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Explain to me like I’m a low IQ retard with drool coming out of my mouth as I type this. Is this really worth it or just a meme people started talking about again after its hype phase died last year? Say I wanna stake in the BNT/ETH pool, do I just stake BNT and receive both BNT/ETH rewards or how does it work? It’s none of that convert to LP shit is it?

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you can provide both or just one if there is enough liquity for the other. i just started to use it because i didnt have enough usdc to farm anywhere else with eth only

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it's retard proof, you click on a plus sign by the pool you want and enter your token

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You will get 'Fees' in whatever coin you are staking. If you stake link you will get 2.19% apy in Link from fees that other people trade.
The 'Rewards' is from the mining. This will only give you BNT, If you stake Link you will get 16.2% worth of BNT after staking 1 year.

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Send me you're BNT. I will do it for you.

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Do you have to stake just BNT or both BNT and ETH if I want to stake in the BNT/ETH pool for example?

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either side, or both. BNT is better rewards but the APY on the large caps isn't bad either

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Thanks anon. How much are you guys all staking? Is $5-10k even worth it to stake or do you need bigger stacks like $20k+?

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when i stake am i giving up my bancies?? or do i get to keep them after 100 days?? Sorry i dont know anythiing about liquidity mining and this sounds too good to be true

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You keep but there’s a risk you lose some

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Is there a way to determine this risk?

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50k total of link uni and aave earns about 6$/ day

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>Open 'protect' tab
>Press 'plus' button on the pool you wanna stake
>Connect wallet
>Select amount to stake

Fucking done, it's so easy. Just make sure you have ETH for fees

I'm staking only $2.5k right now until I can consolidate some other stuff into it. The APY right now is so retardedly high that I should make my initial fee back within 1-2 months even with such a low amt. But I plan on getting like $20k in soon. If Bancor is going to 10-20x this year (which it prob will), then doubling my Bancs in 200 days will be awesome.

You can take them back out at any time (I think after 72hrs from staking), but you give up any reward multipliers you accrued from time in the pool. But they are always gonna be yours

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how much are gas fees?

I only have a BNT stack of 328 total... I figure if I hold it for long enough to double my stack it will be worth it right?

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Was like $150 or $200. Yeah if you hold it long enough to double your stack you will earn like 66%+ of the rewards plus whatever ROI you get from the price increasing

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wait for fee reduction on aribitrum

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Yes it’s worth it. The rewards are insane. You will understand it better once you get in the pool. I was freaked out because the gas was so high but I’m up so much I wish I did it sooner. It’s literally free money.

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When I got to the bottom of the Bancor whitepaper I finally understood why nothing made sense about the entire project and why it is worthless. Apparently the whole service is running off the money from some foundation that props it all up. It looks like the plan is to get people into the system then rug pull.

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you can withdraw at any time

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with a stack that size you're going to want to wait for gas to drop significantly or just dont worry about staking for now

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I’m trying to figure the rewards out, if I stake my 870 for 100 days, I’ll get around 230 bnt in rewards?

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Brainlet question
I know that if I stake 1k BNT, I will get 1k vBNT, and they act as my "keys" to unstake my BNT and to use for voting.
What is the relation between vBNT and my accrued rewards?
Do you need the exact amount of vBNT in your wallet to withdraw/restake your rewards?
If you do not need the vBNT in your wallet to withdraw or restake, what stops me from making endless vBNT -> BNT swaps once vortex is out, and getting staking rewards approaching infinity just by sitting on my ass?

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you can't do that

this video is a gud explainer

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EOY token predictions?

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$20 bare minimum based on UNI's current run, but I think this is gonna catch on in a big way, $50 wouldn't surprise me