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DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of CRYPTO, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m part of WALL STREET or something! You should totally come check out my wallet, listen here, right, it's a WALLET when you keep MONEY like COINS, BUT!!!! it's all CRYPTO like anonymous dark web HACKERS use, so you can BUY DRUGS with them without the FEDS bothering you. And dude, DUDE, my wallet got ETHEREUM and everything! i'm fucking JACKED man, let's go to BINANCE and get crazy buying DOGE together!!!

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I just took one of the smelliest shits I have ever taken. AMA

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Who was phone?

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I mean it was smelly but was it big? How thick would you say it was? Do you get pleasure from big shits?

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Me and all my friends look exactly like this man.

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No it was very big. Just smelly.
I find it very relieving to take big shit, yes.

It was you all along.

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Wasn't very big***Fuck

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Hey dude I'd love to talk about crypto some more with you. I'll show you my wallet and we can discuss! Vegan? This.... so much this...Yeah me too! Let's eat!

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hahahahahaha based pasta remix, i'm going to post this in every link thread