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Is this shit going to miss the Bullrun or what?

I am diversified with several coins and this is the only that is having pathetic gains. Neo, BNB, ADA and other similar market cap coins have doubled my profits than this coin.

Is there some bad news I am missing?

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zoom out retard

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People will hate me and think this is “FUD” and I comprehend because this board is full of people invested in 4chan but the reason is the following:

Chainlink already had its bullrun in August 2020 , there are still many bagholders out there. Now, the thing is that many of the pumped coins you see out there are “clean” newly coins that came from the bottom, easily manipulated and pumpeable. This is not the case with Link.

Think of Chainlink as an already “pumped” coin that surged from $2 instead of $8.

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>Zoomed out
Is this shit going to miss the Bullrun or what?

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Jesus Christ this all day. I’m up 4400% but everyone is saying “when moon?!”

It’s still going to go up but it doesn’t do this up 40%, down 30% like some of these shitcoins do.

LINK is a long term hold. It’s the most solid buy in alt crypto.

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Holy shit man, I am diversified and still got gains from Link but I feel bad for all bros who are totally in chainlink and missing out gains.

I mean, even BTC has made me more profit than Link, like wtf??

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Link noob here, please tell me more about link and why it is a solid investment. Genuine question please no bully.

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I just want to watch link x2 or more in a single day. Fine too if I wake up to massive gains.
Link just crabs and goes up 10% then gets suppressed and crabs or crashes some more

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Link is a great project but you would be too close minded if you dont think investing in new DeFis are going to have more profit. Link already had its pump. DeFi’s havent. Just look at the charts, its a fact.

Chainlink is not going to be the ultimate profit machine, there are new opportunities.

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>but I feel bad for all bros who are totally in chainlink and missing out gains.
you shouldn't, most here have at least 10k link so there is no reason to diversify since that will be enough to retire soon enough

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Not everyone invested since 2017/2018 . A new investor will have to analyze their chances, pretty much like I did. I like to diversify, pretty much in a lot of top 100 coins.

Take for example, one of my invested coins: Neo. This coin almost always had the same price as Link since Q4 2020, suddenly all coins begin to pump, including Neo, shit is already at more than 30+ and I consider it as a “forgottenl bot traded coin. Something is definitely NOT normal with chainlink.

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switch to btc chart retard

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If you are worried about this underperforming coin, just switch it to another lending/exchange DeFi, this is where the money is going and it’s in fact revolutionary.

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Which DeFis are good?

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its not pumping but its still a spaceship and its still the most relevant coin of the future and of the world kek who even cares about price when you know you made it and just have to wait.. if u managed to not make it already

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im just buying gold/silver now

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