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did you buyed?

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Its not too late, anon

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Ugh I only have 25k. I was strongly thinking about grabbing a 125k stack, but it's already mooned.

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same. I just assumed this was a scam. Which....still remains to be seen....but I'm enjoying the ride.

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tell me why I should have faith in this coin.

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It’s the furthest thing from a scam. If you can’t differentiate legitimate projects like RSR from actual fiverr scams like RBC then you need a head examination.

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I didn't think it was a scam. I've known about it since 2019 (long before I got into Crypto). It's got tremendous meme magic

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Of course. I'm not homosexual.

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interesting. we'll see where she goes.

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I have reserved my seat. If you dont have at least 100k I have some bad news.

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If you DYOR for less than an hour it will become pretty clear that this is actually a legitimate project unlike 99% of the garbage you see shilled in this industry. Though don't take my word for it. After all I could be lying... But thats my point, check for yourself. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole the bigger it gets.

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I'll buy when I stop seeing threads on /biz/ pumping it. Maybe a few days after the FUD has already crept back in.

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Fellas, is this the right time to swing?

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Yes been holding 900k for months now. Threads have been dead for a while but then everyone comes crawling back after a pump.

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Been holding this shit for months, decided to sell at 20:00 for BNB because it wasn't doing anything and then it went up 10% FML

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Y'all still think RBC is a fiverr scam? It's clearly photoshopped lmao, y'all dumb. Just search the name on fiverr and you'll find a different 2015 acc. Just google the team of RBC and you'll find a legitimate person. Don't get FUDDED people, RBC is one of the most bullish projects I've seen in a while.

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Been holding since July ready to dab on all the faggots ITT.

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Imagine being a nigger. Ew.

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Hello there

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RSR was the first and only coin I bought on UNIswap because of /biz/bros shilling it, and as a result I got 400 free UNI which I am still holding to this day. Cheers RSR chads.
Realistically though, what's an expected price target?

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That’s a man

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>I just assumed this was a scam
How are you this stupid?

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could have swapped my pnk stack for 7,120,000 RSR just the other day

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Checked. I'm pretty stupid.

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For me its 111k.

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Ugh it’s dumping

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i have been financially reserved.

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its going back under .05

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It will stabilise around 5c
Comfy 2bh

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i stil don't know how to get it. can't use huobi in USA

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How long has whale alerts tracked RSR?

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I hate whale niggers so much

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is that suicide? Make it was 1M right? I have a little under 100k.

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Imagine having seen this coin shilled here since 2019 and not buying until this year.

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Bought at 0.003 and very comfy. /biz/ is quite literally too stupid to make money.

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Use either uniswap or simpleswap

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Didn’t visit biz for all of 2019 but learned about rsr last year. Dumped everything I had into it when it was a cent

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I have 200k and only occasionally check the price, nice. I just cracked 10k on my portfolio thanks to that

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Yes, suicide is 100k.

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my god its dumping upwards

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Make it 1m

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Anyone have that copypasta FUD of Nevin in a strip club?

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I bought most at 1 penny thinking rsr was a scam.

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I only have 15k will I be ok

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you will not make it

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How does $15,000 sound?

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I buyed then selled before moon sirs

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Suicide stack 100k

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>Tfw I have more than 2x a suicide stack
Feels good bros; I just want an apartment to live in peace and not be tormented by my autism.

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>I just want an apartment to live in peace and not be tormented by my autism.
A thousand times amen.

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dude I tried so hard, nobody listened.

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I listened bro, I listened.

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Same but with shit hearing.

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can we just make a new rule?
pajeets with less than 1m can no longer post in these gentlemen's threads.

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I boughted at .004

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we listened. bought most of my stack at .0021

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I bought my 1MM stack at ~ .0025

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I was visiting San Francisco to see one of my friends who works in wealth management. We went to a strip club, and while I was there, I saw Nevin, surrounded by women. He was throwing tons of money at them, but not just bills. It was stacks upon stacks of $10,000, sealed up with the white paper bands, like he had just come straight from a bank.

I went up to him and congratulated him on the success of Reserve as of late (this was about a month ago), and he started laughing. He took a hefty swig from a bottle of Dom Perignon, and said, "Yeah? You think I care, reservie?" Confused, I asked what he meant, and said that he had obviously put a lot of work into helping disadvantaged third worlders and he should be proud.

"I don't give two fucks about those pajeets, kid."

He was about to say something else but one of the strippers tapped him on the shoulder. Nevin pulled out from his pocket the biggest ziplock bag full of cocaine I've ever seen in my life. It looked like one of those gallon bags, almost bulging at the seams. The stripper ran off into a back room with it. He then pulled out a Zippo lighter.

"You wanna know what I think about Reserve?"

He picked up his bottle of champagne on the floor, pulled about 20 stacks of bills from a duffel bag, threw them on the floor, poured champagne all over them, flicked his Zippo, and dropped it onto the pile. Almost instantly the whole stack caught.

I stared at him, speechless.

"It's called a 'PUMP and DUMP,' kid."

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every1 that´s like "i wanted but then it went up"... DCA you stupid cunt! If you want something, but it might be too expensive then fucking DCA it.

I am loaded. I DCA´s everything and it´s all up.

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