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You've seen the short squeeze, you’ve seen the “meme coin”, etc. But that's not the purpose of McDonaldsCoin. The coin was made to balance the power in the market in the year 2021. We are sick of this. Sick of losing our jobs, losing our businesses, losing our houses. Sick of companies raking in millions of dollars a day, billions a year pulling in the dogchow. This coin is a way to stand up to the big businesses and the hedge funds from the safety of a decentralized network. Nothing like this has ever been done. The locked liquidity isn’t a way to fool you into buying, it is a safety net for all those who hope to buy. This could get so big, the ones with the money will be angry and McDonalds will thrash. No one is McFuckingSelling.

This is a movement. Not a shit coin. This is our coin.

Contract Address: 0x8937041C8C52a78c25aa54051F6a9dAdA23D42A2 (View on Etherscan)


Proof of lock Liquefy.

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Figured I'd stay in, even if at a loss. It's just $100USD. Nothing too big.
Remember kids
>Don't let your memes be dreams

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand MCDC. The concept is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical shitposting most of the memes will go over a typical pajeet's head. There's also CommaClub's schizo outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Tim Draper's viral marketing, for instance. The McNiggers understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these BigMacs to realize that they're not just pieces of meat and buns- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike MCDC truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the genius CommaClub's existencial catchphrase "We will sell to McDonals @ 135 USD @5B post money valuation" which itself is a cryptic reference to Rubic's epic Pump and Dump. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Club's genius unfolds itself on their uniswap screens. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a MCDC tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 MCDC of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

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It's never over for MCDC

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if this image can't convince you nothing can

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Based team and energy. Memecoin millionaires ITT

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Missed out on the 200x looks like it dumped after the ATH. Good time to get tf in before it pumps again.

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This is why we have to McMake it.

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This sounds incredible!

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We'll be sticking it to corporate one day, just gotta be patient

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I wonder what McDonalds can do to legally challenge this?

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Anyone that doesn't trust in the plan will be left behind. This project is just getting stared. This is David vs Goliath.

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even if they did that'd be bullish as fuck

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Fuck you and this pajeet scam.

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You think they have the power to shut down the Ethereum block chain? I didn't either. 5D chess McNigga

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Whats the price rn

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wait a minute ... that's WcDonald's! is there a WCDC?

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Take a nice long look at this picture, nigger. Is that a pajeet? I don't think so

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Around 0.03

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Devs all white. Devs didn't dumb. Stay mad.

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You can start working the drive through window for as low as .2 ETH today.

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try again

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Still have 416 holders.

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How much are you being paid to post this, Ranjesh and Samir?

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stay seething

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They don't have to literally be pajeets to be acting like one

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Nothing. Doing this for free. This is the 1% vs the 99%.

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That's the ultimate goal, we gonna show them what decentralized finance actually means - let them sue a smart contract

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>implying trannies > pajeets
I hate pajeets as much as the next guy but fuck off with that gross thing

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Hi iq fucking based

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"It's not about the money anymore.... It's about sending a message"
Holy fuck this whole thing is fucked

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5D chess

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kek no nigger

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Looks feminine to me
Even the hands look feminine and that’s impossible for all trannies

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with bitch whales finished shitting, im comfy AF, Riding my 20k to $1

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This. The dump is over, only high gains from here

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go back to australia mate

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Yeah if we can get this thing big enough to get attention of McDonalds. They will have to respond. Imagine one of the Most powerful Companies on the planet completely powerless against a Memecoin lmfao.

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How long until you show your tits to entice me to buy Ana you nigger

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literally 400 wallets in 4 days, only 5 wallets have sold through this dump kek.

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I bought mcdc yesterday and I can feel my root chakra already begin to open

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<_< maybe i will make an mcdc fan sign ,

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go simp her up yourself, doublenigger

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I’ll buy 400k if you do, I would also like tits please

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may throw a fey bucks, if thats the price an you still have 400+ holders then its a good bet

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Post your buy senpai

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>The bag holder starts panicking
Oh no no no. You only gambled what you could afford to lose, right?

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Who doesn't like tits? Free advertising

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Have fun working at McDonalds.

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I'm going to pass on this. It smells of curry and shit.

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How many days has it been since u guys been posting?

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being self-employed is underrated

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You have been warned

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we moved to hoge, this shitcoin is a bad meme

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The team hasn’t given up
We want all of our diehard MCDC fans to make it

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B/c replacing a D with H is so smart

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hard to believe people get suckered but this kind of dog shit

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Tell me why a $MCDC tweet is the top tweet on the $HOGE Top Tweets area

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Bro how many MCDC do I need to get McDonaldsfufu

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>hard to believe people get suckered but this kind of dog shit
HAHAHAHAHA okay pajeet, seethe harder and accumulate while it’s low.

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shes mine so you need more than me

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How suckered? It’s a shitcoin that doesn’t claim to be anything else. It’s free money. Fun community. Enjoy it.

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Kek this is gold

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Just waiting on Coinbase to let my ETH send to metamask desu

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For u

Coin not even a week old.

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On the day of the rope, there will be an oak tree with your name on it.

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Hell no Ana is a pure McDonalds waifu not some tranny

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Nice FUD. The McTeam has an active marketing campaign in the US. Stay mad.


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I know Ana is behind this thread and other anons know it too.
My cock grows larger with every passing day knowing Ana is here shilling, god I just want to pump her mcwaifu pussy full of MCDC, while she holds on to me with her legs and her screaming “NIGGERS” at the top of her lungs as we’re both panting just filling the room with the smell of dirty ball-slapping sex.
Undeniably based coin and McWaifu.

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Ok that’s kinda based

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This FUD is bullish.

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When fansign

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We have McMomentum

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Downwards momentum

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That's hot

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There will be an oak tree with your name of it

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Ana is our mcwaifu and the best defi shill queen ever

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Captain Crook from the team here, personally would be kind of based but don’t think she would do it and it’s kinda wrong

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McTaiga reporting in. 2nd this

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I moved onto HOGE. Looking really bullish and the passive gains is fucking sick. I've moved on from this McWagie bullshit, I'm working for a proper restaurant now.

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I’m feeling centered #MCDC

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One guy dumping to pump his own token

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I’m so fucking happy to be a part of this Fuds target . Dollar menu and beyond

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So you got 23 of your friends to like your twatter post? Wow, very impressive. I'm sure that will skyrocket MCDC.

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Fuck both of y’all I wanna see Ana’s fat titties

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And you believe Hoge will moon

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It’s still been up there in the top tweets for days now for $HOGE, guess the rugpull really dwindled your numbers

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It's mooning as I speak. Since I bought in I've also gotten 10 million passive HOGE. I literally can't lose.

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For those retards that are gonna rope themselves, dw, I'll leave a big Mac next to your bloated corpse

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MCDC is destined to pick up interest. It's already weeding out weakfags. The smart HODL until controversy or interest spikes.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is our movement

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The MCDC road map looks tasty. Why any one would trash this coin before even letting the road map play out is a fool.

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LOL I have a more superior one

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Holy fuck I’m diamonds, and I’m not talking about my hands

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I just bought 100k

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is this real?

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holy fuck timed the dump so well into hoge, x2 already