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Uh oh... Looks like BTC is about to crash, guys... this could get bad.

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what do you mean bad?

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So I just dump my 10k savings into the bottom of the bear market and wait

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the crash has already been priced in

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This is literally you faggots.
>oh no guys it’s gonna drop 10% from 46k to 42k! I’m ruined!
Do you know how insane you would have sounded saying that exactly a year ago when bitcoin was barely 10k? Just buy all dips, never fucking sell.

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I converted all my bags to fiat at 45k, buying back in before the weekend

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Newfag detected. You clearly weren't here in January 2018.

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lol wut

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Newer newfag detected. You clearly don't understand the market cycles and how this works. The dips will be brutal but they will also be bought up fast. Stay poor.

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>he thinks a 2x from previous ATH is the top of the bull market
YOU are the newfag mate. And you’ve had three (3) years of bear market to buy, eat shit and die.

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I was and I'm not worried. You know why? Because I bought the bottom and sold the top. I didn't sell too early and I didn't get fucked on the dump. 99% of the daily fud on this board is posted by people who did and it shows.

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oh fuck
oh god
o shit
$600 gas

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Shit Will bounce so hard if not It Will crab and alts Will print win-win for me

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Please crash. I need to accoooomulate

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This. I'm pretty sure there are many waiting to buy the dip, since we did not have proper correction. Once that's all over with, moon.

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stfu larp

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>first support is at 40k

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When it goes up, I’m happy.
When it goes down, I’m happy.
Wut dafuq is wrong with me?

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Big corporations were waiting for this dip to buy. Get ready.

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I bought in at the 1% dip

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This. We just need to cool off before the next rally.

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