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So where do I buy this shit? rubic like always? I'm tired of watching my linkie crab at 300 for fucking weeks

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I can't believe link crashed that hard

Meanwhile I didn't sell my btc... now it's sub 200k... HODL is just a meme, don't fall for it

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WHY THE FUCK DIDN"T I SELL BTC AT 50k NOW ITS 15k STAble coin fuckckckcc

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Parsiq @100

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Crypto was never gonna make it, sad how its banned everywhere now

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>Cardano is vaporware. It will soon crash down to $5 any day now and all the developers will go back to Ethereum (ETH 2.0 coming soon bros).

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>can't believe rbc dumped to $26, how will i ever recover?

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jeet seether is in full force and india is no longer at our door

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this board is too slow

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>DOGE $15


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>is 10 LINK enough to make it?

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man do you guys remember the crash of 11 February? everything crashed by 95%, can't believe tesla lost all their money

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>the year is 2025
>is 1 link enough to make it?

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how did RLC drop to $0.50!? why are companies still using AWS don't they know the value of hosting their apps on a distributed network of gaming pcs?

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Is 100 coreto enough to make it bros?

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guys RBC dumped to $50 should i sell?? is this the rugpull??

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considering to buy 10 more of this once it dumps back to $150. any news on whether they will increase staking awards again?

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I don’t know anon is $0.10 enough?

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My house just got destroyed by the rising water levels and I got diagnosed with COVID-22. What do I do?

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I'm jewish and my family were killed by the ozone layer that trump destroyed to attack minorities and now I'm dying of ebola

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I wish that rogue comet didn't rain down infectious prions into the atmosphere killing 90% of the world population back in late 2021. I am tired and hungry and haven't seen sunlight for 6 months. Thinking about ending things honestly.

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This post is impossible because everyone knows RLC is a 1.69 stableoil.

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Bro’s remember how fun the beach before China made the oceans into lava

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RBC @ $212, no coiners rope themselves at record highs

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I thought bitcoin was bubbling when it hit 100k, I can't believe I sold, now its at 350k wtf I'm pink.

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how fucking high are you anon?

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Boy I'm glad I sold in Q1 2021 and bought that massive as fuck dip. I finally have made it.

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OGN will be $50.

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is 10 aave enough to make it?

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You've already made it anon. Not satisfied with 10 million dollars?

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Bobo says: see you back at 45k

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Where did you get that date.

Who told you.

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>fucking $350 stablecoin

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*is dead*

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Man, those roasties really think I will marry them. They just want some of my millions. Fucking cunts.

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sergay betray

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jk imagine not cashing out December

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I am financially ruined

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ASKO made me a millionaire.

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>I'm so glad for my Cuomo mandated lobotomy. I know understand that freedom is bad. Cryptos are very very dangerous. Also, all democrats good, regardless of what they do, they are good by virtue of not being republican. Kthx bye.

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I can’t believe I didn’t sell any of my XMR at $1200. Now I’m down 60% from ATH. fuck my life.

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I can't believe crypto dumped 95%. At least Neets are killing themselves on Masse while brown people fuck their white sisters, genocing their entire white subhuman cumskinned race.

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i am back

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do you live in a parallel reality? /biz/ just bought a private army

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Don't worry about these $2K gas fees guys, ETH is coming in less than 2 years. I admit it is kind of weird that it is still trading at $30K while all ETH killers fell into oblivion.

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Can’t believe I fell for the faketoshi fud

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>never below 100k again!

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GRT is finally pumping to $3!!! WAGMI!

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Don’t you fucking play with my emotions like that

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eRSDL @ $10, feels good man

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I’m still a bit bitter that I have missed Radix.

Screencap me.

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you can take a ride at one of my lambos anon, that I bought just with avax staking

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why is everyone talking about this rudic? the hell is that?
One of those 2021 bull run shitcoins that faded into oblivion?

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>still HODLING

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lol you guys still browse this board? Already made it with rubic but thought I'd stop by for old times sake

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AAAAAAAAAA rubic is fucking crashing. I bought the top at $55 and now it's $35. I'M FINANCIALLY RUINED. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME BROS

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>link still can't get over $1200

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Well i was planning to sell RSR, but it dumped back to .02c. I hate my life

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>Rubic is down 5% from its ATH of $207

Nocoiners have bought all of the rope from the world and swinging is in full swing.

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btc 250k
eth 15k
screencap it

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>Is it still too late to get into Crypto?

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I am gay

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unironically when do you think it will be too late for real?

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I didn't sell the top and 2022 is the year of the bear
I will baghold this shit for 4 years aaaaaaaaa

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When the stock market runs on the blockchains and boomers are putting their retirement on crypto investment funds

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Now that minimum wage is $200,000 an hour, I have a little extra money to buy some coins. What’s a good one to get in early on?

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LCX exchange is down again! Why did they every shut down coinmetro. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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how do I relieve my 3.1 oil barrel without getting taxed bros?

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>Guys, remember how all those idiots sold GME at $400 thinking that was the top? Man, I feel so bad for them, they literally could've been billionaires like us if they just held out a little longer...

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Wish I bought a second Stakenet Masternode for an extra $4000/month