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>$23,000 in crypto
>$312 in cash

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7,254,894 in crypto, 60 in cash for weed

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you gonna cry when you 0.6 btc will be worth nothing

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>not buying weed with crypto

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i would but i never sell my crypto, i get cash from my mom.

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>$3.2M in crypto
>-$200K in debt, on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, have a civil judgment against me

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Nobody could possibly be this retarded

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>he doesn’t grow his own

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you better not be in a first world country if you think the federales wont catch you

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>$25,000 and counting in student loan debt
>$4,000 in consumer debt
>debt collectors hounding me for $90 unpaid hospital bill
>$70000 in crypto

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>50,345 in crypto
>199 in cash

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>$160k crip toes
>$10k cash for emergency/business expenses

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>0 in cash

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>$750,000 in crypto
>$600 in cash

Im not larping either nibbas

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>$32,000 in crypto
>$71 dollars cash

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>$60k in crypto
>$200 in bank account
>$800 in credit card debt
>$1300 stonk market gambling money

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cash? what's that lol

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192k crypto
45k stocks
5k cash
Comfy but not retiring anytime soon

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> $0 in crypto
> $30k in cash
> $310k in property

Feels good to be a nocoiner. I probably have a few hundred in change around my shack of a home. What to do with my farmland? I just rent it atm to some guy for 11k per year. Im positive he is fleecing me, but he does pay for my groceries.

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Nice larp

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1.3M crypto (ETH, NANO, YLD)
65K debt
2k cash

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just do what I did. I bought useless acerage near a bedroom community to where I was living to avoid paying rent. 5 years later and it suddenly became a hot commodity around me which made my property value go from $110k to $310k because of developers.

I also am part of a union working construction, nigga. No time or extra money to buy coins :(

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>11k cash
>12k stocks
>3k crypto

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I have 10k in crypto and 9k in stocks and 1k in cash.

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fucking based

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>9,000$ in crypto
>3,500$ debt

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>800k crypto
>300k stocks
>90k debt
>10k cash

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your siting on 30k of cash. You should at the very least put 20k of that to work, but I would even push 25k.

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>22k stocks
>7k cash
>800$ in coins
if you didint stock up on good oil stocks in 2020 you wont make it

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10k cash
10k crypto
5k stonks
5k PMs

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>8k cash
>55k crypto
>70k stocks

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Fuck that. I’ve got barrels of oil siting in my garage

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>5k pms
New addition to the stack in picrel

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740k in crypto
23k in stocks
2k in monies

23 here.

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$300 in crypto
$200 in stock
$140 in bank
$5500 in debt

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so you're just letting $30k sit there and waste away

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>$142,000 Cash in Bank
>$730 In PRQ

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>$5k in crypto
>$5 in cash

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>450k home equity
>180k cash
>200k biz inventory and AR
>200k crypto
>8k hard cash in a fake book
>8k 401gay

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its NIGGER you reddit faggot

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$36k in crypto

$7 In the bank

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So you got $312 in cash
and the rest in funny munny.

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Can crypto make me a millionaire in a couple of years if I'm just starting to invest now?

Only 5K in crypto atm.

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16k in crypto
143 in bank

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yes but only if you spend it all on Pajeet's new coin

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>$108,400 in crypto
>$2300 in cash

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Jesus, just pay hospital bill.

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>masters student
>$62k in total debt
>$45k in investments
>$6k in C/D
>$6k on hand

far off the mark but I will get there

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>he thinks he can cash out

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0 dollars in cash
1600 dollars in crypto
0 ethereum so can't buy gas lmao

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Like occidental?

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that's the dumbest shit i've ever heard. there's no consequence at all for not paying a $90 hospital bill.

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>13000 in stocks
>0 in cash

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>$60 in crypto
>$50 in cash

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doesn't it fuck your credit?

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>$30 in crypto
>$1500 in stonks
>$20 in my wallet

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I am highly skeptical.
The numbers just
do not
add up.
The worst part is if he can cash out
now that he's done it once
he's gonna want to do it again

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0 crypto
3,300 cc debt
2,800 cash
50 stocks

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Im pretty sure you are joking but if not then anon I...

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>$800 in hoge
>0 in stocks since I just liquidated my portfolio because fuck robinhood
>$50k cash from working a backbreaking job

I’m scared to put all my money into crypto and make it boys

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lmao same, 30k crypto i think? <500 in bank

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>0 in Crypto
>-10k in cash

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Checked and same anon are you me? Exactly the same

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>23k crypto (thanks uniswap)
>2.5k stonks
>8k cash
>3k car loan

Feels good being almost debt free, might just pay it off soon

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>27,200 in shitcoins
>7k in bank

meh, im okay with it

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>$27k in cyrpto
>$4k in cash
>0 debts
Feels good to just have no debt

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Poorfag here, few K in my sock, few k in crypto. I escaped pathetic western slave life. Hitchhiking/travelling second year in a bum style. These two years, it was the best time of my life. I've been to 60 countries, I got robbed 3 times. I robbed only once but it was a rich Kraut. I even banged some Asian pussy for 3 moths, she was paying for everything.
Don't plan family nor serious money anyway. Any profit goes instantly to hookers.

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holy fucking based

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15k in crypto 10k in paper cash so the jews can't profit off of me.

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Based my man

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Does anyone know if Dracula is legit? It only has a 1 milllion dollar market cap, so I’m kidn of worried. Plus some of the interest rates are kind of high. How do they manage that. Why doesn’t everyone use this? Why use a bank lol? I think the ticker is $drc… let me know bls

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Finally a man of substance

20k PMs
10k cash
2800 kriptoe

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wash it

>> No.28259899

remember to wash your clothes

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Yes. If you dont pay it

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He can buy some Teslas and open a car dealership.

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>10k LINK
>Negative 220 in checking account

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20 years old
300 dollars in stocks
10 dollars in bank account
20 dollars on person
0 dollars anywhere else

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>10k in crypto
>200 in cash

feels good OP

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The facts:
AC posted a bat
DRC (Dracula) has a bat logo
DRC has v2 launching soon
DRC’s first “victim” is badger (badger holders can stake for extra APY)
Badger is a sushi thing
Sushi is an Andre thing
Anything Andre touches is a minimum 10 mil mcap. Maybe even 100 mil mcap
So… Get in $drc anon!!

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3k in crypto
18k in stock
10k cash


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pajeet? I'm hearing good things about a guy from another village ranjeet

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turned 18 a week ago
3k in bank
640 in crypto

im not sure yet how much more i want to drop

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>masters student
>0 debt (parents paid as long as I went to state school and studies stem field)
>10$ in stocks since I opened Robinhood last week
>170 in crypto
>650 in credit card debt
>45 in bank account

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>2k crypto
>1k cash
>30k debt

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You're going to make it

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what the fuck is your problem. Just get a job at CVS and slack off all day holy fuck you are retarded

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everyone on this board has seen you shill this fucking stock by now, surely there are better usages of your time

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28k in crypto
50 dollars in checkings
1,000 on credit card

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good stuff

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1 usd in crypto
50 usd in cash
0 usd in property

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based DEBTMAXXer

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I have one but they stopped contacting me over it. I don't know how to pay it even if I wanted to.

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>3k cash
>50k student loan debt
>160k mortgage
>three kids under 6
>suicidal thoughts daily
>1,000 dollars in crypto
Bought my first coins a few weeks ago with $300 and have been lucky so far. I like this hobby. I hope this is a positive development

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Why did your wife kill herself? Small dick?

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>>suicidal thoughts daily
Bro you gotta raise yo kids

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based af

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>650k crypto
>225k stocks
>110k home equity
>35k cash

I still feel poor

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>$5,500 crypto
><$100 bank
>$1000 credit card debt
ah jeez dood

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18k Crypto
5k cash.
I guess I'm a pussy.

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can you actually debt max and get away with it. Say I'm 18 and just max out and a bunch of credit cards on a Roth IRA and then declare chapter 7 bankruptcy. What happens then?

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Dont stop

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By god this man is relentless

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comfy webm. Is that in Tibet?

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>48k in cash savings
>75k in stokks
>20k in crypto eth/xrp/xlm/vet
I only spent 1800 bucks on crypto since the 2019, it's probably time to take some profits

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>$111 in crypto
>$20 in cash

>> No.28262732

wEED Dab j

I'm not sure if it's in Tibet. Wherever it is, it's the perfect place to find a wife. The mother still looks young

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>$215k cash (about to close on my first house)
>$70k stocks
>$145k retirement accounts
>$550k crypto
>$1.5k credit card debt

God is good

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>$576 crypto
>$190k cash
>$500k house paid off.
I fell for the work and save meme and never got into crypto until last Christmas.
How can I make it?

>> No.28263051

30k crypto
600 in credit card debt
20k in student loans
500 in cash

Student loans appreciate at such a low rate compared to crypto holdings that it makes no sense to pay it off now

>> No.28263089

£13k in shares
£150 in cash.

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> $0 in crypto
> $3.58 in cash

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7k crypto
4k cash
40k debt

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200k in cash
115k in crypto
Cars paid off
House paid off

>> No.28263439

9k in crypto
8.5k debt
1k cash
3 cars all worth ~2-3k ea

>> No.28263535

>$12k in cash
>$157k in IRAs
>$5k in crypto
feels nice and average desu

>> No.28263621

30k in ETFs
7k in BTC
13k in the bank

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>undisclosed amount in silver
>$300 in nickels
>$10 in wheat pennies

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i wish i had the fucking balls. im trying to keep a semblance of normalcy in my life while crypto makes me a millionaire without anyone knowing.

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>$20k student debt
>$18k car loan
>$600 in bank
>$51k in doge

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student debt
2k credit debt
1k cash
3.5k crypto
I'm trying to start a senpai and do grad school soon im confident about the future
we're all gonna make it

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checked and based

>> No.28263975

Going to pick up a few 1oz golden eagles if I make it with crypto. Love those.

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Finally not a larp thread where 90% of users pretend to have 6 figure networth. You niggers can't fool me. I've been lurking here since mid 2018, I know how poor most of you fuckers are. That being said:
>71k in crypto
>1k in in stonks
>500 in cash
>7k in debt

That debt was used to buy more bitcoin in 2019. I call it "the ultimate cross margin".

I make 12€ an hour and I'm a part time employee.

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Put literally all of your cash into BTC and sell between 100k and 500k.

>> No.28264152

Very daring. Have a good life anon.

>> No.28264213

based wageslave. doing good anon.

>> No.28264341

I'll rent that land for 20k per year dead srs.

>> No.28264492

you deserve to get brankrupt. also cars are horrible assets. I'd drive a 600usd shitbox in your place and have 20k in ada/avax, 30k in bnb/btc and 2k debt

>> No.28264575

>55$ in crypto
>3$ bank account
>±2$ in cash
>be me

I want to cry

>> No.28264587

Only downside is that I'm 26 and been rotting in college for the past 6 years.

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Incredibly based

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>186k in crypto
>10k roth IRA
>4k in bank account
>laid off months ago from meme virus

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>$1.5 million in stocks/options
>$1.3 million in crypto
>-$4.92 in checking account
>Electricity provider threatening to tank my credit score because I haven't paid since December

>> No.28264774

>$2m house
>$2.7m crypto
>$4k cash
>no friends
>no gf
It's not fair, bros...

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based, do the sam hyde method with the collectors

>> No.28264909

Ygmi fren

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My nigga

>> No.28264959

Holy based

>> No.28264968

I fucking wish I did this
I hung on to cash too long, if I bought more of the shit I was accumulating in 2019 I'd be up to high 6 figures or low 7 figures

>> No.28265048

>tfw 9k in FIAT
>only 3k in crypto

what do bros? scared to put more of my savings into crypto

>> No.28265053

I think a 10x from here to the rest of the year should be easy if you pick your coins wisely.

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holy freakin based

absolute cringe. You have to go back to rebbit you double nigger

>> No.28265190

>£15 in cash
>£300 in shitcoins
>£120k in loan and mortgage debt

feels good man

>> No.28265206

18k stocks/crypto
$200 cash

>> No.28265230

Use your unlimited free time to go outside and talk to people

>> No.28265359

>18k in LINK and DIP
>70 in on a card

>> No.28265427

Age? Depending on your living situation it’s probably better to put that cash to work in tradfi but I’d recommend buying AAVE and staking that shit. That’ll give you infinitely more returns that letting your goybucks rot in the bank.

>> No.28265808

I sure hope so, I still think there's a lot of room to grow in the shit I'm holding, none of it is meme shit.

>> No.28265879

Thanks, fren.