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>wake up at 7:00
>log in and put my status on Busy, start wigglemouse.ahk
>go back to sleep
>wake up at 9:00
>read some mail, reply to IM's
>join the daily "standup"
>talk about some shit I pretended to do yesterday
>go back to sleep
>wake up around 11 and start watching some netflix whilst ocasionally answering IM's from colleagues
>at 4pm start actually preparing answers to emails and save as drafts
>send them out around 6-7pm whilst enjoying my dinner
>day finished

How's your day?

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I will drink some coffee In bed all morning and eventually get on the computer, just to open 4chan instead of work. I’ll probly get 2 hours in, about 30 mins at a time is all I can muster

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>wake up at 1pm
>sit on computer and program stuff and make a poor effort at day-trading crypto
>stay awake until I can't stay awake anymore, could be 2 days if i'm not too tired
>sleep at some point
not too healthy

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>woke up
>getting ready for morning meeting
>piss all over toilet seat
>fuck you penis you traitor
>total brain fog
>decide to make a comfy WFH breakfast
>clumsy as fuck, drop pepper shaker into sink
>okay this ain't good I must be coming down with something
>getting prepared is a huge pain this morning because Zeus is fucking around with the weather again
>finally get everything ready with a few minutes to spare
>after this have to rush to the gym and rush my workout because I have a meeting starting at 11 and running until 4 that I can't miss
>still feeling tired and clumsy and stiff, really feel like skipping because I don't want to injure myself
This sucks bro, never sign up for "training" via Teams or zoom or any other virtual setting.

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I have four straight hours of meetings this afternoon, frens, and two of them require the camera be turned on.

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just quit bro

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We just moved all our meetings to phone calls instead of video calls because I pretended to not be able to use the software for the past 7 months. Now I have to make up some stuff about things I "worked on"

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>because I pretended to not be able to use the software for the past 7 months.
You're doing god's work anon, never give up.

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>wake up at 1030 p.m. put uniform on. drive to work. sit there for 8 hours watching anime/browsing /biz/, faggit, and other bullshit websites. drive home. take uniform off. be naked. play world of warships/watch anime/browse /biz/, faggit, and other bullshit websites for 4-5 hours, go to sleep, repeat.

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>two of them require the camera be turned on
What kind of gay shit is this? Unless I'm talking, I just turn off the camera.

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>intercom are trying to fuck us and putting our bill up to like 700 USD next month
>need to find an alternative service for our retention/marketing emails
>gonna have to rewrite the integration that sends all the user attributes and events
>supposed to be researching alternative providers now
>been playing Dyson Sphere Program instead

Procrastinating because I can't be fucked with these sort of integrations. They're not particularly demanding but they're fussy and usually involve coordinating with other team members way too much to get them finalised.

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>working on some finnicky fucking data builder that uses undocumented mystery tools and vague requirements
>use piece of shit ibm synergy for change control
>do nothing the rest of the day, ask at end of day if they've checked in yet

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>get highest ratings in annual review
>denied a promotion despite highest ratings
>boss says we might get a shit raise/bonus because of chink flu
>company plans on making us go back to the wage cage once vaccines roll out

yup i'm doing the bare minimum until i find a 100% remote job with a 15-20% pay raise, at which point i will quit with minimal notice at maximum inconvenience.

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>wake up 9am
>turn on thinkpad
>go back to sleep 12pm
>have 2 hour lunch
>reply to emails for 5 minutes
>spend rest of day scrolling through /biz/ and playing bloons
>kept this up for nearly a year, been into the office once

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>did all my work in the first 2 hours this morning
>chillin rest of day
>send occasional message on Teams to look busy


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>get woken up by my 2 year old asking for breakfast
>check my overnight crypto gains
>"work" 2 days a week in the office
>spend the rest of my days with my kid doing dad shit while "working from home"
>making more from crpyto and stocks than my job this year

Being a day trading dad is unironically the best job ever

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damn you guys work from home and wake up so late
> wake up at 5am
> do workout with wife
> make /comfy/ breakfast (eggs, fruit, leftover pancake from weekend, coffee)
> walk dogs
> go on webex
> play games, or study
> wait for meeting
> play POE during meeting as I typically don't talk as they know im getting shit done from jira tickets
> make cappuccino at 4, eat whatever wife baked (cookies and macaroons this week)
> make dinner

It only gets fucked when I actually need to go into the office.

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that warms my heart, anon

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Good morning! I'm about to toast myself a bagel and hand-grind my coffee before a comfy morning meeting. Then I'll play a video game or something while waiting for my code reviews and pretend to be busy working hard for the rest of the day. Hope everyone has a great and relaxing day

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I want this, I can't wait to have kids getting married this year and I just wanna make them help me make food cause that shit is precious

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>Wake up at 7:50, sit down at my computer at 8:00 to begin "working".
>Respond to a few emails that I couldn't get to yesterday because I was "too busy".
>Start making breakfast, have some orange juice and eggs with toast and a bowl of strawberries. Remember how years ago I would stuff my mouth with a shitty granola bar while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.
>Sit back at my computer and answer a few help desk tickets. Finish doing that in like 20 minutes and that's basically all the work I do all day.
>Spend the rest of the day napping, swing trading stocks, watching YouTube videos, playing video games, maybe of I'm feeling productive I will study for another IT certification.
>4:00pm come, maybe do one or two more tickets and answer a few Teams messages.
> Boss messages me and asks me his I'm doing, thanks me for working so hard.

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> hand grind my coffee
what grinder senpai?

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Hario Skerton. I used to brew with an Aeropress but lately I also got a V60 and I like it a lot for my daily cup.

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>start wigglemouse.ahk
If anyone is wondering about anti-screensavers, I found out that if you open windows media player and play any file on loop and on mute your computer won't go to sleep. Should work for getting past any IT monitoring software.

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I like that grinder, my friend suggested I get a helor 101 since i go from french press to espresso. I like it although it is pricey but man I can't imagine buying pre ground coffee anymore. I still need to get a V60 tho my daily cuppa is french press or chemex.

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lol i play 24 hours of black screen videos on youtube or download caffeine

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I mean you can also just set your power settings to not sleep....

To any anons wanting a simple "look at me im working ma" script I'd suggest just running puppeteer with an infinite loop of a click on headless.

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>Wake up at 8:45
>Login to begin work
>Shower, have breakfast etc.
>9:45 check emails, nothing urgent, line up days work so it looks like I'm doing stuff
>Relax for a few hours
>Spend an hour solving a 5-minute problem for the office mong because I am the only person in the company who isn't retarded
>Lunchtime, sleep for an hour
>Then spend half an hour actually having lunch
>Do actual work for a few hours in the afternoon
>Log off bang on 5
>Getting a bonus and a pay rise next month

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Lots of companies lock the power options

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>spend all last year doing WFH
>wake up at 8:05, get into slack on my phone so I show as online
>roll out of bed around 8:30 and start my laptop
>take the dog out, make breakfast
>start actually reviewing emails and sht around 9 and submit my daily scrum
>do enough work to look active for an hour
>spend 2-5 hours every day reading or playing vidya and jiggling the mouse occasionally
>at the end of the day always log just enough time to tickets to get at or above 5 billable hours
>2 month period of being legitimately busy
>do a little overtime, track like 200% of what I'm actually doing
>still play vidya an hour a day
>yesterday team meeting to discuss EOY productivity metrics
>im getting a bonus for most billable time of any employee
WFH is the fucking tits.

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aah true cause it is a vulnerability. WFH means BYOC for my company so I can bypass it that way.

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my work laptop requires admin password to change any little setting including the sleep and screen saver. I can't download application type files that would wiggle my mouse either. I just don't worry about it and get work that needs to be done, done and let my screen go off 90% of the day. no one complains

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Oh I will try this next. If I don't wiggle my mouse now and then, the remote desktop locks and goes to a wallpaper and need to sign back in. Skype also goes to "Away" which makes it too obvious I'm offline. Even if you put your status at "Busy" first, it switches to "Away".

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Can you download / do you have nodejs or python installed? you could make a simple selenium script or install puppeteer and make something that way. Otherwise you can make a powershell / bash script (if using linux or mac) that probably does something to keep your stuff permanently online.

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This is the most comfy thread on biz. I’m wearing a mask in an office for 40hrs a week and it’s causing acne on my cheek. There are plastic dividers, almost like doors, between desks. The intercom plays an automated guided stretching routine twice a day (for ergonomic gibs probably). This is what I got an engineering degree for. Cherish your wfh lives anons.
Did all of you study computer science or something? I don’t want another degree but I’ll gladly take online courses & build projects if it gets me out of this career.

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Dude. How do you think your boss would feel if he knew you did this? This is unbelievable.Do you not have any moral compass?

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>'working' 7 til 7
Nothing good about 12 hour shifts mate.

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You can't do your engineering stuff at home? Or it's like welding PCB plates or something? What are you engineering?

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I'm not a super computer literate chad. I wouldn't want to mess with anything anyway. I handle sensitive data and I'm more afraid of getting caught trying to fuck the system than I am getting caught working smarter, not harder.

haha based.
this is such a comfy thread bros. It's just the lads slacking off but still doing more work than half of their co-workers. I love WFH. I was considering quitting because of how crushing it felt to go into the office everyday, sit through traffic, do nothing but watch my life slip away. It's all so beautiful now

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My workday is 8 hours. I just LARP to work in a timeframe of 12 hours so I have 4 hours of plausible deniability of not doing anything.

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Personally my boss is getting away with even more outrageous stuff than me, at least I'm not "working" from Aspen.

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gimme a few i'll make one that uses chrome for ya'll

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>wake up
>turn on work computer
>earn passive income while doing my real money-maker: daytrading shitcoins

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What job exactly do you have op?
Same for other anons

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this. I personally know the 3rd highest employee of my company. He has recently discovered hard seltzer. He can't send an email without a drink in the other hand.

anon, i'm afraid of anything given to me on this website.

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>write thesis
>spend gubmint study gibs on shitcoins
>write thesis
>spend gubmint study gibs on shitcoins
>speculate on whether I should take out a 1% interest government study loan to speculate on shitcoins

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now seems like a good time to throw money into various shitcoins. I just pick whatever most rich anons have in their portfolio threads and don't do any research. It's a little retarded but I don't put in more than I can afford to lose.

>> No.28296040

Whats your current stack anon?
I was stupid and out a huge chunk of mine into SHIB so now I'm holding those bags until something happens. Its boring.

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Saw a thread the other day about a guy who got a 7k bank loan he used on crypto and whether or not he should pay it off now or wait for more gains

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I really wish I wasn't such a pussy about crypto in the past. I fucking had savings collecting dust and was even looking into shit to buy after the COVID crash but just didn't want to risk losing anything. Oh well, at least I have a peak comfy WFH gig where I don't even need to turn on my work computer.

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get one of those laptop cooling pads with the fans. put a piece of paper ontop of it. put your mouse ontop of that. the paper will move slightly pretty constantly triggering your mouse.

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bros I did literally no work this week. I log into my remote pc and have 4chan on one side and my work pc on the other so it never goes offline (movemouse.exe)
Some weeks are better than others and I do produce occasionally but this is getting me really stressed. Been like this since last march. I don't like it at all. I'm losing motivation to be productive the longer it goes on.
At least I'm not binge drinking anymore I guess.
Just need to make 10 million dollars and I can retire.

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works best with a gaming mouse set to maximum sensitivity.

>> No.28296597

The Helor looks interesting but I have no complaints about the Hario and it's affordable, so I'm not sure what more it offers besides stronger materials.
For brewing I'd probably go with a moka pot for my third method just because I like to make café au lait when I have croissants in the morning, and I was never able to get the Aeropress to produce a strong enough brew at the desired quantity.

>> No.28296657

i want to buy an aeropress, any issues with it?

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Feels good to be a gangster

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it's very uncomfy today as my furnace is breaking for the 3rd time this winter

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>wake up at 12pm
>open computer, check /biz/ and crypto prices
>make food
>play some games, watch anime, read horror stories
>check /biz/ and crypto news/ prices/ twitter again
>make food again
>maybe do some real stuff like cleaning the junk and filth that I live in
>maybe anime, games and mindless internet browsing once again
>make food once again
>some more biz/, crypto, anime, games
>fall asleep

That's what I do every day, minus the cleaning part cuz nobody comes at my place anyway so I can live in a dumpster. I'm 30% into making it so I quit my job already, kek

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That's how you get a heart attack before 40. Go workout.

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I studied mechanical, but I’ve been stuck doing manufacturing engineering (aerospace) since I graduated 3 years ago. In other words, I’ve missed the opportunity for entry level design work, which would be a lot more suitable for remote work. I’m attempting to abandon engineering entirely at this point and pivot into software/IT/finance jobs. Everyone makes more money than me and all they need is a laptop.

>> No.28297188

I just realised this is a WFH thread, sorry anons

Does being a defi farmer and trader once in a while count as work?

>> No.28297200

How the fuck do you guys find jobs where you have to do practically nothing all day? I do customs clearance for a major package delivery company where I'm expected to rate anywhere between 100 and 200 shipments a day, which pretty much is back-to-back work. Fuck me.

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It's alright but I feel like it is hard to get a consistent brew with it. I tried varying brewing parameters but most of the time the bottom of my cup would be acidic, apparently some people like acidic coffee but I find it disgusting. I still used it daily for a year+ and liked it well enough but since I got my V60 and set my grind size appropriately to make a good cup with it I use it almost exclusively.
An Aeropress is cheap so worth a try anyway if you're interested.

>> No.28297273

I’m on a similar routine.
It’s hell.
Yesterday, I actually worked, and I felt better

>> No.28297282

>watch anime
Why are nu-males like this?

>> No.28297311

>That's how you get a heart attack before 40. Go workout.
Not true goy
>White men who exercise every day have 86 per cent higher risk of heart disease than black men, study claims

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Haha you probably have study showing why eating icecream daily reduces stress therefore makes you live longer. Your heart is a muscle. Just sleeping and sitting will literally give you an early heart attack.

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I hope all you WFH losers are ready to lose your jobs to outsourcing, we just got started replacing them all at my firm.

>> No.28297675

E-commerce is better

>> No.28297699

>start wigglemouse.ahk
fucking kek

>> No.28297958

Hey, markets are open and I'm up twice my usual daily wage already.

>> No.28298003

>taking a loan with low interests and using that money to buy coins and overcompensate the interest fees
somebody here doing this and can share some lifehacks?

>> No.28298278

In bull market, everyone is a genius trader.

>> No.28298705

shit idea

>> No.28298742

Good morning anons. I would just like to remind you that tax money would be better spent if it were thrown into a hole and set on fire.

>> No.28299110

I'm in the military lmao.

Basically over summer my chain of command realized there is 0 reason to keep everyone around dog fucking and shit just kept rolling. Right now things are amazing.

>make your own hours within your section
>minimal people actually at work so you can get away with a lot more without getting bitched out
>salary pay
>this entire year is considered promotable time in so you get further in rank by literally sitting on your ass home with your phone in case china attacks or some shit

>> No.28299367

I don't have any qualifications, I just wrangled my way into a shitty dead end administration job that I'm gonna quit as soon as I'm told to come back into office regularly

>> No.28299524

I don't work from home and I love my job.

>> No.28299614

>wake up at 6:15am because I like getting up early
>make tea and log in to computer/MSteams
>research crypto all day while doing just enough to keep the team that works for me (onsite) busy
>hold more money in crypto in the past 3 years than what I've made in 5 years of working at this place

>> No.28299750

But how would LoQuisha feed her keeedts

>> No.28299834

This is literally the only thing I've laughed at this whole week.

>> No.28299905

Holy fuck this is exactly like me, I just need a wigglemouse.ahk, I literally powernap with an alarm every 10 minutes to move my mouse.

>> No.28300044

imma pick one up. normal brewed espresso makes my skin crawl, but my coworker made me some from an aeropress and it was great. gonna pick up some costarica and kenya coffee too. thanks anon
this is the best thread in a long time

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why? imagine having a good amount of worth in crypto and taking a loan with 2 percent/per year interest rate. you pay your monthly duties with a credit and the worth growing crypto asset overcompensates the 2 percent yearly easy. everything above is just free money. its like collateral lending. wheres the problem with that?

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well, lads. I just have my only meeting for the day. I said one or two sentences. Time to gamble my wage and shitpost the rest of the day.

>> No.28300206

I’d just get a job doing something else. I paid off my student loans, really just need to pay off my mortgage right now and I’d only have like $600 a month in expenses and taxes to worry about for the rest of my life.

>> No.28300268

put the mouse on top of a wristwatch with a seconds hand and the sweep of the hand will make the mouse twitch about

>> No.28300555

> Wake up at 630.
> work out from 7-8.
> Get my daughter ready for preschool.
> Send her with my wife off to school and work for the day.
> "Work" 4-5 hours in my garage packaging my private label product that I sell on Amazon.
> Go out for some type of carry out lunch.
> Take my teen daughter to whatever practice or after school event that day.
> Pick-up my preschooler.
> Play video games with her from 4-530 when Mom and big sis get home.

I work for myself -- and boy is it fucking LIBERATING!!!!

P.S. In 202, I'll net 50k from my garage and around 1k hrs "worked" .

>> No.28300748

We won't be in a bull market forever. People thinking we are and considering taking out a loan makes me think we are at the top.

>> No.28300895


>> No.28301003

A lot of us are software engineers. Since our bosses believe the work we do is complex, it’s very easy to spend 20 minutes on a task and then say it took us all day and no one questions it.

>> No.28301082

you are gambling with money you don't have

>> No.28301121

>login at 8am
>start mouse script
>vidya until standup
>do hour of work
>repeat next day
been doing that for a year, apparently that's worth 80k

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well its not some forever bagholding. cashing out the amount of interest and loan at the end of the time can already be a realized gain after a simple 2x. everything more coming in, is just profit. not doing this, is the insane site of the argument

>> No.28301149

There are also Apps that accomplish this by putting your phone on vibrate. Just place the mouse on top.
Example: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.technologybypranav.wfhmouse&hl=en_US&gl=US

>> No.28301184


sleepy normalfag detected
you allowed a society to manifest where every notion of incentive is fucked up and inversed
this thread is your window into the results
nobody gives a shit and all managers are too incompetent to do anything about it or even know, because they didnt get where they are by being good at their jobs

>> No.28301275

God that sounds incredibly comfy.

>> No.28301385

>working for a company that literally tracks your computer activity to make sure you're being a good wagie
Couldn't be me.

>> No.28301494

this. i just pretend i spent a fuckton of time on something that took me an hour because i managed to figure it out and that's it.

>> No.28301556

I've been going to work too HOWEVER
>government wagie
>recently start graveyards
>get to work a couple hours early to use the free gym in the building
>it's actually a full-fledged gym
>get the whole thing to myself because it's after hours
>take my time, be as loud as I want, and shower in a completely empty locker room
>mozy on upstairs to my office once I'm done
>say hi to the co-worker that's there because our shifts overlap for two hours
>sit in my corner in the back of the office next to the window
>drink my shake and look busy for two hours
>coworker leaves for the night
>sit back and play vidya, and shitpost here for 8 hours

There's rarely any actual work to be done and I'm getting paid more than everyone else to do significantly less. I was bummed at first to have to sleep during the day but once I realized how great I had it I've been happy ever since. Now, if the government would somehow let me do this shit from home, that would be ideal. But it will never happen.

>> No.28301645

to add on this, even then my results are stellar. i wonder what the fuck other people do when i see how insufficient their output is. either they're totally retarded or they do absolute fuck all

>> No.28301837

Wigglemouse script didn’t work for me, so I wrote a script which just turns the volume up a notch and back down every 10 seconds. Keeps my MS teams setting as available and doesn’t log me out

>> No.28301936

>wake up at 8:20 because I intend to actually shower today
>say fuck it and go back to sleep
>wake up at 9
>log on to laptop and out mouse on analog watch
>brew some coffee and eat some bread
>attend weekly 9:15 meeting where nothing happens again
>sip coffee and browse /biz/ and crystal cafe

>> No.28301987

How do I become software engineer fren? I started to learn code during the pandemic but not sure how to progress into a job if it’s possible.

T. Useless chemistry degree

>> No.28302039

FYI some companies are wary of mouse scripts.
I know for a fact Lockheed Martin does monitoring and has fired people during the pandemic for running mouse scripts.

>> No.28302119

>and crystal cafe

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Based. I've basically optimized a similar system. Its been great as all this extra free time I've been able to clear my book and anime backlogs, hoping to move onto my vidya backlog sometime this year as well. Love being able to browse /biz/ and manage my stock and crypto trades 24/7 as well. Saved a fuck ton of money with travel expenses and other bullshit, I do not miss the daily commute at all.
>t. database/SQL backend programmer

>> No.28302312

I’ve known several people at my job who moved up from data entry into software developer positions just by showing interest in automating their data entry roles. I would just look for a company with a big IT department and look for some sort of computer job there.

>> No.28302340

Blessed trips. Could you elaborate on your business? No details needed, just curious how you ended up there and what kind of stuff you make. You’re literally living my dream (own boss, family, work at home)

>> No.28302452

Reading posts by bitter femcel losers is incredibly comfy for some reason.

>> No.28302504

>wake up at 8am
>have coffee and eggs
>turn on computer
>browse 4chan
>read emails
>half hour video meeting
>smoke joint
>browse 4chan
>think about all the money i'm making
>do some work
>log off for the day
>go to gym
>smoke joint
>watch youtube
>eat dinner
>jerk off

>> No.28302523

I do this but like two or three times a week and get paid for 40 hrs per week. Engineer's salary. kek
Comfy af

>> No.28302563
File: 141 KB, 720x960, 1458395244909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in daily meeting, say I will do my regular build cycle today
>run script to automate everything and play games etc
>in meeting, lie about finding bugs and will work on them today
>do nothing else
>in meeting, say I fixed the issues and will run another build to test
>run script and do nothing
>Found some bugs, will fix
>fixed the bugs, will create my deliverables
>run 1 script and go afk all day
rinse, repeat

Wife works labor job with 10+ hour shifts.
Thurs-Friday my wife is off work and home so I just fuck her every now and then to keep her away from the office and seeing that I do nothing all day

>> No.28303041

>wake up at 8:30
>roll around in bed for 4 hours
>fall asleep again
>get up and move to the main pc at 1pm and watch youtube while i wiggle my mouse and check the news on my laptop

>> No.28303100

How is it any different than lolcows?
Also I have a mid year chat today, send help.

>> No.28303103

All this talk we’ve been having actually does have me a little worried though. Our jobs are so easy, what’s to stop us from being outsourced? Previously working in offices at least you had a presence, and meetings are simpler. Now that you can be remote, why won’t our employers just pay someone in India 75% less to get the same amount of work done?

>> No.28303284

hopefully they'll realize that cheap labor eventually costs more because indians are not efficient.

>> No.28303309

Because Indians are incompetent and incapable of any kind of problem solving. If you have monkey work where you just tell them what to do that's fine, but if there's anything that requires creative thinking they cannot do it.

>> No.28303322

Neither are we though

>> No.28303408

Offshoring or automation is inevitable, WFH or not. Fuck the company and I'll do as little as possible for as much money as possible until they get rid of me.

>> No.28303423
File: 234 KB, 1080x1920, fuslie phone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically on tier with an twitch thot

>> No.28303505


>> No.28303511

ever worked with an indian developer before? the difference with American workers you could say is that we think quickly on our feet and our creative problem solvers whereas indians and chinese cannot do that.

>> No.28303668

Based. I've done maybe 24 hours worth of work so far this year.

>> No.28303732

I’ve worked with borderline retard Indian developers before. I’ve also worked with pretty smart Indian developers who actually try and are very skilled.

>> No.28303819
File: 137 KB, 1039x559, 55BA11D8-4734-4FBC-BA57-6E3FBE56A0C6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up at 8
>clock in
>go back to sleep
>wake up at 10
>jerk off
>go back to sleep
>wake up at 11
>start drinking
>submit some pretend work
>watch movies
>clock out at 4

>> No.28303843

what '''''jobs'''''' do you all do

>> No.28303844
File: 6 KB, 325x325, 1456871557647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As long as boomers are still working in management, they will never sell us out to indian poo programmers. My manager is an old racist white guy who only hires people who are light skinned. We have a chinese lady, a slovak, a cuban, an italian, an iraqi girl, any many whites. all light skinned versions. So we are "diverse" but NO POOS allowed

>> No.28303875

lolcow community is cringe and obsessive, this is more organic
good luck with that meeting, I hate those

>> No.28304024


>> No.28304052

Boomers will eventually get laid off by upper management. I spent the last 30 minutes talking with my coworkers about our job security and they all agreed we’re fucked and are going to have a really hard time finding jobs if we’re ever laid off

>> No.28304059

>>stays in bed all day
get help

>> No.28304114
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Ecom gang, cheers brother cheers

>> No.28304125

american debeloper overpaid and lazy. indian debeloper is future.

>> No.28304149

yes but isn't that we why are all accumulating crypto now? to have a make-it stack for the eventual overthrow of the white race in the workforce

>> No.28304359

If the fed keeps printing money you’ll be lucky to keep your money’s value through inflation

>> No.28304368

>wake up at 0600
>shower, put on suit
>drive into work 30 minutes
>take shuttle another 15 minutes into work
>sit around since I'm new to my department
>participate where possible
>leave when the opportunity arises

prior to a month ago was working from home
>wake up 0700
>workout, shower
>log in by 0800, set status to busy
>respond to emails if I get any, don't really have anything to do
>play on PC all day

>> No.28304389

>IT department
>hires local who is an indian immigrant
>he's absolutely terrible

is this meta

>> No.28304423

Based E-comm bros.

I work for an E-commerce company. It's essentially paid training to start my own E-comm business one day. My main teammate and I are essentially using our time with the company to test out E-commerce strategies for when we want to go our own way. I've been receiving profit sharing, bonuses, and a 30% raise all in the past 4 months, and have been working 2 hours a day since March.

>> No.28304503

based thread. i'm currently setting up some automated scripts that take multiple hours to complete so i just run them in various configurations on multiple computers and browse my phone until they are done.

>> No.28304590

Do you do his work for him? Bro, just quit your job and come back as a contractor for twice the money or more.

>> No.28304694

Sorry poo. The chinks are the future.

>> No.28304880

>Wake up at 14:00
>Breakfast, coffee
>Play WoW Shadowlands 8 hours
>Go to sleep

>> No.28305338

I did this last year, kek

In February and March I made two small bank loans, around 4k each. The bad thing was that my country's dumb laws only allowed me to make 5 year old loans, so I have to pay 20% per year. The good thing is that I caught the DeFi train and my 8k (plus some 4-5k that I invested from my salary) became around 350k at today's price, and now I only need a x5 to make it, kek. This should be easy to do in this bullmarket

But taking a loan right now is significantly riskier, so I would maybe take a smaller loan and definitely not something with 20% per year interest. 2-3% should be fine if you don't borrow more than 5-10k, and if you diversify the money into at least 5-10 alts so you don't lose too much if one crashes

A word of advice: this bullrun is defi based, so look for undervalued defi tokens, maybe farm something, stake, etc. so you can make some extra gains besides just holding the coins. For example I'm making around 5-10% per month by farming XIO on uniswap, and another 2.5% per month by posting twitter comments and on their forum.

>> No.28306206

For me? It's the auto send feature, getting my work done in 2 hours and sending the results at different times after 4 pm
>you're so quick with the tasks anon
>I'll put in a word for you with the boss you're sure to get that promotion
The best part is she doesn't know the promotion will make me earn way more then her

>> No.28306632

OH also just opening a PowerPoint and starting the presentation will show you as busy on teams and your laptop won't shut off

>> No.28306689
File: 126 KB, 1167x1214, fffffffffffffffffffff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28306845

I'm in corporate security and nobody really works hard here so if you're smart and not dimwitted (like 80% of our employees that we can't get rid of) the bosses love you and never question what you do because your work is so above standard that they're very pleased

>> No.28306865
File: 11 KB, 176x221, 159503640069423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuckin jira, shit is cursed

>> No.28307073
File: 37 KB, 600x585, z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28307155

there's honestly nothing worth watching but anime. There is ZERO coming out of the west. Even most anime they make is garbage, but there'll be one or two worth watching each year. A lot of great anime from the golden age yet.
Other than anime basically the only thing i can watch without puking is TCM. Snuffbox is good. Some adult swim shows that are older than 10 years.

>> No.28307257

I do that when I lay on the couch to watch something

>> No.28307324

I work in insurance.

>God, insurance companies have such bad service, they take so long to answer the phone, they charge so much and I bet they just do nothing all day!

This is true. The key is managing people's expectations as low as humanly possible.

>> No.28307338

do lots of people in the military think there was election fraud or is that just Qoomer hype?

>> No.28307441
File: 3.78 MB, 444x250, 1606748158164.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you finally someone. its in since october around 10 k. already 2.3x'ed. 50%btc, 25%eth, 25%polka/adamixed. the loan is interestfree for 2021 and 1q/2022. then it accumulated 8.5k with 3%yearly interest. so the credit is just used to sustain my life and so that i not have to liquidate my assets. plan is to hold to oct, nov 2021, after hodling one year, liquidation is not capital taxed. taxfree. i take profits in running bullmarket and payback the loan 2q/2022 and enjoy the profits. tell me this is good

>> No.28307479

You can also just put something on your control key to hold it down. You’ll stay available and your pc won’t sleep

>> No.28307710

Developer for a horribly mismanaged gov department. We were working on a software project last year but one of our supervisors abruptly decided to give it to an outside vendor for no reason and because it was more important for us to be doing nothing instead. They were given 6 figures of taxpayer money to copy and paste my code and make a pretty front end. This was over a year ago and I've had nothing really to do since. My boss has occasionally asked me to do stuff lately but he's so overworked he forgets what I'm supposed to be doing and sometimes will tell me to spend the week doing something I already did a month ago.

>> No.28307768

>>IT department
what do you expect, they hire most of the times some poo at these positions.

>> No.28308003

I know right. Pretending to work drains my mental energy more than actually working. If I do something productive, however small, I feel much more energetic in the evening.

>> No.28308063
File: 9 KB, 250x249, 1584565953681s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up at 0445
>go lift, come back, shower
>eat light breakfast
>go to work because ostensibly my job is vital and requires me to work in secure facility
>fuck around for 3 hours
>go on lunch
>spend the rest of the day watching anime and jerking off
I love being a vital component of national defense

>> No.28308192

work for the government

i’ve literally done zero work since last march and even before that i’d usually go home 3 hours early every day

>> No.28308215

I understand. I was a neet for a brief period during a summer in college and it was hell. Human beings need a job, they don't necessarily need an employer, this is what neetposters don't understand.

>> No.28308219

The key is finding a job where you know how to do something that nobody else in the company knows how to do and the subject is too difficult/time-consuming for anyone to learn. You'll have longevity in doing this if you deliver something really useful every once in a while. I'm a software engineer and I assume most others in the thread are as well.

>> No.28308298

Kinda hard to tell. We're supposed to keep our mouths shut about politics while we're at work but a lot of us voted libertarian and will continue to do so. Leadership is full of libtards and talking to openly about your beliefs can get them pissy at you

>> No.28308404
File: 615 KB, 284x250, 1611097409451.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Client decides to put me in new position because they refuse to hire people
>They forgot I was the only one in a specific position on the phones
>1 customer in the queue for 22 minutes
>No agents set to take call
>This is for a prioritized customer who paid extra to get faster service
>Regular customer queue is empty

>> No.28308433

Yes absolutely. Remember that dumbass article that said there was a surprising turnout for Biden among active duty military members? Biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard in my life, and I'm saying that as someone who gets dicked by the green weenie on the regular.

>> No.28308605
File: 73 KB, 600x450, 1608644519759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A little late but I work for the federal government. It was cushy before, but now that it's all WFH because half the the workforce is elderly and half of the remainder is obese/diabetic/atrisk it's even better. I do basically nothing most days. When I do "work", it's to attend meetings or answer easy emails.

>> No.28309163

powerpoint in slideshow mode will keep your pc on, use task manager to switch to another window from fullscreen
doesn't help with teams or skype status though

>> No.28309330
File: 64 KB, 620x675, IMG_9275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>documentary/reality tv editor
>wake up at 9 AM from disturbed dreams
>recently hurt my shoulder, do my PT stretches
>check emails, no news is good news
>work on long term projects, so no one bothers me for days to weeks at a time
>have a 2 week project, finish work in half the time
>play vidya, play guitar, watch based Stellar Lumens (XLM) go to the moon

it's not so bad. anyone else here in a creative field?

>> No.28309448

Just put your mouse on top of an analog watch to keep the pointer moving.
>keeps PC awake and Teams status as "active"

>> No.28310340
File: 67 KB, 820x620, 119-1193544_10468668-wojak-in-hoodie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been on /wfh/ for a year now and I have to say I think its bluepilled compared to unemployment chads. My roommate has been on unemployment all year and he makes close to what I do with all these extra gibs, he doesn't have to do any work at all, whereas I have to do a solid 1-2 hours daily, and he gets to travel around and do whatever the fuck he wants while I'm stuck at home.

I hate to say it boys, but the magic of wfh has worn off on me. I wish I would just get fired already so I can be an unemployed chad instead of a virgin wfh. Anyone else know these feels?

>> No.28310697

no, because i get a lot more income and benefits from my job than a non rapefugee on the dole lol

>> No.28310839
File: 65 KB, 811x456, 0941123e5c56545c8bd36329f658fac1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Portfolio analyst/trainer

>Wake up 6:55, turn laptop on at 7
>Get programs online and check if citrix is working, boot other PC to remote into the laptop and servers
>Make Coffee
>Hang out work to employees under me
>Look at coinbasepro/crypto stuff here and browse other subs
>handle all work wires in the morning before a wire cut off
>Do spreadsheet things and handle skype messages from people
>Call from 12-3 or so one on one starting in a sec onboarding a new person to shadow me
>check in with the night team at 4pm to see who is working overtime and staying until 10~
>Mass send end of day requests for issues occurring tomorrow
>End report to manager
>Work OT/cook dinner 5-7
>add lunch break in and submit timesheet

50-55 hours + Saturday/Sunday has a $500 /day incentive pay. It's taxed down to like 350 but its that + 1.5x OT hours into the 65-70 zone. City tax gets cucked right after as well.

>> No.28310896

so you're telling me the reason biden is president is because those few hundred thousand votes for jo jorgensen were the fucking military lmao? holy kek. honestly, please nuke us now, i want to die and take all of you with me.

>> No.28311189

get a load of this fucking guy. what do you work as that you get benefits? EU?

>> No.28311261


>> No.28311413


Last year I working in the office that same 55+ hour weeks with a 45 minute commute each way and I was not a supervisor or handed out work

I make 40% more now WFH...

Holy shit a lot of middle management/boomer managers in their 60s and 70s retired. Tons of upward movement. My old manager x2'd his salary as well (just being good with computers/being able to fill a roll of someone who did all paperwork by hand still). He's still learning the ropes but it's ridiculous

Having people shadow is a meme with a virtual computer/remote screenshare. Literally just watch them on a monitor in our works VOIP/cisco derpy voice program thats a ghetto Discord and use push to talk

>> No.28311419

Based. If UK is ((())) then US is ((((((((()))))))). You should sell everything and go fuck sheep in the comfy northern irish mountainous seaside

>> No.28311500

my man, calm down, trump was a nutjob running a half-assed con, I'd much rather have joe biden as pres

>> No.28312299

sounds like a lot of work fren

>> No.28312393
File: 54 KB, 1080x1080, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28312411


30-holidays days PTO per year instead of unlimited PTO. I take 2-3 days off a month. Had a mental breakdown before when I was in the office doing the 65+ hours with the commute?

Now? Fuck you pay me and meme Crypto

>> No.28312538

no, really, i want us all to die now. you have fully blackpilled me. the USA needs to burn to death in atomic fire.

>> No.28312987
File: 420 KB, 1000x1000, 0b55c662d43a89afcada63fabc48def7c74e1c1b806f410f56256fb274efb07e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be IT
>fixed all the major problems that were happening from March to May, also migrated to new hardware and returned the old ones ahead of schedule, saving the company a shitload
>9 months steady uptime since then

>wake up 6:20am
>turn on laptop 6:30-6:45am, no one online until the regular start time 7:30am
>check crypto prices, submit buy orders for penny stronks
>checkin at 7:40am
"work" until lunch
>checkin at noon
>always have 2 or 3 "changes" on the go so I look like I'm busy and making a lot of progress
>don't actually change much of anything because it's running and they're happy
>game, edge my cock, watch tvshows
>shutdown laptop at 2:59 PM

this is the comfiest bread bros.

12:26PM up 399 days, 23:11, 0 users, load average: 2.02, 2.10, 2.16
User tty [email protected] idle JCPU PCPU what

>> No.28313017

You’re a fucking loser kek imagine worrying about some bullshit controlled leadership position. Get a fucking life. I thought Trump was annoying but otherwise my life was unaffected. I think Biden’s a corrupt pedo but all I care about is MAKING MONEY AND ENJOYING MY LIFE. You’re the only one responsible for your quality of life.

>> No.28313376

wtf just realized wfh threads are infinitely comfier than r9k neet threads

>> No.28313412

based crybaby retard

>> No.28313531
File: 75 KB, 400x305, 1612312828040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these are literally my favorite biz threads

>> No.28313711
File: 752 KB, 1000x1000, flat1000x1000075f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up at 7
>review workpapers from yesterday
>make exactly 1 edit per hour
>submit around 3
>fill go to retarded meetings until 5-6
>gaming during all meetings

love wfh

>> No.28313776

>company starts sending out return to work surveys

>> No.28313794


>> No.28314037

you should restart that machine

>> No.28314223
File: 954 KB, 942x616, Screenshot 2021-02-10 124343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wake up at 903 for my shift at 9
>Login, check emails
>Close out a ticket, clean up a report
>Spend the rest of the day checking my stonks/crypto and playing Rimworld.

Im very comfy today, went for a walk on my lunch, hung out with my birds and fed them some millet. Hope everyone else is having a nice day.

>> No.28314262

you sincerely need to be deradicalized

>> No.28315421

Hey fellow insurance bro. I’m an a fraud underwriter at a major insurance firm

>> No.28315541

I decided today I want to do something productive with my time so I started practicing piano again for the first time in two years

>> No.28315645

What kind of insurance fraud combines a high probability of success with a lucrative payout? asking for a friend

>> No.28315723

If you don't have a home gym you are not going to make it

>> No.28315769

Very nice anon. I really need to pick up a better hobby to spend my outrageous free time with. I'm thinking of trying gardening

>> No.28316030


don't sweat it and keep doing your thing. not working whatsoever is bad for your mind/body/soul/etc.

>> No.28316091

Based. This year I've improved my guitar playing massively due to working from home.

>> No.28316233

None. None of the payouts are any good and it’s really easy for us to catch you and when we do you get sent to big boy jail for a long time.
Basically only actual niggers do it. There are far more lucrative industries to scam out there with far higher payouts. Insurance is so used to getting scammed we know all the tricks at this point.
Did you know there’s a database of every person’s license plate wherever it’s been photographed by any random camera in almost real time? We can track where any vehicle is at any given point in time and where it’s been

>> No.28316323

Nice I picked it up again recently too

>> No.28316586

Palantir Gotham? Guess it makes sense.

>> No.28316587

WFH made me realise that my job demands about one hour a day's work, tops.

And to think I spent all that time sitting in an office from 9-5 all those years.

>> No.28316751

Feels like this is the end of the golden age of WFH. Companies will become so obsessed with lost productivity that they'll require hourly status reports and hire people to randomly contact you to discuss what you've been doing the last 30 minutes, and correlate it with corporate spyware.

>> No.28316863

How do you start getting into e-commerce ? What qualifications are required?

>> No.28317102

Yes, for sure on that corporate spyware.
None of these scripts used for keeping the computer awake will work in the future.

>> No.28317714


My current setup is

>Gaming rig that runs a VM that remotes into the docked work laptop
>3 Screens (1 being work screen)
>Stretch the window and use my gaming rig to have any program I need on the VM
>Invisible to tech dudes
>Teams only gets used on shitbox Thinkpad

The only issue is my copy / paste doesnt work.

>> No.28317778

>hire people to randomly contact you to discuss what you've been doing the last 30 minutes, and correlate it with corporate spyware.
and they'll be offshore poos who barely speak english oh god no

>> No.28317904

>wake up
>send an email to my boss telling him I am still alive
>proceed to do fuckall all day
>get paid $60/hr to do this

>> No.28318047

>Wake up
>Start SCCM console
>Create report of all workers who run .ahk files for boss
>Laugh as OP gets fired

>> No.28318096

>job is basically customer support for dumb boomer salesmen. If I don't reply promptly they get pissy. My department used to be a separate company but got bought by current company and we're still in the "proving ourselves" phase with a lot of people outside our department actively disliking ours. WFH but busy all day actually working
Envious of most you itt

>> No.28318147

>None of these scripts used for keeping the computer awake will work in the future.
We know already, it's recorded in MS Graph

>> No.28318345
File: 329 KB, 408x427, 1606352648347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at what point of passive income should I quit my job? currently making 200 dollars a day from crypto

>> No.28318860

Just rdp to the VM, copy paste works.

>> No.28319023

Why not quit and try out the neetlife ?

>> No.28319502


Made a yearly salary on stonks in the last two months, work about 50% effectiveness (I still like my job, but don't want to burn out). Be at the office twice a week, doing most of the week's work there.

>> No.28319587

Care to explain a bit more ?

>> No.28319796

>tfw work in a lab and can't WFH
I can be proud some stuff I worked on is being used in covid testing/vaccine development r-right

>> No.28320293


>> No.28320297

>You're the only one responsible
So true. I'm so glad I decided to be born in a wealthy nation, rather than North Korea, and to a stable family, rather than a broken home. I made the right choice.

>> No.28320627

Kek, letting your country get flooded with Muslim refugees because you like to vote libertarian

>> No.28321743


i literally did a javascript course, made a portfolio in less than a week and shit-talked my way into a web dev job.

it's not that fun but i only work a few hours a day at the most, all at home.

if you have decent IQ, you can easily self teach yourself a programming language and get a WFH job.

>> No.28322222


kek, this.

had to migrate a site today. took 1 hour but told my boss it took all day and he was extremely pleased i managed to get it done at the end of the day.

simple as really...

>> No.28322686

checked wfh king

>> No.28323146


Hello kings!

Been spending this week day trading and interviewing/prepping for a new higher paying job (all during work time). Ah, feels good to be a WFH king.

>> No.28323162
File: 129 KB, 227x222, F4134C0F-73A7-4E60-B23F-BCC3932B5D26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>used to work at call center for tech support for this big gay insurance tech company
>started WFH
>just about as bad as working in the office except now theres zero communication because no one will answer their god damn IM’s other than the catty middle managment whores sending each other gay facebook memes
>fellow support reps start dropping like flies
>boss starts demanding an hour of overtime every day indefinitely
>PNK hit 20 cents at the same time, of which i held 167k
>sold my PNK, quit immediately
>been NEETing and just flipping shitcoins ever since

>> No.28323388


You do it man, fuck that company.

>> No.28323458
File: 1.88 MB, 4032x1960, 20210210_132959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best part of WFH is chillin with my dog.

>> No.28323534

Holy shit we're the same except
>boss says we might get a shit raise/bonus because of chink flu
It was made clear to us that we WON'T get a raise/bonus despite coof

>> No.28324453
File: 7 KB, 219x250, 1612802455195s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up at 3am EST for london open on fx market, scalp major pairs for about 6 hrs
>start work at 11, do basically nothing but answer emails here and there and the occasional task
>shit around on biz, monitor my coin positions
>take calls when needed, always lying or making up some bullshit about how I got this shit handled
>on thursday and friday I actually do all my weeks work in like 2-4 hrs each day
>chill from 4-7pm sleep at 8 so i can wake up for fx london open and do it all over again

the only thing stopping me from killing myself is the ounce of hope that Ill make it as a successful trader, and eventually coin flipper

>> No.28324834

Honestly, I wouldn't go back to wfh if offered. I get super anxiety about not getting shit done at home, way easier to slack off in the office.

>> No.28324952

So that means all people itt could be fired because you don't do anything anyway. It's just your company that is being stupid enough not to realize this.

>> No.28325083
File: 85 KB, 1387x702, f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up at 3am EST for london open on fx market,
I thought I was the only one on /WFH/

>> No.28325169

Me too! I actually try and provide good service to everyone but at the same time, I'm fucking around in a bathrobe.

>> No.28325407

pretty based but you'll rope hard if you fuck up, day trading fail and suicide rates are as high as the green candles themselves

>> No.28325595

you guys need to check out Win2VNC

I have my work laptop sitting on top of my gaming PC, and then I just drag the mouse "off the screen" onto my gaming monitor and now kb+m input is being sent to the gaming PC

copy-paste across too

>> No.28325620
File: 7 KB, 533x497, 1612806601416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been on and off of demo accounts for about 2 yrs. Starting to find consistency and I have really good risk management so not really at risk of roping lol.

Just trying to get my FTMO funded accounts at the moment then maintaining them and caking off of like half a percent gain a day on x3 100k usd accounts.

>> No.28325749
File: 91 KB, 600x815, 1601855342710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much in the same situation except instead of being denied a promotion, my boss has been dangling it over my head for over 6 months now, keeps occasionally telling me how he considers me a senior and expects me to be held to a higher standard but those gosh darn upper management just keep dragging their feet on his request for my promotion.

Every few weeks it seems like we have C-levels stirring up shit about wanting to get us back in the wage cage too even though our company is running exactly the same as it used to despite everyone being WFH for a year straight now.

>> No.28325859

nah. I'm a vmware admin, I just vpn+rdp directly to a desktop VM i created for myself. I'm too scared of accidentally copy pasting "NIGGER SHITCOIN" across my desktops so I keep all personal stuff on my laptop during work hours.

>> No.28325867

Based fellow FX traders. I do the US session though

>> No.28326105
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ny has been kinda poo lately lol
Unless you're around for open and have a setup ready its meh.

Made about a percent on AUDUSD today (risking 0.5% per trade) at like 10am EST today tho

>> No.28326188

I think I don't have to tell you this but establish a plan of doing day-trading fulltime. Time with your kid is the most precious thing in the entire world. Once it's gone you'll never get it back.

>> No.28326262

Is London open more active? Idk if I want to wake up at 3am just to look at charts

>> No.28326325
File: 321 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210210-150127_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who else comfy here in $CLF

>> No.28326464

based CLFbro posting in every thread

>> No.28326598

Why this bitch flashing a spaniel in a stream. Shes got that high-waisted bullshit too. Put your titties away the dog ain't interested.

>> No.28326657
File: 13 KB, 480x360, 13474713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>log in at 9, wake up at like noon
>do fuckall all day
>log off at 4
>log my hours as 8-5
>oh noo sorry i ran into blockers on that task gonna take me another week or so
>other devs understand this, management understands this
>still not fired
>still getting the company bonus
>company so big the paperwork needed to fire someone costs more time and money than just having the dead weight (previous manager literally said this to me before he left the company)
>leeching an asshole globally hated telecom giant for a 6 figure salary
>5x part of said salary with crypto
>and ill get away with it too

>> No.28326696
File: 2.00 MB, 1024x768, NgT0MSd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah for major pairs its usually more volatile so you can trade a market that isnt just fuckin ranging all session


>> No.28326727

Legit sounds like me. Except 100K.

>> No.28326854


>> No.28327082

>dimwitted employees
same here. we're behind on technology so we've got a lot of paper pushers that they can't get rid of. if you're young and smart you're golden.

>> No.28327117

This. And gas is lower so I also trade ETH tokens.

>> No.28327302

Sorry you didn't have the foresight to become a programmer. It was a really obvious move honestly.

>> No.28327539

fucking kek

>> No.28327616

>wake up at 7:45
>snooze 3 times
>Join 8am status call
>Log into email on phone to make sure nothing is critical
>Log into IM on phone
>Hold phone in hand so vibrations from IM wake me up
>Go back to sleep until next meeting
>caffeine running on laptop
>Get up and watch youtube or play Vidya
>Make sure I promptly reply to emails and IMs to give illusion I am present and working
>Join all meetings on mute I am invited to even ones having nothing to do with me
>offered a promotion

>> No.28328139

good taste

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