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any rubic frends ?

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Did anybody do research on the chinese price fixing/buy up?

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rubic rangers reporting

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Mumbai scam

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hello frens

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First for MATIC

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Green ids

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the nocoiners are seething extra hard tonight.

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I was going to make a /rbc/ general because I added some bits to it and fixed it up nice but it kept failing to post so I cant be bothered
also this is actually much comfier and feels less tryhard, fuck nocoiners anyway I do not want them to make it
I dont think that is real anon, I dont know though, anyway the Matic AMA is good news and rbc team focusing on implementing L2 solutions in Q1 instead of Q2 now

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just google

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The fact it harshly corrects to .40 because of the same whales whenever it gets too high or too low is suspicious to say the least
and suspiciously bullish

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hi, frens... wagmi. this is how early you are.

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Checked green id. Thx fren

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Give it to me straight fellas. I have 27.5k RBC, more ETH to play with. Do i all in RBC or diddle with shitcoins on the side for fun?

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About to buy 937 bubics

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obviously all in Rubic bro
and get that bloddy bastard bobo back to work

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for context im a big rubichad, not a rope loving swingie

Just wondering if you guys have any tips, RBC is almost too certain to be fun

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I am all in RBC but I like the look of XMR and GRT too, I just dont think they have as much growth potential as roobix

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rubic if you want to help us defeat these gay whales

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Read the video description.

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48k here. wagmi

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I'm about 50% Rubic, 40% ETH, 10% random shitcoins

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Hi fren
My Rubic Stays Cubic

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Hello frens! Still holding!

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Tell me more anon. How cubic is your rubic?

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What is the fudder’s response to the MATIC Friday AMA?

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invest in pangolin sirs!
we will be on coingecko 6 months from now!

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Should we be buying Matic with this revelation?

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Pretty sure it’s a shitcoin but I scooped a few just in case

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thats a very nice T shirt anon
glad to hear your Rubics are still nicely Cubic

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Whales are so gay. That's why their name is Moby Dick.

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Look into Everest, backed by the evil empire NWO cabal, recently launched, still cheap. >>28209416

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delet th

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Whats this race called?

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The HUMAN race you fucking kike

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30k ranger reporting in

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coinmarketcap just added RBCs market cap and changed its market rank from 2400 to to 382


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El Negra-Goldberga

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delet we exposed
shut it down
executing order 666 activation key phrase
mumbai street shit paper less

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they only have 4k twitter followers, how is this not a telegram tranny pnd?

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so bored of this lockdown shit bros

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this is probably that rice dick chink whale

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DYOR ffs you spastic

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youre lucky.
forced into being a neet.
hold rubic mofucky.

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1k suicide stack reporting in

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When L2 integration is finished, cheap cross chain swaps, destroying all other DEXs

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I've been rugpulled so many times and what I always miss the most is shitposting with my new coin frens here. I hope rubic never ends not so I can pay my ex girlfriend to talk to me, but so these comfy threads never stop. I'm crying now, hope you all make it

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Frens, what do you think about my first meme? I made this on my phone earlier. I'm looking for tips on making better memes like the ones I see in these RBC threads. Anyway, hope everyone is as comfy as I am tonight

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run my own business but I've been so lazy with it because I'm making so much money on rubic, even with this correction
its odd, I feel bad for slacking and need to sort it out but I'm making more money just staring at charts and lurking /biz/

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Don't cry anon, wgmi

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I like it, can I save myself a copy?

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even when I have to take gains I'm going to leave a couple of rubic cubes in my wallet to remember the good times with

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Very good fren. You are doing gods work and I look forward to saving it in my folder and spreading the dankness. Please keep creating

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how is rubic better than uniswap?

>> No.28257560

Thanks anon! Feel free to save it!

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What is the amount for a suicide stack? I hold 420 cubes (not a joke, it was unintentional kek) but I am too pussy to put more money in. Is this shit for real?

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its based anon, ty 4 your service

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Thanks fren

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Rubic frens are legit the most comfy frens on biz.

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Just doing what I can to share the love in the community

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Do it for her

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That's a man you fuck

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God she's so hot bros

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cant go wrong with any of those

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So is Ella Hollywood and I still bust

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here fren
30k stack

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eat the whales king

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the only real woman on /biz/
slavic women are the best
usually pretty based too

feels good knowing we'll all be in the threads together when we hit new ATHs bros
the new price discovery phase when we pass 0.80 is going to be exciting

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thank you, saved

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imagine the amount of gold teeth on this kike nigga

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My ID is green so yes, yes he is.

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someone shoop this cute manslut sitting on cubic rubic

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guys I wanna go cubic tonight

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no more like this pls

>> No.28259449

more like this pls

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yes, stop. cubic mommy will be disappointed

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kek. well I was bored and I need rubic to pump so I made some more already

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Just bought 500
This shit better $20 next cycle or I kms myself

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sell signal

>> No.28259895

hello friend.

>> No.28260069

thank you for your contribution

>> No.28260431

7k rubics now friends, just bought some more.

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How many RBCs for this one?

>> No.28262091

.000000005 cents eow

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Well since gas fees are fucking retarded I guess you gotta always keep some ETH in your wallet.

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rubic is for everyone, even lolis
you could say we've... crossed the rubicon...

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10k for a suicide stack and 100k for a make it stack. Once rubic introduces L2 swapping it will take out a huge chunk of defi. Even if Rubic is just a quarter of Uniwaps market cap it would be around $10

>> No.28262842

With all due respect I have no idea how anyone can look at this guy's face and see a woman

>> No.28262989

No I'm gonna rape your p*do ass once my Rubic allows me to quit my job. Only in Minecraft it's just a joke jannies :^)

>> No.28263128

Dam $10 that would be fucking lit.

>> No.28263613

Wow, this really is /ourcoin/

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well my Rubic will allow me to live out the rest of my life on a private yacht with my loli harem. good luck finding us!
ikr. feels good

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The future will be rubic millionaires murdering each other for fun

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oops I messed up the pic

>> No.28264718

I love that game. I've never thought about fucking the inklings before tho

>> No.28265364

This is disgusting.

>> No.28266759

Horniness is a hell of a drug

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holy fucking kek... thanks for the link anon... made my day

>> No.28267869

What's the mcap?

>> No.28268055

Wait until the whale drops the price to buy

>> No.28268154

80 dollar gas fee what the fuck

>> No.28268223

good call anon (im OP tho likely ID changed), watching etherscan

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I don't even know anything about Rubic. I'm just greedy and want a get rich quick scheme

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Comfiest hold yet

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Should pump up very high in the next few days if not tomorrow.

>> No.28268945

Will the gas fees get any lower?

>> No.28269178

low gas fees when trading is what rubic.exchange is trying to accomplish. their l2 solution isn't out yet though so gas fees are going to be expensive but still slightly cheaper than on uniswap

>> No.28269221

>Europeans wake up

>> No.28269387

It's strange how comfortable holding onto Rubic is - usually when I buy into a token I feel like I'm making a gamble, like I need to nurse the investment and make sure it's going the right way. Rubic? I know it's only going cubic from here.

>> No.28269610

Indeed. If they can implement an easy L2 solution with Matic (Polygon), then they will be @ $5 before a listing on Binance or Huobi. If they take Uniswaps main traffic, they can easily become a $50 this year

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File: 1.03 MB, 375x435, 1611862079145.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Careful anon.... I can only get SO FUCKING HARD from this thought... If they pull of L2 with matic of all projects.... Rubic is going to fly and create a lot of wealth here on biz (again).

>> No.28270957

Fucking bullish

>> No.28271158

What does this even mean? You can swap it for other coins? Wow

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Top 30 holder reporting in

>> No.28271343

Holy shit, if rubic takes off, I might never have to work a job ever again, fuck this is such a crazy thing to think about bros... freedom

>> No.28271556

Green and comfy

>> No.28271712

Post wallet

>> No.28271803

Looks like the shills are back after MCDC failed.

>> No.28271977

>they can implement an easy L2 solution with Matic (Polygon), then they will be @ $5 before a listing on Binance or Huobi.
That's when I know I'll need to sell, and buy back the dip. I'm trying to grow my micro-stack into a Suicide Stack. Who knows? If Allah is smiling upon me, it might even become a Make It Stac - ahaha, I can't say it, but I could definitely use the profits to invest in things like ETH and BTC. You know, the Make It Money-Makers.

>> No.28272047

Actually fucking repulsive. Just vile.

>> No.28272457

my sides are in orbit, moon mission confirmed thanks anon

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Rubic loli is FUD
You are a pedo
It's disgusting
You are a faggot
Hang tight, FBI is on its way

>> No.28272861

The wide angle lens is not helping this goblina.

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Goodnight Frens see you in the morning

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DId you look at the Zeus Capital mailer?

>> No.28273525

Geg why so many rubicrubicrubics

>> No.28273618
File: 91 KB, 591x1280, 1612718100263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mainly because rubic rubic rubic rubic rubic rubic

>> No.28273761

Jesus Christ I really hate this

>> No.28273857

Hey I'm a very serious company providing serious investment advice and you should buy rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic, rubic.

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File: 1.11 MB, 1035x2088, SmartSelect_20210209-225142_Translate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the actual translation, what mong translator did you use??

>> No.28273964

Well, if you want an actual reason it's because they have to say "RUBIC" in so many permutations. If you look at the original, it's layout shows that it's part of a rolling headline.

>> No.28273996

lmao, you can’t get what is trash and what is pearl
why are u here lil boi? wanna try this rubbish? cmon - go for it
I will be clever and wait for playcent nft release, my bags will be safe

>> No.28274031

It's basically the same translation, what's the problem?

>> No.28274111
File: 30 KB, 540x960, 75F341BA-6730-4579-AED3-B0CAFF0C7F2B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought $5k worth will I have enough for an s2000 by the end of this year?

>> No.28274222

What is clear?????

>> No.28274265

6 months? bruh try next month maybe even sooner

>> No.28274279

That's where the screens hit cuts off lol

>> No.28274288

This chain is connected to the space view

>> No.28274363

here is their website. https://zeus-capital.com/

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>> No.28274460

Remember to buy rubic rubic rubic rubic rubic.

>> No.28274495
File: 297 KB, 590x575, 1612585662419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im a 5k stacklet, but at least i bought at 0.03, so theres that

>> No.28274882
File: 46 KB, 1123x378, 2021-02-10 07.09.23 zeuscapital.co.uk 111d86670dfd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.28275049

But seriously, this:>>28274363
seems to be the research arm of Zeus Capital, headed up in China by their CFA, Bob Liao.

Either way, they have offices in London and China, and would NEVER push RBC as the next NASDAQ unless they were firmly writing in the best interests of the CCP for fear of losing their licenses to trade.

Cannot WAIT for that binance listing. Say it with me, boys:


>> No.28275080

Richard: not enough coffee
John: just right coffee
Tony: fucks children

>> No.28275128

I think the document is fake.

>> No.28275134

Tony: Every lock of hair on his head represents a child he's left alive after raping them.

>> No.28275218

I would have thought this too, but I doubt any of the dumb niggers here know how to write in fluent Mandarin.

They don't even know that discord channels can't be in caps, or there can't be spaces in fivrr usernames kek

>> No.28275296
File: 406 KB, 680x356, Powerful Golden Bull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi fren. Are you ready for the ride?

>> No.28275524

fuck mate you made me spit out my rooibos tea

>> No.28275591

Are you chinese?
Because this was one of my concerns, that this is written with google translator.
Why would such a big investor shill shitcoins to the chinese?
Did they ever shill any other coin?

>> No.28275637

Oh no...not good if true.

>> No.28275830

No, but I think it checks out because it's legible through a number of translators. I have lived there for many years, and I know that trying to electronically translate anything but fluent mandarin is a fucking nightmare.

>Why would such a big investor shill shitcoins to the chinese?
Because it has two things behind it. Binance (which is Chinese owned) and anonymous trading coming up. Basically, China has a great firewall for crypto too, and they are only allowed to trade on their own networks. Not so after this, because they can all hop over the binance bridge without big daddy Xi knowing the specifics of their trades.

And it's the Chinese way to turn a blind eye to these things if A. They are making them lots of money off the west, which they will be..and B. They can plausibly deny being able to do anything about it. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.


>> No.28275955

Thanks for your thoughts

Going to buy more

>> No.28276202

No problem. I would also add how unlikely it is that an investment company might shill something like RBC without the approval of the CCP. If Mr. Ma taught them anything recently it's that nobody is above the party's reach.

Besides, every mailer like this that goes out to their members is read over by party officials, no doubt about it. Our lil Rubic is on the CCP approved list, albeit unofficially. The mysterious bagholders yesterday made me think they're Chinese people shaking out idiots.

>> No.28276247

Bought more when I saw through the baseless FUD and lies posted yesterday.

>> No.28276353

What's happening with the small candlesticks on the charts guys?

>> No.28276604


"Zeus Capital" got called out for accusing link of being a pnd at like $2...


>> No.28276821
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interesting, i hope they dont fud us someday

>> No.28276945

Why is this relevant, though?

>> No.28277295

I thought it came from some discord trannies

>> No.28277493

Lads tell.me the following prices on these dates:
June 2021
EOY 2022

>> No.28277604

How do we find out what holder we are?

>> No.28277661
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Has rubic started being promoted on reddit/youtube and twitter? Seems like it's literally only /biz/ and a few mystery whale niggas on this. Don't get me wrong I'd rather my bros get rich,but some more wallets are needed to eat up the whales and for us to not tank again at $1 when people take profit

>> No.28277726

Nice work ranger

>> No.28278811


>> No.28278970
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I want to cummy on mommy's tummy

>> No.28279142


>> No.28279208

I am also a top 30 wallet, not sure if that's important

>> No.28279249

This board is so boring when all the burgers are asleep, wake up bros, pump RBC

>> No.28279254

KYS kike

>> No.28279386

how have you not. no matter what game i play or any entertainment i consume i picture myself fucking the main characters and sometimes the side characters too

>> No.28279524

Who’s actually coomed over the Rubic mommy?

>> No.28279878
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Imagine defending loli fud
Who is the Kike here exactly?
A Pedo Kike to be specific

>> No.28280507

How does $0 sound?

>> No.28281913

frens i want to drop more in to rubic, went through uniswap before but jw what is the consensus for where/how to buy $500+ and get fucked by gas etc the least

>> No.28282011


Hahahaha, so based.

>> No.28282056


Yep, and at $5 I'm worth quarter of a mill in Rubies alone. I'll also be 10% of the way to my sell target.

>> No.28282073

green id and i make it

>> No.28282513
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Reporting in

>> No.28282618


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