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is this real life

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You did good anon, kanpai!

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Fuck off pajeet he did good

seethe because he didnt buy your pajeet bags

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Yes, life is a video game now. Cosmic endowment and reality-virtualization soon.

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> not buying a microcap

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life is in fact not real, I'm sorry anon, you are dead. This is just the finale flash of consciousness due to the massive amount of DMT being released into your brain upon death

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clown world now

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kanpai and chok dee
I don't buy coins with no cashflow

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Post hands retard

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bonus. party on

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thats weird, i just sold 60000 USD worth of cake

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you just bought this chart btw OP

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good strong hands

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grats on the gains
>when I zoom out things get steep
got any more expert TA for us

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you can't trick me lightskin pajeet

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you're gonna swap your $15000 for a stack of pancakes

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what other ta can you do on a coin gone full parabolic in price discovery?

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there's nothing wrong with taking profits, but understand there's more to a market than the chart. if you had sold this the first time it went vertical and doubled in a day, you'd have sold at $1.20. look at the daily volume chart compared to uniswap and think about where we might be in the hype cycle

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i mean i bought it at 50 cents. there is a clear difference to me at this stage vs 1.20

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>not even log scale
hello rameesh, how's the village?

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pretty comfy considering I bought this in december and sold today. i just bought 3 more villages.

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like I said, grats on the gains and it's always good to take profits. my thesis is we haven't seen the last pump yet just based on the exploding daily volume on the exchange. I bought at $5.15 and will buy more if we drop back to the $5 range

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Well pretty soon we’re going to have dirty brown kids playing with tens of millions of USD making 3D paper art out of it so yeah seems like real life

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well, good luck. I dont like fudding a coin that I made gains on anyway

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nice, i just learned this coin existed today. stupid exchange wont even load my mm wallet though.

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did you set up BSC on your mm?

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why i need bsc, i thought it was eth

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bro. lol

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kek ill figure it out. im not stressin missing these gains just yet.

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I just bought dogshit, digitally. Now I'm going to hold and not look at it for a few weeks, ideally.

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Can't get Pancakeswap to work, whenever I connect my trustwallet all I get is a blank page, and nothing happens when I go for Meta or Trust wallet. fuck me

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see this guy >>28272150
gotta add bsc or some shit

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use this guide for mm
takes like 3 seconds

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Sell tomorrow, might make a few. Sell in 2 days, might kys

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I can smell the curry hands

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You could have bought a lower Mc dex coin with a better team and better plan

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I did have tikka masala for dinner but that's white person indian food

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Thank you for the new well.

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strongly considered moving all of my uni/eth shit to bsc. i provide liquidity and cheaper fees would bring fuckin nutty volume

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lol. already flipped and dumped that garbage

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>cheaper fees would bring fuckin nutty volume
the market agrees with you and is already 2 steps ahead

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so what's the BSC version of ETH? BNB?

and rip, the coins i provide liquidity for haven't migrated to BSC yet.

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what the fuck


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