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what are some "normal" ways to make money on the side? i need an extra $500/month, beyond the grasp of IRS tax jews. too pussy to grow weed in my cuckpartment and i don't want to do gig economy shit like a minority.

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Donate Plasma

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If you're cute, this >>28241894
If not, pimping.

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i don't shoot heroin

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Pick up heavy stuff and then set it back down where you're told. It could be a shovel full dirt or a garbage can or large palette loaded up with bricks. It could be hard work but it's an honest way to make a living so long as you don't work for people that are taking advantage of you. But you'll never get rich.

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Yes, giving away vital fluids and feeling constant lethargy is worth $20.

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>manual labor
i went to college. maybe i should just grow weed.

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how do I learn how to become a pimp?
I read Iceberg Slim's book but I still don't know where to start

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have you considered maybe you're just a failure and you project that onto others which keeps you even further down?

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Find women who are poor and desperate and coerce them into selling themselves for cash.
Also, buy a gun.

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Draw furry porn commissions

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Flip toys to manchildren

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i work in finance so i've been doing some autistic margin analysis on buying shit from aliexpress and selling on ebay. i have legitimately no idea how people do it. even with a steep shipping discount the margins are shit.

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>beyond the grasp of IRS tax jews
youre literally posting online on a public forum for advice on how to commit tax fraud. good luck LOL you know they watch this shit, logged your IP and know exactly who you are within 10 mins

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Go to the good will and check out shit to flip. Or in the summer garage sales

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Or just have heavy stuff that people pick up and put down and charge them for it.
>t. Gym Owner

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be a faggot and flip hypefag bourbon
easy money

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Volume and being Chinese. I'm dead serious

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Buy stuff at government auctions and flip it.

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Why start a thread when you are just going to shoot down every suggestion because you're "above" it. Son, if $500 makes all the difference to you, you aren't above SHIT. You sound like a whiney entitled cunt.

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i did that a few times with laboratory equipment (i do autistic amateur chemistry on the side.) it's possible but difficult and inconsistent.

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...and OP is gone.

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Oh, there you are again. Surprise, an excuse!

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Put $10 on any animal meme coin once each month. There you go. Pic related for your Feb $500.

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what kind of gay LARP are you. i make $80k a year in finance. i just want an extra $500 a month in my pocket for minimal work so i can blow it on shitcoins without remorse. i have the skills and knowledge to do professional services consulting on the side but i don't want the stress or liability on top of my day job. do me a favor and get out of my thread, nigger.

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Offer a product at your local farmer's market. You can do a lot more than $500/month if you offer something decent. And no it doesn't have to be farmed, or even food.

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how do?

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Don't do these, you're more likely to lose money than make money.
>1099 contractor status means you have to pay your own payroll taxes in addition to income taxes
>have the hassle of filing taxes quarterly
>after all your taxes are paid you have to consider gas and increased car maintenance costs
It's just not worth it at all. Anyone who tries to use these apps for side income is a fool who doesn't understand how they're being taken advantage of.

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Suck dick

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$60 where I’m at

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>buy a car that barely runs
>buy materials you need to fix it
>drive it to a neighboring poor country, you know you have one
>have local mechanics fix it
>sell it in your richer country
And violla you made money by exploiting the labor of some poor mexicans

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But OP said 500, not 5000.

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How about dropshipping?

Very good point.

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Retard tier advice. This is how you stay poor forever.

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>I went to college
You say that like it means something, cute.

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Lol you went to college just to be a moron

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is it really that bad? I was looking into DoorDash since a friend of mine gets plenty of business in our city with surprisingly good tips

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My side hustle is legit $MCDC I just throw in $500 and wait

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>I don't shoot heroin

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>he thinks growing weed isn't manual labor
>he fears manual labor

Ngmi faggot.

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delete this

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Sell drugs you already have the BTC and it sells itself

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any dropshipping bros here?

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i've thought about this more than anyone should >>28245549 and it's not worth the risk of doing a decade in prison.

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No, but I've always been interested. Is it still viable? What kind of outlay do you need to get set up to make a modest revenue stream?

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dropshipping stopped being viable years ago

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sounds like you just want to scare potential competitors off

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what's the startup cost for an average boomer gym?

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Sell weed to teenagers on Instagram. Round the clock delivery $20 min.

Easy 3k a month

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lol cuckpartment

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It does. Cope and seethe. Where I’m from if you dont go to college you viewed as scum, rightly so. Based New Englander here

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>i work in finance
no you dont

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No i've done freelance work for 5 years. Even amazon FBA stopped being profitable for the average person. If you manage to find something with decent margins in the sea of trash then as soon as you make profits some chink operation will come in and steal your idea. Even amazon has stolen ideas from people selling on their platform and shutting them down to make their own money lol.

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i work in fp&a at a mid cap company. it's wagie work.

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It's not as bad as you make it sound. I made 900 with doordash and had to pay 66 dollars in taxes. It's shit as a primary job but decent as a side job.

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It’s entirely dependent on where you live. If you live in an extremely populous area with lots of millennials, it ain’t bad. If you live somewhere that is even a moderate population level, then there just isn’t enough market for you to make good money. Boomers don’t give you huge tips because they aren’t retarded with their money and think a monkey who drove a car deserves more than a few bucks

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Buy junior gold exploration stocks working in Burkina Faso... Specificfag

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If you live in a major metropolitan area, you can bank $500 after expenses/taxes in under 20 hours over a single Friday/Saturday/Sunday stretch and take the rest of the month off. DoorDash 5pm-8pm when it’s booming, uber/lyft 8pm to midnite.
t. white dude who hustles

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I make $850 a week on Unemployment, and my side hustle is working in construction for cash.

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>living near the border
I wouldn't get paid to do that.

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Eat shit

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Sell $20 bags of weed to teenagers.

What could possibly go wrong after like, a month?

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dude he wrote all the steps in there.
in the digital age, you can probably manage OF pages.

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This the crackhead who delivered my tendies

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Yet you're in debt and working more hours than the supposed ditch digger you think you're better than