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This shit is going to drop hard in the coming future, and the reason is that they went full woke.
This is their newest Growth Lead.

You can check her level of incompetency yourself, this is bearish as hell.

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>"decentralized" is for crypto nerds, we will call our platform "fair"!

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What does “womxn” mean? Is that a Mexican woman?

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Why does having a woman on the team justify the added expense?

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>What is DYOR? Just YOLO in cool sounding coins!

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>womxn unironically

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Actually she's right, normies are too retarded to understand what decentralized means

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Rubic was going to decimate competing DEXs anyway. This is just icing on the cake for rubichads.

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if this was anything but current year you would assume this was a comedy account

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Already invested in Pancakeswap, so I have no worries. Based Jap team.

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Jesus christ, what the fuck is wrong with her.

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>Haha, I did not buy anything during this bullrun, I am a genius!
>Or I am just retarded and don't know that Uni trades are crypto trades as well, hurr durr.

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To be fair that's what half of /biz/ does. Though at least we base our decisions on the memes too.

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Come on man, stop with the gay shit and just focus on the product(s)

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>buying forks of open source software

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because it fills their diversity quota and woman get paid less than men

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also uniswap went with optimism instead of arbitrum

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I don't get it. Who is "paying" and from where?

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I'm out.

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How does a woman with a degree in psychology capitalize on this to get a job being useless?

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This was written ironically, but the thing is that her activity is WORSE than doing nothing and just let Uniswap grow.

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Checked. I have a feeling Uni is going to end up like MySpace

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brb making a $laugh, live, love coin

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All that matters is how many people use it, it already has 1.2 bil tvl.

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It was not written ironically and you can tell by her responses in that thread.
I'm done with UNI now, no joke. I'll happily put it in ZRX or anything else.
It's not like they're unique in any way or irreplaceable.

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> best of all, then we only have to be "fair" and can skip this silly decentralization! tee hee!

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Discouraged people from staying away from GME madness.

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Anywhere to short Uni?

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half of the people who work in the ethereum ecosystem are like this. pic related is an advisor to chainlink.

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It's only fitting that Bancor is about to kill uni

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Whats RBCs eoy after this one anons?

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Okay I just cashed out my linkies

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Yeah it's about to be murdered by Bancor

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Just sold my 400 coins, not risking it with this in charge

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Imagine needing attention and validation this badly.

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No comments.

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Yeah me too. I don't care if someone is a woman or a man, but if they're an arrogant brainlet trying to turn your ignorance of the field you're in into a virtue, I'm not investing in you. UNI sold.

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The nerve

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She can't say the word 'man'. She's a feminazi.

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wtf is a womxn?

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As a software dev I can say that this bitch did not work in tech for a day.

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this is to be expected when "oppressed" groups are granted special privileges (i.e. OP's pic related). in the defense industry there are numerous businesses that are officially owned by women for the grants and contract prioritization that are really owned by some man in her family. I guarantee there are men shamelessly larping as trannies to take advantage of the signing bonuses this ashleigh schapp is talking about.

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I'm only in it for $50. After that it can dump wherever it wants

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She literally can't say 'man'. So they put an X there instead.

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Dare I say it?

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Does this roastie even understand what a blockchain is

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she got the MIR and TORN airdrops so I think she's got some experience using crypto.

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This is one of the many reasons I invested in XRP. It's pure pozz and pozz wins.

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Retweet, but I still find it hilarious.
How do you do, fellow 4chan misogynists?

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I hate women

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Great first Charles wants to low-key turn us all into some sort of homosexual MDMA zombies fusing our souls with niggers and now this bitch wants to be Karlie Kloss of crypto. DEFI is ancap territory. Get this shit out of here.

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> gibsmedat because pussy
Western women are worse than niggers. by far

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> she's got some experience using crypto
You can find a thousand of people browsing this board with more experience, but only a few would be qualified for a Growth Lead position.
I am just stunned that someone could hire this incompetent jobber. I hope, she is at least good in sucking dicks.

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Yeah, that worry me too.
You can't just remove the "decentralized" part, this is the only thing that really differentiate crypto from the existing bank systems.

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>Gender is a social construct
>Self identify as a woman to take advantage of the higher pay and lack of responsibilities
>If the the recruiter doesn't like it get fellow LGBT members and the GAY Mafia to pull their strings int he media to demonize the company

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This. Uni is dead in the water. Bancor is about to absolutely slaughter the dex space

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I hate these people so god damn much. I'm a developer and was considering learning some crypto development since it looks like there will be lots of comfy remote jobs and might become an in demand skill, but holy shit threads like this make me want to continue staying clear of the "tech" world. jfc i hope she gets raped by a pack of angry niggers.

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You can find a job in non-US based companies, they are not as retarded.

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all the investment money is in ethereum right now so that's the best place to get a job. no VCs are investing in bitcoin development so all the bitcoin companies are funding themselves from BTC reserves as it pumps. I was hanging out with some people at an Ethereum start up a few months ago and they were pretty chill but we didn't talk about politics. really heavy drug users though. I guess that's what happens when you give people in their 20s and 30s millions of dollars in funding kek. Uniswap is already very well established so it makes sense that these types of grifters would start to sneak their way into the company. the smaller companies probably aren't as cucked yet

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Crypto is the last tech space left not filled with insane leftists, please don't let them in

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Defi needs to be more hostile to women. Anyone have the little cartoon about men starting something then women invading and ruining it

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top kek

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can we trick her into getting this tattooed on her lower back

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>please don't let them in
As a crypto investor, the only thing I can do is not investing in their projects and invest in their competitors.
Alas, I cannot fight the USA mainstream ideology directly, it will be dead only after it buries itself.

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There are a dozen other exchanges that do the same thing, now they're going to turn into a bunch of faggy propaganda
Dead project

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Yes but we are all anon here and our name is not behind our stupid (or genius) choices.

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>Dead project

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Get woke, go broke coin (Uniswap)

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Can any of you prove she's actuall6 the growth lead of uniswap without
>hurr durr its in her bio lol

>> No.28256248

checked + reasoned

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feels like fud over a symbolic position necessary to attract institutional investment

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None of this matters as long as fee switch is activated and we make bank. If trannies wanna make me free money then I'm not gonna stop them.

>> No.28256536

Bc women want to be paid more for doing the same thing as men. Instead of being the paid the same or often more than their male coworkers, despite the narrative

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>Implying /biz/ doesn't do this

Disgusting thing to do to your garloid. You guys are sick.

>> No.28256585

It's all so tiresome.

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Enough links for you?

>> No.28256739

I am so fucking sick of this Reddit teir humour. Fucking leave Zoomer faggot.

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>hold a bit of UNI
>see FUD thread and open to see what's it about
>it's le epin /pol/ culture war gamers rise up xD
why don't you go back to your schizo hugbox?

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Redeemed and sold my airdrop at the very top (just over $21)

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Holy shit. I am out.

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>Hiring a woke activist as a Growth Lead is a completely normal phenomenon

>> No.28257110

Bancor and DEXG

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Why do you go back to fucking little nigger boys, Charles?

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>normies dont understand what the words "centralized" and "decentralized" means

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If you don't understand how bullish this is you will stay poor forever.

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>muh woke muh assjaydubya
I don't fuckin care, go back to /v/ or /pol/ or whatever shithole you came from, you're worst than fuckin monkeys smearing shit on the walls

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this is fucking disgusting. what the fuck is fairfi supposed to mean? "Decentralized" is nerd vernacular? THAT'S WHAT IT FUCKING IS


>> No.28257579

>woman moment

>> No.28257628

this tweet made me annoyed at how retarded thots think they are in an intellectual position to give life pro tips, but this tweet >>28253070
got her back on my good side, for now.

She may be an annoying pseud THOT but she is /our thot/

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Bancor coming back from the dead to strangle the shit out of Uniswap is going to be so fucking satisfying

>> No.28257641

kek at first I thought it was just a typo. fucking hell.

>> No.28257697

I literally aped in EGLD when it was 38 and the 5k I put in might unironically buy me a house in the near future

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I wish I could round up everyone on twitter and gas them

>> No.28257855

it why when normies find out about something you need to get out

>> No.28257918 [DELETED] 

You dumb nigger, this chick is so ideologically possessed she can't even type out the word "men." That shit is a virus and absolutely effects the direction of businesses.

>> No.28257924

>"I am bisexual and I hold chainlink"
looks like all those spam threads did get to some of us

>> No.28258008

every this cancer touches turns to shit very quickly, and in this case they don't have monopoly power or political connections backing them up
Dead project

>> No.28258100

The .Eth people are fucking annoying.

>> No.28258114

You sound like delusional amerimutts, so you are not just ngmi, but would have to live through the coming nightmare.

>> No.28258123

anyone using UNISWAP is a dumb faggot

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Enjoy what little time remains for your tranny coin. The Bancor awakens and a force of nature does not care for theatrics of women.

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$10 says she's CIA

>> No.28258320

>people who are mentally ill and borderline retarded degenerates can't agree on terms to describe / define their mental illness
color me shocked

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I pray to God almighty every night that Rubic will slay this homo unicorn. Inshallah.

>> No.28258356

How long do I have to accumulate Bancor before it moons?

>> No.28258474

Dumping everything if they don’t her to be honest.

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anyone who uses this degenerate tranny app is a fucking race traitor and should be gassed. It is probably tied to unicorn riot antiftwat violent anti-white terrorists. With all the faggotry surrounding it I would venture there is a high percentage of it

>> No.28258604

Double edged sword, if the normies buy into crypto and start to use it, it moons

>> No.28258649

GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! I don't want to hate women but why the MOTHERFUCK DO THEY MAKE IT SO HARD?

>> No.28258758

I only care about making money you fucking nigger now fuck off.

>> No.28258825

Inshallah brother. Allah will show no mercy for these infidels, and neither should we.

>> No.28258873

ok you can get your 30 pieces of silver then we will hang you with piano wire POS

>> No.28258877

I don't think they will fire her, she has been spouting this shit for years, so they know better how woke she is.

>> No.28258974

based, Allah will see them flying from the rooftops if our mission is blessed by the almighty

>> No.28259041

>I only care about making money
If you don't care about saving them as well, you can stop making them altogether.
No one will be allowed to be rich in the new USA, except for the new elites (you are definitely not one of them).

>> No.28259046

Just stake it now and wait until it moons lol

>> No.28259299

Should I sell my UNI while it's high? This shit is annoying.

>> No.28259473

Selling high is not a biz way, but I definitely would if I had UNI.

>> No.28259719

I bought it around $7 so I think I might cash it out. It's on Binance.us anyway and I hate their platform.

>> No.28259828

$20 EOY easy.
I cannot believe that Uni has just commited sudoku.

>> No.28259937

Ah, auto-saged thread.
Haven't been in one in a while.

>> No.28260173

You're a fucking retard who's unironically dumber than normies

>> No.28260355

1. Make money
2. Escape this jewish nigger shithole
simple as.

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