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If you aren't buying layer 2 solutions right now you are retarded. With the ETH gas fees, Loopring and Matic are going to multi billion dollar marketcaps.

It is much easier for users to just migrate to a layer 2 solution (sidechain or rollup) than it is to move to a whole new ecosystem like DOT or COSMOS.

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Would bet bigger on xDai seeing as Uniswap are implementing it into their SDK (all forks going forward will have instant access to L2), which will no doubt be the basis for V3

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just bought some matic, i hope you're right friend

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matic and inj (built on matic) have been in a steady uptrend, but what I'm seeing is retail moving to BSC in the meantime. go look at the trend of pancakeswap's volume vs uni's for the past week

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Source on this? I'd never put my funds on xDai, not secure at all. Meant more as a testnet IMO. Also their lead dev Igor was sucking off BSC the other day. He deleted the tweets because it was obvious he was being bought off by CZ and it was cringe as fuck.
Also STAKE has terrible tokenomics, probably wouldn't invest. I know Chico likes it a lot, it's actually a good project, but the tokenomics suck. POA all over again. If you are new to the space, you might not remember but POA was a popular network and still is, but just has terrible tokenomics. Even the lead dev doesn't know what to do:

Based. I always thought MATIC was a good project but since they are building their own ZK roll ups and optimism I think they are golden. I wouldn't be surprised if we hit $1 in coming weeks.

So many people are looking to INVEST in layer 2 roll ups. Everyone seems to know they are needed, they just don't know which ones to invest in. There is no token for a lot of them other than loopring and Matic. I also think Loopring is pretty far along and might have general purpose SC's running on ZK rollups in the near future.

Matic, not sure how far along they are, but team has been competent thus far.

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Don't forget Harmony ONE!

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I downloaded the Loopring app then bought a shitload.

Good project with a smart team Loopring's zkRollup L2 solution offers the same security guarantees as Ethereum mainnet, with a big scalability boost: throughput increased by 1000x, and cost reduced to just 0.1% of L1.

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I have seen this too. Disappointing. ETH maxi pads need to get themselves moving. So many of them enjoy gloating about how high the ETH fees are ("LOL SEE WE ARE BETTER THAN BTC, PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO PAY MORE TO USE THE NETWORK!!!"). As a result no one actually can use it now since they should have been trying to on board L2 users for the past 2 months but just started now because they realized BSC is actually gaining traction.

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Based. I prefer using the desktop in browser version, not a big fan of doing trading on my phone. I have tried it out and it works well though. Going to be doing some liquidity mining on loopring to earn more LRC.

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Matic has ties to coinbase. I can see a listing coming soon. Although I guess it's going to be called Polygon by then. Should pump like mad. No reason for it to be valued under other stuff like XLM. It's the most important scaling solution now and has more activity than most layer 1s.

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