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Good evening, Bao Boys. Let's have a comfy thread. We've had to endure a whole lot of coordinated FUD this week. In here we can laugh at everyone who sold and clink glasses with bros who hold.

Chairman Bao announced today that we've hired a full time dev, a part time dev, and a community/operations manager. If you know, you know.

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That anonymous chink faggot, baoman, needs to give names/resumes or GTFO

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seems bullish

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My 2.5 million Bao are very happy right now.

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Im just gonna keep farming bao for the rest of the year until summer rolls around and see where bao has gone since. See you guys on the yacht.

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Huangpu River awaits, brother.

What part of "decentralized" do you not understand? It will probably happen eventually but boomers need to fuck off with all this legacy stuff.

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Can someone explain to me the easiest way to get my link/uni from a KYC platform to a wallet in order to exchange link/uni for bao?

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at least you guys dont have to deal with the bs IRL

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>set up a metamask wallet
>send your eth/link/uni whatever the fuck to your metamask wallet
>use uniswap to exchange whatever the fuck to Bao (to do this you will need to enter the Bao contract into the Token address for what you want to buy, you can find it on Coingecko and the Bao website)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. A Bao chad will be with you shortly.

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you shouldnt have fuckin told him to buy ath

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fuck thats grim, but also funny lol. i've been obliterated as well but im buying more BAO right now

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this is funny as fuck, man. thank you for sharing. I think we've all been there before.

thankfully I told my friends to buy at $2M

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i didn't tell him to buy the ATH, that's just where it was when I told him about BAO. I also told him to call me before pulling the trigger but he didnt

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What's the difference between using a DEX like 1inch or uniswap versus metamask's built in swap? Is one more cost effective than the other?

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$3 BAO

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i bought in at .00028, sold .00054, lost my gains on stupid bullshit and realized what i walked away from then bought back in at .0028 before it came down from ATH. Fucking 10x my original entry. I sure as hell am not getting bogged on the dip, I'm holding all the way to a nickel

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>. I also told him to call me before pulling the trigger but he didnt
Are you serious?

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Fuck this shit coin! Literally dumping into oblivion and now we find a qualified dev and he won't even join the team and will only consult. This shit is dead!

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yeah more often than not his execution on trades is better than mine but he wasn't watching the chart as long as i have

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100% this! He can say anything he wants and these faggots take it as the gospel. All the while he has probably hired a group of pajeets if anyone at all. There is no way to verify anything with this scam.

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You legit scared me you nigger

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Go away, Igor.

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How do you buy them?
Blockfolio and coinbase won't let me

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kek his life is way better than mine i'd be way more likely to rope first

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I unironically this day will come

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KYS newfag

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What's wrong, Igor?

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You swap Etherium for them on Uniswap.

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I miss mr. 42 coming to these threads

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I can’t wait til they rangeban all your IPs

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ever since FTX listed bao it’s been nothing but selloffs.

SBF is a malevolent entity in crypto that is constantly playing chess moves to gain power. I’m starting to believe the black folks who think he purposefully put those racist messages on blockfolio to gain publicity and more users (after his redemptive token giveaway).

Those at the top of the food chain think more sinisterly than you can imagine. SBF had one goal with bao in mind — pump it artificially and short it to oblivion. It’s anybody’s guess how FTX plans to manipulate bao next

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Im in the red because of when I bought (0.0013 and 0.002) but have around 3mil total, not including the 400k ive farmed the last couple days. It's been a bitch to see the massive IL with the fluctuating prices tho :(

WAGMI. looking forward to end of the month, and hoping eth dumps

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Ngmi if you’re still giving your hard earned money away to anonymous faggots on Uniswap

I hope you didn’t fall for YAM too
Even better if you’re a BAO scammer yourself

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I got 40k, it’s my suicide stack, so if it goes back up it’s all good, if it says down, I’ll be just fine.

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>tfw your pieceofshitcoin is bleeding while every other one else is getting 2x +

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Wait who gets uniswap fees?

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I farmed my first million. Feels good, bros.

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complete pump and dump shit coin

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>40k is a suicide stack

Nigger $45 is not a suicide stack, lurk more

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don't tell your "friends" about crypto, they will always blame you at the slightest loss as they are mostly likely perpetual victims even though they asked for your advice

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>I miss mr. 42 coming to these threads
been busy last few days, lots of things that I'm doing IRL but still happily farming

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>bro your prediction was no GOOD bro
>bro, i've lost confidence bro
no one even said bro in this exchange, but buying an investment (an investment in alpha) because one of your friends likes it is such a tremendous frat-bro move in my head.
Like.. what did he expect, that everyone he knows makes flawless financial decisions? Especially now, with so much euphoria EVERYWHERE in the market, not just crypto, but fucking everywhere, the stock market at ultra all-time highs, pulling the trigger on a friend's recommendation just feels like such a complete lack of self-awareness lmao

I just picture my friends who have never bought a stock and dont even have a brokerage account who are asking me if they should buy doge, or asking about investing in weed. Almost a red flag

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he's gained more than he's lost with my advice so far. he's just a little eratic because he moved across the country and hasn't gotten a job yet so crypto and poker are his only two sources of income

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Everything other coin in my folio is mooning, but It's been a rough week for BAO. Fortunately, my farm is still pretty cozy.

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>still happily farming
IL has been doing much better since the dump too

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What’s a suicide and make it stack? Trying to decide between this and sashimi.

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Originally I thought it was 10MM and 100MM.
Now probably 2 or 3 MM for suicide stack.

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Why trade the better coin for a wanton?

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Its gonna cost me an entire eth to stake this shit, should i do it?

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Tell him we'll be back soon, can't get rich in a day. Living off of gambling is alright if you have a second income like a gf or wife with a good job hint hint

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What's this about no binance?

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My IL isnt absurd any more and I'm fine with that

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ive been soothing his anxiety all day every day. he's more about instant gratification. i even told him that for every coin he made quick gains on he'd have more $ if he held to this day

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He doesn't want to pay 55k to get listed I thought

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>100% this!
go back

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I'm still rolling with 10mm. Want to get thay much farmed. I should have 5mm farmed by now and 2k tokens staked for the rest of the year

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Is it worth it to farm right now? how much is the least amount someone should put into it to be worthwhile for farming? Thanks senpai.

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I get him, it's hard to hold if you gotta spend it to cover cost of living when you don't have a fallback for dips. Hopefully once we switch to xdai shit will kick off where he can sell his bags.

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groan. projects like this shouldn’t stifle their exposure by dogmatically avoiding getting listed on exchanges.

Core had the same mentality “muh never gonna pay for binance” and it crippled the trading volume and exposure for awhile

dogmatic fools

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while i do hope the reduced fees introduce more buyers to the market, i just think this is a regular phase of the cycle. the dip from .00093 to .00042 was more severe when you look at how much progress was lost

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dude ur friend sounds like a fucking idiot. he's an experienced investor and doesn't understand sometimes number go down? this dude has me fuckin rustled

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yeah his actions kinda have me shaken sometimes. he didn't buy link in august when i told him to at 12, bought at 16 and sold in september under 8. he only broke even on crypto after i told him about GRT while it was still under 20 cents and he didnt buy in until like 38 cents

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oh and tell him ill play him in heads up PLO for BAO stacks

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He would cripple us farmers with the extra exposure on an exchange anyway due to negative IL and farmers would pull out probably crashing the coin. Changes are coming to port to xdai, so may as well wait a month, slow it down, throw too much fertilizer down and you'll burn the roots.

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this thing is gonna have to break past a bunch of lines before i break a sweat

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Newfag here, explain your meme lines

>> No.28257501

honestly i get more insight watching it react to the lines live but the idea behind them is that they are support and resistance. if the price changes with enough volume as a result of intersecting with one of those lines you can feel a little bit safer assuming it will continue further in that direction at least until the next line

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imagine caring about TA

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i definitely got a good hearty chuckle out of that one

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this is true. that dip made it seem like bao was another dead food token a la kimchi, sake, etc.

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anon i got about 15m farming and im a poorfag. did i make it?

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Imagine thinking more money will cripple the project.
Binace listing pros:
it would help the project gain recognition and presence practically overnight. Projects literally hire staff for marketing/publicity and don't consider it money wasted. Why? Because recognition helps attract intelligent people, increased price provides the team with greater allowance to hire better devs/staff, and more eyes on a project means more opportunities for people to point out flaws/ improve.
Just food for thought
-also most normans aren't going to pay $150 in gas fees just to pick up $50 worth of bao. think of the little people

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fuck me this is good

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yoooo wtf it dropped so hard? thx fudders

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>imagine caring about TA

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>One guy does the hiring
The funny thing about all these "governance tokens" is that we still can't fire faggots

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Newfag here, how do you know when gas fees are lowest?

>> No.28259476


there's an ethereum gas checker that is generally useful for all stuff, not just bao


^ not the one I'm thinking of, but similar

>> No.28259550


found the one I was thinking of, it's https://ethereumprice.org/gas/

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at this point, until xDAI switch, probably like $4-5k usd desu

pretty borderline since the recent farming halving, i'd recommend just acquiring now and wait to the switch to farm

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Thanks a bunch anon, very helpful. Is there a way to convert to USD prices though, or do I have to calculate that myself each time?

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Hope you guys packed your bags this week on those two dips to .00115

>> No.28262759

did the best i could at .00137 and now i cant even get eth onto metamask in time to take advantage

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