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Angry Gold Flake Edition

>Why Gold?

>Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info

https://findbullionprices.com/ (US)
https://eu.compare.pm (EU)


>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

>EU/ENGLAND sources
https://www.chards.co.uk/ [Much cheaper than BullionByPost]
https://goldprice.eu5.net/ [Website to compare gold prices for UK]

>Russian/European coins

>Relevant information regarding mining companies

Previous thread: >>28253295

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>Was about to post something
>Realized a nigger would probably read it
>Decide not to post

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>If I were to sell an ounce of silver right now, would the shop offer me spot price?
Most likely not, they'd offer you above spot. Where i live the LCS are offering $2.50 above spot for .999 coins

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Why don't you put a disclaimer fren?
Tell them
>if you read this message, you must face consequences for your decisions in this life
And i promise you they wont read.

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Who ready for the crash
>t. Quad coinvivor

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>JM Bullion is (almost) cleaned out

What's your favorite book to read while admiring your stacks, bros? Here's mine: https://counter-currents.com/my-nationalist-pony-order/


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Im going to throw $500 into KXPLF as soon as my tax return comes in.
Should l use Schwab or Fidelity?

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>niggers could be here he thought.
write it in cursive?

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Thank you pmg for saving my life bros. Here’s some fresh oc

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>Who ready for the crash
Current holdings
>45000 Bay horse buying 10k more
>1500 AUMN
>100 AG

>1112oz silver
>3500 rounds 5.56
>2 ghost AR-15
>buttload of .22 and 2 rifles
>5 gallon bucket of seeds
>5 years as hood nigger with hood nigger friends pic related.

My body is ready senpais I just want a waifu and a farm.

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>Waiting on shipping confirmations

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>Waiting on shipping confirmations
>worse than a junky waiting for his dealer.
>know the feel

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wocka wocka wocka wocka...

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I use Schwab. It has lots of OTC tickers.

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very nice anon

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Write it in cursive and post it as an image. Niggers can't read cursive.

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>mfw still 90oz away from the coinvivor status
fml, i regret so much offering silver to my relatives last year to redpill them about PMs and the incoming fiat collapse.
When i visit them i always see the coins i gifted them randomly taking dust on a shelve, often on the very spot i saw them put it down when i offered it, and they did 0 moves to save their purchasing power, all of their normie money is still sitting in bank accounts, getting eaten away by inflation and negative interests.
Then i have to hear their lamentations about life being hard, mortgage blablah, boohoo poorfaggotry.



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Why is pedo Joe meeting with Jamie Dimon today? Is somebody nervous and asking for the government to step in to stop the ravenous silver demand?

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The uptick in Bayhorse buyers is very concerning, I hope you guys understand what you're getting into, the CEO fakes ore.

Please believe me while I accumulate another 35k shares under 9c, please please please please

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Kek. Hello bayhorse chad.

How many shares do you have?

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schwab is the thinking man's broker. don't limit yourself to bayhorse though; I'm personally in AABB, GPL, SLVRF, and, /ourminer/, AG. also hitting Skyline (backed by First Majestic's owner) once it goes public in the next couple of weeks.

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where is this idea that bayhorse was faking ore coming from? was it that vid with the scoop tram moving material in a covered tent?

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Honestly, I can't for the day where Bill kills all the masses.

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I think he is trolling.

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scratch that, ignore me i cant fucking detect sarcasm tonight it seems. Early sleep is in order.

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Hey pan man. Do you know anything about mine security in Africa? I know Executive outcomes was doing it in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Curios if the pay is shit or if anyone else uses ex military. Willing to travel don’t care about shitty living conditions as long as the pay is good.

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What coin design would you like to see on an ASE?

I'd love to see a redone Peace design with better relief, but with current ASE's reverse.

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took 2 weeks for me after payment process
some said 20 days for them

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35k currently. I want to load up more before it gets in the public's eye.

In for the long term but would be nice to accumulate now while it's in stealth phase.

What's your thoughts on GPL? I have 2000 shares of SLVRF, considering adding 2000 of GPL, they seem to be slowly crabbing up and I'm not sure I should wait for a pullback down to .75. Don Durrett has GPL pretty high on his risk/reward list.

I think it's something that originated on CEO.ca and ended up making its way here. I'm not too sure, just parroting the usual FUD.

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Me too, I like him, he is the one corporate Oligarch that uses his power blatantly right in front of the masses and doesn't fear them rising up at all

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I dont know that part of the industry well sorry, I know most major mines in shit countries contract out local forces commanded by outside contractors for the most part. No idea what the pay might be or what its actually like doing.

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Thank you frens. Vanguard doesn't allow me to purchase Baymeme.

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whats the bayhorse ticker for burgers?
i know its bhs for leafs
or does it not matter?

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yea i think i remember seeing some of that on their twitter page as well, some old dude complaining the rock didnt look like ore. It just looked dusty too me.

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Pan man, curious if you could give me advice. I live about 50 miles away from mountains with known gold deposits in the past. There’s a small stream that runs through the farm I live on which dries up in the summer. I think tracing the stream if comes from the mountains in the distance. Do you think it’s worth planning for gold here or am I too far away. I’ve been led to believe you need to be in there foothills at an early meander as that’s where the gold rests when the water slows on the turn.

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>35k currently. I want to load up more before it gets in the public's eye.
>In for the long term but would be nice to accumulate now while it's in stealth phase.

Nice man. Same here, I told my self I will not sell for at-least a year. I was listening to Doug Casey in an interview and he was talking about how he bought a junior in 79’ at .25 and had it reach 237$ per share or something along those lines. Not expecting that but if that bad Larry can explode it would be a dream come true. All I want is a humble homestead in New England.

I think they just got a deal with ocean and should be shipping ore in the near future.

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What the FUCK does my little pony have to do with counter currents and what does counter currents have to do with /pmg/? GTFO

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Thank you

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No worries. Appreciate the response as always.


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>Thank you pmg for saving my life
what did we do?

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I ll tell you this, look for slow down points in the current. Places where the current suddely looses power. Gold will drop there, behind large boulders, on bedrock, in moss or cobble bars on shore. Trace the creek to where it starts to get shallower, its easier to work there. Test the moss on shore, or tree roots where they over hang. Check for old diggins on the creek in the form of hand stacked rocks, old can dumps etc. If you find a water fall, look where the edge of the water boils and calms this will be where gold will hide out. Hope you find something mate, and i want to see pictures!

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Anytime Senpai.

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>What's your thoughts on GPL? I have 2000 shares of SLVRF, considering adding 2000 of GPL, they seem to be slowly crabbing up and I'm not sure I should wait for a pullback down to .75. Don Durrett has GPL pretty high on his risk/reward list.
my purchase was based on this analysis an anon posted here some days ago that makes a very strong case for GPL. it covers it better than I could:

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Thanks for the advice I’m going to have a look when the weather gets better. If I do find any I will post back on a future pmg thread.

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misread that a bit, if your that far from the source you likely wont find much in the way of gold on your own property, you will have to go closer to the source to start seeing colors in your pan. Look on maps for where multiple streams join and feed this will be a good spot to start looking.

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All the constitutional and gov mint silver you guys told me to buy over the past year, is hard to find now and double my average cost per ounce. Now I can sit back and get those couple meme bars I’ve had my eye on.

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Good vibes with Bayhorse, eh? Just because they shafted COMEX?

>> No.28266733

Th fact that they did that makes me like them. Might not be a good metric but atleast it’s a shared enemy.

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always bet long on ethical people. cheaters may prosper, but their hubris is eventually their downfall.

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>Jesus Clears the Temple

Ordered this last week. Checked order today and got pic related for status

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This is why I am going balls deep on butthorse. The guy seems like a genuinely nice old man and is invested in his own company.

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Shit, thanks. I think this was the document that caught my attention in the first place but I didn't really pay much attention to it before since they weren't on the radar. I'll take a look.

It sounds like they're assuming Gold to be $2000 this year which is interesting. I'm more comfortable with the target of $25 silver.

I guess one of the good things is that Brazil isn't likely to nationalize its mines anytime soon again, after selling off Vale back in the 90s. Especially with Bolsonaro in power. Vale being privatized was a big deal back then.

The one downside I see is that the mine is in the state of Amapa, which is not only out in bumfuck nowhere so infrastructure and logistics are a nightmare, but right out in the Amazon, with every NWO fucker wanting to sink their teeth into and """protect""". Possibility of natives chimping out could be large. It's more or less my backyard (although I've never been that far east).

Yeah, that's more or less the plan. I feel like this is my chance to "make it", even though I technically probably already count as having made it. But I'd love to retire early if things pan out this bull run. Like they say, chance of a lifetime. I'm young enough that I can risk a good chunk of the money I hand now.

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>pic related
Dang. I wonder when this will start working it’s way upstream. JPM must be sweating. The mints have to be scrambling for 1000oz bars and they are in direct competition with the comex for product as well as I imagine taking silver off the comex to meet demand.

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>Real Silver is DANGEROUSLY Close to Being Unobtainable


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>Silver is for Gentleman
>Gold is for Kings

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Spot could stay at $30 while an oz is selling for $60. Those miners who sell to COMEX have their contracts based on spot price and would only be making $20/oz while Bayhorse can sell theirs to the public for $60 or to a refiner for $50

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Any one from AUS here?
I am looking into going from silver to gold and i want to know who should i go through.

>> No.28267734

Or cut out the middleman altogether:
>Bayhorse Mint Bullion

>> No.28267814

>I imagine taking silver off the comex to meet demand.

I certainly hope so. I've bought about 110 oz since last week.

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Happy days are here again, just came in today. up to 245 oz silver, 1/4 oz gold.

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In this video the guy calls a dealer in Georgia and one in Texas just to ask them what they've seen. The first says that they did 2 months worth of sales in 3 days - says no one is selling them silver right now and they're having trouble finding stock.

The second dealer says that they're completely sold out of everything and any orders that are places are for 6-8 weeks out because that's when the wholesaler is expected to get them. Interestingly enough he says that even the wholesaler they buy from has no inventory and 90% of the material is just completely unavailable now. He says that his shop is completely sold out of gold as well.

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>But I'd love to retire early
I know the feel. I am 29 and willing to take risks. The economy is shit and I just want enough cash to have a family and raise them Catholic (still need work on my faith). The dream is to build an apiary and raise pigs and chickens.

I have a feeling with all the hate silver and PM’s get in general we are on the cusp of one of those century making moments. The gold and silver bugs in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s were right but no one could have predicted the fiat system could last this long. That said watching other countries accumulate massive stockpiles of Gold really makes me think the financial system is dying and fast. The Repo market freeze made me go from 30oz to 1112oz. The years of no dating and scraping all my spare cash together to buy silver as other people partied and bought toys made me doubt daily if I was making the right move. But I want my children to have a life away from public education and to know me. I don’t want to be the dad that comes home after work who is to tired to talk to them. This financial system is poison for the soul and I’ll be damned if I’ll let my children suffer because I wasn’t smart enough to invest. We will make it, I don’t know why but i feel like this small group on an anime image board will be written about in books. We’ll only know one another by our success. Pan man will probably be easy to pick out because he will be a big name in the industry (if he isn’t already) as well as a few others. I have no doubt some big players come by here from time to time. After all it’s the only anonymous place to speak the truth and have an open conversation.

I like you guys, I’ve learned a lot and I have a feeling I will attain my dreams because some of you shared some key knowledge just for the sole purpose of helping out your fellow man. We are going to make it bros. What we do after will define each and everyone of us.

>> No.28268064

talk to you guys later i am going to go pass out. Not feeling all that great all of a sudden. Nite!

>> No.28268078

FWIW there was an old man at my LCS today selling at least 400 ounces.

>> No.28268101

>I've bought about 110 oz since last week.
Absolute chad. I would be as well but I have reached the 1000 mark on silver and just started getting involved in stonks.

>> No.28268227

Same here. First time buying from them so I can’t say how long it could take.

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I have 2 of these
Reposting old stack photo

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>The years of no dating and scraping all my spare cash together to buy silver as other people partied and bought toys made me doubt daily if I was making the right move. But I want my children to have a life away from public education and to know me. I don’t want to be the dad that comes home after work who is to tired to talk to them. This financial system is poison for the soul and I’ll be damned

based anon

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Silver Miner Anon mentioned O'Neil said he was interested in something like this but the costs were prohibitive. Works for AG since they're a bigger company.

>Just paid for my order
>Sir it won't ship until end of February

Also, not a great idea IMO to basically be your own mint. Everyone sells at $30 for spot, ASEs are $40, but your contrarian company supplying the Comex sells non-sovereign bullion for $50... Not a winning strategy I think. You're basically betting on the fact lots of people would be willing to pay a high premium for the same product just because of their convictions. It works for hipsters and CONSOOOOOMers because they're stupid, but not with the big brained silver stacker waiting for JPM to give him cheapies.

Goes to show that it's not just Silver that's facing a "squeeze" which means it's not just people getting in to grab a piece of the pie but people legitimately concerned about the direction where the global economy is going.
I mean, it's the reason I even got into this in the first place. I came unto a very large sum of money I wasn't comfortable letting the government steal from via very obvious upcoming inflation. And then I went down the rabbit hole only to find out how bad it really was.

That's a great dream to have, anon. I'm in my early 30s now and lost my mom last year, have two brothers who are over 10 years younger than I am so while I'm not a dad myself I grew up being that kind of figure for them since their father wasn't in the picture. So all the hours of research aren't just for me. My youngest brother has the same mentality and endgoal you do, so if I manage to make it easier for him to achieve that, then that's mission accomplished.

Good night Pan Man, take care of yourself. Get some rest.

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Orthodoxy is better and has less Pedos

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Checked, thanks blanon

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Sorry about your mom Anon. I am not looking forward to that day and thank Jesus for every moment I have with my mother. You sound like a good man I am sure she was blessed to have you as a son.

The Church is in some tough times. But I will not abandon her, she still offers me a refuge in this poisoned world and the armies of hell will never succeed no matter how bad things get.

>> No.28269160

>but not with the big brained silver stacker waiting for JPM to give him cheapies.

Fair enough, it would depend on the spot/retail pricing separating and staying separate for far enough and long enough to tool up. It would make much more sense to cut an OEM deal with an existing private mint and license the Bayhorse branding to them.

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What's the catch with these guys? R*ddit comments say you get mailed random coins you can choose to buy or send back and you get junk mail but can both of those things be disabled easily?
Also shame I missed the 15 blowjobs for $30 deal.

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I admire your zealousness, but I think you really need to examine your roots and Church origins a little more. Catholicism is Latin Supremacy whereas orthodoxy has the more humble and legitimate claim to the first church

>> No.28269438

The prices make them seem too good to be true

>> No.28269532

I appreciate it anon. My family has been Catholic since it’s name came into being. I have the hard nose of a German and the stubbornness of an Irishman and must say I see orthodoxy as the other lung of Christendom. That said I will remain in the Roman Catholic Church. May Blessed Virgin always keep you and your family safe from the ills of this world.

>> No.28269549

As far as I can tell it's basically designed to target boomers who are too dumb to know better and people who forget to cancel subscriptions. Their normal prices are insane and more than make up for losses on offers like this ($60 for a single ASE for example).

>> No.28269573

nvm looks like the screenshot was taken a hile ago lul

>> No.28269761

No disagreement there, they could very well sell to companies that press their own bullion directly, but what's the advantage of being disconnected from the paper price? If you sell below spot, if it goes up you get shafted. If you sell above spot it

The way things are looking, it's very likely we'll see many more long term deals with buyers directly with miners, or perhaps with silver-focused streaming companies assuming prices rise and the big industrial consumers need sure-deals at less volatile prices assuming the Comex is bust.

Thanks. I wasn't half as good to her as she was to me, but she died in my arms and I'll never experience a greater honor than being there for her. Fuck smoking, 25 years of me asking her to stop accomplished all of nothing. Enjoy those times together, things sometimes happen too fast.

>> No.28270056

Extremely based

>> No.28270118

Thank you for sharing that anon. I am sorry for your loss.

You were and are a good son don’t be too hard on yourself. We are just men and wisdom escapes us until our older years. You did the best with what you had and we never know the hour or the day the lord calls us back.

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Blockchain is rising now because of the defi sphere, that's why I usually check new platforms. Not long ago, I found BAEX(#baex), did you hear about it? That's a defi binary assets project with Yahoo Finance quotes source

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File: 1.86 MB, 4032x3024, 57F1B5AE-9590-4E0D-A5D1-0F9C58C0AE17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally got my electric furnace today
Gonna try and melt some of my copper “stack” as a test run this weekend
Wish me luck, Copper Bro’s

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GL, what you gonna make just an ingot?

>> No.28270929

That’s the stuff right there anon. Made me smile huge.

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File: 28 KB, 570x570, B0F0D7E8-041E-4C4B-A0F6-56D18CF46769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hai, with picrel

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HOLY shit i just did it. IT WORKS!
>6 UNC Silver eagles under 20$
>6 Washington half dollars 10$ a piece

You fags better jump on this ASAP

>> No.28271471

>linking to plebbit
kys nigger

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idk if I get put on mailing lists or have to cancel a subscription, 7.5 oz for $140 is a steal. I couldn't get all the codes to work, unfortunately. also, pro-tip: you can use privacy.com's burner cards to stop recurring payments.

>> No.28272111

ive been ordering from littleton since like 1995 they are a legit company

>> No.28272581

So I just did a little calculation and I found out that I made basically a 10X profit if I sell my 22lr ammo right now. I bought federal 40 gr 10k rounds bulk for ~$350 if I remember correctly, now 800 40gr rounds is $270

>> No.28272779

Posted this in the other /pmg/ thread, (this seems to be the stealth one). That GPL volume is insane today.
Today: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/gpl/latest-real-time-trades
AH: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/gpl/after-hours

>> No.28272791

Lol I just put in a 2nd order with a different billing address and Credit card. I hope I don't get fugged

>> No.28272877

Thats wild, I was just looking on there cant figure out where these are.

>> No.28272966

1488/10 desu

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I posted this. I'm the original $UUUU shill from here. I got into $AG thanks to miner stock anon from last year, and $GPL due to my own research. There was a rumor of an acquisition, but overall, Rob Henderson came in and turned the company around, replace most of the board, and knows his shit so I trust the management now. I'm also in First Mining Gold because I like Keith, but their main project is an open pit mine and it seems to have been producing less and less throughout the years. Maybe they'll acquire a new mine.

>> No.28273070

merc dimes dont work anymore

>> No.28273341

Go on this PLEBBIT thread>>>28269549

>> No.28273425
File: 2.04 MB, 4032x3024, CE134EA2-ABBE-4A5D-B409-36B1EFDB61EB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ive been selling ammo and buying silver only cuz I'm selling reloads and I have a fucking ton of them
My boxed new ammo stash box

>> No.28273796

>. I feel like this is my chance to "make it",
If that's the case those July GPL 2.50 calls are cheap enough to throw some yolo money into, IMO.

>> No.28273904

Thanks man

>> No.28273953

Does littleton coin company ship discretely? I dont want my shit stolen by the mail guys

>> No.28274023

The Eastern Rites exist that are in communion with Rome.

>> No.28274251
File: 104 KB, 575x250, 3A742816-DA14-4B35-8BFE-492349EE6A0D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Orthodoxy is cucked to local autocrats and always has been
In general though the true religion of PMG is Sol Invictus

>> No.28274267

Litecoin shipping guy here
Give me your order number and I'll take care of the rest

>> No.28274476

>6 ASEs for $115 only brought my average cost per oz to $30
Yeah fuck current prices I'll try to be content being a 20oz stacklet for now.

>> No.28274563
File: 1.87 MB, 4640x1340, IMG_20201229_135259__02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post tits

>> No.28274779

>Another Saturn Cult

>> No.28275015

io saturnalia motherfucker

>> No.28275044
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I bought some GPL shares yesterday.

Some anon posted this a while back


>> No.28275077

hey pan man, if you're still up, i have a question

>> No.28275149
File: 108 KB, 968x580, 74E4571B-8EDE-44FA-9277-694D8CE8198E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pass the erogotine derived beer desu
>inb4 degenerate LSD drinking hippie
I bet they had fun doing it

>> No.28275205

>I bet they had fun doing it
yes we did

>> No.28275242
File: 341 KB, 2444x1626, m7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone check the Baex system (#baex)? I found a post about this defi binary system, looks like it is a new gem. A lot of instruments, bonus system and profit range from 180 to 220%. It will be good with the modern algorithm. As I get, they have Yahoo Finance quotes source.

What do you think about this platform?

>> No.28275309

It would have been interesting to witness saturnalia. Unfortunately all we get is GARBAGE CHRISTMAS INSTEAD.... Jews ruin all the holidays

>> No.28275315
File: 133 KB, 300x296, Silver and Be Happy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek used a 0% card to buy them and used the paypal pay later option. Idk why it exists, prob for normies that cant afford toasters or something but im using it to buy silver. Second time buying from Littleton, first was for the WWII silver set cheapies during the summer run up.

>> No.28275377

That's the most Jewish piece of gold I've ever seen.

>> No.28275480

ergot still exists, and if you like I'll cook you a feast and you can be the master for a day
or if you prefer I can pay your owner to have you fight to the death in the ring

>> No.28275581

Checked. Nice. Yeah that was me. Found it on ceo.ca chat.

>> No.28275656

>platinum over the past 6 months

>> No.28275660
File: 39 KB, 428x438, scythian gold demiurge (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We really have nothing don't we. Something true has to emerge at some point, doesn't it?

I can't endorse an organization that houses this >>>/wsg/3788413 at the top

>> No.28275695

This littleton $16 eagles thing seems like a boomer subscription scam

>> No.28275996
File: 252 KB, 1075x384, Photo_1612911794983.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It literally is meant for dementia boomerfolks

>> No.28276155

>why did it have to be snakes

>> No.28276485

alright. gn pmg.

>> No.28276522

Just seems too good to be true.

>> No.28277471

there is a 5 ounce scottsdale prey bar for sale on ebay for 200 or best offer. assuming its real, should I jump on it? what should I offer to get a deal? these bars are always sold out on scottsdales site and their ebay account never lists them idk why.

>> No.28278269

I see one at auction with a start of 175 and 0 bids 12 hours out.

another one at $152 with 2 bids and 2 days to go

I'd probably offer somewhere between those 2. Maybe $160 and see if you get a counteroffer

>> No.28278327

seller sold or removed it, its not there anymore, ill gun for the other ones

>> No.28278466

yeah, looks like someone paid the full $200 to have it now

>> No.28279639 [DELETED] 


>> No.28281094 [DELETED] 


>> No.28281234
File: 264 KB, 1080x1085, 70A716DB-3105-451A-A89C-3DE064FCCBC1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

feeling good!

>> No.28281387

Is it time to buy platinum? Holy shit

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