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5 minutes until Sergey speaks!!


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anon they are saving any important updates to smartcon stop hyping up the same slides lmao

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I am beyond excited for each and every one of you for what you are about to witness.

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Literally & unironically dumping rn, right on cue

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Here comes the dump, sell everything now.

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>fag colors over the entire stream
it's ogre, isn't it?

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chat is fucking cringe as always

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yes same slides but newer version of powerpoint

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that's woman better take care, she ain't but snack for Big Serg

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sergey has severe aspergers. nothing is beyond him. though you are probably right kek

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this. Also please behave in the chat

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just bee yourself in chat.

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>same slides
>same 50 people watching these events

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Starting now

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He's in!!!

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Same slides

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he talks like 2x slower than in the binance stream lol

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>94 viewers

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wow checked

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damn and it's only 20 minutes?

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677 viewers on twtich

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>Sergey is a Schopenhauer fan

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is someone going to shout "nigger" in the chat or something

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>sergey reads schopenhauer
based or cringe?

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wtf even youtub kids are making fun of us now

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He said stonks, amazing

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Who is this man and why should I care?

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they have mods check messages containing bad words

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wait did he actually say stonks? just joined?

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based and redpilled

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extremely based and made his point well

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God Christ I'm just so excited for us all.

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he actually did

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i like what he's saying, fuck the robinhood jews

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same slides same shirt, what a laughing stock
>100 viewers
kek, fucking shit token

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Look at the file name, his name is sn in his computer. He's still hinting at being Satoshi

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get out of this fucking thread asshole!

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12 more minutes

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>the global world... is fundamentally global

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holy shit i'm long 50x

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>newfags writing retarded newfag shit in chat
Why are you faggots

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Based beyond belief. I hope Sergey has a security detail. If the lizards get him, we're fucked.

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I know it gets bandied about alot in these threads, but you ARE a MANIAC

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It's all ogre. Unironically sell now

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>almost 1k people watching deepfake shadowfork Sergey while real Sergey and Ari are in Antarctica

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>Same fucking slide

oh no no no

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>please don't dump on my village I beg

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I'm glad I'm not the only one woke to this fact.

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Sergay using big words is making me all hot and bothered

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Let’s face it, no announcement

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IDK if any of you were paying attention to ethdenver the past few days, but sergey has drawn 10x as many people as any other panelist

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How do I get a Nico bully gf?

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fundamentally BULLISH

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heey uncle how is the internet persona going

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of course not

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Priced in.

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>election results
Holy shit did he just imply that the election wouldn't have been stolen if they used chainlink?

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>Emote only chat

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>Election Results

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and with that



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Oh fuck. OCR, come on

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I wonder how it feels for Sergey to get all this attention from crazy link marines spamming hamburgers and other memes in the chat while he is trying to explain to the newcomers what he is doing.

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Sergey is the only speaker I've watched and it doesn't surprise me that other people are doing the same thing. The other clowns aren't going to be able to keep up without Link succeeding. It fundamentally is the most important project since Eth

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>election results
yeah i noticed that to

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ocr please

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Why does this dude sound like he has no clue what he's talking about?

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the girl they had on from tellor had a slide attempting to rag on chainlink, but the first google result for link/tellor is tellor's integration of chainlink

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You had 3 years.

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he just implied people wouldnt be able to falsely claim the election was stolen bc the results are tamper-proof

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i agree what are the chances sirgay betrays?

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1 minute

>no ocr
>no staking

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Mr Sergey, sir? What is a blockchain?

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I hope all you RLC retards just heard Sergey say Chainlink well be responsible for all off chain computations.

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>we are fundamentally here to help you

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If the results were tamper-proof then Trump would still be president.

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>we are fundamentally here for you

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I love that he says "we are the backbone of crypto"

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I am suicidal over chainlink (LINK). How much neet blood will be on Sergey's hands?

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Face it, this shit is over

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this man is a fucking genius

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It'll be out of top 20 in a month

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>31 slides

finishes at 18

what did he mean by this?

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btfo for all eternity by a mature rosbif

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Need more time desu

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roasted by the moderator LMAO

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Sell sell sell

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And with that we have nothing new.

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good eye

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dude weed lmao

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Why is LINK pumping?

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guys im losing trust

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we got new slides

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Its like he's trying to do NLP with the word fundamental lmao

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fatoshi betrayomoto strikes again

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What a waste of time ffs

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Pretty much.

All Sergey does is talk about the "big picture".
It's time to fucking release actual features.

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I wrote Sergay instead of Sergey because of all your memes infecting me.
I feel bad...

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Sergey is really milking the Robin Hood debacle lol

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like, what is value, bro think about it

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I'm a leaf, I have no stake in this fight, but anyone who used their eyes could see the election was stolen. It was meant to be obvious

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what the fuck was the point of that presentation

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I saw Sergey at McDonalds a couple days ago. He was putting in an order at one of those terminals you see in a lot of the newer ones, I was so star struck that I started walking over to ask for a photo.

That's when I saw what he was ordering at the terminal. At first I thought he was just clicking random items absent mindedly until I noticed he was staring very intently at the screen, and he would check various different cheese burgers, almost as if he was making an informed decision on which ones to pick, and after considering each one he would add 1-3 to his order.

I got really nervous at this point so I ordered what I wanted at the counter and took a seat to wait for them to call my name. That's when I heard Sergey's name get called. The woman at the cash (she was super cute) looked at him confused and asked pretty sternly if he was pulling some kind of prank.

"U-um...no that's what I want...I don't see why that's a problem it's just more money for you guys right...?"

The girl at the counter looked at him confused and said "You want 2 double bacon cheese burgers, 3 chicken burgers, 2 junior bacon and cheeses, and 5 orders of Chicken McNuggets?"

Sergey got all red in the face and started shouting about how he solved the Oracle problem and how Chainlink was going to 1000$ EOY. It got so bad that the manager had to calm him down and assure him they'd put his order through and that the girl at the counter just started and that the establishment usually wouldn't be so unprofessional.

When they finally got his food to him he tried to leave without paying and the same girl had to politely ask him to come back and pay. I guess he got pretty scared so he ran back and asked them if they accepted LINK tokens, and when the girl asked him what that was he just dropped his entire order on the floor and ran out the door. I'm dead serious.

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jesus christ he looked absolutely dead inside, rug pull is imminent
>still no staking

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what a waste of time. just dumped all my link for LTC

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He mentioned "off chain" something and I got excited.
But of course nothing happened.

He's absolutely right of course, but god damn I want fucking features.
Mixicles, staking, OCR, enclaves, ...

Give us fucking SOMETHING

>> No.28217794

they will just announce it on their website I think
or perhaps at their own conference as some have suggested

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No new features/information. The only novel thing was the sound of Sergey's laughter, "Stonks *chuckle*".

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BTFO once again, it's so fun watching this guy speak on nothing

Reminder, he has NOTHING. He has no enterprises lined up. No key features to make anything work. He went from SWIFT and banking to blockchain vidya, my sides

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nobody cares about your 800 LINK

>> No.28217876

Soooo an all you can eat nothingburger buffet. Damn it sirgay...

pump then crash in March all but confirmed, time to punch out and wait for the massive dip

>> No.28217895

holy shit that was boring

>> No.28217896

Exactly. It's time to give some technical data Serg, not just planning stage grand visions. Especially at a technical conference like this.

>> No.28217908

So .. time to sell?

>> No.28217940

aand it's dumping

>> No.28217958

he was asked to present so he did

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why is the price crashing so hard?

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exactly, and not just muh random number generator released 2 years ago

>> No.28217975

count how many times he said the word "accelerate"

schwabpilled indeed

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link will pump 50% at the very end of the bullrun and then get raped by the BTC dump
what's the point of holding

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ah mixicles. good times

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I expected nothing and was still disappointed.

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I want it to crash to fucking 0 so maybe he'll actually release something.

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>dogestop redditors don't even know who Sergey is anymore
can't wait till you lose all your money and fuck off so we can make /biz/ great again

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He did say that people should use the adapter mechanism for other things than just oracles. Probably they are a bit disappointed with the thing people actually use chainlink for, which is also why they released that article explicitly explaining how to use chainlink to build options on-chain and shit.

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Normally after Sergey speaks the price dumps and it's holding/rising right now. So probably not

>> No.28218145

it's time to sell my fellow goys

>> No.28218154

having a stable coin that can reap at low risk 500%+ apys

>> No.28218163

Just sold. Coin is too much promises no product.

>> No.28218177

I dislike this picture on a vicseral level
please don't post it again

>> No.28218205

>falling for obvious bait
It's always the newfags trying to fit in

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>> No.28218218

meant for >>28217766

>> No.28218264

White paper 2.0 coming soon
Oracle End of Q3
Arbi by EOY
Deco next big thing
Staking is harder than I thought
SWIFT removed from wesite
Same useless fucking presentation 100x
>so much progress

>> No.28218268

>500% apy

>> No.28218280

I am actually considering selling LINK for the first time since i bought it on etherdelta after ICO. should i?

>> No.28218281

His slide show was sorted under is Apple Keynote folder. I wish I grabbed a screenshot, but I closed my tab after that demoralizer appeared.

>> No.28218282


>> No.28218367

For fuck sake Sergey. Sideways is the new crashing in this market.

He really wants to make us suffer to keep us humble for when the real singularity pricing event happens. he's only doing what's best for his people I guess, this is a true test of faith

>> No.28218390

sergey is an emissary of the noumenon

>> No.28218405


>> No.28218502

lol, no they aren't

>> No.28218535

Because it was on an Apple laptop dude.

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i got u

>> No.28218545

i just sold, its becoming clearer that there will be no real product anytime soon, or ever

>> No.28218562

there where everyone was migrating over the last 6 weeks. Have you missed bnb pumping to three digits?

>> No.28218580

lol at newbiz. Bunch of fucking faggots that missed Link and now are obsessed with shitting on it. I'm up 2MM and we are still on the ground floor. I can wait another 3 years for staking because I have a triple digit IQ and I know what that means for my investment.

>> No.28218610

It's going to draw a green dildo, I can feel it

t. sold at 26.20

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Also, have you noticed, it went something like

> oracles are not just about providing data, they are constituting a new layer between centralised apps and trustless apps. A network of minimised trust, offering computation capabilities with a low level of trust not possible with centralised entities and capabilities not possible on chain.

Oh you want blockchain trust but that is still practical to use? Your gonna have to go through us

My man is literally doing a holdup on the whole layer (bye bye rlc and quant and whatever other shitcoin I can't remember them all)

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File: 59 KB, 222x227, EsQ7MSQVoAEiuuV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its a scam, so yeah
just a $25 stablecoin

>> No.28218714

In the same boat. Been in <0.40 but feel like now is the time to punch out and reload after the inevitable slam dunk coming to crypto in the coming months.

>> No.28218754

I suggest all stinky linkies sell their link for BAT. It is about to 100x this year.

>> No.28218778

ethdenver bas always been a stuttering pothead shitshow. Do you remember the verbal lashing Sergey gave them last year?

They're not going to announce a massive step forward there. Pearls before swine.

>> No.28218786

Sergey is based as fuck.
Literally cornering the whole blockchain network.

>> No.28218806

CZ managed to pump pegged LINK from 2 MM stinkers to 7 MM, tendency rising

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Why does Sergey have this ring on? He never had it on before.

>> No.28218828

qnt is golden

>> No.28218916

ngl, same feel. Most of my buys were all under $1. For the first time ever, really want to just be done with it. EVEYRTHING is flying, except link. Opportunity cost is real.

>> No.28219027


>> No.28219057

That ring feeds data to the oracle network which is linked to a smart contract, in the event he dies his BTC wallet containing 1M BTC will be dumped into chainlink. 81keoy isn't a meme, and neither is the suicide stack.

>> No.28219115


>> No.28219119

there was an obvious play since october that became idiotically lucrative from late november on. 50/50 link bnb, cake lp staked on pancake and beefy

>> No.28219127

Pretty much... I've been in since 15 cents but now I feel fearful and desperate. For the first time I'm really thinking about selling it all.

>> No.28219236

How do you do a hopium inducing big picture conference at a technical conference. Know your audience sir gay. These aren’t the normies you sell hopium to.

>> No.28219343

Sergey IS the ring.

>> No.28219360

same here. currently breaking out the trezor. i really want to buy BNB before it gets to $1000...

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>> No.28219421

fuck off CZ

>> No.28219431

Sergey looks cute.

>> No.28219458


>> No.28219504

The absolute fucking state - that ring isn't new. It's his sleep tracker and he has worn it before.

>> No.28219507

cope, stinky. cope...

>> No.28219545

Wow, I can't believe it. If true, this could be really, really bad for the price of Chainlink (ticker: LINK).

I am now fearful, uncertain and doubtful in my investment. I've held for so long... but your warning was the last straw. I will be heading to the cryptocurrency exchange immediately to sell all my LINK tokens as soon as I send this post.

Thank you anons for your concern for our financial wellbeing. You didn't have to take the time to prepare all these posts... but you just might have saved me. Just can't believe it's all over for the Chainlink project. Once again thank you so much

>> No.28219606

oura ring, sergey is tracking his heart rate and sleep data and tokenizing it for us to speculate on. longing sergey having a big mac heart attack. unfortunate, love this guy.

>> No.28219610

Oura ring. Gives health data, he's had it for a while.

>> No.28219645

viewership 10x'd when sergey came on and then 1/10x'd when he got off

>> No.28219751
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fuck this shit i'm out and i will fud it very hard.

>> No.28219763

What did you people think the Chainlink "Heartbeat" actually was?

>> No.28219805

I just took a look at Vitalik's video:

Oh my autism...
Someone should tell him he is supposed to do some small talk before he start his presentation instead of a big silence ignoring the transition attempt.

>> No.28219882

Holy fuck. I am now too considering selling all my Link that I bought during the ICO. All of you really just convinced me to liquidate my position. Damn

>> No.28219896

One ring to rule them all.
There can only be one master of the ORACLES in this world in the end.

>> No.28219950

keynote is apple version of powerpoint, just a prog name

>> No.28220156

People are just going to jump out of their massive gains and take profit to LINK. They will come out ahead of the diehards even if they miss by 30-40% simply because they are already up 100-300%. Swing linkers have been rewarded more often than not since the August run.

>> No.28220183
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>> No.28220251

Kek 90% of /biz/ was there for the big guy.

>> No.28220252

How this shorts holding up bud

>> No.28220391

Average Nick Land Enjoyer

>> No.28220417

Just bought 100k

>> No.28220455

Sooo... No 1000$ EOY? i thought LINK was my out of jail card

>> No.28220592
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me too fren. guess it's time to sell and go buy some BNB and AVAX

>> No.28220789

Screenshot this. Rubic will save Chainlink from irrelevance.

>> No.28220897

Can confirm. Used link for swing trades many times because it is reliable.

>> No.28220926

what did sergey say? is link gonna go 1000x? am I gonna be rich?

>> No.28221027

Thank you OP just sold my 100k linkies

>> No.28221204

He didn't say it but basically he implied we're going up from here since 80% of this thread finally capitulated like absolute nooblets

>> No.28221397

Oura ring. Big in San Francisco.

>> No.28221400

nice, gonna buy more linkies <3

you can go fuck your mother pajeet

>> No.28221579

He said fuck honkeys, trannies, and bitches. Worship the bbc.

>> No.28221680

you're sick in head, seek help

>> No.28222183

Why TF Fluttershy says weaboo garbage?

>> No.28222806

Why do /biz/tards insist on an obese Russian man's mcdonalds shitcoin instead of something actually competent like BNB?

Get fucked linkfags, enjoy getting dumped on by sergay weekly

>> No.28223081

I rode the bnb train 50% since september actually, cant complain dumping my lps at 100 dollar a bnb, the link roi was retarded. let it moon to 1000 i dont care

>> No.28223358
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at least we broke through resistance wt 26

>> No.28223711
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So excited for you guys. Very bullish.

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File: 578 KB, 1616x2889, Francisco_de_Goya,_Saturno_devorando_a_su_hijo_(1819-1823).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Maybe i can explain it to you at risk of sounding crazy.
>inb4 take meds schizo

The cosmic order of the universe is dualistic. On one spectrum we have order. The Yang.
Order does not interfere with the free will of humanity. Order is faith. Ok, following along?
On the opposite spectrum, we have Chaos. The Yin. Although this lesson is to be thought of metaphysically, think of an entity who has been known through humanity as being neither objectively good, nor objectively evil. Rather, he/she/they/it is just chaotic.

Do you know the work of the gnostics when they postulated the idea of the demiurge? A sort of bastard child of god who created the material world through its own hubris? They were close, but missing a couple pieces. If on one side of the spectrum we have order, who gives us the ability to think and to act, and if on the other side we have chaos, which traps us in our prison, we have the complete whole.

In greek mythology, Chronos, (where we get the word "chronology" from) was the personification of time. The Romans took Chronos and made it "Saturn", the god of chaos. The biggest holiday the western world celebrates today, Christmas, is a holiday created to convert Roman pagans into Roman catholics. The original Roman holiday was "Saturnalia" in which the Roman world acted Chaotic as a humble servitude. Saturn, by the way, is often depicted as eating his own children. Why does Saturn consume his own children? He must, it's in his nature. He is the god of time, and through the cycle of birth, life, and death, time will consume all. He is the god of chaos, neither acting as morally just or unjust, only just chaotic.

Chaos now, is willing to interfere with humans free will. How would something communicate to free will through time? By means of synchronicity (syn-CHRON-icity), or, as better explained by Carl Jung as,“meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.”"

>> No.28224252
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>> No.28224422

81.5 iq
Triple digits

>> No.28224868


To be fair, for most brilliant men the only women that knows them well enough to cause them to be BTFO are their mothers. I wonder if Schopenhauer was regarded as significant in his time or just now and he never got the last laugh?

>> No.28224975

Sad to say but yep

>> No.28226415

you dumbfucks are really planning to dump your shit before staking? what the fuck is wrong with you guys

>> No.28227039

He said random generating nodes are live, is that news?

>> No.28227855
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>> No.28228489

To explain that the point of decentralized anything is not having to rely on "trusted" brands like robinhood. Pretty timely message, no?

>> No.28228497

I wish I understood LINK, I bought a stack of these when I first started getting in crypto and still have no fucking idea what it does. price keeps going up tho so im not selling them

>> No.28229641

Chainlink provides an interconnected layer of information (like price?) that tells things to smart contracts (transactions). It uses the chainlink token I guess. Its kinda retarded. Then something like GRT, a seperate project can index all this information.

I think its really utilitarian, and I don't think its worth me putting money in. LOL. I'd rather own just ETH.

>> No.28230033

I'm considering it. If Chainlink continues to crab in the DEFI bullrun than what the fuck is the point in holding? It's a fucking BULLRUN. We all assumed it would go to mars but it hasn't fucking budged. I can get back in before staking is released (let's be honest we have a long wait) and buy like 3x as many stinkies.

>> No.28230175

>Do you remember the verbal lashing Sergey gave them last year?
No, link?

>> No.28230205
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whyyyyyyyyyyyy did my parents settle in buttfuck st louis and not in Denver with similar minded people