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New advert



Contract: 0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2
Locked DEV liquidity:
Buy on Uniswap:
Check the price on dextools:
Coingecko listing submitted - ETA 2/11/2021
Blockfolio Listing Accepted and in Progress - ETA 2/12/2021
Telegram: t(dot)me/McDonaldsCoinHQ
>Low Coin Cap - 37M
>Low Market Cap - 1.2M
>Liquidity Locked - No Rug Pull from Team
>Top Holders aren't budging, not jeets, active in telegram.
>Strong holder count 400+ and growing
>Higher Liquidity than other shitcoins staked by devs and whales.

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I can't believe you fucking retards are seriously spending real money on this

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I luv china <3

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FUCK YOU SCAMMERS! I lost $50k on McDonald's Coin, I even took out an extra mcmortgage on the house.
How am I gonna explain this to my wife???

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/biz/ is going to miss out like always

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>liquidity locked!
yeah, 4chan500 said the exact same thing. notice how you don't see any threads about them anymore.

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comfy desu

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How about I Mc Knock you the fuck out?

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4chan500 was gay. We are not. Even with such a huge dip, none of the top holder have sold. They could have sold x100 instead.

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lmaoooooooo who did the voice over

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Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I'm Ruggin' it.

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A few months from now
McDonaldsCoin does not rug
Will you FOMO in?

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Post hand

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show asshole and I'll buy 500k

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Join the TG

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What kind of a rug where top wallets don't sell?

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did you miss the memo? we pulled the rug yesterday

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>Mad because they bought the top of a pump and dump

But now the PnD is over, it's time to get real gains

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What is this?

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Based, so much fud going around with this funcoin.

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It's called FUD fren

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Masseffect is a known swinger who FUDs coins so that he can buy low and sell high over and over.
He caught the rope in Rubic and raged.

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I will not be hodling the bags.

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Please explain this

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show me her asshole raw

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read the file name. it's coordinated FUD

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post proof that you've the money

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Me too
The pain
Ohhh Nooo!!!
They can't keep getting away with this

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I dont buy shitcoins I come here to laugh at pinky posts

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Think about it... the coin went to $0.18.. and not a single top 10 holder sold despite being able to make 6 figures.

Really think a scam would do that?