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LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain with two layers that operate independently. The private chain facilitates automated live contracts between private networks; the public layer is optimized for "anchoring" and sharing information on an immuateable decentralized ledger.


>scaleable inter-agency data sharing consortiums

>~100k Tx/day (rising)
>99.9% Tx's from actual usage
>used by United Nations (land registry in Afganistan)
>used by Dutch gov
>GDPR compliant

>50% circ. supply already staked
>deflationary: 0.1 LTO burn/Tx
>unique "LPoI" network economics incentivizes clients to buy, stake LTO
>100% of staking dividends derived from network fees


>LTO in 1.5min:
>3 min:


>ARTICLE: "An Obj. Look at LTO"
>ARTICLE: "LTO's Valuation"



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calm down

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Why isn’t LTO the official Biz coin yet.

It’s an unfudable low mcap coin. The possibilities here are endless.

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>Why isn’t LTO the official Biz coin yet.
Oh, but it is...

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not everyone is passing the iq test

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it has a shit name and shit memes, which is all that the autists here care about

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I'm so early atlast in a legit project that I'm so erect as a man can be.

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pic related will make you coooooom then

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>mfw in top 200

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ceo is a known scammer, sex offender, rapist, murderer, cocaine addict the list goes on

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based and just bought more

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feels good anon, feels good

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CEO is Hunter Biden???

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signRequest topped up boys
Upscaling with Box looking good for LTO

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LTO buys vidt for their tech and company.
>Vidt token no longer needed
Vidt Holders seething

From here there's 2 choices.
Vidt token gets consumed by LTO
Or both tokens exist and get bought by clients for their services.
Rick can pump both bags easily through business adoption, imo


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bros im only a 51k stacklet leasing to biz node am i ngmi ;(

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I was so erect the doctor told me they I was on the same dose they gave the donkey during the second show in tiajuana

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Do the math, /biz/. The tokenomics is the math. LPoI is the math. "Get paid to pay your bills" is the math. "Net zero" is the math. The economic incentives for integrators to buy up the supply proportional to their usage of the network will result inexorably in the price rising due to the circulating supply shrinking. The integrators and major business partners will inevitably own 80% of the supply, and where are they going to get it from? The open market...DO THE MATH

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When LTO is a billion mk cap (EOY?) a 50k stack is going to be essentially out of reach for wagies and poor fags. YAGTMI.

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sui stack?

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Chill. You'll be in the green again soon. That's what buying tokens of a legit company is. Comfy holding.

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high quality el tio OC

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I need someone with a brain right the fuck now.
If I buy $15k of LTO and stake it on the /biz/ node, how much will I make weekly/monthly?

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stakingrewards.com friend

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It is for anybody who has done the math.

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Current APY is about 6% paid out weekly. Keep in mind it is paid out in LTO, not fiat, so to the extent that LTO appreciates in price current yields are exponentially more valuable in the future.

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>$84 per month

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>measures LTO dividends in fiat
>has not done the math

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People are saying 10k

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Possible price EOY? Be realistic please

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10k stack could be worth a quarter million if LTO can reach $10bil market cap (i.e. what Dogecoin is at rn...)

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I think $1bil market cap is in the cards. That's about $3.50 price. I don't think that's outrageous, given the fundamentals, and looking at the kind of shit that currently has a $1bil mk cap right now.

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Assuming bitcoin doesn't shit the bed, LTO at least deserves a 1B mc. Which is ~$3.65. no reason it shouldn't get there...7% apy and growing, entirely from tx fees. People will continue to jump in

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Ahhh thus kike chart finally makes sense, thanks anon

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Dogecoin is fueled entirely on memes, it's completely different to this coin

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best I can do is 2.5k. ngmi?

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where do i buy this as a burguer?

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The median wallet on the /biz/ node rn is about 3k, so you're actually close to a micro suicide stack.

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Ya I know, I guess what I was trying to illustrate was that if a meme coin with no fundamentals or utility can hit $10 bil, what is LTO capable of considering the fundamentals, tokenomics, and real world utility behind it.

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The median is 10k, anon. The average is 30k

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binance vpn

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Oh. Guess I'm fucking retarded then lol

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If I lease to the biz node today, do I get prorated interest paid out on Saturday? Or do I have to have my tokens leased for a full week?

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rather comfy indeed...

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you'll get a smaller reward, worth 3 days of leasing. Because it takes 16hrs for lease to mature.

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Thanks fren

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Is this a good time to buy?

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still early
Id recommend DCA, and take a look at the cup and handles patterns which have been repeating

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Altcoins marketcap is still below what it was during the top of the 2017 bullrun. The bullrun will be over once the BTC dominance drops 25% in a single week due to Altcoins reaching ridiculously high prices, so I think LTO and most Altcoins are a good buy until then.
While I'm sure LTO will reach double digits $ before 2024 (I'm holding >500k and not selling anything before 10$) it probably won't give you the best gains in the current bullrun because it's a B2B crypto and has a real value. It's usually hyped shitcoins with many promises and no users which moon the hardest.
Now is certainly a good time to buy though, we are still early and the CEO has a >10 years vision of what role LTO will play in the economy.

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>I'm holding >500k and not selling anything before 10$

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based LTO whale giving us some insight

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when did you buy?

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got >130k, can i sit at the board of directors table for your future corp?

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Prediction on how the VIDT token gets integrated in 6 months?

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Oh I only have a make it stack of around 60k. Got in at 23 cents on average. Would love to have a based 100k+ patrician stack.

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Hey lads it's ya Serbian ROSE boy here bringing you an update where ROSE broke 10 cents and is heading towards 11, you should hop in if you can as it's still super early,

My portfolio is literally constantly mooning, when one coin is cooling down the other one pumps. I think this aping in I did these last few days will be one of the best YOLO decisions I've made in a looooong time.

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In case you were asking to me I mostly bought between 0.13 and 0.19, I'll also DCA 5k$ a month until it reaches 1bn marketcap.
I won't hold for more than 4 years, I'll sell my stack to governments or Fortune 500 companies who want enough LTO to use it with "net-zero" costs.
I have absolutely no idea, I'm sure some anons with a <50k stack know more than me about LTO.

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Good job bros. YGMI.
I'm thinking of dropping 1k-1.5k but I'm considering other projects like ckb, ar, hns. Also a NEET so my capital is limited.

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are...are you the riddler?

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I have a feeling life will be good to me in 5 years.

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I will cope with knowing if I had simply wired my funds a week ago instead of the ACH transfer to coinbase I could have an ~90k stack right now instead of my 60k by saving up and buying the inevitable dip during the next crash. I wan that goddamn 100k stack.

Noone wants to ask it, but: Odds that we get REQ'd?

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No, I'm just a random neet who doesn't post often, and I only bought last month, but I can guarantee you that after more than 4 years in cryptocurrencies I have never found such a gem.
No, REQ just mooned in 2017 because of huge promises which were never delivered. It was never adopted by a single company and they burned less tokens in 3 years than LTO did last week

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>I won't hold for more than 4 years, I'll sell my stack to governments or Fortune 500 companies who want enough LTO to use it with "net-zero" costs.
Well, you have unironically done the math. You get it.

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there is no comparing reqt and lto.

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damn what a shitshow

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future global elite. god bless you

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We still havent figured out what he meant by old /biz wouldnt have to wait until Q3 for an epiphany. We already knew about LINK in Q3 but what about it would cause us to have an epiphany? Im also pretty much convinced hes hinting at $100 being the minimum price of LTO at some point in the future. If im right then we havent finished the math. Also he knows that 55k is a make it stack so he must have figured out a minimum price point for LTO.

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Look who popped up to watch his minions work

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the math doesn't work under 20bil mcap

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So what does that put LTO at given deflation and at what time frame?

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can someone explain for a retard how do I stake on biz node

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>create wallet at https://wallet.lto.network
>transfer funds to the wallet
>sign in -> on the left side there's a "Lease" tab
>search for xeno finance, and lease your stack

that's pretty much it. Payout is every sunday.
Glad to have you onboard

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This, just make sure you understand that your password is NOT your seed, and to WRITE DOWN YOUR SEED. Imagine losing a make it stack because you were retarded and didn't do this.

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74$ without deflation, say $80-100 with deflation. Can't say about time frame.

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I think 55k make it stack was just circulating supply divided by 5000. So if you have that stack, mathematically you are guaranteed to be a top 5000 whale, and even more so as the supply is slowly burned. $100 price seems high to me, I prefer my conservative target of $25 -- but I like being conservative because its better to be surprised than disappointed.

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where would you buy

>> No.28326762

666sat, deal with the devil

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>> No.28326808

binance or gasswap

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I've accooomulated 2.6k LTO now.

And I'm selling 2.6k euros worth of MTG cards.

Am I gonna make it?

Is there any other coin to take in the side or should I go all in on LTO?

>> No.28327361

IMO 3k LTO is a micro-suicide stack. You're not doing bad, keep DCA into this wagie. Anything less than a $bil market cap is still a strong buy, IMO.

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I'm going in with 120$ because poorfag. But I really like this coin, thanks frens
How long should I hold? How long do you guys want to hold? It'd be nice to go in and really hodl my little poorfag stack

>> No.28328615

We’re not selling. The math tells us that. You hold and receive leasing rewards.

>> No.28328679

damn what a cute picture

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>> No.28328787

>How long should I hold?
You have some homework to do, fren!

>> No.28328804

How much am I missing out on if I just buy and hold instead of staking?

>> No.28328843

I only 35.5k tokens right now, I lost about 7k being a degenerate swingy and panic buying back in cause I didn't want to be left behind.

Honestly I want to die, I'm so far from a make it stack what's the fucking point any more

>> No.28329053

The whole point of this token is staking, fren.

>> No.28329092

Will do, thanks for the advice frens. I'm just a bit wary of taxes in my country. I clearly have lots to learn, but I'll get on it.

>> No.28329101

I mean it's literally free money, I don't see why you wouldn't stake?

>> No.28329147

I'm at 15k and will continue to DCA throughout the year.

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>tfw you swing yourself outta 7k LTO

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Diamonds when I talk, huh, diamonds when I walk
Diamonds on my balls, pockets Rick Ross
Look at my face, look at my jacket, huh
I pull out that chopper, huh, I let you have it, ah, ayy
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Bitches be mad, get on my dick, ayy

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Can somebody link all the LTO generals were the math was done? New /biz bros need to do the math before buying in, if they do i believe we hit riddlers $100 minimum sooner rather than later.

>> No.28329772

What does the net Zero cost thing mean? Should we all approach businesses to sell rather than through binance?

>> No.28329799

So what's to stop LTO merging with a larger company and the token holders getting fucked just like they did to VIDT?

>> No.28329951

LTO will be the one absorbing the others.

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oh yea that reminds me, I gotta make a new riddler cap

>> No.28330086

Include the math please.

>> No.28330094

Except you don't know that. They are small fish in crypto and are plankton in the rest of the business world.

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means giga corps will mog us
but it;s k cuz cash will slip into our pockets through staking rewards
never selling

>> No.28330191

If you think Big Dick Rick will sell LTO you got another thing coming.

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"Net zero" is another way of saying "get paid to pay your pills"...there is considerable economic incentives built into the LPoS network arch...basically, integrators and business partners that run nodes are to own LTO in proportion to their transaction volume on the network. Owning this LTO will effectively allow them to use the network for "free", after the initial capital investment of buying the LTO off the market...you see where this is going yet? Think about what the long-term end game here is..."do the math", once you understand this dynamic you'll know why only paper hands will sell LTO -- at least until the late maturity phase of the network's growth.

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I think here's where the math lies for most part
just hold and let them pump your bags.
Their transaction fees will fund our tendies

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This is the current riddler compilation:

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Will probably be up to about 1200 at the weekend, lads; what's the minimum for staking to make it worthwhile?

>> No.28330854

what's so good about ROSE?

>> No.28330912

400, because there is a 1 LTO fee. Makes it 25 basis points to stake 400, which is fair. Anything less and I would save up LTO first.

>> No.28331072


Thanks, anon. Looking forward to joining in.

>> No.28331183

Where can I view how much of the current circulating supply is being staked?

>> No.28331448

It's slightly out of date. Currently 130,821,691.271 staked.

>> No.28331655

12,133,377 staked on /biz/ node btw....

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Why does this keep crabbing when every other shit coin goes to the moon. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.28331707

smells like rotten milk in here

>> No.28332020

this page better

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Can someone with higher iq than me explain this in retard terms?

Doesn’t Vechain provide the same model with Thor generation? Ie you buy more bet so you can passively generate the fees? What exactly is different about this or any other model where you receive the gas for the transaction by staking?

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im the nigger doubting him the most,
idk why i gotta do ths

>> No.28333463

>Can someone with higher iq than me explain this in retard terms?
Companies that use the network will have incentive to have more tokens than they use and lease them, effectively receiving money as they pay for their transactions. Meaning they will be paying into the network and also receiving from the network, so they can essentially use it for free or even get a profit: "being paid to pay bills"

>> No.28333502

Read this on Leased Proof of Importance:
...if it was as simple as just holding a bunch of tokens and generating dividends from them then there actually would be incentive for integrators to accumulate MORE tokens than they actually need to cover their network fees, and even to accumulate ALL of them. This would lead to centralization. LPoI incentivizes network users to own not too little but also not too many tokens. Staking too many tokens relative to network usage actually decreases the APY.

>> No.28333754

interesting folio. you should really increase Eth Holdings though.

>> No.28333960


new screencap>>28323517

>> No.28334131

Good work anon. What figure are we using to divide 20B market cap by?

>> No.28334296

Best place to buy in USA?

>> No.28334353

please I wanna know too

>> No.28334488

Here's my list of LTO generals with very productive discussion:


>> No.28334641

samo jakoooo

>> No.28334708
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>tfw been on all of them

>> No.28335387

And Jesus broke the bread for his apostles and said: ‘my heart shall break too if thou sells lto before 15 usd. Now come forth and suck my cock one by one’

>> No.28335413


how do I archive threads so we have them before they get deleted, or what do you use to dig threads back up that were already deleted?

>> No.28335998

update: use these links for posterity:

The riddler thread:

>> No.28336016


So the “math” is basically this:

Transactions are a flat .1 LTO

Big holders are more incentivized to transact - “burning” more LTO

- question here is are the tokens actually burned or just paid to stakers?

If they are burned then the math is obvious. They are going to be burning a metric fuck ton of LTO in the coming months. If not I’m still having trouble understanding exactly how this model is better. As the article states, I don’t think people will transact unless the incentives are phenomenal because it’s more work.

>> No.28336049

the 'threads' tab on this website lists all times LTO was even mentioned. https://shill.watch/biz/detail/?term=LTO

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Been laddering in for a while and now I’m bringing in 11 of my colleagues who are all bigger than me... just pitched them on Monday. Buckle up...

>> No.28336806


Prove it without a delta pic

>> No.28336851

I want to believe

>> No.28336892

Whats your exit price point?

>> No.28336917


>> No.28337034

My body is ready