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People are actually going all into alts while btc is in the midst of a blow off weekly top

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just sold at a loss, ty for the tip dont wanna lose more haha

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The fact people are taking crazy ass loans and dumping into crypto is a sign this shit will inevitably collapse.

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>People are actually going all into alts
and who would do that during a fuckin pandemic?

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I have made more in sats with my alts then just holding BTC would have done for me.

kys you stupid bobo poster

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BTC is dumping, Bobro.

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>buying crashcoin
Get the rope ready. BTC <40k eow

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32k is the bottom screencap this

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That depends on many factors anon.
How many people are getting loans for BTC?
How much BTC have they bought collectively?
What proportion of the total market cap do these people have?
Can they pay off the loans if BTC collapses?

You just based the collapse of bitcoin on anecdotal evidence without any real data brah

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people were saying this 4 weeks ago
no one really knows

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All this BTC fud

You ever heard of DCAing?

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I literally dumped my finaid package into BTC yesterday

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people have been saying "normies are getting into crypto, the bubbles about to pop!" since we breached 20k

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>t. Future pink wojak

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Have fun losing half of it retard

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I don’t know a single person or entity taking out a loan. Fucking retarded.

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we're ready boys

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*ruins your shorts*
nothing personnel bobo

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that kike nigger ruined my short on monday btw

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he liquidated me

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yep, still way too many bobos for it to crash

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one retard doesn't indicate a trend

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He liquidated 500million in shorts, so many such cases. Made Bobo piss his pants and I hear some of those Bobos were wearing shorts as well

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Bitties will go up as long as the normiemarket is going up, which will go up as long as the promise of stimulus+reopening is dangled in from of the traders. They'll try to push it straight to 35k before the Dow goes back to normal (aka 20k).

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not even a bobo right now but if btc is due for a correction then today aligns perfectly since retail are all thinking this is a bullish signal and retail are more likely to open a long position after the tesla announcement but i could be wrong then theres also chink's new years

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this has been debunked

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idiot. you really think it's ending right after elon bought? you're dreaming.