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PRQ and PNK are my biggest positions. Nothing ever happens. Made profit on both, but it's disheartening to see even centralized chink shit BNB go parabolic while these two PoS just dump. Missing the bullrun AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

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didn't this already go like 1000x from the bottom?

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patience friends. patience and we will be rewarded.

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IQ Protocol tokenomics
2 Defi integrations
>= 1 major exchange listing

> $10 july 1st.

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Patience, shmatience! Where's my money bruv!?

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friday is moon day. Every coin gets one

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ah yes another pump before slowly dumping right back to $1

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We sell on the pumps and buy the dips Anon... what have you been doing all this time?

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gas fees

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I have an idea, next time it pumps I’ll sell, it will keep pumping because I can never Swing correctly

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It did 100x
>and people asking why its crabbing, be happy its not dumping

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This will sound like cope but the fact that it did a 100x and is crabbing for weeks not violently dumping speaks to the strength of it. Our time will come again.

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thanks anon
we will remember you

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why july? anatoly didn't announce anything

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trust the plan

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We just need more liquidity, currently not listed on any major CEX. The team focused their marketing on China...We got Okex listing we need Huobi next.

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Ironically it's Marlin that is going to x100 Kek

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>sold my API3 position at 5.30 to increase my parsiq stack at 1.10 now thats mooning and this has just crabbed forever.

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who cars the marketcap is still waaay to low
This is a 1bn project.

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the GRTrannies are catching up to us again

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marlin is absolute vaporware buzzwordfiesta for midwits

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that’s exactly the kind of bollocks that’s been mooning lately though

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I dont see it happening, marketing is non existant.

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Last time they were doing that was when both were around the 70c range.
We know what happened next.

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kek, this is actually FUD right now. Top 40 are +2B market caps and this one belongs to top 20.

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this retard doesnt even know how to operate a mute button on zoom, how is he gonna build a quantum time travelling wallet

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Nice volume. Biz’s selling alone would tank the price to 50 cents

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gains wheeeen?
Binance wheeeen?

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never, it’s just a wallet

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still accumulating or just having fun?

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Just having fun aha
Can’t accumulate more until payday at the end of the month

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i want more PRQ! SELLLL

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Reminder to PRQueers you have lost money while GRTchads are 300% up

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>hundred x
>accumulation before next rocket
>people complaining
never underestimate stupid

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Does anyone check the Baex system (#baex)? I found a post about this defi binary system, looks like it is a new gem. A lot of options, bonus system and profit range from 180 to 220%. It will be good with the modern algorithm. As I get, they have Yahoo Finance quotes source.

What do you think about this project?

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The Rug has been Pulled.

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It’s so that he can get a nice BBQ for 4th of July.

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People don't understand how powerful Parsiq is going to be.
It isn't JUST a wallet.
It's a time machine.
Imagine you lose your debit card- your wallet can't do much to help you now. Your wallet only works in the present, and it only has tiny pouches to hold your cards and cash.
Enter the Ncase wallet. Genuine Estonian leather. It has pouches, sure, but as well it has a zipper to lock things up tight- I've seen some of the early test data and the zipper runs VERY smooth.
But if that fails? Your wallet can simply go BACK in time to when you still had your debit card, then return to the present, this is one of the most elegant security systems ever developed.
I think once this goes live I'll take my wallet back to December 2020 and buy even more Parsiq, once I have my full 100k stack the PRQ network will smart trigger my time wallet to bring me back with little to no damage to the timeline.
Oh what's that? You bought the "google" of blockchain? Kek. I'll take my Ncase wallet and see you losers later.. or perhaps even, before.

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And yet nonetheless we continue to dump... back in time

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>he doesnt know I went back to the genesis block with my Ncase and bought up all the snips already
better luck next time;)

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based pasta bro

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>>= 1 major exchange listing

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I think I'm just going to stop looking at the price for a year and (hopefully) wake up to a pleasant surprise.
What do you guys think I should grab next? I'm looking into LTO, DEXG and (maaayyybe) BUIDL.

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i buyed in november and price still hasnt moved
but everything else is huge percents

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The spring is coiling up ready to explode

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CFI has good potential.
They are building automation tools for DeFi.
Their v2 product looks good and will be released at the end of the month.
"Imagine ZapperFi+Uniswap+DEXTools+Limit Orders+Automation(LPs) all in one place and take away the need to constantly click through Metamask. That will be an early version of CyberFi V2."

The secret project samurai should be announced soon as well.

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If you bought in November you would be up 4x worse case.

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>and PNK

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Bitcoin just shit the bed, pump incoming

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I actually think CryptoKEK could be better than Dextools. They still have work to do obviously but just the UI layout seems better IMO. I could be wrong but I think given time they could have a better product than DEX.

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price has pumped and dumped...
i am back to the start

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calling an x is fraud if it doesn't reach that. al i'm asking is that people look at what the hell is goingon on boriingDAO. just look at the price of Bitcoin for cripes sakes. yeesh!

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Not sure if you are trolling but that token is the incentive token for providing liquidity.
PRQ is the actual token.

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holy fuck wait until this guy adds the prq token adress to his wallet - 0x362bc847a3a9637d3af6624eec853618a43ed7d2

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this fucking piece of shit is totally useless. Every other coin is pumping except this shitty DUMPSIQ. I am out!

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add the new token address and post pic faggot (if you're not trolling)

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A true mash maker kek

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They'd have 0 prq cos they didn't provide liquidity

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no you got prqboost based on how much prq you hold, i held 12k and got 6k in boost..
if this anon is not trolling, he could have 300k prq

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This needs updating, with Tron's current market cap Parsiq would be $31.

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yes. i was guided that it is necessary for users so i bought on uniswap and watched price go up and then down.

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Easy choice anon.

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go on uniswap, add token, then pic

OR DID YOU BUY PRQBOOST?? you did-right?

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man I bought my perqies at 1.35 and I'm not feeling so good...

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$1 EOY!

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:( my perqies not no quirky

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You should know.

BTC pumps- PRQ crabs
BTC dumps- PRQ dumps
BTC crabs- PRQ crabs

Do what you like with this info.

Pic related

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/biz/ meme'd me into the anatoly ama pump
it never pumped because of those amas

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Na this is a sold project really, always pumps at really weird times though.
Just need to be patient, I expect we will be crabbing around $2.50-$3 in a month or so

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just got 1000 parsiqs. am i gonna catch up from missing out on avax?

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The weird time pump is so fucking true.

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If you're willing to wait months for a 2x you could catch with literally any of these std ridden uniswap shitcoins. Atleast holding prq is ultimately comfy in the longterm, like I really have no trouble sleeping because of losing money, but I have trouble sleeping when I think about the opportunity cost of holding it (missing gains left and right)

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fucking piece of shit. I've capitulated, can we go up now please?

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this is a $1 stable coin anon

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when will prq be declared as the currency of the united states? usd seems like a shitcoin compared to prq.

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Aren't they locking the price of this coin for the customers actually using the product? Why would anyone hold this? It's literally a subscription service.

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Pricing of services is based not on the token amount held, but the value of the tokens held

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lets pray to god guys

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*toilet flushes*

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Nahh, Marlin is the next 100
It is 1/10 marketcap of Parsiq

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I believe that she will win
I believe that she will win
I believe that she will win

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stfu you pajeet fudder
This is a long term hold with a great team and real value
You can go risk your money with shitcoins, I'll to stick with the project with a solid development plan and a great community
The price needs to stay at a balance between value investors like myself and speculative traders like you.
Users need price stability
Investors want price stability
So you moonboys can STFU (shut the freak up) and GTFO (get the freak out)

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are you getting nervous parshits?

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I shouldn’t have sold my GRT

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pajeet tier (GRT) vs value project (PRQ)

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Parsiq? more like ParSHIT ahaha

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I want to blow my brains out