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At least American beggars keep our currency inside our country.
These shitcoins literally are funding India and China.

For the love of god don't give your money to these people.

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My god 99% of new posts are shilling.

Why don't the mods wipe these threads they are super obvious.

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each coin should only have one thread up at a time like XRP general

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Agreed but these shills don't give a shit about rules unless they can get you off /biz

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They keep us on our toes and weeds out those who should not be in this market.

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Yeah but it's literally robbing hundreds of thousands from people.

Cmon it's not wise to be transferring our wealth to pajeets.

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sir do your needful

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What does that mean exactly? lol

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wow, who told you about these alts? This is trash dude, don’t believe those bastards
if you wanna get profit use your IQ and follow yield farming
I participated in metalex and they made a new system, a guarantee of 300% APY

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he not good at english like you and me. but please, do the needful sir, buy MCDC.

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it means buy ELONX

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you are looking at this the wrong way
first of all, they're not hard to spot and they're kinda funny (at least to me)
secondly, we have a mutualistic relationship with the pajeets. they get to scam newfags and the newfags that don't have any drive in them will give up and go away. ranjesh will use that money for much better purposes than some redditor will. that $500 will go into ranjesh's village economy where it will help feed, clothe and provide fresh water to everyone. what would the newfag who got scammed have spent it on? GME stocks? star wars collectables? vidya? now the redditor leaves and never buys back in and misses out on the bullrun, while ranjesh is hailed as a hero and a provider in his village. then he marries a qt pajeeta and they little pajeetlet children and the cycle continues with them.
it's not all that bad fren.

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Hey americaninooo, check this shitty memerino


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Shut up Faggot. Go be a jannie then.

You’re just upset that all you bum ass whites are more pathetic than the third world now and ruining California. Houseless neighbors liberal white nonsense.

Go swallow opioids bill. And accept your Asian betters.

Try harder

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Find a project with good fundamentals anon. Here's a free Alpha:

FARM has 2x the TVL of $YFI and 1/10th of its MC. Its P/E ratio is around 3 where most competitors are trading at 17-18.

It's FDV/TVL Ratio is 0.22, the most imbalanced on the market (next closest one is BADGER and look how well that's doing).

Its earning 12-13M/month and 30% of that goes to buybacks. It's also now expanding operations to BSC.



Do with this information as you see fit.

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Life savings, Mortgage and kids dinner money ON

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that got dark real fast

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>funding China.