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>ecelebs like Musk, Black Keef, Lindsey Lohan shilling BTC
>catalog is full of shitcoin scammers like Rubic, XSN, MCDC, Doge
>Youtube is shilling crypto full force
>Cardana pumping like a shitcoin
>Boomers asking you to buy them $50 of BTC
>Retail retail retail everywhere

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https://www.strawpoll.me/42610190 are we at the top anons?

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The mother of all dumps will be when Schiff shills crypto.

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Signals that crypto is becoming globally accepted by normies and a solid foundation is developing.

>ecelebs like Musk, Black Keef, Lindsey Lohan shilling BTC
>catalog is full of shitcoin scammers like Rubic, XSN, MCDC, Doge
>Youtube is shilling crypto full force
>Cardana pumping like a shitcoin
>Boomers asking you to buy them $50 of BTC
>Retail retail retail everywhere

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>He thinks xsn is a scam
Ngmi, are you new?

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Little bit over halfway now, normies are getting in but there isn't a frenzy yet. Peak at $100k, dump to $20K low

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We might be on the top in term of real value, but probably not in current $$$

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Doubt it's going to 100k in the next 2 months. We are talking about medium-major correction here.

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It’s the top but as long as retard companies keep pumping billions in then it’s not the top is it? We have entered new waters and it’s hard to say what the fuck will happen

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still to early you guys clearly were not involved in 2017 or have short memory

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Musk is not an eceleb bro

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i'd say this feels like november/early december 2017

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The top doesn’t happen until stimulus checks come out and normies dump them into BTC. It’ll hit 69k and then whales will dump some bags and it’ll drop to 60k, then the normies who just bought in will panic sell and everything will crash.

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We're in unknown waters, lads. Tesla put the heat on everyone else

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MCDC isn't a scam btw.

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keep crying for rubichads

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Oh, you're talking shitocin, I though we were discussing actual markets, nvm

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XSN is the best coin in that list
DYOR or you are NGMI

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XSN is a scam. It's a UTXO clone of DASH. It's the worst one. People want to interact on networks that can run complex logic. You can't do that on XSN. The coin itself doesn't have any value because the exchanges that take place on lightning networks are independent, meaning that XSN can not be used to validate transactions on BTC for example.

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>>Dash Fork
Hello Labz

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You can post all the funny pictures you want. What about this picture from the whitepaper?

Not so funny anymore, huh?

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Labz over and out.

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no one needs this shit, suck while the whole market grows

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Binance fucks you, fagot

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you are also missing the fact that its a modified fork of dash also that it improved upon the masternode architecture dumbass
Labz Over and out.

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Huh, that 60% no vote surprises me.

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What do you mean? I wasn't involved in 2017.

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This is something that I find interesting whenever there is discussion of bubbles and the such. How do you tell the difference between a bubble and a genuine acceptance of a new tech or paradigm by the population? What if it only grows from here?

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>XSN Scam
sure frien

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>catalog is full of shitcoin scammers like Rubic, XSN, MCDC, Doge

The catalog is always full of scams though.

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reminder that normies are always the last ones in before the crash.

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>what if it only grows

It's already been doing that on a longterm basis.

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>shitcoin scammers like Rubic,
rubic isnt a scam anon
WORKING anonymous cross chain swaps
right fucking now
go to rubic.exchange and try for yourself

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scams that did not even hide the fact that they are scams pumped 100x-1000x and so did most of the altcoins everyone though it will never fall that btc will go up forever transaction fees were in the range 30-100 usd everyone even my mother sister dad aunt started me asking about crypto etc
we did read stories about people selling cars houses wifes and taking dept to buy crypto

what you see now is optimism

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>XSN can't be used to validate transactions on BTC
Do better next time

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Retail untermenschen trash everywhere. Quick, lit up the gas chambers. We need to clean the cryptoshpere from them so the price stays below 1dolla

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Does no one in fuckin biz actually understand what this word means? You all have to be the most colossally retarded nigger tier iq simians around. Just because something is a shitty product or has no future does not make it a scam

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The only scamcoin you named is MCDC, and even then it's super obvious. We'll see the top after a year of this shit, fun's just getting started.

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Alt-season hasn't started this time. I want to dump my bags, I'm still not making enough money from when I bought in 2017. It can't be the top, it just can't!