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hahaha, you must be desperate now

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its going up already, imagine selling a 5 days old coin

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but i bought btc 1yo ago

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Bought the dip!!

Quick guide for everyone!

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>catching a falling knife pnd
If anyone buys they have expired vanilla pudding for brains

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They've eaten up 1/4 of the dip already! HOLY SHIT WHY IS MY PURCHASE SO SLOOOOW

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potential scam thread detected. scam coins are made or shilled by stinky curry pajeets and include but are not limited to: RBC, HOGE, SHIB, BAO, XSG, COR, ASKO, REEF, MCDC, GRT, AVAX

how to identify a pajeet scam coin on /biz/
1. multiple threads about it exist concurrently, they generally make 5+ threads an hour.
2. custom memes with coin logo photoshopped into them - pepe, wojack, anything they think is trendy.
3. threads start with typical psyops:
FOMO - "why didnt i buy in sooner?", "its 10xing soon!"
False FUD - "is X coin a scam?", "you guys said X coin would moon!"
Red Herring - "shill me one of your coins", "am i gunna make it?", "what coin will 10x soon?", "i lost all my money to scams!", "give me advice"
4. posts involve screenshots of coin in wallets, big $$$ portfolios, more false-FUD, claims of reddit AMAs, white papers, T-shirts, more FOMO, etc.
5. coin is often new (or dead), rarely on any real exhanges, looks cute (ie BAO) or sounds funny (ie $CAT coin)
6. many times they will pose as whites who hate pajeets, posting pictures of white hands and faces, insulting themselves (it's quite funny to watch).

how do pajeets scam?
They use discord chats and telegram to coordinate pump&dumps/rug-pulls.
They use VPNs so one pajeet can pose as multiple people in a thread.
They use exchanges and algos that obfuscate their trading; creating fake wallets, artificially high volume, split and mask their orders and sells.
They are sometimes paid by the coin creator or shitty exchanges to shill and promote (and possibly rug-pull later on).

you will never be white
you will never be rich
your village will starve
your hands will never be clean
stay impoverished
stay needful

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they are all white tho

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I can agree about mcdc, hoge, shib, bao

but serisously you have to be delusional to think
are scams...

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It's just fud in overdrive.

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Been realizing that too. Jesus these threads sucks so much.
Started to do my own research and guess what? ETH 2.0 will really be the thing. No parallel blockchains with their shitty coins will gonna make it. No surprises here.

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Already pumped back up by 50%, hope everyone is buying this juicy dip

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Whales not dumping only retards and street shitters