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Don't sleep on $MCDC
Get a suicide stack now before its too late

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How much for make it

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Fuck you and this retarded ass scam coin. Tell the founders to pump again to 20 cents and maybe I'll listen

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not filling your bags rajeesh

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enjoy being stuck with bags of your shitcoin dumbass

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Tendies Lives Matter!

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Fuck Mc rug pull
it's all about Starbucks coin!!

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reported your scam to mcdonalds corporation

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Those links will expire soon, better screen shot it

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you sound brainwashed

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checked. good point, i'll send another.

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Buy $need instead

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I love how the jeets got some white people hand's pictures to help make their scam look legit. Kill yourself jeet

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What if it goes on coingecko?

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No one wants your bags
Ask Comma to take them
Fell for a literal pump and dump rug pull scam
I feel bad for new fags

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This. We had an amazing run when we were only spamming /biz/. Imagine when Coingecko listing (which has been applied for and is coming in the next days) is live and we start getting more exposure on Plebbit and Twitter. This shit is gonna blow up. Accumulate now anon

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/biz/ is asleep

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It proves anyone can fake an image

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Coingecko will list your coin that's based on IP you don't own? Large if valid.

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Hoge is mooning. Don’t get left behind anons

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Proves exactly what it looks like.