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What's the next link? I need a quick 10x

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[insert generic scamcoin X]

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the next link is link
do you not see we are nibbling all time highs?

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unironically iota

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unironically LINK

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DNA is quick 5x its not hitting 10x though (I would LOVE to be wrong)

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It's still link

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Yeah it's still LINK. Don't forget to load your bags with BTC and some ETH though.

GRT looks good too.

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Asko uf u want to make moni..

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Don't know how quick, but Rubic

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>that ass
I gotta call my ex

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Explain this.

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Obviously ASKO bros

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>gets poo ID
Oh no bros

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probably milk2 even though it's a scam
just wait until after Chinese New Year

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unironically, HOGE

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Rubic obviously

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SURF is a pretty good bet, will do anything between 5x and 20x next months

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Do you need to ask ANON? lol
RBC - its 40c + right now, but will be 10 EOY or more.
ASKO - Mainet and new site launches Sat

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AVAX and you know it

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i second this

only managed to get 14k so far

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Don't listen to these pajeets who just shill stupid meme projects and can't give a real reason.

You need to bet on ching chong Chinese coins because they are guaranteed to 10x at the very least.

> China escaped covid-19 unscathed and will dominate the global economy
> Chinese are bullish on crypto unlike the majority of the western world
> The Chinese Digital Yuan will be the first national digital currency and will rapidly appreciate in value then flood into crypto

Now look at the graphic and on what China is talking about.

Alpha already went 100x.

Nervos is rising ever since it was added to Binance, and its not even available in the USA yet. It will moon as soon as it is available on Binance.us.

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your mom

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Dont forget about QLC

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>>27154819 Then read every LTO general that followed that post. Turns out he knew exactly what he was talking about. Once we had done the math it was an obvious buy and never sell coin as its all about the staking, apy, deflation tokenomics. UN already on the network as are IBM. 100K transactions a day. Fair value is currently above $5. LTO team do a altstreetbets reddit ama monday so DYOR and get in before the herd arrive. The first blue chip crypto and it was sat there being ignored.

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trips of truth

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Trust me

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Only 900 make it stacks of LTO available on binance and supply is then dry.

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So which of these should I go all in on

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That’s not Charles Cardano

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>a quick 10x

Didn't link launch at 20 cents and take 2 years to 10x to 2 dollars?

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None until you verify the LTO math is correct.

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Does butthole have a salty taste like armpit?

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-Basically solved impermanent loss
-Has been on Arbitrum L2 testnet for over a month
-Working on a bridge with Polkadot
-Many OG link whales moved their liquidity to Bancor
-TVL has 20x'd since January

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Polkadot is we're being honest. Its already performing better than link.

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Polkadot isn't going to 10x... It already got the swiss ETP listing and it went up like 20%

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Staking doesn't matter at all, RLC has staking and it's a shitcoin that's done a 6x from its initial release 3 years ago.

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Certainly not the next link but should be a 10x in 1-3 months

Opacity - Decentralized cloud storage

Actual project with a real non-anon team thats transparent.
Get yourself 1TB/1 year of cloud storage now for only 12 OPCT tokens (around 1 usd)
Market price for 1TB cloud is what 50-60 usd.
Super low MC around 6m.
Mobile app coming for mass adoption. Just tweeted there finalizing there staking option.
And no rugs since its not only on uni.

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polkadot isn't on binance.us or coinbase
instant triple once it's listed on those

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HOGE the official DeFi coin of /biz

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Stay strong, anon. Take a lap and give me 50 crunches. Then read Plato again.

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look at the charts you stupid nigger. nothing is 10xing. that shit takes months.

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By your logic any shitcoin is going to 100x whenever they get on binance.us

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ONE or VTHO. Already available on Binance and volume is going up

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Hello chads

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I know the feel. Stay strong, anon. I'm struggling too.

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thanks, I needed that fren. Working out 2x per day was legit my way of overcoming her, in like 5 months I don't look like the same guy

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let's not be hyperbolic

DOT is in the top 5 despite not being on the 2 biggest US exchanges
DOT has actual uses

Being on normie exchanges is the only thing holding it back

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Fund and xfund