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So MCDC has a meme campaign, a tick tock challenge, and you still aren't convinced? Not only will this blow up, it's going to be the funny money of clown world. Our McFamily will meme this into reality. Trust the McPlan.

Why not invest in chaos? Watch McDonalds McThrash while we grow. We will go viral and the media attention will eat this up.

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>he hasnt bought mcdc yet
Enjoy losing out on the easiest 1000x of your life.

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Going to do the challenge tonight and pick up my 1500 free mcdc

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We saw your wrists Ahmed

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Literally fake, decent fud though.

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This coin is funny AF hope you McChads make it might throw in a bit and get me a few Big Macs

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Black man here. I fuck white women and made 100k from MCDC.

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I am a tranny jewish nigger and I am one of the top ten hodlers for this scam. ama

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Cope harder

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Threw in a couple hundred for a few thousand mcdcs for laughs, but will be really funny is if this actually makes me money. I'd love to tell everyone I made thousands from mcdonaldscoin kek.

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Cope harder with what? This coin is down 71% the past day. I'm very happy I have nothing to do with this

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Also can a fren post that girl in the McDonald's undies sitting on the burgers so I can coom while I buy more mcdc?

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a lot more here in the photos section
t me mcsheks

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KEK who takes the time to make this fake fud LMAO still funny tho

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Instant dump