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err link bros?

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So how much is a cup of coffee these days?
Tbh link is just sergey tricking people from buying bitcoin.

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Any minute now...

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FFS i cant stan the thought that normies have been getting rich from BTC and GME whilst this fucking scam won’t move at all. It’s not fair bros...

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you have to look at percentages not usd value u fucking retard.

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we're so early bros

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>tfw outperformed by a stupid dog-coin

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Trust the plan
Sergey will stop shitting in our mouths any day now


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not happening i guarantee it

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Anon I....

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>we're so early bros

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yeah gonna kms

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chainlink is only for rich fags or ppl who bought below 0.50, otherwise you missed out and are better off with something else

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Chainlink is TOP 9
Coins like ADA, DOT, XRP, BNB, LITECOIN are ahead and making distance from links market cap thats just over 10billion while others 2x bigger cap.
Link is underperforming as susual.
Thanks for listening. We make it like 10 years

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Eh. I bought 1k at 80 cents. Gonna hold to 0 or sell at 5k. Yes im a retard

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i'm going to kms.

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>tfw every 1% move is 10k for me

I literally don't give a fuck my man

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Don’t u know u nufag? Most of old biz hold 5 figure link stash OR more. Most of old biz got in well under $1. Wdgaf if it’s under performing for the last 5 month.

It’s like I just fucked ur Hot thot gf for 3 hrs straight, then u came home, and laughed at me for not being able to keep it up. Idgaf..... I came already.

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literally bullish and based

I sold my stinky linky because i didnt buy until 11.50 and put it all into BTC but i miss the memes

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When 90% of it being held by 125 people makes it kinda hard to have any high volatility.

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nah dude. it's still cringe cuz u should have sold ALL your links and bought something ridiculous like dogecoin or muh eth killer of the month avax

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haha this cope

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So what you're saying OP, is that it's time to buy more LINK.

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How does that change the indisputable fact that link is being slaughtered by everything around it lately?

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why would link pump?
It has no pumping news in the future
just Sergey dumping on linkies

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Ouch reddit really is here

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