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Told you MCDC was a rugpull scam, hope you didnt lose too much

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people thought it wasnt???

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you have to be fucking braindead to buy this chart

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What is the fundamental difference between mcdc and btc

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B-but the the 15 whales w-weren't selling?

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Copyrights infringing

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x9 looks cool
The point is to blindly buy before pump. If pump is posted here it's too late.

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kek. I've been telling everyone here for days that the number of token holders barely moves. A memecoin that adds 50 new wallets/day is just a pnd play

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fuck these idiots, they're running the rubic fud campaign while trying to pump this scam so that they can exit back into it

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The person who just sold 500k $MCDC wasn't even in the top 20.

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bitcoin maximalists cannot answer this simple question

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lol , Indian shitting streets win again!

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People seem to forget you can make money on rugpulls but you have to act fast and sell fast too

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>Not buying the dip in the biggest memecoin of 2021

Oh boy... Buy high sell low I guess?!

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kek right after we banned you from the group, like on clockwork

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Who in the right mind would buy into a Pajeet shilled coin on /biz/?

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Im ruined

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you selled?
not sell = not ruin

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Just checked, top 15 haven't sold.
Locked liquidity is nice.
Guy who sold waited until he made the least profit possible all week. What an idiot.

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>nooooooo how could this shillcoin with a trademarked logo have been a scam?!?!?

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>What is the fundamental difference between mcdc and btc

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honestly what makes you think this can recover?

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ooooooooooo no mcdonaldbros


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My guy got banned from the group and is still holding bags.

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No shit??????

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this. it was 5x the current price a few days ago

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the memes were immaculate. sad I wasn't a part of this

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>Just checked, top 15 haven't sold.
That's just proof that they're retarded
Imagine hodling a mcdonalds styled erc-20 token

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that isn't a rugpull, but it is just another pump and dump shitcoin though

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Woah so you’re saying I can buy the dip?

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This. 99% of the shitcoins that get shilled here have already pumped, yet retards still buy in at ATHs over and over.

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imagine unironically buying this

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The memes are so good they could do it again tbqh

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It was fun while it lasted

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about 45 thousand dollars

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So it’s like every other coin?

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100IQ points at least

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Now it’s time to get in on ELONX. Next 100x

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>fundamental difference
the sunk cost fallacy is real

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Ill take my $20,000 loss over a potential $62000 loss

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potential scam thread detected. scam coins are made or shilled by stinky curry pajeets and include but are not limited to: RBC, HOGE, SHIB, BAO, XSG, COR, ASKO, REEF, MCDC, GRT, AVAX

how to identify a pajeet scam coin on /biz/
1. multiple threads about it exist concurrently, they generally make 5+ threads an hour.
2. custom memes with coin logo photoshopped into them - pepe, wojack, anything they think is trendy.
3. threads start with typical psyops:
FOMO - "why didnt i buy in sooner?", "its 10xing soon!"
False FUD - "is X coin a scam?", "you guys said X coin would moon!"
Red Herring - "shill me one of your coins", "am i gunna make it?", "what coin will 10x soon?", "i lost all my money to scams!", "give me advice"
4. posts involve screenshots of coin in wallets, big $$$ portfolios, more false-FUD, claims of reddit AMAs, white papers, T-shirts, more FOMO, etc.
5. coin is often new (or dead), rarely on any real exhanges, looks cute (ie BAO) or sounds funny (ie $CAT coin)
6. many times they will pose as whites who hate pajeets, posting pictures of white hands and faces, insulting themselves (it's quite funny to watch).

how do pajeets scam?
They use discord chats and telegram to coordinate pump&dumps/rug-pulls.
They use VPNs so one pajeet can pose as multiple people in a thread.
They use exchanges and algos that obfuscate their trading; creating fake wallets, artificially high volume, split and mask their orders and sells.
They are sometimes paid by the coin creator or shitty exchanges to shill and promote (and possibly rug-pull later on).

you will never be white
you will never be rich
your village will starve
your hands will never be clean
stay impoverished
stay needful

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I lost $10k

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No shit, Sherlock

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im still up x200 not selling

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mcdonalds coin was a scam??????

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stay mad!

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why are you putting grt and avax in the same category actual meme coins?

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I put in $100 and am still up so I don’t care. OP is a McFaggot

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lol fake

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>a top-tier meme’d funcoin less than a week old is dumping
A buying opportunity if I’ve ever seen one

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if it was a real coin that had any potential i'd be all over it but not a currycoin like this

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this. one mcdc=one big mac in two weeks

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There wasn't really much of a rug for them to pull though? Some whales got scared and panic sold, it happens.

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were mcpumping bois. get you a bag and get comfy

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It's over, should have sold when the whales did. This coin is kill now.

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The fact that the top 15 whales didn't sell is hilarious and noble though.


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The heating of the boiler is making you mad.

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How did you know it was a scam? Just curious for future reference, this GME incident has reignited my flame for investing. I saw that MCDC was being advertised, but I decided to try 500 in CRSR, because it felt safer, still lost some, but not so much.

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really? Cmon bro... it's not that hard

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Everyone knows this shits a Pump and Dump. If your not retarded you buy on the McPump and sell before it fucking McDump. You'd have to be retarded to actually think this is a long-term investment. Theres a meme coin like this every weekend on biz

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I am actually financially ruined from this.

gonna live stream jumping off a bridge; wish me luck.

heres the link


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Break it down for me big brain. What indicatiors did you notice that pointed towards scam.

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The fact that it’s not associated with McDonald’s, which it says on their website, fucking idiot. Not to mention the SECOND that the coin got its first thread on this board, people were already replying with tons of meme edits, made in advance for the shilling

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It is going to be pumped again, TWo MORE WEEKS

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really excited community, also if mcdonalds sues vitalik or something it'll just make it pump even harder

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Sorry guys. Bad timing with HOGE in the race.

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Chainlink tier fud

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Unironically this and I don't even own mcdc

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Mcdc is /ourcoin/

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Fucking McDonalds coin? Are you fucking serious?

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1. Had nothing to do with mcdonalds, just used that name for memes
2. Code from a tutorial https://twitter.com/Token_Sniffer/status/1357413806037553152
3. Was created at the same time with all the shibas, hoges and other retarded pump and dump coins

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How them mctendies now you morons

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>What is the fundamental difference between mcdc and btc
nothing just that more people believe that BTC has value.

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>heavy crash
>creators still haven’t sold
>still advertising, still active in public tg, still pushing for listings

Bullish. Jeets wouldn’t understand.

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>MCDC Bag Holders


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>brown id chainposting

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Whoever bought this shit deserves to get rugged.

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i lost 20k $ but now im buying the dip

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You can't make this shit up
This level of denial is sad
It's over, you got scammed
It was going to be rug pull along
Get out now anon, don't be a sucker
Blame that FAGGOT Rubic Swinger Comma

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i only lost about 180 dollars since i sold it at $0.7 this morning, since it was evident that i lost the shitcoin roulette. lost another 100 dollars in gas fees though...

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sold at 13c for a heavy McFreakin bag of eth, fudded RBC like mad and quadrupled my RBC stack in the dip I caused.
This is how you crypto, folks.

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the samefag shills in this thread desperately trying to scam people out of money are pathetic. you’re so obvious.

don’t contribute to scams anon

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First time I've been rugpulled bros. Finally feel part of the gang

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MCDC scammer put blame on him

Apperantly he was banned from their telegram channel, few hours after coin is dead.

He's telegram bio: The notorious. Professional fudder and token killer.

His telegram: @dejan2

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we are unironically on the way back up. MCCHADS RISE UP

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Someone just bought 450k for $17000

No one would put that kind of money into a PnD shitcoin unless they planned to pump it

Good time to get in

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Imagine being a wagie and then losing your minimum wage to MCDONALD COIN of all fucking things. Just mind blowing.

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Oh No it went down and it's going back up. Who cares this is dumb FUD

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im gonna look back at this thread when mcdc drops on coingecko and blockfolio in the upcoming days. dont worry tho, ill buy big macs for all yall lmao

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Will these Niggers ever get it?
That Faggot Comma is scamming you

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i would have dumped my bag but i dont see the wallets dropping so ill stay at least a week more

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holy shit, looks like normies are flooding this board

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So the scammers got the rug pulled on them kek

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Where are the stupid cunts that were shilling it?

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Holy shit are there people on this board who unironically bought this? Are you all retarded?

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It’s just a weak hand shakeout. We’ll be back.

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Incredibly based

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we jumped to HOGE the new scam to 1c

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Got in at 2 cents with $200 after gas.

Pull out my money and buy a bucket of KFC or wait for it to go to $0.00?

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Damn, some people probably made a comfy 4x off this if they bought in on release though

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i lost all my 8 dollars

>> No.28241276

Plus $250 gas fee

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you've been meme'd, sir

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yeah fuck those gas fees. i was originally planning to go in with $300 but by the time i swapped the shit i only had $8 worth of mcdc

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I expected for this coin to last long enough to get a C&D from McDonalds.

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Learned lesson from doge few weeks back, lost 1000 profits, not touching these shitcoins with a ten yard pole unless doge goes back down to 1 cent

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The guy who sold sold at a loss.

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