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In order to kickstart our MCDC challenge, the team is offering 1500MCDC tokens to anyone takes the challenge. The challenge is to go to a McDonalds and ask if they are taking the McDonaldsCoin (as you’ve seen in other videos).

This is only valid once per person, but feel free to go to other McDonalds and ask.

We will post these on our social media’s and this will help to popularize the trend and give us more exposure.

We are a McMovement. I told you once. Get ready.

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okay that's pretty funny

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Free coins? Why not

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Easy money. So far this has been done by drive through only, see this example.

Looking for innovators in this area. Maybe do it in store.

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You heard right

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Based. Free money I guess rite.

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LMAO love this actually dropping .5 ETH rn

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i hope this causes a shitstorm lmao at least well get some entertainment

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based. i'm in

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We want chaos. Welcome to the McPlan

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God I’m loving all the news the team is releasing

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No one wants your fucking rugpull

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Lock liquidity. Stay mad.

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This is the most obvious shilling I have seen in my life. You're just using a VPN to repeatedly change your ip, aren't you OP?

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poor fags want chaos, rich fags want you to chaos so they can get your sheckels, welcome to the real McPlan

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Kek that would be too much wor. You will see in the coming days that this is a McFamily.

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We have a strong community of holders and a strong team. Literally look at how many wallets are still accumulating.

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That comma guy and that grimace dude are way too overbearing on the "hold, trust the plan" shit. I sold today. Good luck Mcfrens.

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You have not seen the light.

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>legitimizing a pajeet scamtoken copyright infringement coin

this is actually really fucking funny

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Team is all-white anon

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How do I join?

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Where can you even get that shitcoin? Cant find MCDC on ProBit

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Copy the contract address to uniswap

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>lots of dips

Checks out

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I work across the parking lot from McDonald’s...... easy challenge

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>/biz/ ads
Pajeets are now announcing they are shilling a PnD as a selling point
This shithole needs to rangeban everything except Europe and US.

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Prefect McFriend. Be sure to be extra ridiculous

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>none of the top holders sold
Keep coping Jamal

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Okay I know this isn't a PND at this point it's obvious that's FUD but I'm still not sold. what value does it have? like what use is it going to have.

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It’s a shitcoin. Pretty much none except to make you money.

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Same use case as Doge for example...

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just in time for black history month, this is going to get money from a lot of niggers if it blows up on black twitter. but someone is probably going to jail over this if it dumps on a bunch of stupid niggers. based but also dangerous considering how totalitarian the left is. good luck based shitcoiners. I will enjoy watching this from the sidelines.

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The people running it are legitimately schizo and believe mcdonald's is going to buy up all the tokens at $135 a piece.

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If you trust in the CommaClub and the McPlan and the McFamily you'll understand we are taking on the establishment.

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Thank you for the support. Chaos is coming.


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stay mad mcnocoiner

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i recognize it for what it is, a good way to make money off fools, I unironically hope they do well as niggers get enough gibs from us already. Its time to start taking it back.

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wow. i wouldnt be surprised if this challenge makes mcdc go viral. given enough effort of course. well see...

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50 bucks per person if they do this? Jesus it sounds like a good deal

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We had a McTeam fren

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I had 500k, moron.

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This thread seems so inorganic. Very suspicious the way people in here are talking.

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I don't post much here but I picked up a modest stack and will be rooting for it. The website is very sleek and makes no claims as far as being a phony business or looking for funding to run some grand operation. A funcoin through and through.

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Not buying your bags, Ranjesh.
Wipe your ass with those coins. At least they're worth enough to hold your shit.

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Forgot about the beginning of the chart. This is the peoples coin. Shirts will be given out soon to the McFamily. We will McGrow. Marketing is coming.Trust the plan.

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Fuck off retard

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Happy to be in so early on this.

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Team still holding, tiktokchallenge coming, fuck you and see you on the mcmoon

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You will McRegret this. Get on this coin before it takes off.

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Fixed this for you. Golden arch incoming aging.

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pleas sirs

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Even a burger from McDonald's is more organic than this thread. And that seriously says something about the state of this coin.

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Blatant shilling for the upcoming rugpull

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>that pfp

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Kill yourself, if it was a rug we all would've sold already

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Yeah they’re planning to rugpull while the price has dropped over 60%
Jesus you pajeets can’t think of better fud can’t you?

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Lmao doesn't every shitcoin community try to shill a coin? I don't see the issue here

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yeah right top 10 wallets didn't rug at 0.18, they will surely rug at 0.025 now

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Classic happy meal graph trend.

Initial Rise with the Nuggies, followed by a Sprite Spike and Dip, followed by a French Fry Retrace to establish a new floor, before a Bullish run up to the box to get the Beefy Cheeseburger inside.

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How is this still here boys.

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bruh, its not even on coingecko yet

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KEK 1 eow confirmed

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Reply to me poo shills

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you are just jealous of MCDC shill waifus

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Please get off this board scammer

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>Dedicated shilling team
Why wouldn’t you want that in a coin

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Suck my dick nigger

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guess you pajeets really ran out of FUD, where you have to use good things about the project to get paper hands to sell, that’s pathetic Rakesh

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Please tell me the good things about this project

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>shilling on Twitter, Reddit, biz
>MCDC challenge trend
>crypto YouTubers + insta pages (haven’t done yet)
>doge/btc crash starting alt season (hasn’t happened yet)
>satoshi AMA
>reward community (upgrading website, shitpost medium articles, possibly NFTs, haven’t done yet)
>create cult following

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bk did this publicity stunt (in russia?) last cryptohype. whoppercoin. guess it's mcd's turn now.
bunch of companies went all in on crypto last cycle.
it marked the peak of it all. dump everything when onlyfans starts accepting.

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ETH shitcoin scam platform produces another scam