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Contract: 0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2
Locked DEV liquidity:
Buy on Uniswap:
Check the price on dextools:
Coingecko listing submitted - ETA 2/11/2021
Blockfolio Listing Accepted and in Progress - ETA 2/12/2021
Telegram: t(dot)me/McDonaldsCoinHQ
>Low Coin Cap - 37M
>Low Market Cap - 1.2M
>Liquidity Locked - No Rug Pull from Team
>Top Holders aren't budging, not jeets, active in telegram.
>Strong holder count 400+ and growing
>Higher Liquidity than other shitcoins staked by devs and whales.

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Franchise Owner reporting in, McComfy and McHyped.

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How much is a suicide stack? Might chuck some ETH in for a laugh.

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Store manager

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McTired of this same shit every time, anon. Why is it a scam? Why didn't the team sell at $0.18? Why haven't they sold now? What are they waiting for?

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Thank you Pajeet. 0.0001 eth has been deposited in your metsmask

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Godspeed McChads. Scam or not, I hope you all end up on the McMoon

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Go FUD some other place

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THANK YOU!~~~~~~~

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why isn’t it a shitcoin?

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Bought $8,000 worth at 10 cents. Now I’m at $800. Biggest percent loss I’ve ever experienced. I’m financially ruined. I should’ve just stayed in link.

I can’t even afford gas fees to sell. This BETTER hit $1

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Lol the memes, I'm in
What could go wrong, right, anons?

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People are going to WISH they could buy in at 10cents in the coming weeks, yet alone the current price.

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This McRetard got McRugged. Sell your McBags for some McChainlink

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you can directly predict the future price of a coin from how funny the memes are, this one is going to 0

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You forgot to add the 13 before the 0.

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think again

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I am financially McRuined

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Good lord, the fud so weak. In what way is it a scam, bruh? Use your words.

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Show wrist

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Post stack and white hands

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A suicide stack for McScam
Owning more than 1
This is pathetic

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Show wrists

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Would you regret buying bitcoin at $1000 instead of $300? Sure but you'd kill yourself if you sold it after it dipped to $300, vs be mildly upset youre a mcmillionare instead of a bigger mcmillionare.
have some patience, $1 is FUD

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This is a shit coin that already been dumped
Scam rug pull
Stop pretending like this isn't trash
You McBagHolders are in denial

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Please take my bags
This McScam/McRugpull Combo 2 for 1 is weighing me down

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How's it a scam?

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My bags are heavy as well
Please take them
I've had enough of this McScam

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This isn’t a rugpull scam and no one is buying your jeetburger koin. Mcchads are gona make it

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>That filename
How much do they pay for the FUD poojet?

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5 days old. This is going past the dollar menu

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We hitting the big leagues nigga !

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What would you call this?


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just a gay headsup for the newfags browsing

this is not a real crypto, it's just a bunch of third world people trying to pump n dump a meme token

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This shit better work out cuz I’m broke af now. I literally don’t have any hope unless mcdc hits 50 cents at least.
Goddamnit. Link hit $28 yesterday and I had just bought link at $16. I’m gonna kill myself soon.
$1 better be guaranteed. And they better not rugpull before it hits it. I don’t wanna hear about locked liquidity either. Pajeets have been rugpulling all week with that scam.

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What do you call this?

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A McScam Deluxe Value Meal

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Wtf does token even do

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nice try masseffect

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>can’t even afford gas fees to sell.
That’s entirely on you lol

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Been accumulating this sweet sweet dip. Comfiest hold of my life desu.

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you won't be disappointed sir

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All weak burger coin fudders will get the McRope, filthy jeet.

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I’d just chuck an eth in if I were you mcfren. You’ll be in the profit quickly at this mcdip

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>fud spreaders implying a coin that clearly states it has no business ambitions is a scam
I’m adding more whenever gas fees come down

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I love the McUnity
McScammers truly love their victims that they swindled
It's just one Big Happy McScam McFamily

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zoom out

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Hold for a week and see what happens

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This. The coin is 5 days old and it’s not going to disappear

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What for?
To see the massive dump rug pull

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Nice filenames, bro. Surely you care a lot about newfags. You totally aren't a paid FUDder so your shitcoins can pump

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lol okay going buy some

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show the start, you flithy nigger.

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This is McClown World

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It’s business ambition is to be a money printer.

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McKill yourselves

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Haters gona hate. Biz is fucking sleeping

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>he bought?

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heres the start before the rug was pulled, why is this relevant you fucking faggot?its never going back up lmfao

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Just wait faggit

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wen moon

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>5days old and touched 0.18
>jeets and paper hands slowed but haven’t stopped the momentum
Just hodl fren

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I’m still accumulating.

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why are there always so many scam posters in these threads? nobody thought this was chainlink, they bought cus it's a comfy coin with funny memes. mind your own Mcbusiness and don't be a Mcnigger

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McDenial of this McScam
This McHilarious

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Looks like people from the top 15 wallets moved their stacks to multiple wallets and have been selling.

They’ve been lying and saying whales were selling but it was a lie. the rug pull is completed... this has been the worst pajeet scam of all time. I’m dead broke now.

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As I've been saying


To the newfags still trying to pump this, welcome to biz. This isn't reddit you faggots. Give up and move on.

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Get McFucked.
Serves you right for buying into an incredibly obvious scam.

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There's still a chance....

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McSuprize McScam

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How is it a rug if no one sold at ATH but a few wallets sell at almost the lowest point? That’s just paper hands.

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bag holder doing his best

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Some people are stupid, I don’t know. They probably wanted to sell before the price got too low. Cuz if they bought when they founded, they still got like a 20x or something like that. We got rugpulled. Locked liquidity doesn’t mean shit.

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I feel bad for you anon
I wish you well
You got swindled my these scammers
This is robbery
This MCDC McScam is still going on
They are pretending like nothing is wrong
What a joke
The worse of the worst, subversive spiritual energy afoot
I hope you learn from this
I have and so have other anons
I guess that's /biz/, haha

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they were tricked by the other scammers like hamster and were left holding bags. its not that complicated. now theyre desperate to get out and have one more pump so they can dump on the other bagholders before they get dumped on

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yeah the memes are garbage. why did they pretend like they were good at all instead of making half decent ones?

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Oh I’ve learned my fucking lesson, I fucking learned it hard. I literally lost nearly $10,000 in less than 48 hours. I saw how well it was performing and assumed we’d be going towards another 5x atleast. But no. I have no money and now I’m fucked. I actually had 400 Chainlink a while back and now it’s reduced to zero, and im stuck with some worthless mcdconalds bags. Can’t even buy a mcchicken

A fool and his money.......

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the memes were never funny or good. they only bought because they were desperate after getting burned by other pump and dumps. then they got burned by you. i hope you’re happy with yourself, scam artist

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Hamster and Comma
The whole Rubichad crew that created and schilled this garbage MCDC are pathetic
How many Rubic holders got rekt because of this?
Thanks alot
They are on equal footing with
Mass Effect as complete trash
I heard they swing Rubic as well in a secret group chat
Not surprised