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Vitalik hates Chainlink

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How new are you?

Fuck chainlink

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Just a friendly reminder

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That seems like a pretty tame and reasonably well-balanced sentiment, especially for vitalik, I dont really feel any hate here

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I expect no less from a pony fucking autistic pedophile.

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What a passive aggressive bitch
>when did I bash chainlink?
>proceeds to bash chainlink
He’s also a retard

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Sir Gay > Vitautistik

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Sergey and vitalik have a beef since god knows how long

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Checked and literally all crypto is ghey. Imagine worshipping a dude who made a shitty trading platform that charges a random amount to you each time you want to use it, sometimes more than to overall value of the transaction.

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He's not wrong.
And I'm sorry, but IOTA oracles are now going to destroy all other projects.

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if only there was a more decentralised solution to the oracle problem

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Nononono, you dont understand. Everything about Ethereum and Vitalik is absolute tranny dogshit. No one should use it. Ever. In fact, no one on /biz/ uses it. Dead coin, dead tech. Except for all the tokens on it, we all love to use Ethereum and DeFi to gamble on lowcaps.
Get with the narrative that psyoppers are forcing on us.

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>trading platform
I believe you mean the world's first dApp platform

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How’s that price action going?

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Can you imagine proudly showing off your first macaroni art?
Were forced to use it cause its the only way to get the good stuff like mcdonalds and other really important coins.

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<--- Vitalik hates inferior products (Chainlink)

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Fuck chainlink.
Once I looked for the node software to download and run, and there was nothing to download.
The software is proprietary, private and only run by three guys, that is, completely centralized and very far from a P2P model. That is why this project have fallen on the hands of mr Schwab.

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I heard slovenia is a nice place

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That seems like a measured opinion by a highly professional young man who knows how to make a comment on a crypto without affecting the price

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Common guys, you had 4 years..
>ftw 12 months old only 80k net worth

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Chainlink is a Toyota and not a Ferrari.

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Linkcels btfo’d they can’t stand their Jason parser was pumped by 17 year old Twitter fags

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>I like the literal nazis though

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They were both fighting to conquer a girl.

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Sergey fucked Vitalik's dad during a DMT trip in 2015. That's why he hates him.

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can confirm, im the dad

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Can confirm I was the hotel cleaning crew and changed the blood and shit covered sheets

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How can he be this unself-aware? Is he actually autistic?

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Most geniuses are somewhere on the spectrum and are completely myopic.

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kek, good one

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>Not a genius
ETH is a piece of shit that can’t scale but it’s still a revolutionary piece of technology.

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It's really not, this isn't 2014 anymore

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Bitcoin is a revolutionary piece of technology. Eth is an interesting idea that probably won't work due to lack of decentralization. Don't get me wrong, Vitalik is a pretty intelligent dude, but calling him a genius is a crime towards actual geniuses.

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Imagine the two cursing each other in Russian every time they meet.

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spat my drink on the screen fucking kek

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checked and based anon that saw my link

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vitalik wants to seem like a genius
he's the worst type of midwit because he's capable of leading brainlets astray.

Also nothing wrong with cp, lying about full nodes, or scrapping and redoing a project with 100s of billions invested in limbo
congrats on this seriously

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>vitalik wants to seem like a genius
>he's the worst type of midwit because he's capable of leading brainlets astray.
That's a good way to put it.

>congrats on this seriously

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>calling me a twitter army
this means war

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You have to be the biggest fucking retard to think Vitalik is a midwit. Low IQ people are not capable of recognizing genius.

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>Low IQ people are not capable of recognizing genius.
Exactly, which is why so many brainlets seem to think Vitalik is a genius while actual intelligent people know that he's smart but no genius.

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You have an insufferable redditor personality and you're not remotely as smart as you think you are.

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>You have an insufferable redditor personality
Reddit loves Vitalik. Go back there if you want to worship this charlatan in peace.

>you're not remotely as smart as you think you are
Peak brainlet to think that based on my five post in this thread your capable of determining not only my intelligence but also what I think my intelligence level is.

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He says normie things but the guy is a genius.

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He's a genius yet haven't done a single ingenious thing in his life? Your standards for the word genius seem low my friend.

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didn't he accidentally rederive Black-Scholes while he was working on ethereum? I heard that somewhere, and if true that's fucking legendary

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>t. triggered cultist NPC

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nevermind he did something else but still seems smart as fuck desu

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He knows twitter is dogshit but he also knows if *he* is the one to point that out you will all dump your eth in butthurt.

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Just look at the dumb stuff he says and who he says it to.

I'm smart enough to get to the money amount I want on the consensus I've chosen while holding no responsibility on high transaction fees, development delays, and holding billions of dollars in limbo.

Satoshi was a genius
Vitalik is a student tinkering with ideas, ideas that have already been written off as trash by bitcoin developers.

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Burniske, kill yourself.

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Vitalik has an IQ over 250. He’s absolutely a genius.

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>Bitcoin maxis can’t cope with the fact that their system isn’t perfect

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Note that Vitalik is infamous in the crypto community for not giving credit where it's due. I'd take those supposed accidentially rediscovered something great claims with a grain of salt if I were you.

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You base that IQ proposition on what exactly?

If you think that eth is in anyway an improvement on bitcoin then you need to do some CS 101 course right now.

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Bitcoin won't put itself in a spot promising decentralized world computer.
Sounds like you're a methie projecting.

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wow Sergey is a tiny fella.
cute how she mimics vitaliks power stance

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