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Now this is a project thats going way under the radar..

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Poomp up the jam
Poomp it up
While your feet are stpoomping
And the jam is poomping
Look ahead, the crowd is jumpin'
Poomp it up a little more
Get the party goin' on the dance floor
See, cause that's where the party's at
And you'd find out if you do that

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$100 minimum LTO for obvious reasons.

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Is this legit? Why is the marketcap so small?

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>daily threads
>under the radar

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no anon, it's a known scam...

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Hey that's my pepe, that makes me feel happy that someone's using it. Weird feeling

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All legit and the math checks out. They havent done any marketing and arent hyping LTO for quick profits. Its already a functioning business doing over 100k transactions a day and rising. Reddit ama on altstreet bets next monday so the herd will probably wake up to LTO then, if they do the math of course.

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I love it,
What's the story behind it, it's so random?

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It's the ancient astronaught from an aztec carving actually

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just bought 5k worth of LTO, thank you frens

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Are you a long time holder?

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Since Jan 9th, though I wanted to buy in December, but I'm poor so I couldn't until later. I got 5k though, so hopefully that pans out soon, I wish I could get a bigger bag, but I'm okay with what I have, maybe it'll blow my head off and hit 20 dollars alongside chainlink, that would be amazing to see.

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>maybe it'll blow my head off and hit 20 dollars alongside chainlink, that would be amazing to see.
it's a slow rising coin based on daily transaction, but a real product

I expect it to be around $5 in Q3, anything more is daydreaming
anything less than $2 by Q3 is fud

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I think you're absolutely right, I honestly wish I could buy more because this is such a sure thing, I'm honestly considering selling some stuff I don't use anymore, because it's literally the easiest comfiest hold you can have.

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So why isn't VIDT going up

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How do I stake?

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too late to get in, it's already been pumped by /biz/ and shills

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yep just sold my 200k stack

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>too late to get in,
literally just doubled daily transactions
it's only gonna rise

literally in use by Dutch Public Administration

$5 by August

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nigger i don't have until august, i need a x2 this week !

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Lmao, there's LTO AMA in AltStreetBets this Monday, wait for reddit dudes to join

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If I buy this on Binance, how do I stake/lease? Please anons no bullying I'm new...

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create a wallet here and send the LTO to it
there's a section and a button for leasing/staking, then just gotta choose a pool.
transfer from Binance costs 5 LTO and leasing transfer is 1.

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reading the thread first always helps

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This is one of the coins i'll continue to DCA until I /makeit/

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Thanks Anon. If I lease I don't have to keep a program running on my computer 24/7, right? I just keep the seed phrase somewhere safe and I'm done?

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Yep, you lease to someone that does all that for you, and they take a small fee for this service (the /biz/ xeno.finance node gives you 99% of the "earnings" for example).

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yes if you lease no need to worry about running anything. you'll receive rewards automatically. might wanna think about re-leasing your rewards to compound every 400-500

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damn chainlink really getting back to the building process. BoringDAO also on board. gives LINKies access to big daddy bitcoin

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Stfu faggot is that your 1st 10% income ?
don’t be a faggot who trashtalks here
share what bot u use for it
I am clever enough to realize how it’s working
Bot Ocean - that what you need

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You have to do the math as well. Its the LTO law!!!

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You niggers are in the same discord P'n'D group, gtfo no one is going to buy your shilled shitcoin

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Is 10k stack enough?

What's the conservative expectation EoY?

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>What's the conservative expectation EoY?
between $7 and $10
let's be realistic

do not trust 20-50 shills

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Maybe 50-60 cents.
These guys are in the same discord pnd group

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only pnd here is your mom

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you"re* sorry

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>$7 to $10 EOY
cmon bruh

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? too low?

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2-4 dollars

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Shithead have a glance on the chart

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Wagmi chads

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that's way too optimistic anon

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You're pepe is my fav one, it's quite different
I've made a lot of the currently circulating ones, but they're easy reskins
Im proud of pic rel the most
Maybe i do more tonight

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I'm addicteddd

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I might some more effort in and make a higher quality one, if you've got any ideas I'd love to hear them!

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plz make moar

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This ones a comfy one too
Rainy day for Sir Elton

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Discovered more pepes in some random sticker pack going to port em over

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juicy dip boyss

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>just bought at .32 this morning
oh well, guess I won't care that much when this thing is $80

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satanist ceo don't buy this scam

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Fuera de aquí.

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>scaleable inter-agency data sharing consortiums

>~100k Tx/day (rising)
>99.9% Tx's from actual usage
>used by United Nations (land registry in Afganistan)
>used by Dutch gov
>GDPR compliant

>50% circ. supply already staked
>deflationary: 0.1 LTO burn/Tx
>unique "LPoI" network economics incentivizes clients to buy, stake LTO
>100% of staking dividends derived from network fees


>LTO in 1.5min:
>3 min:


>ARTICLE: "An Obj. Look at LTO"
>ARTICLE: "LTO's Valuation"



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I fucking love LTO

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Join us.../biznode/ currently has about 4.5% of the circulating supply of LTO staked...

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If I have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, should I seek medical attention?

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No, you should only summon El Tio and he'll fix that for you

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Because of lto buying Vidt IT scared new investors.

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chad apex predator LTO

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He's in vidt tg rn having an ama

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are you referring to biz node (xeno) where everyone on there is encouraged to lease their LTO holdings? That's not a PnD group my nigga.

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Rick Schmitz LTO Network:
Hi everyone! I was asked by our communication guy and some comm members to have a spontanious AMA.
So lets do that

Hey Rick, simple and easy question: When do you estimate a Merge with LTO will occur?
Rick Schmitz LTO Network:
Soonest 6 months from now.
issue LTO to VIDT comm in exchange for their VIDT

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Guys - Everyone is fully in panic mode. LTO purchased this project for a reason. To bring clients that are just starting with blockchain a simple but effective way to start. This match was found in VIDT. My wish is to bring the projects together, as an integrated whole. Thats pure from a business perspective the best way. But as there is also a token involved we have to look for a good way for the holders of the tokens as well. So in that respect there are 2 options:
1) Absorbe the VIDT marketcap in LTO.
2) Keep it seperate

Option 1 is the option that I think is best, as we have to manage only 1 community, maintain only 1 token, marketing, market making, etc. This is synergy in opps to save costs

Option 2 is the option when either the exchanges refuse or the LTO comm refuses.
Fuck these vidt fgts

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Q: "Hey Rick, what was your profession before you founded LTO Network?"
A: "Oh, I was a M&A tax lawyer for 5 years..."
>M&A tax lawyer
>M&A tax lawyer
>M&A tax lawyer

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Buy the dip, faggot
>they said more and more
Then shill this shit on /biz/
>fine I have bot ocean subscription and use bots for trading and less risks on DEX

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Is holding a 100$ worth of LTO for a year worth it?

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Either it will be seperate and we continues to grow it like we did with LTO. Or VIDT get swapped into LTO which is growing at lightspeed

Not yet decided

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Why hold for only a year? If you think LTO is a swing trade you don't get what LTO is from a value investor's perspective.

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>Is holding a 100$ worth of LTO for a year worth it?
I'm holding $1000, realistically aiming for 3-4x, secretly hoping for 10x

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Thanks frens and good points. Much appreciated.

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pic related says it all...

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You hold LTO for the rest of your life. You need to do the math.

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USA fag here, why are all the exchanges that have it seem sketchy as fuck? Is Uniswap the best way to get it even though I'll get assraped with fees?

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Once LTO is on (((coinbase))) it'll already be too late. What kind of fees relative to your investment would you be looking at?

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We are now controlling 9.28% of the total leased LTO

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It's on binance.

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I guess an updated version would look even better.

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/biz should set up another node that we add our APY gains too every week.

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You can download trust wallet and then send BNB there. There’s a dex inside smart wallet where you can swap BNB for LTO. Works great

Price probably isn’t as good, but it beats gas fees on uniswap. Check it out.

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I'd set up a node if I had 100k, but I only have 15k.

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Can LTO token be used for data validations? Or is it just VIDT?

Rick Schmitz LTO Network:
Yes it can

Vidt token not needed kek
It's a company merger, more devs and marketing.
Sucks for vidt holdere atm
>It was inevitable

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I have 100k but I'm not tech savvy

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Capped this one, super comfy thanks anon

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bros bros bros what the fuhhkc ahhhe eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.28302943

all you fuckers who were complaining that they missed the boat, here is your opportunity...

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>be /biz/ node
>start 2 weeks ago
>no one leases
>be today
>2nd biggest LTO node

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>trust wallet
>smart wallet
Pls explain. I’m about to get fleeced on uniswap

>> No.28304274


I just bought LTO on binance like a regular human being (aka not a burger)

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Sell sell sell it's all coming down ahhhhh

Fuck you Rick you fudding bitch, they're gonna give vidt holders new minted LTO and dilute the price to 10c ahhhhh

>> No.28304668

nah it's just BTC being retarded