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I'm a poorfag in my 20s with $800 to my name and I don't wanna be a wage slave for another 40 years. You faggots seem to have this money shit figured out, what the fuck do I do?

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best pornstar

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She had some kind of vaginal warts or something.

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Browse this board for multiple hours a day everyday to get an understanding of investing
Download a crypto exchange and have fun, also don't fucking buy high sell low

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Get lucky with shitcoins or get into an easy high paying, low education job like working for a big power company inspecting power lines.

Or marry someone rich and be nice to their parents

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>i want to take shortcuts in life but im not willing to learn what those are by myself and i want to be spoonfed like a little fuckin baby

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Buy Venus. I'm not kidding. Next week 60, then week after 120, 300 after 3 weeks, then 500, 1000, 1600 and so on. No one will stop this train. No one.

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I literally just buy the coins and stocks that are shilled here (after confirming that they aren't rugpulls of course), and watch my money go up. I'm already up 50% on my latest pick. The idea that you have to work is a jewish lie. They know that no one would ever go to work if they knew it was this easy, so they lie to you.

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same with like 90% of adults
it's incredibly common and most people just shed off the virus before showing symptoms
acne is less common than hpv
have sex
trade up from low caps ranked 200-400
then move up to ranks 100-200
then eventually get to the golden "1 BTC and 32 ETH" stage

just absorb as much as possible. get in on pumps, leave after 20% up, no, some rank 500 eth killer is not going to take over the top 10.

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Some one take one for the team and post it

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Basically just throw money at anything right now. Everything pumping

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step 1) spend a week researching shitcoins that /biz/ shills. dump it all in one with decent fundamentals. if it doesn't 10x then it's over. kill yourself

step 2) if you 10x then start over at step 1until you're rich or you kill yourself

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Buy 400 powerball tickets that’s literally your best bet

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Dude literally google it there are gifs that show the nodules.

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crypto, op

buy one after it dumps and wait

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Which country are you in?

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Literally can't do anything with $800 because gas prices are too high.

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Checked and no u

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Faye Reagan

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They don't like me anyway

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Dub dubs obliges

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what the fuck
it looks like the stuff some people get in their belly buttons if they don't wash it enough

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Aw, man...

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Didn't expect this many answers, thanks everybody
fuck yes
what crypto exchange should i use? Also is it alright to buy crypto/stocks trending upwards, or should i wait for them to go down before investing?
That does sound very jewish
So i should start with investing into cheap crypto and go up and preferably buy the ones recommended here? How do i get in on pumps exactly, do you mean if something is trending upwards buy and then sell after 20%?

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damn look at those polyps

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drop it on ADA wait until end of march, enjoy 3k in profits.

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>click thread thinking she's asian from the thumbnail
>not asian

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op again, is this what i should be looking for, sudden spikes in prices?
warts or no warts i'd still do her like my parents did me bringing me into this world poland of all fucking places

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$800 is rough. Try swinging eth i.e. buy low sell high. A coin that seems to pump right now is AVAX or maybe DOT or KSM. Badger if you want to be a bit risky but higher returns if it moons. That one's on Uniswap. SNX or AAVE if you want a consistent earner for a long hold. Every coin I suggested will rip your anus if crash happens though. March usually results in a dip for markets so try to time your entry or exit before March.

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Buy GRT. Delegate GRT. Forget about GRT. Check GRT price after 5 years. Profit from GRT. Or if you want a short-med term check out Ren, AVAX or Algo

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she's notorious for warts

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Wait for the huge Hogecoin dip in a couple of hours, and then go all in. Go to sleep, wake up, profit.

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I wish I was gay
I wish I was gay
I wish I was gay

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Buy a rope. Give the rest of the money to me. Hang self.
Boom no longer a broke 20'something

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this. also it seems that alot of people who bought at 4 or less are cashing out now with sell orders on 35 and 40 so it's still not too late. Just talked to a friend of mine who was shilling crypto in general for me 2-3 years ago. AVAX is 200usd easy. There are also other opporunities but me being an eastern euro as OP I'm too drunk and tired to think straight atm.

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The smaller power companies pay better and are generally a better environment.

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>best pornstar
Really? Looks like a woman who was attacked by a wall of bricks.

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SRAC/SNDL are stocks that exist.

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Just be a virgin at not worry about it. I'm in my mid 30's and an archmage, you don't ever have to worry about a diseased pussy or unwanted children if you decide not to play the game at all.

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not OP, but I'm 3 days late for the BNB mooning. If I buy BNB on early March, am I gonna make it?

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Should’ve stuck to the Madson Doctrine

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Do you think there will be lower prices for ETH / BTC in the nearest moment? After all news and second wave of that all, it seems there won't be lows again

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Put it all in radix

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That’s what I’ve been doing, it’s just annoying to have to get off.

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How bout escorts? They know what they're doing and as long as you use a condom you're good, no time investment and i believe it's the cheapest option women wise
Also what platform do you guys trade on?

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but you see anon, that is precisely my type of woman

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Get a better job

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Go to a trade school and stay the fuck away from this board

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Those warts though lol

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100% REEF

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spike probably means you're too late

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It's all up to your definition of lows. Last Sunday this board was freaking out because it dipped 10% before coming back up. There might also be a good dip due to Lunar Near Year soon

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or just blow a load in your hand and use the money you would have burnt to buy more link.

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Spend that $800 learning to code. I'm dead serious.

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It sort of sounds like you're thinking about this wrong. You're not going to become a millionaire overnight. All of those early Bitcoin investors are already rich. That's not going to be you. Ever. (Me either.)

You just need to focus on entry points and selling high. You only lose money if you sell for less than you bought in.

I'm going to repeat that for you: you only lose money if you sell at a loss.

Don't sell at a loss.

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I haven't really paid attention to BNB other than noticing that it's pumped abit like Uni and Sushi. I've heard BSC is doing well because ETH gas fees are ridiculous right now.

If it's anytime soon, It's in March. Unless there's a miraculous breakout, I expect a decent size correction then.

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What’s it like being an arch mag. I’ve always wanted to become one.

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I'll add in that not getting wound up with missed opportunities (beyond learning from mistakes) is important. If you made profit, you made profit. That's good. Focus on that. For low investment amounts, you'll either need to find a really good project or swing. And with swinging, getting greedy is bad. So like with ADA, if you were in when it was 65 or even 70, seeing it flatline at 77-78 = good time to get out and pick something else not doing much for the moment. Watching common walls for prices is important for this (so like, I wouldn't dump into ETH at the moment because it falters around 1800 usually). So maybe you sold at 1798 and you see 1808. You can't focus on that shit. You made profit. Wait for a dip or correction and buy back in. Have 3-4 stable coins you learn and feel comfortable with. I switch between BTC, ETH, ADA, and DOT pretty regularly

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Any prediction before and after lunar new year for ETH? My guts telling me there will be a dip before LNY

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Btw, what’s her name ?

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Also a poorfag here. Let’s say I have $1000 and want to get in on some of the smallcap shitcoins to try to get a 10x. What’s the optimal strategy, considering how broken gas fees currently are? And how much ETH do I have to maintain to cover that gas?

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It depends on the time of day, but here's my take: you lurk /biz/ until you see something BRAND FUCKING NEW that looks like it will last more than 10 minutes. I mean BRAND new. Put in an order with regular gas fees knowing it might not go through. If it doesn't, it's destiny. Make sure to leave about ~200 bucks in ETH in your wallet so when you exit, you can do it IMMEDIATELY. Pay for the gas. Go in, get your profit, get out ASAP. You won't 10X unless you get into one that doesn't rugpull for a few days, so good luck with that shit.

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>It falters around 1800 usually

What do you mean, usually? This is ATH.

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I'm spitballing here but we may see $1300 for ETH to as low as $1000 before LNY. Market sentiment seems too good atm so idk if it'll even correct that low.

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I meant more big round number, and as you approach big round number, it becomes a wall to overcome. Even when you're just past it.

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thank you, chief

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Buy Litecoin, hold to 500+$, start slowly selling, rebuy Bitcoin after it crashes, wait until the next pump and do research on some good altcoins to put 20-30% of your BTC stack in. Never ever sell no matter what until you make money. That's ez mode crypto investment

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I doubt it. ETH is the proverbial honeypot for normies. (No offense intended OP.)

My girlfriend's brother just bought some. And he's a total meathead, spends all his money going out to eat and buying jerseys, etc.

Normally, I'd call that a sell signal, but right now, I think that means a lot (A LOT) more capital is about to pour into ETH before the next market crash.

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>You faggots seem to have this money shit figured out
Lmao wtf gave you that idea?

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I think that's 2k in this case. Even then, ETH is valued by many to be a constant .25 BTC. This means one of the following two or both of the following two must be true:

1) Bitcoin is overvalued (presently, not long-term)
2) Ethereum is undervalued (presently, not long-term)

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Why would I do that? That’s even more effort than masturbating.

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Christine Chandler.

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Didn't Faye Reagan retire?

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You have a lot of spare time on your hands and maybe some form of untreated mental illness, but you avoid a number of negative issues like toxic relationships, divorces, dating, courtship, kids, etc.

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Good show, thanks anon. And right, I’d rather take profits from a 3x-5x and move to the next one than hold for a possible rugpull thinking it will 10x. When you get out, do you recommend jumping to a stablecoin or just more ETH?

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>Faye Reagan
yeah she got hpv

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Good Lord...

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I'd assume all Porn stars would have all kinds of STD's.

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Pornstars, women, men, other people, they're all disgusting. This motivated me to die a virgin, I don't want dick sores.

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She got hooked on heroin and ended up quitting to get clean. The last one she was in years ago she looked terrible and it was really sad. That guy who was in all her movies did a AMA on Reddit, and tells the story.

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>This motivated me to die a virgin, I don't want dick sores

You know you don't have to marry a prostitute, you'd be a lot happier with a loving wife, i've never had a STD been with the same woman for 10 years.

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No, no wife, no dating, no sex, no companionship. You know what does sound comfy? Making it and only working if I feel like it and not because I have to. Going to the gym whenever I want, eating stake for every meal, playing fallout from time to time and enjoying the great outdoors. Most people suck ass. You guys are okay though.

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Eating 'stake' for every meal will give you bowel cancer.

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Based anon here this is for you

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Bowel cancer


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Doesn’t the sex get boring after a few years?

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seems pretty lonly, I do all those things your talking about, and I have a wife who loves me deeply, one think I have learned after being locked in the house for a year with her, is I don't need anyone else in the world and most people do suck, except for your family.

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no, because we have been in love since High School, it's not really about the act of having sex anymore, also her pussy is hot as fuck.

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>step 2) if you 10x then start over at step 1until you're rich or you kill yourself

this is the correct advice

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I don't care. It tastes good, I digest it will and it helps make be buff and ripped. Take your loving wife idea and diet to someone who cares, porch monkey.

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Yeah wasn't she liked married to a fellow adult actor and she would only do scenes with him for a while?


Despite what they want you to believe STDs are far more common in the INDUSTRY than what they want you to think.

Read about Mr. Marcus. What a real douchebag!

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based Uryu poster

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Lonliness is the human condition. We're all alone in our minds, we all die alone. Buy link, hold link and use it to get away from everyone, that's my mantra.

Good day to you, sir.

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wtf is that? is that the porn star who also had anal worms?

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digest it well**

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lmao, you can’t understand what is scam and what is pearl
why are u here lil boi? wanna check this shit? c’mon - check it
I will be clever and wait for playcent nft release, my purse will be safe

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are those rice krispies in her va-jay-jay?

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Post an Asian girl next time if you want advice, faggot

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I know. imagine being Lisa Ann, Mia Khalifa, lana rhodes or riley reid. all full of STD's and broken assholes when they could of gotten a comfy cam model paycheck, no STD's or broken assholes, and just bleach their hair when done and not be recognizable.
The porn industry has changed. imagine getting a suck dick job.......

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what in the fuck is that ?

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Just got into BSC with Trustwallet. There's a fee for funding but the fees on swapping are insanely low like $1. Just bought some Auto and BIFI

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That's a bullshit lie made up by vegans and (((scientists)))

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>seem to have this money shit figured out, what the fuck do I do?
/biz/ DOES NOT know what they are doing.

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same man. i got trapped up with at my moms because of covid. and she is a psycho bitch. cant get a qt girl to move out with me and im too old to move out with friends. been put out of work because of covid, and i just want more money to dump in the stock market, so i can pay bills with returns and make money there.

Why is god gay?

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I want millions so I can take care of my wife and children without having to worry about money or be beholden to literally anyone

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Buy hive and profit

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get a job
avoid any bills or personal spending
save all your money and put it into the markets
if you need a starting point try some mutual funds
learn and expand from there

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800 bucks into stinks. wait three years and then your are way above your wage cucking faggot friends.

>t 2k stink holder that bought in with 500 bucks. now are 56k usd.