajeets.
Have nice look at the clowns

>> No.28316292

>none of team sold at ATH
You are the fucking retard

>> No.28316297

>posts cringe
>GAy id
makes sense. you’re such a faggot.

>> No.28316347

>no argument
Dejan take a shower, you beaner.

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>Chinese partnership
>For McScam McShit Coin
Sounds great, China would definitely help out and take some bags
My bags are awfully heavy after the McDump
China, please help me
I could use all the help I can get

>> No.28316514

Dejan is your mother the village whore?

>> No.28316520

>You'll rope in a few days.
I rope everyday bro.

>> No.28316543

>Locks dev liquidity (initial investment)
>dishes out majority of other coins to themselves in diff wallets (>15 wallets)
>doesn't touch top 10 wallets "muh whales aren't selling"
>dumps tokens on market from other wallets to steal newfag liquidity
>1 year later they get their initial investment back untouched.

You fell for it

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chinks will lynch subhumans like you dejan

>> No.28316615

>up 10x
>"fell for it"
Kill yourself, faggot nigger

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nice story, dejan.
Cope, seethe, dilate

>> No.28316659

That’s how you can tell you’re a third worlder if you take a meme seriously lmao

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Store Manager here. IMGMI

>> No.28316773

You do realize most of the liquidity is from the team itself right?

>> No.28316816

They act like people who have been here for longer than a month haven’t seen this before. A year and you’ve seen this many times over.

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Don't worry it's just one insane beaner who FUDs this coin.

>> No.28317259

Profiting after the McRugpull
You could just be a whale early investor
Dumping on 400 other holders
That totally didn't happen
Down 75% last 24hrs
Sounds great


>> No.28317393

Should've sold at .10

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Not dumping on anyone. None of the team is. Nigger faggot
Never selling, faggot stay poor

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>> No.28317523

You’re about to get priced out nigger
Don’t say I didn’t warn you

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>shou;d've sold at .10

>> No.28317647

I'm sorry for your loss. if you need any rope just let me know

>> No.28317719

Stay poor

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File: 1.05 MB, 1408x1570, Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 10.23.02 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have sacrificed myself so you new fags don't do the same. I shall rise 3 days from now and lead you to the next 1000x. Heed my word and I shall come back in the form of trip 3's 3 short days from now. Trust in the plan of god and not that faggot comma who supposedly had to "leave for a couple days" as the dump was happening. Also fuck niggers

>> No.28317748

priced out after a 75% dump kek
careful, your seethe is showing

>> No.28317863


>> No.28317937

he was here for most of the dump, he left for a few days because the plan is in motion, if you truly know of what is to come as it came before, you would buy MCDC while you still have the chance.
It’s not our job to judge you, that is up to God, all we did was arrange the meeting.

>> No.28317943

I've been on /biz/ for a while now
Since 2017
In the history of /biz/ gay op scams
That I have witnessed
This one takes the cake
The insistent denial is comical
The desperate spam brigading
McScam is the Mother of all Scams
Congrats thieves, you earned it

>> No.28317946

>>28314942 >>28314976
>>28315001 >>28315087
>>28315149 >>28315158
>>28315273 >>28315277
>>28315291 >>28315347
>>28315348 >>28315406
>>28315411 >>28315414
>>28315425 >>28315454
>>28315506 >>28315520
>>28315628 >>28315713
>>28315782 >>28315835
>>28315856 >>28316116
>>28316144 >>28316243
>>28316286 >>28316292
>>28316297 >>28316347
>>28316501 >>28316514
>>28316520 >>28316543
>>28316585 >>28316615
>>28316633 >>28316659
>>28316733 >>28316773
>>28316816 >>28317080

>> No.28318027

Dejan please take the time to actually realize how proper 4chan slang is used.

>> No.28318104

>none of the team selling
>still up x10
Kill yourself

>> No.28318117

You type like a retard, Dejan

>> No.28318154

feed yourself

>> No.28318255


>> No.28318265

rape yourself

>> No.28318577


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Fuck you, Dejan

>> No.28318760

stay poor and dilate

>> No.28318779

its clear you've all been beaten into the demoralized state of using one meme/insult repeatedly.
It's officially over. You can keep the clown outfits.

>> No.28318902

feed and seed

>> No.28318916

If this shit doesn't moon by the end of the week, I'm gonna Mcfucking kill myself.

>> No.28318955


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>It's officially over.
Yeah, give it up. Dejan it's over, buddy

>> No.28319043

>still profiting
it will.

>> No.28319067

Neither of those points make it not a scam tho. It just means the scammers haven't dumped yet

>> No.28319198
File: 899 KB, 1085x775, 1596607726836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>proven not a scam
>but i feel it's a scam!!!!
dilate wagie

>> No.28319266

>t-they'll dump any day now.. yeah they wont dump during ATHs they'll dump during lows haha.. any day..

>> No.28319304

no, I'd buy Waves instead.

>> No.28319371

How is this "proven" not to be a scam?

>> No.28319401
File: 288 KB, 731x812, 1606502227477.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck you nigger

>> No.28319453

>resorts to the same meme
the state of these Balkan scammers. sad.

>> No.28319493
File: 32 KB, 356x200, MCDCScam04.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please don't, you can take my bags
This is going to the moon by end of the week
That's what they told me last week, $1.00/ 100x+ easy
But now it's a penny
Somebody, anybody, please take my by bags
I've been dumped on
Stop laughing at me
It hurts


>> No.28319561

fuck off bean sniffing dejan

>> No.28319564

Stay poor. Still up 10x. Still going to rise further in the next days. Faggot NIGGER serb

>> No.28319640

why was i banned when I asked what the coin actually does?

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You shall be named and memed into oblivion, you faggot.

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File: 22 KB, 250x247, IMG_20200726_204208_946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i literally feel constantly sick the amount of money ive lost on this

>> No.28319734

You're not making your case that this isn't a scam very well. It was a genuine question because I didn't know, but now it's obvious this is 100% a scam when you can't even answer that nigger

>> No.28319748
File: 247 KB, 638x359, 1612453898001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you have to ask you don't deserve to own this coin.

>> No.28319846

are these the new clean memes for the asian market?

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what scam doesn't dump at ATH? Are you a newfag who doesn't know what crypto scams look like?

>> No.28319852


>> No.28319883

>none of the devs sold during the ATH, instead putting their money into ads, marketing campaigns and liquidity
Why the fuck would they do that if they wanted to rug? if it's a rug, it would've been over 3 days ago.

>> No.28319900


>> No.28319909

lmfao so many bagholders
hope you guys never sell xD

>> No.28319924

>>28313087 >>28313111
>>28313160 >>28313174
>>28313190 >>28313228
>>28313230 >>28313276
>>28313345 >>28313367
>>28313371 >>28313388
>>28313404 >>28313443
>>28313454 >>28313469
>>28313473 >>28313486
>>28313541 >>28313581
>>28313588 >>28313641
>>28313643 >>28313693
>>28313796 >>28313798
>>28313831 >>28313841
>>28314018 >>28314024
>>28314039 >>28314138
>>28314184 >>28314234
>>28314247 >>28314249
>>28314281 >>28314347
>>28314399 >>28314462
>>28314555 >>28314603
>>28314652 >>28314786
>>28314815 >>28314942
>>28314976 >>28315001
>>28315087 >>28315149
>>28315158 >>28315273
>>28315277 >>28315291
>>28315347 >>28315348
>>28315406 >>28315411
>>28315414 >>28315425
>>28315454 >>28315506
>>28315520 >>28315628
>>28315713 >>28315782
>>28315835 >>28315856
>>28316116 >>28316144
>>28316243 >>28316286
>>28316292 >>28316297
>>28316347 >>28316501
>>28316514 >>28316520
>>28316543 >>28316585
>>28316615 >>28316633
>>28316659 >>28316733
>>28316773 >>28316816
>>28317080 >>28317259
>>28317393 >>28317430
>>28317453 >>28317481
>>28317523 >>28317609
>>28317647 >>28317719
>>28317740 >>28317748
>>28317863 >>28317937
>>28317943 >>28317946
>>28318027 >>28318104
>>28318117 >>28318154
>>28318255 >>28318265
>>28318577 >>28318718
>>28318760 >>28318779
>>28318902 >>28318916
>>28318955 >>28318978
>>28319043 >>28319067
>>28319198 >>28319266
>>28319304 >>28319371
>>28319401 >>28319453
>>28319493 >>28319561
>>28319564 >>28319640
>>28319651 >>28319693
>>28319734 >>28319748

>> No.28319949

It literally dumped at ATH, almost 100%

>> No.28319989


>> No.28320043
File: 65 KB, 587x806, 1586124143946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

top wallets never sold

>> No.28320074

Stay poor tranny
It wasn't dumped by devs and it stayed at 5-8 cents for a few days after.

>> No.28320132

a few days ago
name is y081h

>> No.28320162

this is a baseless argument, it's unironically over. You can clean the floors at Burger King if you want

>> No.28320179

>they haven't pulled the rug uet, so it's not a rugpull
That literally doesn't "prove" anything lol. The devs might just think they could push this scam farther and reach higher ATHs first. Also the price did dump like 80% after ATH

>> No.28320221
File: 152 KB, 629x800, DR0WHS1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me again about the coin george

>> No.28320444

>baseless arugment
>can be seen by one click
no one's buying the your pajeet rugpull, azad

>> No.28320463

>h-ha, they'll rug later!
They could've just sold and made 100k+ at ATH and then rebought and made excuses, but they didnt. Instead they spend their personal money on marketing. You're a fucking retard. Stay poor
>dump 80% after ATH
It stayed around 5-8c for a few days, retard. There was no dev dump and you can verify on etherscan. Fucking niggers

>> No.28320703

the top wallets are dummy wallets you fucking imbecile. Your eaither the scam artists or straight up deluded McFaggots.

>> No.28320881
File: 21 KB, 280x343, 1610454372240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>baseless accusation
ok dejan

>> No.28320916

>it's fake i swear!
no other arguments than "it MUST be fake because im a poor nigger and i say so"
Kill yourself.

>> No.28321087
File: 16 KB, 236x248, 4737638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Admits that MCDC is a scam
They are not sending their best
Let me clue you in
You are not supposed to admit that


Down 75% Last 24 Hours
Give it up already
You embarrassing yourselves


>> No.28321126
File: 92 KB, 890x905, 1611190171269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

take your meds dejan

>> No.28321194

Kek, this is the most obvious scam I have ever seen on this board. You guys are seriously delusional.

>> No.28321296

None of the devs are selling still, and didnt sell during ATHs
>brown ids
Kill yourselves niggers

>> No.28321493

>he doesn't think they bought in before everyone else with separate wallets that dumped everything

>> No.28321633

Excuse me? Your ID is much more brown than mine you fucking nigger

>> No.28321658

>its a lie just because it is! thats why they waste more money on marketing!
Kill yourself shitskin

>> No.28321670

this shitcoin is literally proven to be a scam

>> No.28321745

Yours is shit colored. Colorblind and a Nigger

>> No.28321775

Imbeciles, enjoy losing your money.

>> No.28321836

Cope harder and stay poor

>> No.28321891
File: 51 KB, 644x643, b91151debeccedae17bf0727a754d5b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's really sad to see you guys keep pushing this scam. It lasted for 2 days like most "locked liquidity" rugpulls, yet you guys are still so persistent.
The tiktok challenge (which was my idea) didn't go anywhere. The SEC won't do anything. There will be no $5B bailout. There are people who bought bags at 10c and above. Why do you have to give them false hope of a resurrection? Just admit it's over and move on.
If you look at ANY of the rugpulls that have happened this week, they all followed the same path, INCLUDING this one. You notice all those threads are gone, yet you telegram faggots keep making threads and self-bumping them to trick just a few more unaware people to buy in. It's sad and you should be fucking ashamed of yourself

>> No.28322099

Ahahha what the fuck is this nigger doing here? I remember how he in his own telegram group said rubic was over @11 cents
I cummed in your mother infinite times Dejan

>> No.28322108

>up 10x
>losing money
Stay poor
Because it's not over. Many of us still have a profit, the marketing is barely beginning, and you'll still be a poor faggot.

>> No.28322135

Is it possible to short this?

>> No.28322158

What reaearch is to be done dude, it's a transparently obvious ponzi scheme with no use case. The purpose of McDonald's Coin is literally to become popular and get pumped because of funny memes, do you expect people not to dump this piece of trash when they already made 20x so that someone else can?

>> No.28322217

Many of us made x100 and didn't dump, nigger.

>> No.28322260

His point is that yes, you're up 10x, but the newfags that are buying the top are the ones pumping your bags.

>> No.28322388

ok Dejan

>> No.28322391

And they'll be up 10x too. The marketing is just beginning, nigger.

>> No.28322446

There are literally people on your telegram crying they lost thousands of dollars, do you have any sense of decency?

>> No.28322456

>doesn't understand crypto
NGMI dejan

>> No.28322516

Dejan and masseffect were right, cosmc

>> No.28322581

dejan isn't in mcdc.
He thinks its a scam even though he begs people for ethereum with sob stories lmao

>> No.28322583

And they're still posting in support and having faith in it. If any of us thought it was over, we'd all be fucking selling, nigger, but we arent.
>i love shitskins and fat poorfags
Kill yourself

>> No.28322618
File: 94 KB, 1280x720, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Putting all your faith in
-muh devs
-muh top wallets
I've seen this song and dance before
Countless times
You McScam Bagholders are newfags
Clear as day
I have seen countless pump and dump rugpulls like this before on /biz/
The music will stop soon
You will be stuck with your heavy bags
The devs and top wallets usually one in the same
They are not your friends
They are dumping on you
They are pulling the rug
They will skip town
You are suckers
Born every minute

>> No.28322658

holy shit fucking kys

>> No.28322698

Stay poor, shitskin

>> No.28322737

>website literally says it is a completely useless shitcoin
I fail to see the scam here. I bought purely for the memes and entertainment, no regrets.

>> No.28322920

I actually bought MCDC, did my x10 and left once the main pajeet went missing and the dump started.

>> No.28323019

>went missing
>still posting
You're a fucking retard

>> No.28323121

wow I actually hate these scammers now. that’s a first for me. stupid fucking cunts.

>> No.28323271

Why is this going to be fundamentally different than the other thousands of failed memecoins? I could see this lasting maybe a few more weeks but there is no way it will survive longer. All memecoins ultimately die whenever people lose interest, just like how all memes die

>> No.28323281

>>28322446 (You) #
>And they're still posting in support and having faith in it
Faith in what? MCDC has no purpose. It dkesn't do anything. It exists solely to be pumped and dumped. The only thing these guys have faith in is recouping their losses. You can bet they will dump as soon as they can break even because MCDC has no function behind it.

>> No.28323328


>> No.28323446

He did go missing at some point, and that's coincidentally the exact same time the dump started

>> No.28323447

Stay poor

>> No.28323491

A fucking trademarked-branded shitcoin that already bottomed almost back to it's presale price whose only plan is to market to reddit and normalfags (which failed, I was there) will NOT go to $1. What you are doing is stealing from newfriends and turning them away from crypto.
Notice how the only threads that are made here about this coin are made by YOU? Notice how the only time anyone outside of your telegram group talks about this coin on here it's about how it's a scam?
>top 15 wallets haven't sold yet bro!
>enjoy being poor!
>just trust the plan!
>marketing hasn't even begun!
Just. Fucking. Give. It. Up.
Everyone here hates you. We don't want you on /biz/. Take your gains, buy a gun, and kill yourself. All of you mcteam niggers, comma, and the rest of you telegram cock suckers that are pushing this shit.
From me and everyone else, kill yourself.
Thanks for the free $2k before the rugpull though.

>> No.28323568

>Ctrl+f "stay poor"
>13 results
Come up with new material Raj

>> No.28323750

He didn't, he's typed in the chats every single day you fucking schizo
>which failed
>barely even started
You're a fucking retard. You should kill yourself because you're a BLACK NIGGER. Faggot.

>> No.28323893

>42 posts by this ID
anon, just give up. cut your losses. nobody in this thread is buying your bullshit. it's time to just let it die

>> No.28323917

>5 days old
Ok keep the fud thanks for the bump!

>> No.28323950

>still up 10x
Nice try, faggot. Not selling. Kill yourself.

>> No.28323996

you, telling these pajeets they are the worst people ever for profiting off newfriends, but you actually took profit and they havent, is one of the most confusingly sad and hypoctrical things i have seen so far in 2021. what the fuck timeline is this. are white people the new niggers?

>> No.28324014

You were saying this last week. When will it start? On what day will the "real" marketing begin?
People are selling their bags, cosmc, clock's ticking.

>> No.28324162


>> No.28324249

he’ll explain after you buy more!!!!

>> No.28324268

It's starting now, nigger. Things take time to pick up steam. But you're a fucking retard that doesn't understand that

>> No.28324341
File: 795 KB, 634x630, MCDC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28324403

>232 replies
>for a dying scam token
Smells like a lot of retards trying to recoup their losses here.

>> No.28324509

Calm down Dejan

>> No.28325063

If you did make a 10x gain scamming newfags congratulations! Now fuck off. If making 10x from this isn't enough for you then you are a greedy kike who belongs in a gas chamber. I imagine you're just salty you didn't dump your bags in time, right? That you only got 10x instead of 100? Based on the replies in this thread it should seem obvious that NO ONE on this board wants to buy your coin anymore. Consider your 10x gain a success and fuck off. Sell your winning lottery ticket and reinvest in something with a future.

>> No.28325143

None of us even tried dumping at higher values, faggot. NOT SELLING. NEVER SELLING. Stay poor, filthy nigger. See you in a week when we're at 50c!

>> No.28326417
File: 10 KB, 222x227, MCDCScam07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please help me
Take my bags

>> No.28326907



>> No.28327623
File: 478 KB, 1125x782, A5A9A007-C6C7-423F-9DBB-B18E787ED372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28329530
File: 436 KB, 916x962, 03466BB4-745C-4645-9AE7-99485B5489A3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28329745

fucking lol