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keep buying fools, I need better exit price

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I had this idea like 2 years aggo and posted it on biz. I just didbt know how to implement it. It started with a shotpost that a mcchicken has more inherit value than 1usd.

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literally unable to meme

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Trust Comma

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>some zoomer corporate freshman was tasked with advertising to his peers
>creates mcdc
>now i'm fucking stahvin every thread

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Let's get you horny too.

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Go back to plebbit, retard

I had the same idea years ago too. It is an obvious idea. This is up there with Doge coin....it's fucking McDonalds Coin ffs

Retard. Top wallets didn't even sell the ATH. We are gonna make new ones

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For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChicken sauce packets and the staff is so friendly and more than willing to oblige.

One time I asked for McChicken sauce packets and they gave me three. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly McDonald's worker laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!".

Now the staff greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS give me three packets. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local McDonald's restaurant, I go there at least 3 times a week for lunch and a large iced coffee with milk instead of cream, 1-2 times for breakfast on the weekend, and maybe once for dinner when I'm in a rush but want a great meal that is affordable, fast, and can match my daily nutritional needs.

I even dip my fries in McChicken sauce, it's delicious! What a great restaurant.

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4 years, and the only meme /biz/lets managed to make stick somehow is link - and only because they eat the bait, every day

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we're going to McMake it bros

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non of those managed to grow beyond avery limited kike circle on 4chan. And most of what /biz/ has is stolen from /b/tards on /pol/.

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>full on projection and dilation

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But this is fucking McDonalds Coin, brainlet. There is no stronger brand or meme magic in the world.

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Lol this pepe is utterly based

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The rationalization of memetic incest and kikery. Topest of KEKs you /biz/lets