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Why do i let myself get fooled so many times Biz ?-

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HOGE is the one true coin of /biz/ as LNK was a few years ago.

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We all moved to HOGE bro

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idk I fell for Milk and now i'm swearing off any biz shitcoin with dumbfuck gas fees that make small amounts of investing pointless

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Top wallets haven't sold. Buy the dip, retard

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Liquidity is not locked. 100% the same who made MCDC is behind HOGE. 100% just live on Memes . Nothing els. Its so fucking useless

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MCDC liquidity is locked

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Not HOGE tho. thats the problem. They found out they couldnt Rugpull MCDC so they had to create something that could be. HOGE can. HOGEs liquidity is not locked.

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You're based

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whats the McMakeIt stack?