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>be 35
>look up everyone I went to school with
>all happy with families
>me with just 9k in crypto shitcoins
>no friends
>no job
At least i have you /biz/

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no you don't, fuck you

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What makes you think they’re all happy? Not saying they aren’t, but if they weren’t they would still be putting only their best foot forward on social media

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lol 9k just yolo on shitcoins who cares

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At 26, I'm in the same boat, except I have 9 years to get my shit together from where you're standing. Everything else is spitting image situation. I guess we have each other. Hell, at least I have my friends on Discord. It's been a lonely year, that's for sure.

In unrelated news, my friends mom wants to fuck me so I'm gonna do that soon.

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I feel like an idiot still thinking about schoolmates at 24. 35??? How do you even remember their names

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no one on biz is your friend you fucking faggot

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ngmi anon

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this. i know people who are active on social media and are absolutely batshit irl

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You’re early, Cronje said in ethdenver today: that defi is akin to the start of the internet

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take solace in the fact that no one is happy and you dodged a bullet not getting married

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They seem happy enough. Showing off their kids and shit. Only thing I can be happy about is most of the girls i simped over got fat.
Sometimes i end up just looking up girls i used to like then going though all their friends and names will just jog something in my mind. I really do hate myself after doing it.

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Literally half of marriages end in divorce meaning half of the people you went to school with will wind up unhappy and broke with a kid who resents them.

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There’s these websites called Facebook and Instagram

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Most of them won’t even be happy. They will prob be jelly of you having no responsibility. Buy HOGE btw.

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Not 17 years ago faggot

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They might be, but they might not be.

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There’s these things called yearbooks fucking idiot

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>only 9k in a bull run .
Go back to whatever board or subreddit you came from faggot

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OP already said he finds them through mutual friends but looking through your yearbook to remember names so you can facebook stalk is indeed a level of pathetic I myself could not have conceived, so thanks

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>At least i have you /biz/
What? This place is the last thing I’d call a ”community”. People coming and going to pump scamcoins.

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same, 26 and moved across the country last year none of them exist to me and haven't for years

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>be 28
>everyone I went to school with is wagecucking
>I bought 100k linkies in 2017/2018 and quit my job in august 2020
>mfw I told all my frens to buy in 2017 and they called me crazy for putting that much money on a shitcoin instead of buying ewpensive clothes, phone, etc...

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>At least i have you /biz/
Glad you're here fren

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Every fucking boomer whips out their yearbook when they get a fb. Are you calling my mom pathetic?

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That’s rich for this board

No one here has more than that were all 18 snd using our summer money desu

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that only faggots use

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Are you implying boomers aren't pathetic?

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im 21, no debt and just started stacking in the past 6 months. i still really care about showing up my classmates because of some inferiority complex. i HAVE to roll up to the reunion with more success then all of them combined. i just have to... im not a total autist though, i have good relationships with friends and family. what mistakes did you guys make to have so little progress towards american dream?

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This mindset is your downfall. You should be focused on having good times and making friends. Jewish TV writers that were bullied in school have convinced us that pulling up to your reunion in a lamborghini is the end goal of life, when in reality the only happiness you can get is from living in the moment. If people don't like you now they aren't going to care about you in ten years because you're richer than them.

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true that, i was the same as that guy and just wanted to make a lot of money ignoring happiness that there was to find in highschool and then finding myself depressed and miserable after. Money is cool and all focus on it and take it seriously but don't cut yourself off from the world completely for too long.

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This lmao.

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>Be 38
>See miserable friends
>Naggy middle aged wives
>Look to my right
>My 28 yr old pregnant wife
WAGMI frens

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You don't occasionally wonder about people you knew forever ago? Not even looking up the hot girl in your class to see if she's hit the wall?

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I somehow know that feel.

The goal here is not to become a better person, but to find happiness in showing your peers how miserable they really are.

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>be 21 with almost $500k in LINK and LP
>more money than my parents
>almost 100x more money than anyone else at my age in my country
>feel bored as fuck

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i get you. i had a hard time but i rose above. i wont go into detail but i went from shy, suicidal, fat, autistic, next school shooter to confident, fit, had sex (need to get better at that lol)less autistic, maybe happy with a bright future? at this point im already ten times further ahead than any them. i dont talk about this with anyone im close too. even though im half a country away it angers me to this day the way i was treated by those people(staff included). i am always stuck in the past, its my next hurdle in life i guess. thats alot but its nice to get this off my chest for the moment.

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Add another shit fajitas coin tomorrow to your stack :


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dont listen to these larping fags about the amount of wealth they have in crypto. majority of biz are poorfags gambling on shitcoins

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This grass is always greener on the other side, that being said it's still just grass.

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Cruise thru all the roasties FB pics for ones where their kids were born and download the ones where you can see their nips, you'll find a half dozen. It's really satisfying

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What? Literally me but 29. Couldn’t be happier! All I do is check biz and play ffxi.

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I'm basically the same situation, OP. 35, I make basically nothing at my job, I have a few thousand in cash and shitcoins, no friends, live far away from my family, have to wear a fucking mask if I want to go for a walk, the society keeps getting shittier and shittier. Just gonna ape into crypto this year and try to make it.

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>be 26
>good job above average but not kingpin
>$250k crypto over past 5 yrs, never cashed any
>house share with 3 dudes from highschool
>girl called me childish and left me

Still not happy with my income/wealth. Found out my friend makes 5k gross more a year from his job and was annoyed even though my net worth is higher.

Hoping to reach 3m as soon as possible so I can stop thinking about money every single day

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It comes down to be disciplined and putting in the time for research. I’m a doctor so I gave my time but in 2015 when I started my job I was a broke fag in debt and just chasing chicks on bumble. I would pull a lot of chicks which was fun but ultimately pointless. After breaking up w this cute chick that liked the fuck a lot in summer 2017 got lucky to stumble onto crypto and biz. I would work my ass off after work until 12 every night learning crypto trading chasing shit pump and dumps. But I found link then I found biz and I bought 50k stinkers. Met a chick I liked a lot a few months later. Forgot about crypto for a while. Got married last year now a kid on the way in a few weeks and link i do actually think will hit $50 this year. Tbh I got lazy on crypto otherwise would have much bigger stacks to speak of like look at the Bnb chart holy shit. But you need to get off biz and dyor so you know when something is a value play to buy. Don’t fuck it up crypto is still early but only those who dyor intensely will make it.

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>>Look to my right
>>My 28 yr old pregnant wife
you fucked up too, it's just 10 years later

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you are lying, Anon.

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"happy with families"
no, anon, they are miserable

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>all happy with families
all happy = assumption
with families = observation

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I only have 9k also but I just held BTC and ETH that I got for $1200
I'm going to try getting back into trading like I'd tried in 2017 and see if I still have time to make it to 100k before this corrects back down.

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The losing mentality is to think you’re some kind of blizerian like all these neets think they will be. Don’t listen to them only 1 out of a million. Not saying to wife and kid up but find something stable otherwise you’ll be left w nothing seen it many times. If you don’t care about yourself then don’t do it for yourself do it for the girl then but yes you need to go out with a ton of chicks to find one that actually works esp in this shitty day and age w tik tok chicks

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>$400k home
>1.2m net worth.

>> No.28285821

you're not alone.

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I do wonder if they have the same feelings of existential dread I get as a single guy in his 30s. At least they're perceived as successful, I feel like a stigmatised manchild loser.

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You have to take the redpill to be successful. Don’t internalize it too much there’s a lot of bs to it but you need to take the redpill otherwise you’re gonna get fucked

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can I get to this level if I just turned 32 and am starting from zero?
zero=neet still living at home w/ no degree

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Don’t worry about normies OP. We’re all gonna make it.

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Unlikely in 3 years but impossible if you don't start working towards it.

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At 25, I'm in the same boat, except I have 1 year to get my shit together from where you're standing. Everything else is spitting image situation. I guess we have each other. Hell, at least I have my friends on Discord. It's been a lonely year, that's for sure.

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We aren't here for you moron. I have good and own family, I'm years younger than you, I have few friends, 100k worth crypto, so once again fuck you OP.
Most of us are here to build fortune for our childrens and family, so we can make it and offer better future for them.

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i still recommend leveraged trading for anyone 'without any prospects in life'
but you need balls for it - one wick can make or break you

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Just bee yourself.

>> No.28287689

I have no prospects. Should I toss the 5 ETH I have into a 25x long on BTC

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>could be staking $ALEPH this whole time but instead haunting himself with the past

>> No.28287883

in obvious pumps like TSLA announcement day - yes, when markets are sideways like today probably not

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you suck kys faggot

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it's ok anon i like you

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yes retard, a board that has been active in crypto for half a decade is all poor

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Absolutely if you are ready to take a risk.
Just staight to 6 digits club

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