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You fell again hahahahahaahahahh

Time to enjoy the profits and shill something again next time.


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I fucking bought in with $50k ... That was everything I had, I am middleclass scum electrician.

I am gonna kill myself. Where can i stream it?

I am financially ruined, got three kids and wife.

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Why did you pull at the highest?

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Im ruined

Literally lost everything. Please go back

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Ran ran ruuuuuuuuuuuu

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I took out a second mortgage on the house, I bet everything on MCDC after I saw the youtube video.
How am I gonna explain this to my wife?

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I went all in at 14c thought it was legit McDonalds coin and it functions like McDonalds stock or something, thought the real McDonalds went into crypto and i was bullish about it.

So i bought with 50k worth of ETH and thought i am mega early. I am left with 15k$ worth of this fucking shitcoin and i am fucked. Gonna kms.

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Why do you guys want this to fail so badly? It's a good meme, I just want to see it take back off for shits and giggles

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damn that's sad you already passed on your retarded genes

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you can't be this retarded. this is a larp right?

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Well, my fucking brother in law kept telling me to invest in crypto, invest in crypto. So i get rich to make good life for our three boys. I bought 50k worth of BTC, my whole savings (we are paying mortgage, lease etc. so i am fucked). I live in Eastern Europe so the wages are fucking low...

Then I found reddit and then I found /biz/. Saw this McDonalds coin and i told myself, holy shit I am actually early, this will cost a lot if McDonalds stands behind the project so i went all in.

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Nope, I am afraid to tell my wife. I will kill myself today after work so I don't have to confront her with this. Probably going to go 100 km/h to wall with my car.

I was greedy and this is what i get...

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Biz is full of pump and dump man, i dont go for any of those things anymore, tough lesson but welcome to biz, full of pajeets and scammers

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send stream link

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>This project and website are purely for the purposes of parody, and have no affiliation with McDonalds Corporation.
literally first thing on their website, but you are LARPing anyway so whatever, can't be this stupid

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what the fuck even is MCDC
I could never find it on coinmarketcap

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post ETH address

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I didn't look at their website, I followed the biz threads. There were people saying its legit McDonalds stock/coin. My fucking brother in law got rich by buying chainlink early so I thought that now i am lucky, gonna show off to him.

Where can i stream from mobile phone?

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Common man.. i mean lesson learned but dyor bro, you got some left to re-invest i presume?

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Nope, living paycheck to paycheck, I saved up the 50k for 20 years that i live with my wife.

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Nice larp.

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Don’t, it’s only money. Be honest and carry the sentence, if anything get a temp extra job to quickly get it back.

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Someone send a pic of this if it's true, cant check on phone

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the one you used to trade MCDC, so I know you are not larping.

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it's just an empty wallet. OP post the eth wallet that has mcdc

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Can you post some proof of the buy?

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So you want your wife to be without you AND without 50k?
Don't be so selfish, faggot.
You'll bounce back, believe it or not.

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Don't be a faggot. Also believe it or not MCDC is not a scam, it has a roadmap and will go back up. Just wait one or two weeks.

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Sue the creator, lol.

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I will bounce back from the ground when i fucking jump off my house.


I will post the proof, it's on my metamask on my computer, I am now in work i will be home in hour or so.

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If you're gonna kys at keast give your money to either me or your family

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Glad I'm in $CLF

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oh no crypto go down!!! just fucking McHold

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Hope the thread stays alive, dont expect anything but mockery though bro, but maybe hope for some generous anons

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Man fuck off dude degenrate

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don't kill yourself anon, you WILL bounce back from this
Would you really wanna leave your wife and kids all alone and hearth broken?
Don't fucking do it, just tell her someone scammed you or smth.
You still have 15k right? Just take them out and invest in something safe like chainlink

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Why did you post a fucking empty ETH wallet then
I'm sure it's a troll but in case you're serious I lost a lot on GME and I was pissed for a week. You'll get over it. Seeing your grandchildren will be worth more than 50k

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All the weak hands are going to look pretty stupid when they reveal the partnership tomorrow

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How the fuck do you people fall for these obvious shill and scam coin campaigns?

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Partnership with who? Do you really think anybody would ever partner with a coin named after a fast food joint? I'd rather get indebted with the mafia than letting the clown kick my balls with a C&D.

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Its my ETH wallet from Trust Wallet i have on my mobile phone. I used Metamask for the uniswap, i have no access to it from work, i will be home in hour. If i decide not to kill myself on the way from work.

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>just tell her someone scammed you or smth
that is exactly what happened, you can leave out the specifics where you fell for a jeet rug pull though

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>MFW I’m literally ruined financially.

I was guaranteed the 1MCDC would be worth one Big Mac by the end of the month.

I am never going to recover from this.

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>Partnership with who?
Are you retarded?
McDOANLDS, you imbecile; you know like the name of the coin: MCDCO

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>1 MCDC = 1 Big Mac

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Oh I found the metamask adress in conversation with my fucking brother in law.


Check it here... It's very much real i am fucked beyond belief.

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This is the real MCDC investment


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Also, reply to this post or your mother dies in her sleep tonight.

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Please make a stream when you kys

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not replying

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this, fuck off OP
reported for begging

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She will not die

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What a shitty joke...
Are you having a laugh? Because I am not. That's something Indians find funny because they're telling it in English which they find it fancy.

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I knew it was a scam but hoped they be more ambitious

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You got me niggers. Was fun though. Some other anon earlier today told me it's fun to FUD your own coin so it generates discussion so i took it step further.

It's lonely sometimes so i need to farm the (you)s somehow kek. Idk if somebody is as retarded to really throw 50k into fucking uniswap scam.

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>he bought?
>McDump eet

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>It's lonely sometimes so i need to farm the (you)s somehow kek. Idk if somebody is as retarded to really throw 50k into fucking uniswap scam.
Someone threw 42 ETH into Luigi.finance

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This can't be real

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please be a larp im too empathetic to retards

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Are the yous worth it?
Anon you might be mentally ill, seek help, larping about suicide

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this, they were even worse with elonx, imagine dumping before it even reaches 5 cents when you've got that much meme potential

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>he bought?

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It was pathetic really

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where can I see the price of this shitcoin?

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Holy fuck. It's real

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she wont but this thread kinda spooky so take this (YOU)

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good one

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Post a pic instead

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The top 10 wallets still have not sold. You will want to McKill yourself if you don't hold. Shit will be 1$ within 2 weeks. Screen cap it McNiggas

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Oh God no, just whhhhhhhhhhy

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I still think that this coin is going to blow up.

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>Ran ran ruuuuuuuuuuuu

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sir please send me your remaining funds i need curry to feed my childrens

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you should neck yourself infront of your wife and kids so they can see just how big of a failure you TRULY are!

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Don’t be a pussy, raise your kids you deadbeat nigger

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Don't kill yourself faggot. But if you do, drive faster than 100km/h. You don't want to be a failure at killing yourself and end up a vegetable that your family has to deal with.

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I enjoyed the memes. Well shilled shills.

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15K is more than I have. DONT DO IT OP!

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Holy shiiit lolol

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Sending you some $MCDC ;)

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Thanks sir, for the needful. I will feed Ranjeeta and Kakanesh, my little boy.

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It was Dejan curse all the way

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>these are the people posting "HOGE SCAM UGH RUGPULL PAJEET IN MY ASS" in HOGE threads

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