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I have 300 bucks for investing this month and thought about putting it in some derivatives instead of buying stocks. What are some good stable companies to get warrants with a leverage of 5 for? Nvidia, TSMC?

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What are you buying tomorrow?

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how my pipp bois doin

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can someone explain why buying uvxy at the atl is bad? its only 12 dollars

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is there a volitility index to see which stocks are the most volitile?

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All in SQQQ

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Staying quiet. Waiting. Making moves behind the scenes. Inserting innocuous line items into bills.

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Should I buy this shit?

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>CRBP $5 eod
>GTE $1.5 eod
>AQB $8 eom

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clvr shill, what i mean by "catch" is how fucked am i going to buy when i buy in. everything seems to be perfect for this company, why is the price so low? i

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Me support holowaifus !!!!
its age old dream

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I really hope this sticks

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how can there by theta decay on an etf?

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What happened to ALPP today, bros?
I thought we were gmi...

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More Talon(TLO) american super-pure nickel for the EV batteries

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>The HUE HUEs of VALE have to pay out billions every few years because they kill people
>still doing better than X or CLF
Why is US industry so fucking shit?

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What could be the catalyst for a drop in the indexes?

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Give me some good options to buy with 700 dollars so I can make up the money I just lost.

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>Hardly went down in the covid crash
>Good dividend
Good place to park profits if you're feeling moderately bearish?

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because there's theta decay on the stocks it holds..

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options IV

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TIGR and more weed. gonna try to sell my TSLA but its gone down a bunch :/

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I went from pissed to happy. thanks crbp shill bro

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Is gatebox in any way related to WIMI in any sort of actual contracts?

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How about the option to create holowaifu?
>You'll want to invest in WIMI for that.

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We can't stop winning frens

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what makes you think it can have theta decay?

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good evening i hate anime and reddit but love UUUU

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sorry I can't share my sources

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Thanks CRBP tranny

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i guess i just dont understand leveraged etfs all that well. is buying options on leverage etfs retardeD?

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Did darkpool anon post already?

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biden approved ceo list is why im in, plus its only like a month old
this shit is bound to print
im thinking three figures eoy

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Is this actual WIMI prototype? I thought there were none built yet.

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only people who love anime get to beat daily inflation

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>shelf offering announced
>stock goes up

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GTE shillings

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good evening I hate NOK

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leveraged etf are pretty much watered down options right

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Anyone interested in Starlink going public? I want to go DEEP on opening day. Planning on dropping 10-15k or 20-30k if it doesn’t open for awhile. Does anyone know what the opening price could be?

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Needs more xiaomi

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Who else here is $CTRM chad? .75 yesterday, 1.07 today, $1.50 tomorrow, $10+ by EOY. Hudson capital (some hedgefund kike faggots idk) also just bought a 10% stake this afternoon.

WE ARE GOING TO FUCKING MARS! If you missed out on Sundial, heres your chance to make it up!

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Pie pee pee. Yeah. Wish I didnt get in until today but whatever, in a year I wont care

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Bros a couple weeks ago I had a dream CRBP went high. Very high, so I went all in with 20k @ 1.83. I'm not gonna say how it'll go cause I don't wanna jinx myself, buy you haven't seen anything yet.

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OP is based

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Is CRBP being set up for failure?
This shit is scaring me bros.

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PLTR up or downded?

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Remove AQB and you will make it

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What’s your cost basis? I sold last week at a loss to buy APHA. Based decision

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The window is closing for ultimate cheapies you fucking faggots

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Starlink is going to be so bloatedand instutionalized by the time it ipo's that it won't be worth it for years.

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Just 250k shares. It's nothing. Stock is undervalued anyway

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I really hope this sticks when the market opens tommorow

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UVXY has contango problems with managing the VIX futures, and the problem is compounded by leveraged etf decay, which is why it is a decay machine unless the indexes drop

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Apparently WIMI aims to put you in the room with the waifu.

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Get out of NOK otherwise not bad

>> No.28246848

>TSLA down and /biz/ wants to sell
well for sure buying then

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all my understanding of anime comes from /smg/ and everyone has poor taste but good stock tips.
i take anime nerds stock tips and profit off them.

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based tummy posting OP

buy the OCGN dip

>> No.28246866

Same, my 1.5c are sitting really pretty right now

>> No.28246868

Leveraged ETFs will decay and reverse split often. Use it only for short term plays.

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Hi. No problem. We should videochat
>almost touching 3.40 afterhours
im gonna COOOOOOOM

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should i buy 1,000 uvxy?

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1 employee Petros wtf

>> No.28246905

too diversified

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>Stock goes up
>This is a bad thing
? It is going to 5 EOW look at chart

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I'm sitting on almost 20 calls myself
My $2 Calls are gonna explode tomorrow

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Am also in on ctrm. Threw in some beer money and bought 300 shares for .69 ea. Literally about to almost double my money in under a week. Thinking about buying more if theres a dip friday.

>> No.28246944

looks based

>> No.28246945

Yeah CRBP is going to at least $5 in the coming weeks imo.
Hi. I love you.

>> No.28246950

Sell and put into $CTRM, thank me later.

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>all those Zoom calls
Que the fuck?

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Retard question, but is $300 enough to start investing with?

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I'm literally late to every single fucking fad stock

I literally cannot stop buying the top. I just want to make money bros

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It's based off of the first two front months of VIX future contracts. Thus, it's a short term hold and should only be bought and sold in a short time frame as a hedge or gamble that it's going to spike with the VIX futures contracts when there's a dip or correction in the market.

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I'm really interested in AITX but Cucksimple doesn't allow puchasing cool OTC stuff

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>mfw no one calls this op a faggot

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could i try to autistically buy low/sell high on TQQQ's up/down cycles?

>> No.28246992

Thats funny, my aunt wrote Hollow Pursuits, the episode of Star Trek where the dude gets completely wrapped up in the Holodeck :)

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why didnt any one tell me about sndl?

>> No.28247054

Yes, and if you make good plays you can turn it into 2k within a month

>> No.28247065

If you're don't enter early enough because you're scared, then put much smaller emount of money, something you're ready to lose. Otherwise you will always wait until you're confident that it's going up. Usually when it is already up by substantial amount.

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curious about when y'all cash in options. I bought an AZN 54.5 2/19c @ $0.21. Its now worth $0.45 and AZN is at 50.3, would you personally cash out now or wait for bigger potential gains?

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Zoo Wee Mama!!!

>> No.28247094

Also fun fact:
Last week on friday there was 2,5M worth of $460 2/19 calls on ZM, and today there was about 1,5M worth of $500 2/26calls.
Just an observation.

>> No.28247095

thank you

>> No.28247102

Explain. I feel it has way more potential than Tesla and I don’t mind a long hold as long as I get to retire before 30.

>> No.28247130

So? What's the problem with ETF splits? (No, not reverse splits, they're forward splits)

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>buy 15k aitx at fucking .02, sold at .04
the rage.

>> No.28247196

Yes. Swing trading TQQQ is a common strategy. But since the major indexes are almost always stuck in a permanent climb leveraged ETF decay isn't really even felt with things like TQQQ or SPXL, so that's why so many people just buy and hold them.

>> No.28247199

Holy fucking based

>> No.28247212

It wont go under a dollar, Hudson Capital just bought a 10% stake and they are going to forcefully keep it over $1 for the next 10 market days so it can regain NASDAQ compliance. At which point itll blow the fuck up even more. $CTRM isnt going to get cheaper my dude, I wish I bought more myself. Sitting on a paltry 2500 shares at $1 average.

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I live in Germany but trade on NYSE with RobinHood because I have dual citizenship. In which country do I pay taxes???

The money's all going into an american bank account, from which I withdraw in euros. Is this even legal?

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With regards to the highlighted text,
Roger Bloss is not the CEO of MJNE, and is instead still tied to Red LION Hotels through Vantage, not Red Roof Inn - nor are RLH and RRI connected.
Vantage acquired RLH in 2016.
Other than that, MJNE looks interesting enough.
No comment on the rest.

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>> No.28247245

why is bsqr shootin so much

>> No.28247246

How are people poor? I just don't get it

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Ya someone out there is bullish on ZM. There was a bunch of activity on the 460c a few days ago.

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Gatebox has been around for at least a few years and have multiple waifus to choose from.

WIMI shills are posting 2D goddess Hikari for some reason, but it looks like WIMI wants to do AR 3D slam pigs.

So, I guess WIMI isn't related to Gatebox at all then. I would totally drop a couple of grand on Gatebox stock.

WIMI is dead to me if it's not 2D anime girls desu.

>> No.28247285

I have 600 shares bought at 4.46.
Not terrible, but I've been spoiled by the meme market and I feel like there are better plays out there.

>> No.28247288

WOAH really anon !?
super cool aunt you should ask her about all sorts of behind the scene things from star trek :3

does she talk about being star trek writer alot?

>> No.28247293

The amount of people in here that hold leveraged ETFs for months let alone weeks let alone inter-session at all baffles my mind. You are losing money every time the market closes.

>> No.28247309

Add volatility column to trading view screener and sort by volatility.

>> No.28247336

Ok, and where would you learn how to not be a retard with the investments? Don't want to shit up the thread with too many questions but its pretty overwhelming all the factors to take into account

>> No.28247343

You should try it, but you'll need to be pretty disciplined about setting your entry and exit points and what time scales you use (try weeks at first).

>> No.28247348

USA will tax you no matter what. Idk about Germany, but USA 100% will no matter where you are in the world. Hopefully you dont get dicked twice.

>> No.28247358

Oil gang

>> No.28247361

They do so because they lose value over time, the split is just a symptom

>> No.28247362

fuck starlink, it'll cloud up our view of the cosmos

>> No.28247363

so what are you saying

>> No.28247392

I started with $200 then gradually added more once I felt comfortable.

>> No.28247393

that's what i mean. i heard about cool stuff like cowboy bebop or bobobo but all you guys post is weird doll-looking moe shit.
but thanks for the stock tips.

>> No.28247403

Anyone here know how to use options on Robinhood?
I'm still stuck on it for a while

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Based indeed (and redpilled)

>> No.28247422

Are you the anti-natalist from last night?

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I dunno I just googled some stuff

>> No.28247449

Put 25k in or try "pro"

>> No.28247460

Unironically go on Twitter and follow the stocks shilled by people like Zack Morris, you'll make easy gains like fish getting easy nutrients by eating whale shit.
Learn how to do DD in the meantime.

>> No.28247468

what's your expiry? i got 50 2c for next friday. pretty excited, i was down 50% for the past few days

>> No.28247474

Wow its almost like i shilled you guys a good stock with nice financials, a good pipeline of stocks, a good amount of dark pool institutional activity, and a nice potential for PR/catalysts instead of your retarded white ADHD teenage robinhooder flavor of the month picks

>> No.28247478

Cause this one isn’t a name tranny like you

>> No.28247479

Fuck you. Build a telescope on the dark side of the moon if you want to look at the cosmos.

>> No.28247483

Ask one of the tax guys online, should cost about €40

>> No.28247484

You don't have to waste your time watching the whole movie. Just listen to this in the background at 2x speed
It's really not anything special, especially when you're investing in a developing economy.
Meme images aren't exactly a good source of information
>Luckin Coffee
That was always a scam, anyone who studies China knows that SBUX controls the mainstream coffee shop segment in China.
>the disappearance of Jack Ma
He said a lot of retarded shit lel, but no, he's not going to be killed.

>> No.28247501

>Retard question, but is $300 enough to start gambling with?
Yes easily.

>> No.28247506

Thing's been available since 2018. I think they announced a new version at CES. Hoping they get english support.

>> No.28247513

just sold all my SNDL
how do I stop selling early
>left 30k on the table from RIOT

>> No.28247516

I was 637 at 4.54 but lost faith. I already have sideways moving savings account stonks so I dumped it.

>> No.28247518

I meant ftw

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>> No.28247525

I need more.

>> No.28247552

Reminder there are people still using robinhood in this general right this very second
Reminder they are giving you financial advice

>> No.28247557

>lose 0.5% due to slippage
>lose 0.1% due to expense ratio
>QQQ up 1%
>TQQQ still up 2.4%

Big deal

>> No.28247571

>a good pipeline of stocks,
A good pipeline of products* lol fuck

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I've been seeing how trustworthy I think a shill is, googling, and then buying like a retard accordingly. I'm down on AQB, but up on pretty much everything else, although I'm a poorfag and don't have that much overall. Keeping the mutant fish for now because I want to believe.

>> No.28247583
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I already would of make it if I found stocks in March

>> No.28247586

25k? I'm waiting on my money to get out of this app
i have gold but i haven't turned on margin yet, since i didn't trust it to not fuck me over by charging margin instead of cash

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why do you ASSHOLES keep mentioning already mooned stocks. give us some hidden gems

>> No.28247619

She actually just wrote the one episode I think, it was kind of a one off for her. She's an eccentric professor of Old English at the University of Rochester. I will have to ask her more about how the hell she got that gig when I talk to her next.

Mostly she just talks non-stop about Old English and fairies and mythology and Hildegard of Bingen and SJW students who really piss her off haha.

She's also a constructed language expert and has made her own language.

>> No.28247626
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I'm so glad I doubled my AQB position so it could just sit there and crab.

>> No.28247633

nevermind I'm a fucking idiot

>> No.28247637

Put it into $CTRM and your mistake will be erased with gainz tomorrow.

>> No.28247654


>> No.28247656

I’m up 80%

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Remember that doujin where the DOA girls "tortured" Zack? Well once WIMI creates the life like Hologram you can have the DOA girls "torture" you to your hearts content..

>> No.28247664


>> No.28247673

I don't really pay attention to the AH volume, but is that higher than usual? I just know 1m+ volume means we'll be using these prices going into premarket. Its another thing if it holds them.

>> No.28247677


>> No.28247686

people have been shilling sneed for at least a couple of weeks...

>> No.28247688

Hey OCGN shill
What happens tomorrow

>> No.28247690

There's a stock called GME. Down almost 90% from its high! Great value if you have
>diamond emoji
>hands up emoji

>> No.28247703
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>would of
you sure?

>> No.28247718

that's loser talk, there is always another opportunity. Did anyone expect fucking 10 baggers from GME long after March? Never mind the weekly 2x's here and there

>> No.28247721


>> No.28247727

As an american citizen? There's something called "foreign income exemption"-blablabla you have to get approved for in order to avoid paying US taxes while living in another country

>> No.28247728

So far I haven't seen any prototype by WIMI, so I think this is another reason to dump it. Too many chinese pump n dumps around.

>> No.28247733

literally everything in this market worth mooning is mooning

>> No.28247732

Accooomulate more CRBP on tomorrow's morning dip which is inevitable

>> No.28247734

nope, I'm just saying I hate the idea of hundreds of Elon's stupid internet satellites getting in the way of me looking at stars
It's not a particularly reasonable argument, I just think starlink is fucking awful and it makes me angry
simple as

>> No.28247737
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RR.L has 3601% short interest, will be down short term. However, the stock can easily 10x in long run.


>> No.28247747

Apha and gevo

>> No.28247754

CTRM. Best money maker on the market and just over a dollar. Thank me later.

>> No.28247755

Id like to eventually how to make fidelity cleaner with its graphs and track appreciation over segments over time.

>> No.28247759
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dangerously based

>> No.28247810
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Been getting comfy etf gains. Want to start chadswinging 25% of my portfolio. Best stocks for this???

>> No.28247828

Any calls you're picking up? I already have some 4c for April.

>> No.28247830

I've been shilling CRBP since it was $1.60. Get in or get fucked virgin.

>> No.28247837

this but unironically, $40 is a good entry

>> No.28247854
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I wish I bought into AQB after the PO so I wouldn't be down $10. Not much, but still.

>> No.28247866
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SHut the fuck up WEEB this MUTANT FISH will GO UP

>> No.28247872

already holding a shit ton of dat

>> No.28247885

Ok larping fag

>> No.28247887
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I'm Loving It

>> No.28247888

They literally only show up at sundown when there's still sunlight hitting them from the side... literally the worst time to go stargazing. I was worried too but I have yet to be bothered by them even when I'm up in the mountains with my dobson.

>> No.28247902

Nah you probably would have sat on the sidelines the entire time.

>> No.28247911

Many moon sirs!

>> No.28247914

What's up with TELL? over $100 mil loss every year. And yet has PT bigger than 0,000001

>> No.28247915

The ones in an industry you understand.

>> No.28247934



IRS website has all the info. USA don't tax non-resident aliens, he's not an alien so I don't know.

>> No.28247935

How is a shipping company commanding such interest

>> No.28247937

Well unless you're doing long exposure astrophotography they won't be particularly noticeable, they've gone through three generations of "how do we make the satellite less visible" already. Right now the plan is "giant black canvas sunshade", these are called the "visorsat" models.

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u guys shilling your stocks justwaiting to dump on us like that SAVA fag

>> No.28247954

I started with 300 which GME and PLUG turned into 8k, just need a few moonshots. There's usually 1 every 1-2 months here, but with the recent publicity and all the shilling and datamining thats been going on here I think it won't happen again.
/smg/ has been a goldmine so far

>> No.28247958

If we start feeding the mutant fish weed and lenabasum maybe they will get even bigger

>> No.28247978


>> No.28247988
File: 289 KB, 400x400, 1575594952684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based darkpoolanon

>> No.28247994
File: 28 KB, 263x569, image1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like the April 4c calls as well, I prefer those.

>> No.28248000


>> No.28248001
File: 46 KB, 700x394, 18862984_401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28248033
File: 250 KB, 1079x1354, Screenshot_20210209-173804_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These are my current plays, I have my $2 ones set to sell at 3.50 atm

>> No.28248043

Tell that to the guy who bought 1000 soxl at $80 and is now a millionaire

>> No.28248050

what the other anon said, find guys on twitter or YT (i like ziptrader), listen to their reasons for buying a stonk, click around on yahoo finance or other sites to see some other takes on the same stock, then buy or dont. In the meantime do your own DD and put smaller amounts (or use a paper account) on those stocks to see how you do

>> No.28248055
File: 190 KB, 2000x2000, water pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

DOA girls you say?

>> No.28248058
File: 97 KB, 484x639, 1600275879905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People shill stocks when they're under the radar
>They moon

>> No.28248062
File: 370 KB, 1558x1215, 1612917529556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your shitcoin already dumped, why shill it

>> No.28248067
File: 7 KB, 224x224, 1612826072148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me some good tickers that'll help me go from $1400 to $2800 by next week, or else...friend

>> No.28248068
File: 109 KB, 640x274, clown_vs_npc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because Robinhood banned the ticker briefly.

>> No.28248074

write calls.

>> No.28248075

Anybody on NIO?

>> No.28248078

Based. WAGMI bro

>> No.28248080

B-but my AH

>> No.28248081

This, ZM is money 99% of the time. He mostly does cheap stocks though, so if you spread your $300 too thin it'll take awhile to make gains. I put $1200 into ZYNE when he shilled it and I've made good money so far.

>> No.28248099

If CRBP finishes over 3.40 tomorrow I will piss into my own mouth.

>> No.28248100

How did you know CBRP and what's the next step in your master plan? I want to learn.

>> No.28248126

I'm not him, I just saved the pic. He is definitely based though.
Nice digits btw

>> No.28248128

im not trimming GSI.V until it hits at least a 300 million market cap

>> No.28248133

3D Systems still going
buy high, sell higher

>> No.28248138

TTWO is on a discount since it dropped despite good earnings

>> No.28248149

what is this?

>> No.28248167

checked and ready

>> No.28248173
File: 340 KB, 800x807, 1600571797868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28248180

Follow my lead and just invest in Bio and Nanotech companies. I just pick the ones with most SciFi names and am surprised how well that works.

>> No.28248183
File: 31 KB, 480x478, angry timmys dad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Check about western Gatebox adaption
> Some new zealand company bought the rights, made it a flat screen instead of a hologram, made the characters look like flat retarded sim characters, and reprogrammed them "not to respond to inappropriate language"

>> No.28248185
File: 395 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210209_183915_com.android.chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28248216

My brother, I didn't buy common stock. I went all in on warrants.

>> No.28248220

>PSTH 40 calls
Announcement imminent?

>> No.28248229

>How did you know CBRP
Decent amount of dark pool activity and institutional accumulation from Fidelity and Schwab among other intstitutions. Good technicals which indicate to it curling up and filling the gap. But namely using my MFI indicator on ToS and FlowAlgo searching for unusual options activity.
I think I will use BlackBox instead now for my dark pool searches

>> No.28248244

You better post a link to the video here faggot

>> No.28248265

Looks like the inverse of apple

>> No.28248272
File: 167 KB, 1000x1333, 1612145571021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so sick and tired of LE SQUEEZE XD memefags

>> No.28248280

I bought FIRE partially because it was a cheapo weed pennystock with the ticker FIRE tbqhdesu

>> No.28248295
File: 503 KB, 219x200, ranger reaction shrug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Due Diligence
What am I even looking for in the company to alter my opinion though? Just shit like Revenue and the stocks history?

>> No.28248312

What goes through the mind of someone like this

>> No.28248326

Yeah. I will. But only if CRBP finishes over $3.40 tomorrow. Remember that. I keep myself hydrated and piss a lot anyways.

>> No.28248347
File: 620 KB, 1300x891, 9169059E-B22F-4977-84EA-028D897F2E2B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its making good money, the charts have great trends, it just tripled the size of its fleet, shipping costs are rising, it has semi meme status on reddit, and just today Hudson Capital bought a 10% stake in the company.

Easiest 10x fucking ever. If you dont buy in at the $1 range you are a literal fucking retard. CTRM is going to double tomorrow and blast off to a distant galaxy later this month when it regains compliance and get relisted on NASDAQ.

I have unironically put 100% of my portfolio into it.

>> No.28248360

Imagine her farting on your dick

>> No.28248367
File: 686 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210209-193854_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you WILL buy the WIMI stock
>you WILL live in the WIMI pod
>but it comes with a WIMI waifu

>> No.28248379

Is it irrational to sell just because you're up a lot and you're afraid of losing it?

>> No.28248384

being a retard is how you make the most money unironically
especially right now
invest in weed

>> No.28248392



>> No.28248393
File: 50 KB, 688x538, amc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I'll buy the $AMC dip tomorrow, if it drops it won't go below previous resistance/support of about 4.95, but I think there's a high chance that it will either keep crabbing around it's current value, or it will go up again.

>> No.28248409
File: 28 KB, 318x318, 1612388957845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28248419

post portfolio

>> No.28248443

This does >>28247025

>> No.28248456

Some schizo does dozens of random trades in his dark pool account every day and posts the results in a spreadsheet.

Guy's gotta be a fuckin multimillionaire from some of the orders I've seen him place though. Fuck.

>> No.28248475


Best ETFs in the world hands down. They invest in IPOs and hold the best ones for 2 years, the funds are managed by Reneissance Capital, one of the most successful hedge funds of all time. IPO is for domestic IPOs, has done like 44% this year, IPOS is for foreign IPOs, has done about 35% this year, I park most of my money in them.

>> No.28248490
File: 47 KB, 933x707, 1213123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks overbought

>> No.28248500

I WILL own tons of money and I WILL NOT eat bugs!

>> No.28248515

Only $550 huh. I guess it will fall apart if I fart too hard after intensive trading session. At least waifu will be there to witness this failure.

>> No.28248518

PSTH hasn't announced a target and is running out of time. It's trading 50% above NAV which is like buying a $10 SPAC at $15. When the target is announced it'll probably pop to $40.

>> No.28248525
File: 518 KB, 1328x554, BOOBA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28248529

At $75 I'd almost be a millionaire. Would be nice, but not really realistic.

>> No.28248537
File: 102 KB, 1314x781, 289B7029-0899-4BE6-BB91-91CAD9A4FBED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it too late to get into ZYNE?

>> No.28248543
File: 6 KB, 224x225, 1612393007379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28248546

You can look at ANY news/published investor info to make your decisions. Things like new products coming, new drug approvals in pipeline, revenues consistently going up, etc etc based on what type of company it is.

>> No.28248567

Sold my CRBP for TAKOF

>> No.28248570
File: 118 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210209-194404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did this in one week with pltr. It's very addicting now

>> No.28248592

Should I cash out my gains on CRBP and SNDL then buy back at opening tomorrow?

>> No.28248604

think about its growth potential (is oil gonna boom? is cannabis?) and start reading about the company and its latest moves. Are they expanding? Do you think they have a chance at pulling off whatever new medtech they are developing?

god i need to get a fit gf again

>> No.28248634

Ok i lied its only 83% of my portfolio but im selling my dogshit AMD stocks tomorrow at open to buy more CTRM. Im a poorfag with only $4000 to work with so me YOLO’ing into CTRM isnt anything exciting for anyone but me.

>> No.28248655

No, he usually recommends holding onto his picks for at least 2 weeks. He posted about ZYNE on the 4th so you've got a few more days at least.

>> No.28248663

SNDL 1.80 right now
Easily blowing past 2 dollars tomorrow

>> No.28248668

How will you piss into your own mouth though?
Is it going to be a tubgirl-like situation?
Or are you just going to sit down on the toilet and piss up into your own face?

>> No.28248685

get a real broker faggot

>> No.28248690

post folio

>> No.28248716

ok so the new "under the radar" stocks are crbp
can i trust bill ackman? isnt he a jew?

>> No.28248724

how tf are you able to trade this late?

>> No.28248734
File: 154 KB, 820x836, 1611376362891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am horny

>> No.28248784
File: 30 KB, 747x385, never enough.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's never enough

>> No.28248790

Im thinking exactly a tubgirl type situation, basically have my legs and torso pressed up against a wall so my dick can be aimed into my mouth, my body will be making a "v" shape

>> No.28248799

no, gains aint gains until you cash them out

>> No.28248816

Real brokers can trade after hours. The volume is just lower and prices jump around a lot.
Even TDA lets you trade after hours and overnight.

>> No.28248818
File: 96 KB, 1200x1194, DWFcgjYVoAAgync.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dear... Americans, I need your opinion: How commonly is 23andMe used and is it considered a good service? I'm asking because I find the idea of handing over the very blueprint of my body to a faceless megacorporation incomprehensible, but another anon just mentioned in the previous thread that 23andMe is going public via SPAC (ticker: VGAC) and it seems this could have a lot of meme potential, especially among robinhood and retail investors but I'm unsure about the actual public sentiment for the company since it doesn't exist in Europe as far as I'm aware, and for good reason.

>> No.28248834

show me how to options
while i'm still waiting for my gme gains to transfer from robinhood to fidelity

>> No.28248854
File: 3.85 MB, 600x600, zq86ybd1hfe21.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wimi China beds
>has AR slam pig
>can withstand up to 120 lbs

This is such a failure for the intended weaboo American market lmao

>> No.28248907

His legacy is riding on this SPAC so I'd trust it.
I currently do not have any positions but might park my money there if there's nothing else to buy.

>> No.28248911

i have tdameritrade. i got 100k in that one but its so hard to use i might take it out and put it in etrade or rh

>> No.28248918
File: 115 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20210209-164809_My Stocks Portfolio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my 1M chart is going to look a lot less impressive once the GME squeeze is more than a month ago

>> No.28248920

I thought the merger was because 23andMe was deep in the red and needed a cash infusion

>> No.28248921
File: 309 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210209-164833_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been a good month.

>> No.28248927

>the American pigs can't steal our waifu tech if they can't fit in the box

>> No.28248929

Damn fidelity only lets me trade from 7 am to 8 pm. Bull shit

>> No.28248930
File: 172 KB, 445x687, vqO5H2AlQoslK6FjVx0LjALPg9P8FIguiCjGf8xg4og.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

XSPA is going to pump!!!!! Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.28248936

glad you've thought this one through anon, remember the bath is the most dangerous place in the home, don't slip on your piss while blindly stumbling out after emasculating yourself for retards on a yak forum

>> No.28248950

Are there any youtube channels for retards where I can learn by watching things explained?
Literally starting from nothing, but my friend is getting back into crypto so I like to hang out, browse /biz/ and read twitter while he $DOGE's.

>> No.28248961

just buy calls on what you think will go up

>> No.28248971

DIX is hitting some pretty phenomenal lows

>> No.28249013


>> No.28249014

Buy a contract

>> No.28249015

>tub girl

Lol rotten.com

>> No.28249017

Will TAKOF crash tomorrow bros? I'm nervous

>> No.28249031

suck his cock for money while he "$DOGE's" you queer

>> No.28249032

ziptrader helped me a lot when i was getting into it

>> No.28249039

Like your mom?

>> No.28249044

>i have tdameritrade. i got 100k in that one but its so hard to use
you're a retard

>> No.28249075

i got that anon
i meant with the robinhood ui
it only gives me buy and sell shares

>> No.28249079
File: 52 KB, 500x593, 1610154656255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>GME 2: The Short end of the stick

>> No.28249089

Up big on MJ lets gooo

>> No.28249102

What do we think about the Bumble IPO?

>> No.28249117

Great. Tomorrow's going to be fun.

>> No.28249126

is it too late to jump onto SNDL? im thinking of trying to get into it tommorow, looking for price point that would be "acceptable"

>> No.28249137

why? because there UI is retarded and rh isnt?

>> No.28249145

at least sometimes they do it because the shares get too expensive, just recently tqqq went from 200 to 100

>> No.28249161

I'm functionally retarded and partially blind and am missing several fingers on my dominant hand and I'm still able to use ToS, how do these people manage to fail so hard?

>> No.28249174

Why are people asking how to buy stocks and options here lol. Wtf happened

>> No.28249207

Probably will slowly crab upward after an initial dump.
Never bet against THOT tickers

>> No.28249215

No what the fuck I am not doing this in my bathtub, I plan to piss into my own mouth on my bed since my bed is tucked against a wall, so i can use that as leverage to fold my torso and legs up and piss into my own mouth.

>> No.28249222


>> No.28249232
File: 71 KB, 300x300, 15010683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tonnes of stocks dipped hard today
what should I get into

>> No.28249240
File: 253 KB, 900x1200, EtdYfhLU0AAP7rH (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ameritrade is hard to use

Holy shit, even Ameritrade's Sink or Swim is literally plug and play.

>> No.28249243

>All those pumpers with wallstreetbet's mascot as their profile pic with names semi related to wallstreetbat after the whole GME thing


>> No.28249264

waste of time stop asking

>> No.28249274

GME squeeze brought all these retarded reddit niggers

>> No.28249294

I hope you'll put some plastic bags or sheets down, for the sake of your bed.

>> No.28249297

Tubgirl honestly scarred my innocent lil pre-teen eyes when i first saw it

>> No.28249304

Robinhood has literally the best UI and interface to picks stocks.

All the others are boomer tier trash in such a way I cant believe people actually payed commission to use the fucking thing.

>> No.28249307

dude that's gonna ruin your matress, don't lose a pricey thing like that along with your shame
Just lay an old towel down on the bottom of the tub and hold your legs up

>> No.28249316
File: 329 KB, 1125x2436, 667C1C9E-C94A-4CC9-A8CC-53545AA5A68C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here faggot
Yes. Buy CTRM, its going to do what sundial did and more.

>> No.28249327
File: 743 KB, 320x464, 1612918445614.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wsb tourists

>> No.28249332

CTRM is a Reddit memesqueeze ticker. You have until they get bored to make gains.

>> No.28249334

theres too many unidentifiable words. i need simple

>> No.28249347

Buy any one of the following:

>> No.28249362

im tempted to drop 25% of my portfolio into it to see if it pumps like crazy

>> No.28249376
File: 220 KB, 409x430, 1610035561480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stack four of these badboys and a portable toilet in my backyard under a corrugated iron roof
>throw up some cheap LED lamps
>"Welcome dear Zoomers to my futuristic Capsule Hotel, that will be 100$ per night plus tip."
Who will stop me from doing this?

>> No.28249389
File: 360 KB, 518x355, CE247009-8B31-40F5-8A7E-EB927D7E1850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>see the GME moon on /pol/
>come to /biz/ to see what's up
>get hyped on AMC and NOK propaganda
>think they were gonna moon too
>they tank
>lose $150 before I cut my losses
>while I do I notice doge is cheap af
>get drunk and invest into it
>mfw it was right before the elon tweet
>mfw I swing traded it the whole next day
>mfw I made back every penny I lost on memestocks and more
Never knew investing could be so profitable. I've now diversified and all my stocks are up. We can all make it, bro.

>> No.28249398

Fuck you stupid pansy faggots im not going to take literal plastic bags and lay them all over my bed holy shit. How bad do you think my piss aim is? Again my face will be at most 10 inches away from my cock so the piss stream will be easily directable.

>> No.28249399
File: 263 KB, 512x512, 1605632970751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big dick gains

>> No.28249400

people like ackman care about their face a lot, so he's probably trying really hard to get a nice meme company, turning down good deals for better ones, that's my speculation at least

>> No.28249407

Look what you fags did. You made fun of RKG now we have no baker.

>> No.28249415

GME brought in a bunch of new people into stocks.

>> No.28249419







>> No.28249435

do her titties ever jiggle?

>> No.28249455

Buy stock after a correction, when it's crabbing, or when it's slowly grinding up. The bigger the correction, the longer you should wait before buying. Never chase. Set stop loss at 10%. Adjust stop loss as stock goes up.

>> No.28249461


>> No.28249477

Bro, it's gonna drip all over the place. You can spare your mattress some serious gore just by laying down a couple of garbage bags.

>> No.28249479

nintendo, tesla, disney maybe

>> No.28249490

Have fun being left behind

>> No.28249499

holy shit i didnt know how many of you smgers were penny stock shills. shocking desu

>> No.28249505


>> No.28249509

post folio coward

>> No.28249511


Why CRTM lad

>> No.28249545

Quarantine's driven normies nuts, they're desperate for socialization and group belonging.

>> No.28249565


>> No.28249649

It's the worst apps. Literally everyone thinks that. It'll probably poomp tho because everything poomps

>> No.28249733

>23andMe is the only company that offers a genetic health conditions test in addition to the autosomal DNA test
How can they lose money with this, managment must be full of incompetent Boomers.

>> No.28249755
File: 69 KB, 680x546, 1606406263109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you have at least 25K and actually use ameritrade you basically print money desu

All you have to do is read up on it.

But if you want to stay with a *bing bing* *wahoo!* type joke of a broker go for it

>> No.28249799

can confirm ive jacked off in my mouth this way hundreds of times and never got it on the bed
youre good to go

>> No.28249827

Blow me, my aim is fine

>> No.28249835

Worst dating app I meant to write. For real it sucks so much ass that they made bumble bff mode for thots to meet friends or something and bumble biz mode for I don't even know what the fuck

>> No.28249952


>> No.28250059

See, I told you faggots. Trust this guy he jerks off into his own mouth. Jesus christ you little whiny bitches complain and get scared off of everything

>> No.28250253
File: 83 KB, 640x360, i-gots-dat-WAP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]