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guys wtf, i’ve made so much money doing absolutely nothing betting on shitcoins. This feels like a cheat in the system. why do so little people know about this?

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Where and how do you pick them?

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Im making a fuck ton a money on 10x leverage and selling 1% on BNB lol

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because in a year you lost all this money again

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>Only been in crypto for 3 weeks
>decide to go toss 75% of my hard earned savings into AVAX after doing a bunch of research a week ago
>Up $9K in 24 hours on AVAX

This is like 4-5 months of hard saving for me. I feel fucking euphoric.

I'm just about at that point where I have a big enough of a buffer to just let it ride for a long time, but put a stop loss somewhere where I am ensured a decent profit.

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it's not a cheat, it's how it's supposed to be. sergey tought me this, master mindset and slave mindset. if you feel like you're cheating because you are getting rewarded for looking ahead and investing wisely, then you have a slave mentality. people like that tend to say "even if i had 10 million dollars i still would go to work, i'd feel useless if i didn't" or "i'd rather earn a smaller amount of money but it's honest work" shit like that. if you stop treating money like a reward and more like a tool, then you can get ahead.

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Oh shit man I think the crash really is near with so many newfag redditors boasting about their 10k gains

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Because a lot of people are risk averse and brainwashed into living in a certain way. They think you can only succeed if you go to college and then work an office job until you’re 65. They wouldn’t dare invest in something as silly as crypto.

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I'm shorting bitcoin as we speak lad

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>even if i had 10 million dollars i still would go to work, i'd feel useless if i didn't
sounds like my mother, at least she has a pension to look forward to the longer she stays but the wagecuck mentality is not as admirable as she thinks it is. she's cucked.

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