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All I do is gamble options, its such a rush bros. I'm gonna either make it or lose it all, and I'll love every second.

Anyone else here /gamblergang/?

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I like gambling more than I like money

Only certain things, though. Not horses or slot machines: something where you can lie to yourself about your technical ability, like Poker or Finance

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Oh it doesnt matter for me bro, I just need my fix.

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holy fuck this is the best feeling in the world. the adrenaline combined with the smugness when you win. i havent felt like that in a long while though :/

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I have never tried unironical gambling, because the rush is too much, and I have had too much luck in the past(with things not related to gambling) and I fear becoming addicted

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if there is a 1% chance of losing it all you will inevitably lose it all

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t. retard

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Is this gambling? I have no knowledge of crypto
Just want this as a lottery ticket and sell in 2-3 years in case at least one of them explodes.

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Fortune favors the bold, bro.

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If you actually want a lottery ticket get our of ETH and BTC with those relatively small amounts and put it into ADA, guaranteed gains to reinvest at the least.

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Get in on Pancake Bunny and stake it for CAKE. It sounds stupid as fuck but it’s unironically legit and addicting as shit

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shit coins is more retarded than stuffing money into a slot machine