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The whole world economy is about to collapse

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Can it wait until tomorrow

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Thank fucking god. It's about dam time.

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And you'll like it

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this. I need a few more pumps anon.

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Nope, bear markets are now cancelled.

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i dont care

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not going to happen

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Society is collapsing

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better try and make it so I can really start prepping then.

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Yes my child, ill warn you five mins before i collapse so you can pul all gains. Tip from mr economy, buy reef.

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>tfw elites crash the world economy AGAIN just to keep Linkies from making it

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It won't. Nothing ever happens, and even if something does happen, it will turn out to be nothing.

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Big if true

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im all in hex so at least ill be making interest at least ill have that to cling onto

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i built my own house, have my own solar power system and now grow my own food. enough said

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... and that's a good thing!

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we will repossess everything
and you will be happy

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What does that even mean? I read this every day. Stock market crash? Don’t care.
Dollar crash? Wouldn’t that pump stocks/crypto/commodities? Mass unemployment?
Already happened last year and the whole model where every person has a job is obsolete and on the way out.

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Covid wants to talk with you, in private.

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